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Why Allen West Lost In 2012

Allen West./ The Shark Tank

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The Palm Beach Post has tweeted that former Congressman Allen West is “second guessing the volume of negative ads he ran in 2012 loss” to Democrat Congressman Patrick Murphy.” The tweet links to the Post’s premium website (paid), where West supposedly admits that perhaps his campaign should have pulled back on the negative ads against Murphy.

West’s campaign against Murphy unnecessarily beat Murphy’s past arrest record to death, turning a 2 week negative “hit” into one that was perceived to have taken over the entire campaign’s message.

Towards the end of the 2012 congressional race between Murphy and West, West enjoyed a comfortable lead over his opponent, leading his campaign to feel comfortable enough to release Murphy’s mugs hot and arrest record, a move they felt would been the dagger through the heart needed to claim victory.

The move was the dagger through the heart, but someone decided to give it a couple turns into the open wound, leaving a bad taste in the mouths of many of West’s constituents, leading quite a few to start sympathizing for Murphy.

Several of these constituents expressed that they started to feel bad for Murphy, because they too had done dumb things in their past, as well as know family and friends, who have also moved past their youthful transgressions.

Some of these voters admitted that it was overkill by West, stating that they would not be voting for either man in the race-some went as far as to say that West lost their vote. At the end of the day, a non-vote in that race was a vote for Murphy.

In early January 2013, I found myself on a flight back from Washington,D.C., with Murphy’s 2012 campaign manager and current chief of staff, Eric Johnson.

Johnson, who knew Murphy may have had an outside chance of beating West, believed that Murphy beat West because of a sympathy vote the campaign never imagined could exist, which stemmed from West’s over-the-top mug shot and campaign against Murphy.

Johnson admitted that the mug shot hit was above board, and well-timed, but the mistake the West campaign made was to drag it out past a 1 1/2-2 week period, which created the turning point Murphy’s campaign needed.

Yeah, yeah, you will here the talk of voter fraud in the Murphy-West race, especially as one of Murphy’s 2012 consultants was caught committing absentee ballot voter fraud down in Miami. While you can’t rule out that fraud did or did not occur in this race, the fact is that West campaign didn’t help itself by losing themselves enough votes to make a difference.

With lessons learned, West is said to be eyeing a possible U.S. Senate run in 2016 (depending on what Rubio does) or possibly 2018. West will one day be back in elected office, the question is, which office? Read more on a possible comeback here.

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Javier Manjarres
Javier Manjarres

As the managing editor of The Shark Tank, Javier was awarded the 2011 CPAC Blogger of the Year. Countless videos and articles from the Shark Tank have been featured on Fox News, The Hill, Wall Street Journal, and other national news publications. Javier has also appeared on Univision’s “Al Punto” and numerous radio shows, including being the weekly 92.5 Fox News' DayBreak with Drew Steele political contributor, as well as one of NewsmaxTV's conservative commentators. Javier has also authored "BROWN PEOPLE," which is a book about Hispanic Politics. Learn more at

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  • Marine68

    A great many of the Voters I know, dropped him because of his vote for the NDAA. They will not vote for anyone else that did again.

  • Florida Jim

    Allen West is such a good man America needs him office either as a Representative, a Senator or President.

  • Harry Riley

    A duck cannot be turned into a fox; an elephant cannot be turned into a flea; the laws of nature will not permit.

    Likewise, a nation ordained and principled by the laws of nature, sovereign, free, with liberty for all cannot become a nation guided by royalty, decrees, tyranny, elitist, self-serving criminals. The former has proven desirable, the latter has proven human pain.

    The United States of America (elephant) is teetering on the abyss of becoming a sniveling, blood sucking, undesirable nation (flea).

    OPERATION AMERICAN SPRING will be a gigantic step in removing the flea infestation that is sucking the blood out of America.

    Harry Riley, COL,USA, Ret
    Crestview, FL 32539

  • SSMcDonald


  • Anita Eitmann

    No, West lost because by a miracle a bag of votes turned up that swayed the election the other way. West lost because of the dishonest way mysterious votes always turn up for the communist, socialist, democraps.

