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Allen West and Jorge Bonilla Call Out Obama Over His Cross Burning Silence

Allen West/ The Shark Tank

Allen West/ The Shark Tank


Former Congressman Allen West, a southern black man, has been the most outspoken public figure condemning  Congressman Allen Grayson’s recent and incendiary image, which depicts the “Tea Party” as being racist cross-burning Klansmen.

West questioned why President Obama, another black man, but probably not “down with the struggle,” has not publically denounced Grayson’s racially charged remarks. West also brings up a good point, in that Obama certainly had the hypocritical stones to say that the Washington Redskins mascot was racially insensitive, yet has failed to openly condemn  Grayson’s cross-burning image and subsequent remarks defending the image.

After all, the liberal progressive left and President Obama have made such an issue about the Washington Redskins mascot and the offensive nature of that symbol, wrongly so of course.

I just knew that Obama, so beloved by the black community would make a serious stand against the use of a symbol that represented voter intimidation and lynchings of blacks. I felt that President Obama, the champion of civility in political discourse, would schedule a press event today, or maybe even call TEA Party leaders, such as he did with Sandra Fluke and Jason Collins, to offer an apology and support. Then I woke up from the dream I was having.

West added a known fact. The Democratic Party gave us the Ku Klux Klan.

President Obama, Sen. Harry Reid, Rep. Nancy Pelosi, and DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman-Schultz lead the party who gave us the Ku Klux Klan and the burning cross symbol. Their silence is consent and demonstrates that today’s liberal progressives are just as comfortable using these images as their predecessors.

The party of Lester Maddox, George Wallace, and Huey Long Jr. is alive and well. Sadly enough, Rep. John Lewis and other “faux” black leaders are showing their true colors. Damn glad my parents inspired me to depart the plantation.-Allen West

Grayson’s 2014 Republican congressional opponent, Navy veteran Jorge Bonilla, slammed Grayson moments after the email was released, saying that Grayson fundraising ask was “despicable and needlessly hurtful to the many millions of families that still deal with the wounds of racial prejudice,” and accused him of simply trolling for donations.

Bonilla is not backing down, as just moments ago, Bonilla reacted to the silence that has been coming out from the Democratic Party, and has criticized the DCCC for refusing to say if they would be donating “any monies collected from the Grayson campaign,” which stemmed from the cross-burning fundraising ask.

Bonilla also called on President Obama to demand that Grayson  apologize for his actions.

jorge new imageAfter releasing his despicable and hurtful cross-burning fundraising ask earlier this week, Congressman Alan Grayson refused to retract the repulsive email, and actually doubled down on his use of the inflammatory KKK image by stating, “If the hood fits, wear it.”

On Tuesday, I called on House Democratic Leadership to condemn Grayson’s vile and repulsive actions. Since then, there has not been so much as a peep from Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi or Minority Whip Steny Hoyer. DCCC Chair Steve Israel, while critical of Grayson’s remarks, has refused to say whether the DCCC would donate any monies collected from the Grayson campaign.

DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz has only managed to express “disappointment” for these vile remarks, despite being no stranger to the use of such vitriolic and divisive rhetoric. I would remind the Chair that only one side is equating political opposition to racism,  so her factually-challenged calls for both sides to “dial back” are nothing more than a deflective non sequitur.

While the Congresswoman did not call on Grayson to apologize, I do. Americans should also demand that President Obama (who touts civility in politics), and the NAACP, the Congressional Black Caucus, as well as civil rights activists Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton all call upon Grayson to retract his not-so-civil remarks, and immediately apologize to all Americans, especially to the millions of Black, Hispanic, Asian, and other families who have suffered the evils of racial prejudice.-Jorge Bonilla

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Javier Manjarres
Javier Manjarres

As the managing editor of The Shark Tank, Javier was awarded the 2011 CPAC Blogger of the Year. Countless videos and articles from the Shark Tank have been featured on Fox News, The Hill, Wall Street Journal, and other national news publications. Javier has also appeared on Univision’s “Al Punto” and numerous radio shows, including being the weekly 92.5 Fox News' DayBreak with Drew Steele political contributor, as well as one of NewsmaxTV's conservative commentators. Javier has also authored "BROWN PEOPLE," which is a book about Hispanic Politics. Learn more at

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  • jeanette

    Hey OB this could be your son

    • Barry Bench

      When you hear a Democrat or Progressives want to call Republicans
      Racist. Remind them of this History lesson.

