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Jewish Students Press Democrat FL Senator On Iran Nuke Program



Approximately 250 students at the Hillel Community Day School in North Miami Beach recently took to the phones to air their concerns about Bill Nelson’s refusal to stop Iran from acquiring a nuclear weapon.

A bipartisan group of Senators have drafted new legislation in Washington titled “The Nuclear Weapons Free Iran Act of 2013” which has come as a result of the work of 26 United States Senators of both political parties, including Florida’s most pro-Israel Senator, Marco Rubio. Senator Rubio recently visited Israel in 2010 and 2013 as a sign of his support for the nation, and toasted water bottles with Israel’s Prime Minister, Bibi Netanyahu.

Bill Nelson, Florida’s other US Senator, has noticeably been nothing less than timid regarding this important issue. In late 2012, during Israel’s operations to root out Hamas terrorism in the Gaza Strip, Senator Rubio, Members of Congress Wasserman Schultz, Frederica Wilson, Joe Garcia, and Ileana Ros-Lehtenin all spoke at the Hillel Community Day School, the same school, together in solidarity and in support of Israel. As has become a recurring pattern, Bill Nelson was “unable” to attend the event.

It has been widely noted, should Iran achieve a nuclear weapon – their most likely target would be Israel. The legislation in question aims to prevent Iran from being able to achieve by imposing a new wave of sanctions, which in the past have crippled the Iranian economy. The bill would also make it impossible for Iran to achieve a nuclear weapon.

Although the legislation has bipartisan support, late Wednesday, 10 Democrat Senate Committee Chairmen wrote a letter to Majority Leader Harry Reid urging him not to allow a vote on this legislation. Barbara Boxer, Diane Feinstein, Tom Harkin, and Patrick Leahy and others signed the letter. The Hill online blog has even noted that, “Every Democrat considered vulnerable in his or her race for reelection next year is co-sponsoring this measure, a sign that they want to appear tough on foreign policy.” It is important to note, Nelson does not face another election until 2018.

The students at Hillel, one of America’s largest Jewish schools, repeatedly called and left messages with Nelson’s office, urging him to, as one student explained: “stop Iran from getting a nuclear weapon.” Students at the school then posted messages and images on social media and distributed info via text message, with their efforts reverberating throughout the South Florida Jewish Community.

Many former students and community members outside of Hillel also called Nelson’s DC and statewide offices to voice their concerns. It is estimated that calls may have reached in excess of 1 thousand calls.  When your humble correspondent attempted to contact Nelson, Nelson’s representatives were unable to provide substantive information regarding his position on this legislation.

By 5pm Friday, no public response was issued by Nelson’s offices regarding whether or not he will cosponsor legislation to stop Iran from developing a nuclear weapon. We will update this story as developments occur.

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Javier Manjarres
Javier Manjarres

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  • john wright

    No problem. Israel can be in ashes and the majority of the US Jewish population would still vote Democrat.

  • Rich

    Why does everyone here seem so anxious to fight Israel’s battles?
    Of course, Mr. Obama is committed to seeing that Iran NEVER attains the ability to build atomic weaponry.
    We don’t need another war that you all seem so ready to fight but so unwilling to pay for.
    Do you believe that the Iranians don’t believe that should they mount an attack on Israel, retribution wouldn’t be both swift and total? They would like to be able to threaten, but probably never use a nuke.
    However, should the “shit hit the fan” they are supported by both Russia and China. Are you all ready for the conflict if we were to attack Iran and provoke both China and Russia? Ready to sacrifice your children and your tax dollars, are we?

    • Jake

      That is the most cowardly response I think I’ve ever heard. I’m glad you weren’t the one in charge during WWII or we would all be speaking either German or Japanese today (those of us who weren’t of “inferior genes”).

      So, rather than “fight battles” for our closest ally (which is what allies are supposed to do), you would rather shrivel in the face of any potential threat? You would rather not send a clear signal that America supports freedom and will defend against state-sponsored terrorism?

      I don’t think, based on past broken promises and “evolution” of thought processes, that you cant trust President Obama will do ANYTHING he says. Based on that, Congress – an equal branch of the federal government – needs to do their part to ensure we are all speaking with one voice. There can be no dissension on this – not something this important.

      Typical liberal BS!