    • Rich

      Lady, are you that stupid that you fall for the Faux News bullshit about non-conservatives being “communist, socialist, democraps”?

      Hell, we’re more American than you are because we believe in the middle class, hard working, tax paying Americans and don’t have this worship of wealth that blinds us to the greed of the wealthy using good people like you to buy the country out from under us while we’re divided over silly issues.

      • Simply Conservative

        Gee Rich, are YOU that stupid that you think by stating flat out lies (“because we believe in the middle class, hard working, tax paying Americans”) that anyone who actually has a brain will think you’re telling the truth?

        Those who are members of the Dumbasscrat Party are communists, socialist and liberal idiots. Period. How do we know that? BECAUSE YOU VOTED FOR ONE REPEATEDLY, knowing exactly what he is. How do we know you are a liar? Because YOU VOTED FOR SOMEONE WHO IS QUICKLY DESTROYING THE USA.

        So do us a favor and go peddle your BS to the rest of the morons that make up your party and leave the working folks to bail your butt out…….again.

        • Rich

          Sir, you prove your dimwittedness.
          If the gop is supporting middle class Americans why are they so eager to eliminate programs that middle class Americans want and need in order to feed more money to the wealthy, sir?

          Now, you’ve gotta explain this………………if we’re so rapidly heading towards socialism or communism, exactly how are the Wall Street fraudsters preparing to reward themselves for screwing us by paying out some $91,000,000,000.00 in year end bonus money?
          If that’s communism you really have to research exactly what your definition of communism is, pal.
          What makes you believe that I need working folks to “bail my butt out”?
          Are you really that stupid to believe that only conservatives work for a living? Can anyone be that totally out of touch with reality?
          You must be living in some delusional alternate reality if you can actually believe that garbage. How many hours a day must one stare slack jawed at Faux News to become so completely out of touch with reality?

      • Colonel

        Rich, did you miss the reports on-line, in the press, and on TV news regarding the amount of election fraud that took place in the 2012 election? It certainly was not just FoxNews that broadcast those facts, and the longer we are from the 2012 elections, the more shenanigans that have been brought to light.

        As I recall, Palm Beach County was one of the Florida counties where in some precincts there were MORE votes for Obama than there were registered voters of all Parties in the precinct. That is fact, and if you believe the shenanigans did not have anything to do with Col West’s loss, you are either extremely naive or extremely blind to the facts.

        • Rich

          Sir, if you were indeed a Colonel, bless you for your service to the country.

          One small detail……………..if all this rampant voting fraud occurred……………where the hell are the indictments and convictions?
          What press do you cite…………….the right wing BS machine? Faux News?

          Accusations and stories are one thing, if all of what you believe occurred, there have to be some indictments coming, wouldn’t you think?

        • Clara

          Actually the company who caused all the voter fraud with fraudulent voter applications was Strategic Allied Consulting. They were hired by the GOP of Florida .

      • Antonio Sosa

        Rich, “worship of wealth”?! You are parroting dictator Obama’s commie propaganda. Demonizing FOX, the only large media outlet that reports some of the truth is what Obama’s zombies do.

        Anita is right! West lost because of FRAUD! Murphy STOLE the election, just like other Democrats, including Obama.

        Obama did not win. He STOLE the election, the same way Ahmadinejad, Morsi, Putin, Chavez and other Islamic/commie dictators steal elections — via a controlled/complicit media, lies, manipulation, intimidation (IRS, EPA, OFA, etc.) and MASSIVE FRAUD!

        • Rich

          Hey, wise guy……………… a state controlled by republicans, if they believed that the Democrats cheated don’t you think they’d be down on them like a ton of bricks?
          C’mon there, buddy, it’s time to join the real world.

          Were you screaming about the voting fraud when it helped Mr. Bush win the Presidency?

          Oh, the “worship of wealth” is as obvious as the nose on your face. Massive tax cuts and advantages in the tax code that help those who need no help while cutting money for food stamps and the long term unemployed caused by conservative mismanagement during the Bush regime.