      The Republican Party was first organized in 1854, growing out of a coalition of anti-slavery Whigs and Free Soil Democrats who opposed Slavery.

      May 22, 1856: Two years after the Grand Old party’s birth, U.S. Senator
      Charles Sumner (R., Mass.) rose to decry pro-slavery Democrats. Congressman Preston Brooks (D., S.C.) responded by grabbing a stick and beating Sumner unconscious in the Senate chamber. Disabled, Sumner could not resume his duties for three years.

      In 1865, Congressional Republicans unanimously backed the 13th Amendment, which made slavery unconstitutional. Among Democrats, 63 percent of senators and 78 percent of House members voted: “No.”

      In 1866, 94 percent of GOP senators and 96 percent of GOP House members approved the 14th Amendment, guaranteeing all Americans equal protection of the law. Every congressional Democrat voted: “No.” This is the ORIGINAL CIVIL RIGHTS ACT. Section 1981 (the original Civil Rights Act of 1866) was the first major anti-discrimination employment statute. This act prohibited employment discrimination based on race and color. This Act has been interpreted by the Supreme Court to protect all ethnic groups.

      July 30, 1866: New Orleans’s Democratic government ordered police to raid an integrated GOP meeting, killing 40 people and injuring 150. Unofficial counts have the number much higher. It would become known as The New Orleans Race Riot

      September 28, 1868: Democrats in Opelousas, Louisiana killed nearly
      300 blacks who tried to foil an assault on a Republican newspaper editor. It started when a white man tried to register a black man to vote.

      October 7, 1868: Republicans criticized Democrats’ national slogan: “This is a white man’s country: Let white men rule.”

      1869-1870 The 15th Amendment to the Constitution is ratified. It ensured the rights had
      the right to vote. It would be circumvented by KKK and Jim Crow Laws. Not One Democrat in either the House or the Senate voted for the bill.

      April 20, 1871: The GOP Congress adopted the Ku Klux Klan Act, banning the pro-Democrat domestic terrorist group.

      Republican President Grant used this and the Force Act to bring the KLAN to trial. To which the KLAN responded to the Republican coming into the south as Carpet Baggers and warned
      them with signs depicting what would happen to them if the interfered with the Democratic Klan

      February 28, 1871: The GOP Congress passed the Enforcement Act, giving black voters federal protection.

      October 18, 1871: GOP President Ulysses S. Grant dispatched federal troops to quell Klan violence in South Carolina.

      September 14, 1874: Racist white Democrats called the White League stormed Louisiana’s statehouse to oust GOP Governor William Kellogg’s racially integrated administration; 27 are killed. It would become known as a race riots “Battle Of Liberty Place” GOP President Ulysses S. Grant sent in troops and restored Kellog’s administration three days later.
      February 8, 1894: Democratic President Grover Cleveland and a Democratic Congress repealed the GOP’s Enforcement Act, denying black voters federal protection.

      February 18, 1915 President Woodrow Wilson; screened The Birth of a Nation (the first
      film, in fact, ever to be screened in the White House). The film’s power and message reportedly overwhelmed Wilson. The movie makes the KKK Klansmen out to be heroes. Wilson was quoted as saying commented of the film that “it is like writing history with lightning. And my only regret is that it is all so terribly true “.

      Wilson was also the President that instituted the policy of Segregation in the Armed Forces.

      January 26, 1922: The U.S. House adopted Rep. Leonidas Dyer’s (R., Mo.) bill making lynching a federal crime. Filibustering Senate Democrats killed the measure.

      August 17, 1937: Republicans opposed Democratic President Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s Supreme Court nominee, U.S. Senator Hugo Black (D., Al.), a former Klansman who defended Klansmen against race-murder charges. Hugo Black ex Klansman sat on the Supreme Court until 1971.

