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Sarah Palin Storms DC, Riot Police Show Up

Sarah Palin/ The Shark Tank

Sarah Palin/ The Shark Tank


Sunday’s rally at the WWII memorial in Washington, D.C., which was headlined by former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin, has broken out in utter chaos, as both D.C. Metro and Park police attempted to shut down the event.

According to one of the Shark Tank’s correspondent on the ground, ‘Special K,’  two police cruiser blocked entrance into WWII memorial, in an effort to stop truckers from arriving from the highway.

Four marked Secret Service vehicles had arrived on the scene, joining dozens of law enforcement assets, who had already arrived, including a SWAT team dressing in full riot gear.

Prior to SWAT arriving, the crowd was chanting “move those cars, move those cars,” which was possibly the reason why riot control was called in.

Police blocked the road leading up to the WWII memorial from both directions, and had also detained, questioned, and subsequently released, a man dressed in full Muslim dress.

Sarah Palin, along with a few hundred of her closest friends, including Senators Ted Cruz and Mike lee,  headed over to the Lincoln memorial, and  busted down Obama’s barricades. Palin also engaged police, presumably to thank them for their service.

In Orlando, Florida, Republican Congressional candidate, Jorge Bonilla, who is running against Democratic Congressman Alan Grayson, attended the local faith-based rally for veterans at the VA hospital. The event at the VA hospital was put together by Tea Party leader Clyde Fabretti, and was part of a nationwide call of support for veterans.

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Javier Manjarres
Javier Manjarres

As the managing editor of The Shark Tank, Javier was awarded the 2011 CPAC Blogger of the Year. Countless videos and articles from the Shark Tank have been featured on Fox News, The Hill, Wall Street Journal, and other national news publications. Javier has also appeared on Univision’s “Al Punto” and numerous radio shows, including being the weekly 92.5 Fox News' DayBreak with Drew Steele political contributor, as well as one of NewsmaxTV's conservative commentators. Javier has also authored "BROWN PEOPLE," which is a book about Hispanic Politics. Learn more at

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  • http://facebook Sarah Stewart

    You go Sarah, thank you for standing up for our vets.

    • terry Ragusa

      you go sarah dont stand for obamas crap we want him gone

      • MotherBatherick

        “Barry and the Barrycades” sounds like a group of one-hit wonders that only those with prepubescent acne listen to.

    • Roger

      It is reassuring to see so many AMERICANS in DC to protest the most Tyrannical government in recent memory. Obama will never become a dictator in this Country.

      • DIANE


        • http://none kilo

          americans are stupid. Period. Thats why it has gone on this long. Which has been years and years. The American “sheeple” is more like it.

          • Myke

            Aww, look a troll who thinks he can stir up shit. Kilo, go home, you’re trying too hard.

          • jane

            So true, that’s how this piece of crap got voted in by people who don’t look at facts and voting records.

    • Catherine

      I was there. she didn’t storm in. She conveniently arrived after the barricades were moved by the public. It was so obvious that she just wanted a photo op.

      • Javier Manjarres

        Its an expression, she and thousands of others ‘stormed’ the event!

        • JayC

          It may have been a photo-op but the fact that a person of stature was in attendance was important. Cruz, Lee and Palin give the event name recognition. Hey, Dems do it all the time. Conservatives need to be on the right side of issues and support for veterans is a good place to be.

          • Steverino

            Damn straight Jay without Palin, Cruz, Lee and others; the media would have tried harder to ignore the event!

          • Rich

            Supporting the veterans would be to not close down the government because the baggers lost the last election and didn’t win the House or Presidency.

            Is this concept that difficult to grasp?

        • Rich

          “Event”, it seems more like your ordinary tea party street corner rally only with different speakers.
          How can intelligent people fall for this cheap, shoddy political theater?
          If the gop and baggers really supported veterans, they wouldn’t have shuttered the government in the first place. Is it really too difficult to realize that, with only limited money on hand now, the government has to prioritize. Helping people with issues is more important than worrying about the various memorials. If keeping the memorials open is that important these fools shouldn’t have shut down the government in the first place.
          These idiots have no real idea of the damage they can do and once they do it, it just might be too late.
          What are you going to do if they do indeed cause a default and the economists are correct and they send the world’s economy into a tailspin that will all be blamed on us?
          Who’ll be making snotty remarks then?

          • C T Vivian

            Hey A$$hole why don’t you trip on back to the dAILY kOS!