      • jjk

        Funny how the dems called the repubs “the party of the rich” for years. But in the last 10 years, they’ve pretty much stopped it because, in truth, it’s the dems who are richer. The lady you replied to is absolutely right. Lots of fraud in West’s last campaign, including boxes and boxes of military ballots that were never counted but were stashed in a dem warehouse instead.

        • Rich

          Cite your PROOF…………… your EVIDENCE!!

          B.S. from a right wing blog doesn’t count.

    • pj

      Anita, you hit the target! If one does not defend the Constitution, then they are obviously not conservative in their thinking. The BO regime has and will go to the depth of corruption and voter fraud to make sure the liberals/democraps win. Isn’t it unbelievable how Mitt Romney was ahead all night, until we got to the swing states and mysteriously, miraculously Obama got 100% and MORE of the votes, even more votes than registered voters. How amazing is THAT! So yeah, I agree with you, we lost BECAUSE of the communists, socialists, marxists, democraps, and the BO cult. If you are in any of those categories, you are NOT a true conservative!

      So, Rich, ole boy, YOU are the stupid one, because YOU have fallen for the LIES and RHETORIC of the Obama regime and the democraps, and obviously America is rapidly crashing BECAUSE of WHO is running the country: Obama and his democraps!

      One day, maybe you will wake up and realize what you’ve allowed to happen to America — except, it’ll be too late then.

  • Walter Ward

    You say he will return to office, just don’t know which one. Well all offices need janitors so take your pick

  • Perseids

    Learn from the dems and go negative but use a third party then there are no fingerprints. It has worked for Barry rather well so far. And, that way absolutely nothing is out of bounds.
    It will be tough to beat them at voter fraud though, they have turned that into an art form.

    • Rich

      Right, the gop simply seeks to deny voters their right to vote.

      • Iheartdagney

        No, only the illegal and dead voters. What’s wrong with showing ID to vote? You have to show ID to get on a plane and to buy liquor. What can possibly be the objection to an ID to help keep the integrity of the vote? Unless, of course, you want all illegals and dead people to vote………

      • pj

        Oh, so Rich, it’s okay that I have to use MY ID to vote, but those who are illegal don’t have to? I have to use MY ID to do EVERYTHING IN AMERICA, but you’re saying we don’t want to deny the illegals a vote? What RIGHT do they have to VOTE if they are not citizens? If they don’t have to show ID, why do I have to when I was born and raised here? So, Rich, move to MEXICO or RUSSIA and see if YOU as an illegal will be able to vote! NOPE!

      • Simply Conservative

        Yep, you’re an idiot. A liar. A racist and a bigot. How do I know? Because of THIS post you made. You’re so stupid that you don’t see the hypocrisy that is so rampant in your party of lying sacks of dog excrement. You need an ID to drive. You need one to cash a check, you need one to get a SOCIAL SECURITY CARD. But it’s ok to stuff ballot boxes without one? Fool. CHILD. Dumbass libturd.

      • Nancy

        BS. You have to have photo ID for just about everything you do in this nation. Want to fly? Photo ID, Want to cash a check and in many cases use a credit or debit card? Photo ID required, So are the stores that require this or the Airlines Racist for requiring Photo ID? Hell no. Take that card and shove it. The Race card is old moldy and very over used. Voter fraud is rampant. Please tell me how you can have more votes cast than there are registered voters in a precinct unless there was a whole lot of voter fraud. Tell me about the poll worker who just went to prison for voting for Obama 6 times. Get over it.

  • Dmitry

    West/Murphy campaign is really a trough for conspiracy theorists. A lot of things look very strange and simply make no sense… Voter fraud is not one of them. That aspect is crystal clear: both SOEs committed it almost in the open and are damn proud of it. However, no amount of voter fraud could kill overloaded with money campaign of nation-wide known hero against a callow local nobody. That if that campaign was run RIGHT.

  • Jonah

    Allen West list because of sabotage from his own state legislature in the form of redistricting and voter fraud.