      • Rich

        OK, if we go and fight Iran for Israel, are you or any of YOUR kids in the service or are you just another big blustering chickenhawk?
        Maybe you forget, but Israel has their own nuclear arsenal and probably would not hesitate to lob a few Iran’s way if necessary.
        You didn’t answer if you’re prepared for the responses from Russia and/or China were we to fight Iran because they are both major trading partners and supporters. Would you be ready for the carnage and ready to pay increased taxes to this time pay for a costly war?
        You talk about “trust” in President Obama, but we couldn’t trust President Bush could we……………..has anyone found the WMD or any evidence of the nuclear program that was the pretext for invading Iraq?
        Your Saint Ronnie bribed the Iranians with weapons to hold the embassy hostages until his inauguration to help win the election.
        Do you really think the Iranians have the balls to try to nuke anyone knowing full well that we’d hit them back hard?
        Are you calling for pre-emptive strikes?
        You probably haven’t noticed, but a lot of Israel’s problems are created by Israel and how they run their theocratic state and discriminate against non-Jews.
        Look it up, it’s all over the place.
        Comparing something like this to WW II is sheer nuttiness on your part…………………I’d have fought against Germany or even Communism in a heartbeat, between the two of them most or perhaps even all of my family that remained in Ukraine was wiped out as far as my grandfather could tell so take this “cowardly” crap and shove it where the sun don’t shine, pal.

  • Tom

    Bill’s staff never provides any substative information. They and the senator wait until the dust settles to take some inconsequential actions and then send us a propaganda letter trying to sell us on all the great things he did.
    A true politician, no backbone and no principles, other the principle needed to keep himself in office and to reap inappropriate benefits to himself and his from that position.
    We cannot trust BHO to do anything, since his track record show that he only does self serving acts (many trips, inumerable vacations and endless outings to the golf course); destructive acts (Obamacare, pervertion to the institution of marriage, murder of untold unborn babies, Benghazi, IRS oppression, NSA invasion of our rights, disregard for the fundamental laws of our nation, the list is quite long on this one…); or acts of conviction (support for islamist rights over those of other groups, disrespect for Christian beliefs, demeaning America’s many acts of valour, liying to achieve his goals, etc). Why would we ever believe he would lift one finger to defend Israel. That would violate the historical records of his career.

  • Charles


    Weak Punks like you are the reason this country is loosing every advantage we used to have with our Military,,you idiots are more concern about letting faggots into our military than actually takin care of our own troops in the field and in combat,, Russia and Chine wont do a damn thing about what we do to Iran when the shIt hits the fan,, Guerss you havent been listening to Iran talking about wipin Israel off the map when they do get NUKES,,,

    • Rich

      “Weak punk”…………..cram it up your ass you republican chickenhawk.
      Our military is losing advantages because of the foolishness of the Bush regime.
      We no longer have the ready manpower to fight a way and occupy a country. Our reserves were only meant to be called up in time of a real war not this fool’s quest into nation building.
      Maybe you haven’t noticed, but we spend more money on our military than the next 20 nations behind us do.
      Most of the right wing bullshit is caused by the military/industrial complex wanting to continue the fear so we’ll spend massive amounts of money with them whether we need to or not.
      Conservatives have been being fooled for a long time, wake up. It’s time.

  • Robert Fallin

    “We beg Thee, O Lord, indict Thy wrath on the nations not believing in Thee, and not calling on Thy name. Let down Thy wrath on them and inflict them with Thy wrath. Drive them away in Thy wrath and crush them into pieces. Take away, O Lord, all bone from them. In a moment indict all disbelievers. Destroy in a moment all foes of Thy nation. Draw out with the root, disperse and ruin unworthy nations. Destroy them! Destroy them immediately, in this very moment!

    Prayer said on the eve of Passover (Pranajtis: Christianus in Talmudae Judeorum, quotations from: Synagoga Judaica)”

    It should be pretty clear from this that Israel and her apologists in this country are a greater threat to world peace than Iran, and Israel definitely has nukes. It is time all Jews in the US eligible for dual citizenship either renounce any claim to Israeli citizenship or register as agents of a foreign power; and, they should do this before Israel runs another commando raid on another Palestinian relief effort, bombs Syria or carries out her threat to “go it alone” with an attack on Iran. Those refusing should immediately be deported to their “beloved country.”

  • http://sharktank John

    Bill Nelson will do what Bill Nelson is told to do. Pretty much an overpaid puppet.