          • BDM

            Excellent job Rich…I believe you covered all the democrat talking points! The only thing you left out was reality. We are spending $1,000,000,000,000 more every year than we take from our citizens in taxes and now we are about to start “providing” health care for everyone? Even after we are all done paying double for our health care it will cost an extra $5,000,000,000 a year. The whole world is gonna blame us anyway when we default on the $100 trillion of unfunded liabilities we have taken on. The only person shutting down the govt. is Pres Obama and the demoncrats, who refuse to fund anything if they can’t get funding for the oppressive obamacare that has been soundly refuted by the majority of Americans.

          • Rich

            It is more fun to point out the hypocrisy of the right wing and see just how many foolish things you folks can post.

            To this C T Vivian person, didn’t your mother teach you any manners?
            Did I ever insult you even though your obvious lack of intelligence and class leaves you so open to it?

          • STEVON

            It seems Jeff Dunham has been giving Obama lessons. He has his hands so far up the butts of his puppets that they are starting to enjoy it!
            Once again no facts from the left just lies! Going deeper and deeper into debt is good for you? It will be alright. I will make your grandchildren and their children pay the bills. Just let me keep spending and I’m sure I can find someone to blame it on. Those damn Tax payers just don’t want to give it up!

      • surfcat50

        Her showing up for a “photo op” also ensured the media couldn’t ignore the event as easily so I’m sure it’s obvious the organizers would want her, and the commensurate attention, there.

      • DeeDee

        Catherine……… JEALOUS ?????

      • http://NA Dale300

        I don’t think it is right to speculate. You do not know that for a fact, Catherine. I do not like that the GOP wanted to defund O’Bama Care but I want it to implode on its own. I do love it that the Vets went to protest peacefully at the White House. That is what they should have done and they did. Simply as that due to having principles. I didn’t like Ted Cruz doing what he did but I would like to think he did it out of principle which I admire. If we can’t find a way to deal with people’s differing opinions without hatred and prejudice, than our country is doomed. We are made of different colors, different histories and backgrounds etc. We are the melting pot of the world.

      • BDM

        It’s okay Catherine just because you don’t generate the excitement sarah Palin does when you show up, does not mean people don’t like you. Sarah came from Alaska to give support to the American people who stand behind their elected officials for not funding obamacare. We appreciate her patriotism, and we note your vitriole….maybe you prefer politics over America?

    • Nancy Celano

      This goes to show us what most true Americans really think of OBama, his liberal cronies , and the govt. in total. Bet if there were Democrats staging this rally, none of the police or Secret Service would have shown up. VOTE OUT ALL DEMOCRATS IN THE COMING ELECTIONS! Our freedoms are very quickly being taken away from us.

    • Rich

      Amazing how we don’t see any WW II vets in the photos. Also missing are all the Confederate flags that were shown elsewhere.
      Mrs. Palin is, as usual, trying to score points for Mrs. Palin as is Sen. Cruz.

      • BDM

        Rich did they dispatch a whole team of trolls for little old Sarah? Or is it just you and Catherine?

  • MaeBelle Barger

    Thank you, thank you, thank you Sarah, Ted Cruz and Mike Lee…for standing for the American People against Obama the Tyrant !!!

  • Barbara Inabnit

    This is not about Sarah Palin, others, etc. This is about a government–with the help of the media–that continues to suppress the arena of different ideas and freedom of speech.

  • Brian Tarrant

    I love the way the people are standing up for there God given rights. I’m an ex Navy SEAL after 15 years and it feels great that people can fight for there rights without the military!! Thank you America and you go Sarah I’ll vote for you any time!!

    • http://Cox.Net Wayne Thompson

      I second Brian Tarrant’s remark. I’m ex-navy as well.
      Wasn’t a seal, I wasn’t nuts, just joined the Navy :-)
      I would have rang that bell before lunch.
      But Sarah you have my for anyone you want to run against is the Democratic party.

      • Doug Ellis

        I agree with these two vets BIG TIME…. I am ex-army and have done some missions with both the Navy and SEALs you guys have my respect for sure. Way to go Vets that could make it up to DC for this rally wish I could have been there. Thanks to everyone that went and hopefully our voices will be heard and we can get this tyrant out of office!

      • Fred Fouche’

        Semper Fortis, Wayne! eX nAVY AIRBORNE cic, ‘nAM, oPERATION iRAQI fREEDOM…..:)

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  • Chris Sager

    Happy to see you moving back onto the national stage, and for an excellent reason!!