      May 17, 1954: As chief justice, former three term governor Earl Warren (R., Calif.) led the
      U.S. Supreme Court’s desegregation of government schools via the landmark Brown v.Board of Education decision. GOP President Dwight Eisenhower’s Justice Department argued for Topeka, Kansas’s black school children. Democrat John W. Davis, who lost a presidential bid to incumbent Republican Calvin Coolidge in 1924, defended “separate but equal” classrooms.

      September 24, 1957: Eisenhower deployed the 82nd Airborne Division to desegregate Little Rock’s government schools over the strenuous resistance of Governor Orval Faubus (D., Ark.).

      May 6, 1960: Eisenhower signs the GOP’s 1960 Civil Rights Act after it survived a five-day, five-hour filibuster by 18 Senate Democrats.

      July 2, 1964: Democratic President Johnson signed the 1964 Civil Rights Act after former Klansman
      Robert Byrd’s 14-hour filibuster and the votes of 22 other Senate Democrats (including Tennessee’s Al Gore, Sr.) failed to scuttle the measure. The Democrats’ Klan-coddling still happens today clearly seen by the way they hold up the now deceased Robert C Byrd. The KKK alumnus, Robert Byrd, West Virginia’s U.S. senator and, having served since January 3, 1959, that body’s dean. Thirteen years earlier, Byrd wrote this to the KKK’s Imperial Wizard: “The Klan is needed today as never before and I am anxious to see its rebirth here in West Virginia.” Byrd led Senate Democrats as late as December 1988. National Democrats never have arranged a primary challenge against or otherwise pressed this one-time cross-burner to get lost. Remember who led the DEMOCRATIC filibuster Against the Civil Rights Act of 1964? Robert C Byrd

      Contrast the KKKozy Democrats with the GOP. When former Klansman David Duke ran for Louisiana governor in 1991 as a Republican, national GOP officials scorned him. Local Republicans
      endorsed incumbent Democrat Edwin Edwards, despite his ethical baggage. As one Republican-created bumper sticker pleaded: “Vote for the crook: It’s important!” • June 29, 1982: President Ronald Reagan signed a 25 –year extension of the Voting Rights Act of 1965.

      Republican President George W Bush had more minorities in position of power than any prior administration.

      Now which party has the Racist History Again?

      • Rich

        Again, only fools and cowards LIVE IN THE PAST.

        What about the HERE AND NOW??

    • Rich

      But no one complained when Mr. West was calling people communists and whatever else.
      Double standard, maybe?

  • http://none Nancy Celano

    Kudos to Allan and Jorge for taking on Grayson. I have been writing against him since he arrived on the political scene. Grayson is a vile, nasty person, I would say borderline insane. Liberals have conveniently forgotten that Martin Luther King was a Republican. He has turned over in his grave because of what blacks and liberals are saying and doing.

    • lowie

      But Grayson is very “rich” and can buy his way into another term.
      People in his district need to be “educated” about his radicalism that spews hatred and vote for the most conservative on their ballot.
      People need to remember that the Democratic Party was hijacked as far back as the 1970’s by leftist groups such as the environmental movement, crazies in Hollywood, and the USA Socialist and Communist parties. My friends, we can lose our country and our Republic if you stand with the Democrats this time around!
      Voting from Democrats makes one a FOOL.

    • Rich

      Too bad the gop shunned him and treated him as a second class citizen!!

  • PubliusFlaviusVegetiusRenatus

    Hopefully no one is holding their breath waiting for Barry, or any other Dimocrat, to say a word about Grayson because they’ll, at the minimum, turn blue and pass-out.

  • Stan Lee

    Let’s face it, Obama has to love kamikaze politicians like Grayson. It’s the “Chicago Way.”
    The Democrat Party would like to have a Grayson-type in every congressional district.
    I believe the Democrat Party recommended political civility to all, which lasted for less than 24 hours after Gabbie Giffords, D-AZ, was shot!
    Grayson is a reflection of that Democrat fallacy and a bad one at that.

  • Talikka

    I believe BO condones the cross burning…Otherwise, he would condemn it.


    It would be good if Grayson could be EXPELLED from the democratic party….better if he could be EXPELLED from the human race.

  • MotherBatherick

    obama’s silence is intentional and meant to inflame and be offensive. He’s trying to use an old Saul Alinsky tactic. I say “trying” because the gig is up.

    “Mr. obama, citizens of the United States are on to you and wish no more from you”.

