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Book Signing Protesters: “Charlie,You Look Like An AIDS Victim”

Continuing on his book tour around the state of Florida, former Republican-turned-Independent-turned Democrat Charlie Crist, returned to the Democrat stronghold of Broward County, in hopes to sell and sign more of his newly released book,” The Party’s Over,” in addition to rallying up more support for his 2014 gubernatorial campaign.

Crist said that it was “wonderful” to be back in Broward County, and his wife Carol, who is attached to Crist’s hip on the book tour, told several well-wishers,” we love Broward county, you are going to get sick of us.”

Mrs. Crist was obviously implying that the couple would be spending a lot more time in this donor and voter rich county of the state.

But while all went smoothly and according to plan, as far as the book signing went, protesters camped outside of the Fort Lauderdale Barnes & Noble made their way into the political gutter by yelling out disgusting and outrageous attacks against Crist.

The group of about twenty, some being associated with the Fort Lauderdale Tea Party, which still camps out on a busy street intersection every Saturday, looking more like homeless Occupy Wall Street protesters than anything else, decided that it was ‘OK’ to yell out, “Charlie, you look like an AIDS victim.”

Yes, among other dumb and insulting things they said, this vile statement was directed towards Crist three times as he exited the bookstore.

We all disagree with Charlie Crist’s politics. Because Americans have a First Amendment right to do so, some of us use a pen and a keyboard to raise awareness to Crist historic policy flip-flops, while others will prefer to hold up signs on a street corner and protest their disappointment and disagreement with Charlie.

But to yell out offensive remarks like this has no place in politics, let alone society.

Unfortunately, because AIDS patients tend to loose significant amounts of weight in the later stage of the disease, I will assume that this remark towards Crist was made to describe his noticeably thin physique.

This particular group, the Fort Lauderdale Tea Party, which does not represent the overwhelming majority of Americans involved in the Tea Party movement, is notorious for making these kind of insensitive, and in some cases racist comments.

Let me be clear. Not all of the group’s members are this ignorant, but unfortunately, a good number of them are.

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Javier Manjarres
Javier Manjarres

As the managing editor of The Shark Tank, Javier was awarded the 2011 CPAC Blogger of the Year. Countless videos and articles from the Shark Tank have been featured on Fox News, The Hill, Wall Street Journal, and other national news publications. Javier has also appeared on Univision’s “Al Punto” and numerous radio shows, including being the weekly 92.5 Fox News' DayBreak with Drew Steele political contributor, as well as one of NewsmaxTV's conservative commentators. Javier has also authored "BROWN PEOPLE," which is a book about Hispanic Politics. Learn more at

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  • Arthro

    I hate Charlie Crist, but this kind of crap drives people to the left, and the message of govt and personal accountability goes down the tubes. The liberal press will get hold of this and use it to crucify conservatives and the Tea Party.

    • Michael

      As well they should be,

    • Guest

      At the bottom of the Dumpster is a thick layer of rancid scum. At the bottom of the scum is the Tea Party.

      • Arthro

        So, I guess you would agree with these tactics…? Calling Tea Partiers scum is the same thing as idiots saying Crist looks like a Aids victim.

        • Grover

          … and? The tea party is pretty scummy, and they love to spew their hate at anyone who will listen, but Crist doesn’t look like an AIDS victim. Calling a spade a spade is not the same as calling a spade an orange, or an apple, or an AIDS victim.

  • BoGo

    All it takes is one nut job in a group to get the whole group tarred with their nutty behavior. That’s why a favorite tactic of the left is the agent provocateur. One lefty showing up at a Tea Party event with an over the top racist sign is an easy way to discredit every group with the word “Tea” in its name.

    The Ft Lauderdale Tea Party needs to eject the individual that yelled that dumb statement as they have already proven themselves to be a PR nightmare and harmful to the group.

    • Michael

      But of course they wont, as that is pretty much the average TP member.

      • Javier Manjarres

        Michael. The average Tea Party member does not act like this. These were just a couple of souls that know better, but still feel the need to act and sound ignorant. The Tea Party movement is not about this, otherwise there would be more documented instances like this. There aren’t.

    • Guest

      So the Trashbaggers would deny someone their freedom of speech? How’s that whole First Amendment thing working out for you,?