  • Jack Murphy

    Thank you Sarah we love ya gal….Please run for Senator from Alaska. Ted Cruiz and Mike Lee need some help…….

  • Jon K Martin

    If the police were sent by the Prez he should be called on the carpet ! If he did HE IS THE TROUBLE MAKER !!!! IMO!

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  • Susan Davis

    A Big Thank you for trying to Get the idiots in Washington to realize how stupid they are. How dare they treat our Veterans this way. Have they forgotten that they are elected officials. I can assure you that anyone currently in office, I will be voting them out. There needs to be a bill made stating that there would be term limit, just life they have for President. Veterans should be given the respect they earned and some made the ultimate sacrifice. This is our Country that is of the People,for the people and by the People. Sarah you Go Girl !!

  • Margaret C Pritchett

    Thank you so much for doing this!
    My husband is active duty Army, and we are totally disgusted at how the administration is treating our Military!
    This is America’s Military and America’s Veterans! Not Obama’s!

  • Ready when it comes

    Thank you Sarah and all you other patriots!

  • Ray Williams

    When the Progressives on both sides of the aisle have to stoop to demonization, you know you are doing something right. Thank God for TEA Party extremists.

  • Rick Evans

    It’s on. Finally.

  • Gayle Samuelson

    God Bless those patriots who have the financial ability to attend these functions.
    It is our duty as Americans to oppose and rectify these tyrannical episodes that have taken away our freedoms as Americans.
    If we do not stand now, we will crawl and bow later.

  • Kathy Dillman

    Sarah, thank you for what you and everyone who is with you for what you are doing. We need you to run for President. We need someone we can trust and rely on to take our Country back.

    God Bless

    • carol baker





    • Andrew slone

      Amen I second that motion , as a retired Army 22 yrs. We need to stand up to Obama and his cronnies, Hillary Clinton should never be allowed to run for president. We need to take back our country and elect people who really care about our country and our vets. Time to bring them Home, no more sacrifice for nothing.We continue to lose freedom daily via Washington and so call Obama made up rules and regulations.

  • calvin

    When is america going to wake up your answer to your problems is not found in Washington DC it is fouind in the word of God Jesus said blessed is the nation whose God is the lord and this nation is heading down a train track that has another train on the same track and heading the oppesite direction when the two colide you will have derailment and this nation is heading to derailment your answer is not the private bankers your answer is not the govt your answer is give youjr heart and lfe to Jesus Christ the king of kings and lord of lords without holiness no one shall see the lord love of money is the root of all evil

  • http://facebook Phyllis Roberson

    Maybe the people should take the barricaids and park them in front of the White House and shut it up so they can’t get in or out. Return the favor of Obama shutting off the water by removing the spigots in the parks and Memorials by shutting off his water and power. Put him a Porta-potty in the Rose Garden for his pleasure. What’s fair for the treatment is also fair for the treatment of this “so called Leader”.
    He was invited into OUR WHITE HOUSE at our expense and he dares to close it to the people. Thank God for 70 and 80 year veterans that are the “REAL MEN” in this country. And thanks to Sarah Palin and the people who stood with her. We are past OUTRAGE.

  • M.X.

    While I support this movement I’m surprised that no one is even beginning to acknowledge the fact that Palin is the reason Obama is in office. Had she not chosen to run her own campaign against McCain, odds are he would have won the first election.

    • Patsy Russell

      M.X. In my opinion, McCain would not have won anyway. He had too many chances to take the gauntlet from Obama, and run with it, but for whatever his reasoning, he let it drop. I knew when I voted for him it was a waste of time, because he put no heart into the campaign. Was he bought off? I don’t know, but I do he could have done much better had he put more spirit into it.

    • lisa

      some people say the dumbest stuff

    • T.C.

      MX .. McCain got as many votes as he did BECAUSE of Sarah. I wouldn’t have voted for him, except I figured he wouldn’t last 4 years, and Sarah was the ONLY FULLY vetted candidate.

    • Nancy Celano

      You are totally wrong M.X. If Sarah had been running for president she would have won. McCain was the mamby-pamby one, never showing any strength. He even admits that, now.

    • 56Survivor

      M.X. you a very ill informed. Stop buying the MSM lies. McCain’s campaign was in the toilet before he announced Gov Palin as his VP pick. Within days of her historic speech at the national convention, McCain received a HUGE bump in the polls. No one can energize the base like Sarah can. THAT is why the left fear her so much.