    Can’t wait for Hillary to start using more Alinsky tactics, she was one of his stellar students. In fact, they wanted her to work for them but instead, she chose to try to get into the White House but promised she’d donate to Alinsky and lend HER name to his cause. So bring it on Ms. Rodham-Clinton…you’re an old tire with retread and we are ready to spin you right off to the junk yard where you and all your other old tires/Alinsky followers belong.

  • miriam

    I admire Allan West for his courage and patriotism. For the Democrats, starting with Obama nothing that any of them do to hurt others, simply DOES NOT COUNT. They truly believe that they are a superior entity that using the RACE CARD are getting away with so much garbage. It is very, very, shameful.

  • DW

    We’ve entered the world George Orwell warned about – one where everything is seemingly the opposite of what is advertised. “Affordable” health care? “Transparent” administration? “Bi-partisan”? “Reaching across the aisle”? The media would never let-up if George W. allowed a Republican to resort to such chicanery as the burning cross as the symbol of the Tea Party. The Tea Party and the Republicans may be at civil war, but it’s not because anyone wants slavery to return. Ahh, but life is not fair, so when the president calls it “the Republican sequester” or when the Tea Party is touted as being the reincarnation of the KKK, again the media gives the failing president a pass. George W. was the sole blame for Katrina’s affects on New Orleans (an “act of God”), but Obama’s not to blame for the enrollment fiasco of “Affordable” health care. It’s an upside down world.

  • Clara

    Did West condemn Ted Cruz for saying we need 100 Jesse Helms?

    • Javier Manjarres

      Pretty lame, Clara. Regardless of Helms’ past in the KKK, he was a hawk in the Senate, regardless of a Democrat. You can’t compare that with cross burnings. Period.

      • Clara

        No, I will go there. Helms tried to keep people from gettimng their civil rights. Since West is from the south, I think he would know how racism works in this country and know what part Helms played in keeping him and his parents from achieving basic human rights. You are a little younger than me and first generation American, so I think you really don’t know the stuggles that people of color have had to endoure in their own country. The KKK might have been riding around scarying people, but Helms used the power of the government against people. And I guess that’s okay for West considering he is the most un offensive black guy. Plus, did West condome the people who raised the confederate flag at the rally a couple weeks ago?

        • Isabella1709

          You mean the ONE guy at the Mall with the confederate flag? I wonder if he was a congressman sending out messages to his constituents? Maybe he was a plant by the administration, they need all the help they can get these days. I bet that’s it!

          • Clara

            Isabella, my darling, you are paranoid. You know damn well, if your side saw a pro-Occupy Wallstreet sign, all we would hear about Communist, lazy, anti American. So cool it and argue facts not your delusions. West had the moral responsibility, as a black American who’s people were subjugated by that flag , to condone that flag. Plus, that flag is a sign of insurrection, which means treason after the Civil War. So he should demand for these terrorist to be jailed. Check your history babe.

          • cindy

            This is for Clara: Gee, I kind of thought a confederate flag came under the protection of the first amendment? Perhaps Clara is of the mindset that it should be rescinded? Allen West has spent quite a few years in military service, pledged to protect and defend the Constitution of the US- I would not expect him to join the hysteria of those who want to muffle free expression, whether he agrees with it or not. Clara, you check your history- there were many democrats who tried to keep people from getting their civil rights, including the father of Al Gore. The civil rights act would never have been passed without Republicans. And speaking of subjugation under the confederate flag, don’t forget it was Lincoln who presided over the civil war and issued the Emancipation Proclamation, another republican. While you’re at it, you should check your spelling and grammar. The message below here is full of errors. “who’s” should be whose; I think you mean condemn, not condone, unless you are arguing against yourself and saying that Allen West has a moral responsibility to condone the confederate flag. It is laughable that you would bring up treason and jailing-be very careful because your weasel president has himself been engaging in treason and some of us would like nothing more than to see him jailed. Have a nice day, Clara.