      • steve

        The Tea Party was formed with these tactics do you remember the town hall meetings in August 2009?

  • Richard Vail

    It is clearly Mr. Crist who resides in “the political gutter”. He is a traitor , a liar, a moral degenerate , and a political whore of mythological proportions who happens to have the physical characteristics of someone who is seriously ill. I think we should be free to draw our own conclusions.

    • Michael

      Do your words sound sane when you read them? If so, seek help.

  • geoffharvard

    Ask Charlie about the Green Iguana bar in Tampa where he hung out as a state senator in the ’90’s. Poor Mrs. Crist is a beard.
    The Broward County Republican Party is totally worthless. I have seen them in action. They are content to be losers as long as they can have their dinners where they congratulate each other.

    • Michael

      Hey, he wouldnt have to be in a closet if there werent so many backward-assed Tea Party zealots.

  • Cindy Skrocki

    As for these holier than thou Tea Party extremists. Their mouths have taken on the attribute of the anal sphincter and spew what usually comes out of it. Let them spew. It only shows their lowly station in life and brings back memories of the civil rights era when minorities were subjected to the same sewage and slurs. It amazes me that some groups act at the same level as school children who don’t know how to deal with their inner turmoil, so they yell to make themselves feel better, or maybe they want to rise to stardom on YouTube. Most people may not agree with the person in the political arena, but voting is the only way to get your point across.

  • A. J. Finasterre

    Thank you for reporting on this. It is disgusting that anyone would yell that out. It reflects on these Tea Party people, however, and not on Charlie Crist.

    Also, a small editorial point. In the third from the final pragraph, it should read “lose,” not “loose.”

    “To lose” means “to cease to have, to lack, to cause to go missing,” etc.

    “To loose” means to “let loose, free.”

    One loses keys, or a loved one, or an election. One looses water from a damn, or fish from a net.

    You appear to mean the first.

    • Michael

      I always preferred the more dramatic “let slip,” as in “Cry ‘Havoc!’ and let slip the dogs of war!”

  • Richard Driskill

    Javier wrote: “But to yell out offensive remarks like this has no place in politics, let alone society.” What? That doesn’t make any sense Javier. Or we dealing with statesmen or scholars? Preachers or children? Your sensibilities are much to soft in this. There is no respect to be given. What are you thinking?

    I wasn’t there (which puts me at a disadvantage), but I think you are wrong via what you have written.

    Why? Why can not what appears to be the truth yelled out? What makes this offensive to anyone other than an AIDS victim (because they are dying)?; and if they do have AIDS it is because they indulged in a sexual lifestyle that is shameful and perverted. Charlie Crist places himself in the public eye, attempting to woo voters to his side, and you say we may not yell out what appears to be the truth? If it is not the truth, Charlie, be a man, can reply “Sorry folks, I don’t have AIDS, I’m just slender.”

    Remarks like this have every place in politics. Politics is the mother of all arenas for attack. Politicians hide in their homes, and behind body guards, and in restricted hallowed halls, and closed chambers, and by-appointment-only offices to escape attack by those who know they are nefarious. It is my understanding that the average time for a politician to turn dirty in Washington is but 7 months. And you believe politicians deserve respect of pleasant decorum?

    Why would you speak against TEA party members? We are the only backbone remnant left in attempting to save the nation. George Washington would have drawn a bayonet in times like this, not offered up pastries and coffee.

    The man is a turn coat and deserves any public ridicule that comes his way. In fact we should be yelling A LOT louder, and being MUCH MORE divisive in our encounter with the enemy within. (Hey, if it works for the Alinskyites…) As Edmund Burke so famously said: “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing”. He also said: “You can never plan the future by the past”. Our past has been silent too long while ‘hope and change’ came to America, the tyranny is deep-set now, the streets are filled with idiots or communists. Lets ring both their bells and see what shakes lose. If you see a wolf making a play for the sheep, you blast it.

    Sorry, I think you made a very bad call on this one. This is not the time to be reserved, this is the time for outrage.

    * Anyone there stirring the pot, making trouble, flying American flags, holding signs, insulting nefarious politicians, working against the wave of communism and stupidity… Thank You. I wish I had come and joined you.

    • Michael

      You must be *very* popular at parties.