    • Roy Hickman

      I don’t see Palin as being the losing factor , in John McCain’s run for the presidency. As moreso John McCain himself. John McCain is a turncoat democrat himself. ( Look it up ! ) This guy has been a loser since he was born. He has been a war hawk since day one. There has been many statements about his POW days, Along with John Kerry’s heronic war service. I am a republican, and have never trusted neither of them. Although John Kerry or better known as Hanoi John w/ pal Hanoi Jane. so don’t start with what, you don’t know for sure.

  • vanzorge

    L O V E I T!!!

  • http://htrl seamus

    obuma is a bummer

  • Jeff

    Thank You Sarah. And to you M.X. you can speculate all you want but, the liberals wanted this election and they won it. But, not without cheating.

    • M.X.

      It’s not speculation. You can see that towards the end of the campaign, Palin contradicted the ideals of McCain. The entire reason that they used her was to grab a hold of the Female vote as the Democratic party had a strong hold on the Female population. I just feel that she is too head-strong to be considered a candidate for the presidency when in fact the president does hold very little power in the government machine but is still the face and influence of America both in the US and in foreign affairs. Promoting a group-based effort in order to reform the government (both the legislative and executive branches) is, in my opinion, a better strategy to restoration than idolizing a lose-cannon (note this can be applied to Obama as well).

      • WesTexan

        The Republican Establishment hand-picked McCain. The election was lost from the beginning. The only reason McCain got the number of votes that he did get was because of Palin. If Palin had not been on the ticket, I would have stayed home. A couple million did stay home. McCain is and was a RINO — out of step with every conservative American. He along with Boehner, and the other RINOs are Obama’s token Republican puppets. That’s all on the Republican Establishment. If they don’t get out of the way and allow a true conservative on the ticket in 2016, it will be another loss, but this time it will fatal for the Republican Party.

  • james justus

    thank you Palin we love you here and you would have a vote from me to bring this tyrant down and be the first female president.

  • JEFF

    Sarah you are my hero keep up the great work.

    • Nancy Celano

      If Sarah ran next election, she would win. She has nothing to lose. The liberals ripped her and her family apart last time, and she came away stronger than ever. She isn’t afraid of the liberal media, and, if she continues to fight against the Dems. now she will only get stronger and have more Americans behind her.

  • Ed Smith

    Do you think that DICKHEAD in the whitehouse will even notice?

  • Richard Paul Dembinsky

    AS a citizen that voted for President Obama; I must agree with most discussion that President Obama is a very weak President. He could be in retirement by October 16th.

    or the absolute latest is November 14, 2013.

    President Obama; you will likely never see these words but really YOU have failed as a President just as badly as Honorable Richard Nixon….YOU need to leave Washington or make firm decisions …NOW.

    1. By Executive Order rename The Affordable Health Care act….Obamacare.
    2. By Executive Order determine that YOU have the power and duty to guarantee that the prepaid monies put into the Social Security Fund must be returned to those contributing the monies.
    3. Next for the Health and Welfare of the United States of American …YOU take executive action…to cause the national so called debt ceiling…to be extended as is required to maintain all currently approved programs authorized by the Congress. If YOU get impeached for doing so YOU have the votes (maybe not) in the Senate.
    4. Then announce YOUR early retirement for January 1, 2014. Those of us that voted for YOU are no longer supporting your poor handling of governmental matters.

    Please President Obama
    End the Debt Crisis and Government Shutdown then take actions to pay all bills.

    ON January 1, 2014 those posting on this site could all be located by NSA and give you a good bye party.

    YOU are the President why are YOU not acting like the President of ALL the people.

    Those who hate YOU will continue to Hate YOU.
    Those who voted for YOU will respect YOU again if YOU take some immediate ACTION…..rather than allow this cancer to result in the Federal government being shutdown for at least 10 years.

    Government should resolve the problems however they need to be resolved. Enough is Enough.


    • G Speed

      Poor Richard—stupid then and stupid still—what gave you the clue that gov’t can fix gov’t?? Television?

    • WesTexan

      So, another Obama voter is further encouraging the Obamanation to continue to violate the Constitution of the United States. Yeah, that’ll work! I guess he actually believes the disease will cure itself. At least he almost recognizes the disease, but not quite. Poor guy is delusional and pitiful. To think there are actual voters with this kind of mindset is almost inconceivable … until one crawls out of the rotten woodpile and is exposed to the light of day. Sad, sad, sad!

