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Curt Clawson Running For Congress As The Republican”Outsider”

 The special Republican primary election to replace Congressman Trey Radel is a few months away, and it seems as if the voters in Southwest Florida will be getting another heavy dose of in-your-face politics from candidates looking to become the next U.S. Congressman for the area.

 One of these candidates is Curt “Outsider” Clawson. Clawson jumped into the race with both feet during the recent Super Bowl, where he ran an ad challenging President Obama to a 3-point shooting contest.

 The ad was wildly successful, and was even featured on a Fox News political show.

 During the tail-end of his speech, Clawson disclosed that he and his family were devout members of the Church of Jesus Christ, Latter Day Saints. Yes, Clawson is a Mormon.

 Clawson also stated that he was not involved in politics so much when the “Tea Party Movement” began in 2009, but realized that the mainstream media was giving this important movement a bad wrap with their biased and unflattering reporting.

 The President of the club, Jim Baratta, told the Shark Tank that he thought Clawson’s very first public speech was “very insightful” and “it told a good story about his upbringing,” adding that Clawson turned a lot of people from being undecided, to being in his favor.

 Baratta also that he spoke to “a good portion of attendees” and they indicated to him that these same attendees said that they would be voting for him in the upcoming special election.

 After doing the customary meet-and-greeting after his speaking engagement, the self-proclaimed “outsider,” Curt Clawson, sat down with the Shark Tank to discuss he congressional race.

 On the issue of Obamacare, Clawson was quick to say that the law needed to fully repealed, adding that he would “repeal Obamacare tomorrow if possible” and ” as quickly as we can get the votes.”

 We asked him about the question posed to him of whether or not he supported medicinal marijuana during the Q&A portion of his address that night.

 Clawson said that we needed to be “very careful with this” and that “those that want to legalize marijuana, make the case that pot is a victimless drug, and that drugs are victimless, but I’m not sure that’s the case.”

He then added that  he didn’t now “the in’s and out’s about medicinal marijuana enough to speak with any authority” but said that caution need to be taken before ” legalizing drugs that are currently illegal.”

 Because of his success in business, Clawson is expected to self-fund his congressional campaign. During the interview, we asked him if this was the case, and how much of his own money he expected to pour into the race.

 Clawson, who prides himself as being that “outsider,’ non-career politician, not beholden to lobbyists, and not the establishment type, said that his focus was to be get his message out there.

 We are well financed enough to get our message out there. Between the donations and me making it up individually, we are going to have the resources to get the message out, that there is an outsider in the ring, not a career politician, and not part of the political establishment.-Curt Clawson

 Earlier in the week, the local Fox 4 news station reported that Clawson “wasn’t above working’ with those same lobbyists. The report states that Clawson’s website boasts that he is “fed up” with lobbyists, but in the past used a lobbyist to “help his company survive bankruptcy.”

 Clawson’s addressed this issue during his speech, saying that he arrived to his conclusions about lobbyists, after he the bad experience he had with them during the bankruptcy in question.

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Curt Clawson Running For Congress As The Republican”Outsider”

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