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GOP Congressional Candidate “Crazy Joe” Kaufman Embarrasses Himself On Tea Party Website

Just when you thought Republican congressional candidate “Crazy Joe” Kaufman and his creepy customized name tag had distanced himself from saying ridiculously dumb and making unsubstantiated allegations, “Crazy Joe” doubles down on one of his craziest statements ever.

Back in the 2012 Republican primary race in Florida’s 23rd congressional district, Kaufman accused Republican Karen Harrington of hiring a “Hamas” supporting staffer in a campaign mailer that was distributed around the district.

That supposed pro-Hamas staffer working for Harrington was your lovable conservative reporter, me.

Here is a screen shot I had archived of Kaufman’s unsubstantiated allegation against me, which he idiotically posted on his website back in 2012, not to mention he tries to explain why clowned of himself on the Jon Stewart Show.

kaufman cair


The truth is, Nezar Hamze was asked by Kaufman’s friend, Charlie Crist Republican Richard “Dick” DeNapoli, who had suggested that he apply for membership to the Broward GOP. Hamze put my name down as someone who told him he should apply, “if” he was doing it for the right reasons.

The issue was being swept under the rug by DeNapoli, but it wasn’t until the Shark Tank blew up the story nationwide, crediting Kaufman for breaking the news to the Fort Lauderdale Tea party, that Republicans were made aware of what DeNapoli was trying to cover up.

Like Allen West said, they welcomed Hamze’s interest in starting a Muslim Republican club when the local GOP sanctioned a Jewish Republican club.

Hamze wrote in my name on the application, but failed to acquire my necessary signature for the document. I had no idea he had written my name down, after being coerced by “Dick” Denapoli.

Now Kaufman has been interviewed on the Tea Party News Network (TPNN) and has reiterated his false allegation that Harrington hired a Hamas supporter. In other words, crazy Joe says Harrington hired me, and I am a terrorist sympathizer.

In the 8 minute interview, a visibly shaken Kaufman lied when he said that he has only ran for elected office twice. Kaufman unsuccessfully ran for the state house in Florida back in the 1990’s, before Harrington trounced him by 30 points in 2012.

“I came in second out of fifth, I don’t think it was that bad”-Joe Kaufman

Kaufman is asked about a past statement he made implying that Damascus, Syria should be nuked out of existence, where he would only say that the statement he made was “tongue and cheek.”

If you in the mood for a little comic relief, what this video. Priceless.


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GOP Congressional Candidate “Crazy Joe” Kaufman Embarrasses Himself On Tea Party Website

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