  • Paul

    Sarah I was a person that Opposed you on the last election I am sorry I wanted the wrong person to win if you run again you have my vote, I am a disabled vet and I want to thank you for your support . now its time I showed you mine .
    I do hope you run again

  • harold

    We need to remember that Obama is just waiting to pull the whole card he has waiting for the American people, when the civil uprising happens he will declare martial law in the us.

  • jean Roen

    If all this drama took place on mall in D.C. Why isnt fox news covering it.

    • Budvarakbar

      I saw Greta in several pictures — she will probably have something to say about it tonight

  • John

    Sarah Palin is the best female political leader of our life time and she will always have my vote. We love you.

  • http://TheSharkTank Kay Hoagland

    You go Sarah, we love you. thanks for standing with our vets. Please stay in politics. Our country needs you there.

  • Rennae C

    Keep on Keeping on Sarah!! Sarah Palin For President 2016!!

  • Mary

    I’m not a fan of Sarah Palin, but at least she has the good sense to defend the Vets and the Constitution of the USA.

  • Jay

    Gee, I guess secret service, SWAT and all that has not be furloughed… lots of resources for a government shut down….

  • Joel

    Why do I only see this on facebook? None of the msm is covering this. Not even foxnews. Makes me sick how they control the conversation in this country by only reporting news they want to get out, and suppressing news they don’t want out.

  • Kim

    What CHAOS?
    All pics look like people are calm and orderly.

    • Javier Manjarres

      Read the post.

  • nan

    According to earlier reports, “regular” citizens opened and moved the barricades at Lincoln Memorial..Palin was not in any of those pics or reports!!!

    • Javier Manjarres

      Please, Palin did not move the barricades herself. She was grouped with everyone else. Collectively, we all moved the barricades, even you.

  • Tatu

    We today live on a planet of “robots” directed and managed by the Jews towards a tragic fatal end, towards the abyss and chaos

    • Robin

      Robots directed and managed by JEWS??? I’d bet you’re one of those creepy survivalists. teaching your children how to be able to “bug out” in the middle of the night, and by extension, scaring the crap out of them. Or maybe one of the minions wearing an aluminum hat (you know…so the Govt can’t read your thoughts). Actually, I think you’re an Anti-Semitic, paranoid TURD. And a schmeckel nosher. (Have fun looking that one up)

    • Nancy Celano

      Tatu—you are a dinosaur turd. The Israelis are the bravest people in the world, more so than the many wimps in the U.S. It seems that only conservatives fight for our traditional values. Those creeps who protest on the streets of N.Y.C. and live in tents and garbage are just trash who generate more trash and are paid by the liberals. They don’t count towards being the backbone of the country. People like Sarah Palin and the GOP do, not the Democrats and their liberal goons.

  • Nicole

    What this guy reported is a bold face LIE! The riot police did not show up at the World War 11 Memorial, However the police were blocking the truckers from coming through, until we had rallied them out of the way! The riot police did not show up until after, they carried the barricades from the memorials back to the white house for the president to see. They dropped them right in front of the fence. Not long after the riot police showed up, for no specific purpose. We were not rioting, or trashing the place etc…So if you want the truth, there it is, and I have pictures to prove it.

    • Javier Manjarres

      wrong again. The riot police were staged at the end of the street.

  • Sabrina Abbott

    I am SO with you all in spirit. A single mother with 3 children and a fourth on the way, all my political involvement is done behind the computer screen for now. Signing petitions, encouraging nay sayers to find their voice and use it. I hope we are all ready to protest the coffin stackups in our country and the Fema camps as major issues as well. THANK YOU to all the brave and available citizens speaking up where I cannot presently be!

    • Nancy Celano

      My husband and I are so desperate to get the GOP back into the Senate and Supreme Court, and, especially the White House, that we have gone through most of our savings to back conservative causes. VOTE OUT ALL DEMOCRATS IN ALL COMING ELECTIONS. THEY ARE KILLING AMERICA AND ALL OF US.!

  • http://none kilo

    Sara is no different than the rest. You guys are being fooled AGAIN. You americans are fooled waaaay to ez. You honestly think her long term agenda is to be your best friend? LOL dumb sheeple. Power creates corruption. She is no different im sure. If she was ‘different’ i seriously doubt Obama would let her keep her job in the whitehouse.