    • Rich

      Lesson, kiddies, effective politicians work with other politicians to get things done.
      Running your mouth and offending others doesn’t get the job done except in the dreams of teabaggers.

      To be a success, differences are put aside and consensus agreements reached in order to effectively govern.

      • Joni

        So the progressive democrats would have us to believe. Teabaggers? Seriously? Last time I heard that term was from vile Barney Franks. Does that mean you are also crude, rude and socially unacceptable?

        • Rich

          How else do we describe nitwits who run around with teabags hanging from their hats?
          Teabaggers is polite, I think.

          No, madam, it is you who are crude, rude and socially unacceptable because you support negativity and hatred.

      • Simply Conservative

        Yeah, that’s worked so well for you and the other aholes in the dumbasscrat party hasn’t it? Do you EVER tire of spouting bullshit? Probably not. Infantile troll. You are only here to pour poison into the wounds you caused. I hope you are prepared for payback. Life’s a bitch. It’s gonna bite you and I really hope you are around for the pain.

      • Nancy

        IF you can’t win an argument with truth and facts then resort to name calling. It’s the Democrat “Alinsky way” We are on to you.

      • Sandi Trusso

        @Rich You need to heed your own advice. You sit on here pulling statements out of your ear, and because none of your statements are fact, you offend many people. So if you already know that your actions won’t “get the job done” what is your purpose, other than to deliberately offend others?

        During times of tyranny and dictatorships, “success” was never defined as “having consensus agreements”. There are times when compromise is just not the way to go, and most of us now believe that that is where America is today. We are in the state we’re in, because of compromise, an the differences cannot be put aside, because America is about to go down for the last time.

        I believe that Col. West was sold out, and that his loss was the result of a number of things not he least of which was the redistricting. Also, I do not understand why nothing was done about the Supervisor of Elections doing a recount before people were finished voting (supposed to be illegal). When the machines went down West was ahead by 2000 votes, when they came back up 1/2 hour later he was losing by 2000 votes. Do not be so naïve as to think that there was no fraud committed here. The question is “who, and why” there was no investigation.

        • Rich

          One would have to ask, in a republican controlled state, why not?

          Maybe all this fraud is a figment of your imagination and right wing paranoia?
          Mr. West failed to appeal to enough voters. Not everyone wants a brash SOB to represent them. Maybe they didn’t like his baseless accusations. Maybe they wanted someone they felt would actually propose legislation to make life better in South Florida?

  • charles

    idiots in south florida prefer drunks over military heroes. have you been to lauderdale or west palm beach ?

    • Rich

      Idiots in South Florida couldn’t vote for Mr. West, idiot, Mr. West ran on the Treasure Coast.

      Maybe, just maybe, if Mr. West had spent more time actually working on governing, actually writing and proposing bills to make life better form middle class Americans instead of accusing most of the Democrats of being “communists” he would have been looked at more favorably by more voters and won.
      What Americans want is effective leadership, not bullshit from a guy who enjoys hearing himself talk.
      More action and less talk is what it takes to win these days.

      • pj

        Rich says: What Americans want is effective leadership, not bullshit from a guy who enjoys hearing himself talk.

        SPOT ON, RICH! So why’d you vote for OBAMA!!!?? No leadership, nothing BUT BS, and a narcissist that filibusters every chance he gets.

        • Rich

          pj, pal, only Senators can filibuster, where were you in school?

          Maybe you haven’t noticed, somehow, that the gop has done anything and everything in its power to block anything Mr. Obama has tried to do.
          Remember Sen. O’Connell’s statement about the gop’s priority is making Mr. Obama a one term President?
          When Saint Ronnie was in office, the Democrats worked with him and found a consensus and with the two Bushes, too.
          Now the gop refuses to work with Mr. Obama like it is its religion or something because the gop wants to complete its mission of giving every advantage to the wealthy and big business and taking it away from the middle class.

      • Nancy

        “What Americans want is effective leadership, not bullshit from a guy who enjoys hearing himself talk. More action and less talk is what it takes to win these days.”

