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David Jolly Wins, Battle Royale Between Political Parties To Come

Former lobbyist and legal counsel to the late Congressman Bill Young, David Jolly, has won the Republican special primary election in Florida’s 13th congressional district. Jolly won the election by garnering 45 percent of the vote over the two other Republican candidates in the race, Kathleen Peters and Mark Bircher.

During his acceptance speech to the 250+ supporters that attended his election night event, Jolly emphasized that he wasn’t just some Republican looking to go to Washington, D.C., and immediately repeal Obamacare, but that he was a “Bill Young Republican,” looking to repeal and replace the President’s healthcare law with a “private sector solution”

Jolly is correct in saying that voters have decided that Obamacare was the number one issue in this special election, and now he must go up against the “Washington establishment” candidate, Democrat Alex Sink, in the March special general election, who is on record of being in favor of Obamacare, but has recently pointed out that the law’s roll out was a disaster, and changes needed to me made to it.

Sink, who is the former CFO of the state of Florida, resides in Hillsborough county, and has “carpet bagged” her way across Tampa Bay to run in the congressional district, which is wholly within Pinellas county, Florida.

Now that the GOP primary dust has settled, how deep will the National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC) be willing to dig to position Jolly for victory?

The NRCC is expected to be on the ground within a day or two of last night’s primary election, but considering that Sink will have almost unlimited dollars at her disposal, to retain this Republican leaning seat, the NRCC needs to pony up quite a bit of funding, just to be able to stay competitive with the “well-funded” Democrat establishment machine.


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David Jolly Wins, Battle Royale Between Political Parties To Come

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