    • Surly Curmudgen

      Kilo, You sir are a very clear example of how we ended up with Obama in the white house, you are a very low information voter. Sarah is not employed by Obama or the government, she has no job in the white house. She has not been marinated in the progressive slobber from inside the beltway. She is eminently qualified to be the president of the United States unlike the current occupant of the white house.


    The American people need to stay calm and whatever avenues it takes to impeach this president needs to be done in a calm legal orderly fashion…with Marshal Law nothing can be done.

  • js

    Thanks to everyone that show up for the demonstrations. There are a millions of us that are not able to be with you but support your efforts.
    In November 2014 lets kick all the progressive republicans out of office.
    Try to find a conservative democrat to support if you have an establishment republican in your district. But always remember that they are all just politicians!

  • Ella

    Wake up, America you need to take a stand and not hide behind the skirts of our mothers. We are allowing them to destroy us little at a time until our country will no longer be recognized and the constitution is fully eliminated. America was built on the faith of God, now we are and have been allowing them to take that too.
    All I hear is talk and no action being taken until today. Hasn’t it gone as far as it should?? America is being destroyed within it’s own borders, we need not worry about other counties attacking us we are doing a perfect job of that ourselves.

    • Clara

      Palin and Cruz highjack the protest? Did Cruz admit his support for shunting down the government? And who cleaned up after the protest? All the sanitation l workers are federal workers and laid off?

      • Javier Manjarres

        shutting, not shunting. And btw, I don’t ever hear you complain when tax dollars were used to clean up after the Democratic Party-backed rapist/anarchist/murdering Occupy movement

        • Clara

          Darling, I am a Navy Vet who also Grew up In DC. I saw the monuments go up. I’ve seen the Viet Nam vets cry at the sight of the names of their fallen friends on that wall, So when I saw the WW2 vet barred from their memorial, I wept. I would have loved to have been there, but the sight of Media whore Palin and loser Cruz would have mad me sick. This became less about the Vets and more about the Tea Party and Obama bashing. Both parties are responsible for this.
          And, with all those people and all those anti Obama signs, i know people made a mess, who’s going to clean it up? The federal employees that ARE working aren’t being paid, sweetie. AND lastly I support all of the hardheartedly support Occupy Wall. They exposed corporate greed. Before them, did you know about all the crazy thieving crap Wall Street did?

          • Clara

            P.S. About the rapist/murderers. You can not hold the Occupy people responsible for that. It’s dark at night, people sleeping in tents, no security. Criminals take advantage of that. That happens at campsite all the time.Can you think a bit before you talk? As for anarchists, yes, I can see that, but I still support the movement. Sometimes you have to get your hands dirty, son.

  • JFColon

    Thank-you to all who showed up to protest the tyranny of this regime. So proud of Senators Cruz and Lee and Sarah Palin for giving a face to this protest and so that it received attention in the media. God bless the domestic freedom-fighters!

  • Sicandtired

    Thanks to patriots like Ted Cruz, Mike Lee, and of course Sarah & Todd Palin for their continued efforts to keep America free from the tyranny of the left and the marxist now in the white house. God bless all those who stand for liberty and freedom which is being taken from us daily by the left and supported by their trolls in the crimianl media.

  • lucille j. justin

    Thank you all that where in Washington…….. Look today, they put the gates up again. Obama you are the worst President that this country has ever had…………………Shame on you and your Party who let you get away with this………..

  • Clara

    I have no problems with “peacekeepers” showing up and protecting people. Remember, we just had a crazy woman driving around the White House and the Congressional building. And, why did Palin and Cruz show up? This had to do with vets excess to monuments, not a Tea Party jerk fest. They didn’t need more “It’s Obama’s fault,” when it’s DEms and REps who shut the monuments down. BTW, did Ted Cruz mention he started this full mess? Oh, yeah, before I forget, who’s going to clean up the mess people leftover? All the sanitation workers who work for the Park Service are laid off and the one’s who have to work or do ind so with pay.

  • http://shark sandra douglas

    thank you, sarah for hanging in there with us. You always help the lower 48 go from depression to hope.

  • Pat Goodwin

    Thank you to everyone who was there to honor the veterans for their service AND to protest outside Oblama’s dacha (formerly known as the White House).

    For all of Oblama’s claims to be a lawyer, he seems to have never read the Constitution. I don’t believe that he has been preserving, protecting and defending the Constitution of the United States of America thus far in his occupation of the White House.