        UMMMM Then why the hell was Emperor Obama re elected if this is what they want. He is not a leader he is a tyrant dictator who wipes his arse with the Constitution.

        • Rich

          Please ignore the right wing paranoia above!!

    • Dave

      West was forced to leave the Army because he ordered the torture of a policeman. That does not make you a “war hero” in any book.

      People voted against him because of his habit of using personal insults and outright lies on the floor of the House of Representatives.

      And it cost him the election. And it should have.

      • Sandi Trusso

        @Dave – Your statement is not true when you said “West was forced to leave the army because he ordered the torture of a policeman”. Someone needs to sue your socks off.

        Here is the report I’ve heard time and again, from his men and journalists. If it were not true, the Democrats and other liberal/progressives would’ve been all over it trying to prove differently.
        1) The enemy had come into his camp and nearly got caught. While fleeing, only one man did not make the escape.
        2) Col West told his men to go inside while he took the man outside and told him to give info as to what harm his pals had planned against Col West’s men.
        3) At first the enemy was not talking, but when Col West shot a bullet past his head the guy spilled his guts. This resulted in the lives of Col West’s men being saved.
        4) He then went immediately to his superiors and told them that he alone was responsible. Unlike many of the emasculated men of today, he was truthful and took full responsibility for his actions (first making sure that no one else could be implicated, because in my opinion due to actions against others in the military, he must’ve known what our government would do if they learned that someone actually intended to WIN this war, or save the lives of themselves or their friends or any Americans)
        5) He was brought before the military court, while his men were outside in a show of support for him.
        6) He was asked if he would do such a thing again, and he replied “to save the lives of my men, I would walk through hell carrying a can of gasoline. Yes, I would do it again”.
        7) At this point, he was asked to resign his command. YES, MY FRIEND, THIS IS A MAN OF HONOR, AND THIS IS A HERO IN MY BOOK!

  • Rich


    From listening to your posters I thought that the Democrats stole the election from Mr. West.
    Which one is it………….did he run a crappy campaign and waste too much time flapping his gums about silly crap or was the election stolen from him?

  • Mike Rogers

    Governor or on the presidential ticket.
    A man of principle.
    The NDAA was an awkward case where voting against it was bad for the military, and voting for it was bad for civil rights. Too many bills are written that way, instead of being single-purpose.

  • Anita G Hitchcock

    No, you did not lose because of negative ads, if that were the case obozo would never have won re-election. Everything he put out was negative. The election was stolen from you, same was it was stolen from Romney. Voter fraud. Florida lost a good man in you Mr. West. Hope to see you run on a national ballot.

    • pj

      Spot on!

    • howardfrombroward

      anita, you are so correct. rich is doing damage control and deflection for his party of cheats.

    • Rich

      Madam, why can’t you simply admit that the voters did not want someone as abrasive as Mr. West.

      Instead of working to make life better for hard working, middle class Americans, he was too busy chasing imaginary “communists” around the Capitol.

  • Patriot

    West lost in Martin County, getting 5,000 fewer votes than Romney. So far no one has mentioned the fairly well-liked five term Martin County Sheriff Crowder. The handshake and debates that didn’t happen were not lost on the voters. Crowder was never a threat – it was a very bad move to treat him with disdain.
    The hired consultants didn’t understand that Martin County is different. Hopefully lesson learned.

  • Sharon Rose

    Allen West is a good man & I would be proud to vote for him.

  • Doug Kidd

    West lost because Gertrude Walker corrupted the election results in St Lucie Co. With 173800 registered voters, Walker at one point returned 210000 plus votes to Tallahassee — 140% of the voter base. She also feigned two nervous breakdowns to delay the recount process and ‘ran out the clock’ to ensure that Obama would not have to deal with West in Washington. ‘True the Vote’ has sued Walker, but her evil black magic succeeded in eliminating West.

    • Sandi Trusso

      I agree, but don’t confuse Rich with facts.