          • Clara

            To Cindy, yes the flag is protected by the first amendment. That’s why I have no problem with patriots burning it. That said, West is a black men from the south so he should know all the history and racial implications that flag brings, should have condoned it. Unless, you think he should have said “yeah, black people think it’s racist, but I’m a man from the south, and it’s rebel pride.” I would pay to see that reaction. But, of course, he only brings out his blackness when convenient. Secondly, I like West, served proundly in the military. From 1988 to 1992 I was TM3 C. Perez on the USS Dixon, submarine tender, Point Loma, San Diego. The only different between us- When I left, I was gving a honorable discharge. When West left, he was mired in controversy and the guy had to pay a fine. Which makes me think, why didn’t the Army do more to keep him. According to him, he was just trying to protect his men? The Army could have moved him around or demoted him and later, reinstate him. Instead, they just kicked him to the crub. Intresting??
            And yes, the rep party was the party of Emanciption. And most blacks, who could vote, were reps. I guess you read the Anne Culter book. But, and it’s a big but, both parties switched platforms changed starting around 1990. Look up the Southern Strategy. Politicians change parties all the time.
            Thanks you for bringing my grammer. I must admit I get excited about expressing my views and tend to over look things, like proof reading. But, as the NYT best seller author, Jenna Jameson said in her book, “it’s not how I said it, it’s what I meant to say.” I’d do better.
            Lastly, I don’t really see why Obama has to get involved with this KKK mess. Jez, it’s a campaign ad. Like the reps never did that before. Check you tube.

  • Jacqueline

    Congress should stand in unanimous CENSURE of HATE speech such as Graysons! THEY created laws specific to HATE crimes but allow their own to call for violence and racism from the FLOOR OF BOTH HOUSES!
    Those such as this hate filled man should be sent home without pay or benefits for their disgracing of an already damaged image of the Federal Government!

    • Rich

      What about the hatespeak all over right wing radio?

      Who is condemning that?

  • John Henke

    Well don’t hold your breath waiting for BO to say anything about it. First Grayson is a fellow Communist, I mean, Democrat and all of those types are going to stick together no matter how crazy or ugly their buddies get.

    I used to know a woman from Kenya. She hated American Black people with a level of contempt I had never experienced from anyone ells I have ever known. And I’ve known some total racist bastards of all of the flavors humans come in. Well, the man the media identifies as Barak Obama is most likely a Kenyan and raised in that culture, so why would he care? Why would he care or even be able to relate to the Black experience here in America?

    The other thing I have never figured out is with the entire struggle of the Civil Rights Movement, and all of those Black Americans who lost their lives and went to prison and got beat down by the cops and bit by dogs even. When their rights to participate in our political process were finally recognized, they go and join the party of Whites Only water fountains, the KKK and Segregation to about 90%. Go figure!

    • Clara

      Actually, Kennedy started pushing for the Civil Rights Bill. Johnson pushed it thru and signed it in 1964. Both were demos. Pres. Truman, another demo desegregated the military and opened the federal jobs to blacks. But Nixon had his own Southern Strategy. And that’s when things really changed. That’s what a search engine is for. PEACE.

      • John Henke

        Search a little more.

        • Clara

          I did. I can list my sources, can you?

  • Clara

    Manjarres, you need to read up on the Sothern Strategy. Both parties switch gradually, but they switched. I started reading up on this after I saw “Lincoln”. It was like all the demos were the only ones saying “nigger”.

  • John Henke

    I would like to say something about racism in the South. When I was two my family moved from Marianna Florida to Casa Grande Arizona where I grew up. I guarantee the South, or Dixie, was not the bastion of racism the history books make this aria out to be.

    Arizona was just as segregated, and I grew up in a culture of racist mentality not so much at home.My Mother grew up as a share cropper’s daughter working the cotton fields, and my Father lived in abject poverty as well, and had no illusions about “racial superiority”. But just about everywhere ells especially the government schools I was forced to attend. (“Blacks can only work as laborers and the Jews brought it on themselves”.) I was living in Oregon in the 80’s and the town I was in still had active Jim Crow laws on the books. A black person could not rent or buy a house or even be in town after sun down. One black couple lived there because the city hired the husband so they could qualify for federal aid, and there was one black teenager who had been adopted by a white family. And they actually didn’t live in city limits.