  • RIRedinPA

    At least they didn’t call him a ‘subhuman mongrel’, that would be taking things way too far…oh wait, never mind…

  • CJ

    Mr. Driskill, although it is true that politics is a dirty business and not for the thinned skin, it is also true that not every victim of AIDS has ” indulged in a sexual lifestyle that is shameful and perverted.” Babies are born to mothers with AIDS. Women are unknowingly infected by unfaithful partners. Healthcare workers and others can be infected by accidental contamination.

    Personally I wonder how many of these “tea partiers” are registered as Democrats, like other recorded instances of Democrats behaving badly while pretending to be conservatives. Just a thought.

    • Michael

      That last bit didnt sound like you’re wearing a tinfoil hat at all, did it? Tell me again how 9/11 was an inside job, and how President Obama is a commie-mooslim-noncitizen!

  • David Kafir

    You’re removing comments that don’t please you or your agenda? I agree, this article was just a hit piece. Who’s back pocket are you in? This is not reporting, Javier. I thought you were better than this.

  • Peatardyturdtown

    LOL Keep talking Losers. #firethegop

  • NoMoreBrokenWings

    At least Crist has come to his senses as far as equality for all. What would society face if we allow our children to become hypocritical and not b3lieve in fairness and equality for all. As someone who is a minority it shames me to think that anyone else who is a minority would subscribe to tea party beliefs. Do women and minorities want to go back in time to the period where women were beat with sticks as big as a mans thumb? Do we want to return to the days of lynch mobs? There’s party members I have seen send out this message. I hope if they continue the ghop dies a quick death so we are not subjected to anymore stupidity and cruelty.

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  • Carmen

    why do they allow such behavior sometimes this freedom of speech makes no seance their idiots

  • Carmen

    Their idiots

    • BoGo

      They’re idiots

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  • Marcy Scrot

    I don’t think whomever it was (are you sure Tea Party or is your bias showing) should have made that statement. That being said, Gov. Scott is forever being call Skeltor, blacks say absolutley disgusting things about white conservatives as do the gays. None of it is right but sometimes you just have to vent and it’s not onesided

  • Rich2741

    Did you mean soiree?

  • Rich2741

    CJ –

    This is true, not every single AIDS carrying person is to blame for their disease, but it’s close. Healthcare works don’t even figure into the numbers anymore with all the precautions they take, and the rest are now very small in number (we are talking in the USA). The perversion of homosexuality is the cause 99% of the time, which is nature’s way of dealing with them. You see, semen on its way to the womb has special properties that trick the woman’s immune system (for a maximum of about 3 days) to not kill the ‘invaders’ as they are on the way to joining up with the ovum. When semen is deposited in the anal tract (where a penis was never ment to go) it does the same thing (shuts down the immune response), except your intestines are where 75% of the immune system resides… not a smart move, especially if you have HIV… but perverts don’t care.

    So I still stand by “…indulged in a sexual lifestyle that is shameful and perverted”.

  • Rich2741

    We are glad we have your permission to speak our minds ‘Peatardy’ (get that looked into) from ‘turdtown’.

  • Rich2741

    This is all smoke and mirrors from a man who changed parties. Our children are hypocritical, and they are taught (by leftists) to believe that fairness and equality are are being robbed daily (it isn’t).

    “As someone who is a minority…” THAT is how you determine yourself! By the color of your skin!?

    #1 – The TEA party is first and foremost defined as “Taxed Enough Already” (T-E-A). Get it?
    #2 – Beyond that, the ‘party’ is conservative based. If you don’t like people such as George Washington, Ronald Reagan, people that work for a living, peole that actually read the Constitution and the Bible, then yup, we are the ones to hate.

    Now it’s women AND minorities!? Why not throw deformed babies and mentally retarded people in for good measure?

    The thumb’s width switch was to make sure you did not actually cause them any physical harm (like removing your rings when you spank a child). It was a way to deal with a unruly woman in that time; nowdays we just divorce them (we are all worse off now).

    Lynch mobs?! That is a democrat thing (the KKK, who BTW, of all the murders they committed, 23% of the murdered were WHITE). In case you didn’t know it, the GOP (Republican Party) was formed as the abolitionist party, and Martin Luther King Jr was a Republican!

    The stupidity is all yours, the cruelty is you don’t know it.

  • Rich2741

    Who is “they”?
    It’s “sense”.
    It’s “they’re”.

    You are funny.