  • Carlos

    I agree that voter fraud alone was not enough to throw the race. There was also the gerrymandered district, thank you GOP RINOs. Add to that the fact West is very outspoken an unapologetic. That made him a target, esp. with the racial hypocrisy in America. If Obama speaks out, it’s the “audacity of hope”. When West or any other black conservative does it, they’re an uppitty n****r. To the moron who called West a “callow local nobody”, what is Murphy, aside from a callow, barfly non-entity? He & Goldilocks will suffer the same fate they visited upon their rivals, one term then defeat. They were already vulnerable before Obamacare melted down. Now they own it and will pay the price.

    • Sandi Trusso

      … and Carlos, the Dems are still taking the Republicans to court claiming that they were unfair in the redistricting, and anting more. We lost two amazing, and loved people as a result of these map changes. Col West and Sandy Adams just to name two. Yet Dems wanted more even though they pretty much got everything they wanted.

      What’s the point of voting for people if they’re going to give the elections to the opposition? Why bother to vote at all if this is the case.

  • McFerguson

    I’m a retired naval officer and have been a fan of LtCol West since his service in Iraq during the war when he was admonished and relieved of duty for forcibly extracting information from a suspected terrorist. I hadn’t heard a word of criticism about the Murphy attacks and had thought his defeat had more to do with his political attack on fruitcake leftist Debbie Wasserman Schultz far too early after he’d been elected. Nevertheless, West has proven himself to be a man of character, a solid conservative and is a person whom I’d support for any political office (especially Sen Nelson’s seat).

    • Sandi Trusso

      …Yep, monotone Debbie was sent in, and let’s not forget stretch face Pelosi, who tells everyone that they have to pass a bill so they can find out what’s in it (and their supporters bought it). These people wanted Col West out so badly they spent bou coup bucks, and sent in those among the most dishonest, hard core liberal/progressives to achieve it.

  • David Kearns

    Good God, talk about revisionist history. And some of the comments; this bloviated martial patriotism all but lacking the John Phillip Soasa drum and bugle. Get a grip.

    Alen West lost because the governor and the Sec. of State, and David Drury, forgot just how bad the animosity against the republicans ran in St. Lucie County; and thus, when they tried to rig the election in that county (wait for it kiddies) THEY COULDN’T RIG IT HARD ENOUGH, to overcome the turn-out. Even with their scam recounts and rescannings and a thoroughly (or was it Machianvellianly) confused SOE, even with all their RICO behavior they couldn’t overcome the voice of the voters in SLC.

    If West had even a shred of courage, or conviction, or honor he would DEMAND the investigation he kept threatening. Why? blowhards? Why didn’t he? Where’d that investigation go, sweetums? Huh? No answer?

    Let me tell you why: because the REPUBLICANS told him to hush-child. Because a REAL investigation would have uncovered REPUBLICAN election rigging. And you folks can’t have that, now can you…no…you can’t.

    Done with you. Thanks for playing.

  • echo177

    David, you are so right. At this point I do not think Allen West would get one vote in Florida for whatever he ran for. He folded like a “wet towel” in this race. He swore he would fight this fraud (PSL) to the end. He didn’t. The evidence he walked away with was unbelievably on his side.
    And for him to do nothing, absolutely nothing was a shock to all his constituents. What a waste of time and effort for the ones who really believed in him, me for one. Allen West does not have what it takes to deal with the scum in washington. He is weak, with no back-bone.

  • George Blumel

    Rich and other low-information types commenting here simply spout the Dem talking points and use insults in place of factual argument. To say that Obama and the Dems are for the middle class is contradicted by ObamaCare, prohibitions on drilling and stopping the job-creating pipeline and the EPA regs killing jobs with over-regulation sending companies to other, freer countries. We used to be the free-est until Obama. Our middle class has shrunk under Obama –people who used to have full time jobs now are either working part-time or unemployed. Unemployment has jumped to about 13% counting those no longer even looking for work. I could go on –this is an anti-middle class regime; one that wants to make more people dependent on FedGov. Instead of working for a living they vote for a living.