    As long as politicians can manipulate people with the Race Card there will always be the promotion of racism under the guise of fighting it. The war of independence by the Confederate States of America had nothing to do with slavery or racism. In fact the first racially integrated army was the army of the Confederate States of America. The Confederate battle flag has nothing to do with racism but symbolizes even today, the courage to stand up to an illegal, un-Constitutional and overbearing federal government.

    • Clara

      I did check about Confederate Army, and are right. I was really surprise and I think more people should know what part of Afro American history. I must disagree about the flag. It is a sign of racism. I want to ask you a question, why do you consider the government nu-constitutional and overbearing?

    • cindy

      As I read your comment John, a light bulb went on in my head.
      This overbearing administration would love nothing more than to intimidate states and eliminate states rights. We saw that as he fought Jan Brewer in her efforts to enforce immigration law in Arizona; we see that with trying to force states to fall in line with medicaid expansion and exchanges for obamacare; and we see that with them trying to push common core curriculum in education, which should be state and locally controlled. Our founders had fled an oppressive government and that is why they so carefully crafted the founding documents-everything not specifically assigned to the federal government in the Constitution was relegated to the states. In fact, originally US senators were selected by state legislatures instead of elected by the people of each state. Me thinks if that was still in effect today, Harry Reid would not be Senate majority leader. We can expect to see more attempts by this administration to minimize state governments, because that is the MO of marxism-huge oppressive, controlling, central government. Count on it.

  • Lightweight

    The only reason Grayson gets away with so much is because he knows the republican party has been rejected by the people.Every republican discredits themselves with their inconsistencies.

  • Ron sancetta

    Reply to Clara,
    Bringing up John F Kennedy into this argument is a bit ridiculous. The democrats in the sixties were strongly anti-communist and had similar views with modern day RINO republicans. Hence they would have never been elected by our current DINO’s(democrats in name only), who are actually socialists or closet communists. Had Obama run for president on the Socialist/Communist ticket that shows his true colors, he couldn’t have been elected. So he has embraced the deception and continues his plan to divide this country, and insidiously move this country to the Communist Utopia that his biggest supporter( George Soros) desires. The only thing that stands in his way is the Tea Party. Any vile, baseless, racist comments against the Tea Party will never be rebuked by Obama because he has no personal ethics and is driven only by his radical political agenda.

    • Clara

      Ron, with due respect. You are crazy. Kennedy saw the need for civil right reform. We were talking about civil rights, not your crazy crap. Stick to the message, baby. I’m not going to fall for your crazy rants. Go someplace else.

  • Denny

    “Clara” and “Rich” are Democrap plants. I declare them as one and the same. “Rich” writes as “Clara”. “Clara” writes as “Rich”. It’s one dummy writing under two names. Their daddy, Karl Marx, referred to them as “useful idiots”. I’m not name-calling. Look it up on wikipedia.

    • Rich

      Sorry, Denny, you useless idiot………….LOL.

      No one pays me to post and Clara and I are not one in the same.
      Now, you lowlife, don’t ever refer to me as anything having to do with “communist”…………..the Bolsheviks seized my family’s large, beautiful horse farm in Ukraine during the revolution and as far as my grandfather knew killed most of his family that hadn’t escaped to the USA like he did. He figured that the SS got the rest in WWII, so there, pal, inferring in any way that I am a “commie” of any type is fighting words, get it?
      Time to pull yourself away from the rightwing BS and get with supporting hard working, tax paying middle class Americans instead of supporting new ways to make the Koch Brothers and their supporters wealthier at our expense.

  • Clara

    Denny baby. Sorry to disappoint but it’s just little old me. I don’t know anyone named Rich. I told Mr. Manjarres 4 times to take me off his email list and he has ignored me. I think it’s more quantity not quality. He can show his rep buds he has so many friends. So I will continue fucking with you guys until he does. One of my favorite subjects is Allen West. You losers salivate over this guy. And I take great pleasure with bringing him DOWN.
    You clowns are sooo crazy. You’ve given Obama such power, He opens his mouth and you guys cream all over yourselves in anticipation. Dictator, communist??? Dude, my parents lived through 2 fucking dictators and think you clowns are idiots. A dictator does whatever he wants. Obama can say anything, but he has to go thur other people and sell the idea. If Obama was a dictator, you fakers would be the first one to kiss his ring for a chicken leg.
    Denny boy. Chill.

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