    Also in Article II, section 4, they (President,Vice-president and O’s civil officers,i.e. henchmen and czars) shall be removed from office by impeachment for treason and high crimes and misdemeanors. There have been enough of those to warrant a start of impeachment proceedings in the House. However, it would never get past the democratically held Senate unfortunately. It should be started nonetheless, IMO.

  • cristina l. begley

    thank you to all that was in Washington… and thank
    Governor Sarah Palin, Senators Ted Cruz and Mike lee and also to …
    Jorge Bonilla , Alan Grayson , Clyde Fabretti for caring about our VETERANS .. i am not sure whats all going on because i think our government is a joke.. we need to find away to take away there power and make them fix our beautiful united states.. and as for OBAMA… THAT STUPID ASS NEEDS TO GO BACK TO AFRICA….

  • Vietnam Combat Vet

    These are nothing less than Gestapo tactics.
    This is exactly the kind of action by dictators around the world that all of us Vets have fought against and many of our brothers of all races have made the ultimate sacrifice. Thank you Sarah and Ted and all who have come out to support our Vets and rights to protest. Where were Obama’s Gestapo when we had the Wall Street squatters and pot heads on the Mall and in NY defficating in the streets? Who are the real Nazis?

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  • Gavin Kennedy

    I love just reading how ignorant the responses are on these things. Pretty funny how ill-informed most fox news viewers are. The bill is already a law… It was passed and signed and people are reacting nicely to it. Why is it that America is the most unhealthy nation and the richest but is quite literally one of THE ONLY DEVELOPED COUNTRYS without public health care. We are saying the rest of the world (who are way more healthy, have maturity leave, and higher quality of life) are wrong? I really don’t care what people post in response to this because this only ends bad for the insane people in the tea party. I actually feel bad for the rest of the republicans because they have to endure the social stigma of the bat-crap crazy tea party people. All media outlets that are not tied to Fox are blaming them for this, saying they are wrong as well as the majority of the country from what countless polls say. Between this and (yes it was their fault too) the sequester they are just looking really bad. I can’t wait for the next Congressional election, the Republicans are gonna lose some seats. Actually super excited!!!

    Why can’t we all just help each other and pay for things together? GREED GREED GREED GREED GREED just pitiful and embarrassing. The whole world is watching and laughing.

  • Ralph Brandt

    If Sara were VP and John McCain were president we would not have Obama Care and a government shutdown. Let me put it this way, “If you voted for Obama and Biden in 2008 and 2012, YOU SCREWED UP…”

  • Greg Vanderneck

    Was with Palin when she told DC and park police “I don’t understand this response”. The article implies she was thanking them for their service. Nothing could be further from the truth. She was shaming them for following thug-tyrant-unamerican orders. You can count on it!

  • 56Survivor

    Sarah Palin is an automatic MSM magnet. She leads them around by the nose. They cannot help themselves.

    Thank you Gov Palin for leading the charge in calling attention to what the POS in the White House is doing to our Vets and military.

  • Joel Miller

    Sarah Palin has more class in her little finger than Obama and his entire regime will ever hope to have.

  • Harry Houdini

    I’m with 150% until you came out with that go back to Africa Shit.” C’mon, that kind of talk takes away from all the good intentions of the anti-government rally. Do you think Ted Cruz or even Palin would say that?

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  • MotherBatherick

    None of it matters to Hillary Clinton.

  • Michael Patterson

    Our Sarah Palin has more guts and nerve than most any other politician out there and I am dam proud she belongs to Alaska.

  • Lightweight

    I am sorry,but Sarah Palin has no respect from me.She has to come clean of all of her many conservative deceptions.She markets herself as something that does not match her John McCain-like policies.I do not doubt her reverence for the military.But she has to stop the sales pitch that caused many who get their news from the record and stayed home in 2008.

    Will you write about Sarah Palin’s endorsemnt of the UN Sea Treaty ? Ask why did she remain silent in June 2012 when Obama gave 7 oil rich Alaskan Islands to Russia ? Ask about when she trashes Obama on Syria she remains silent about McCain being up to his ears in Obama’s Syria policy ?Ask why is she pro-life personally, but appointed a Planned Parenthood lawyer to the State Supreme Court ? Ask why she sponges disagreements about his reccord from her site ? Then ask why does the republican party have only the one option of merging with the democrats ?

  • Tressia

    Sarah is a refreshing change from the (ab)normal folks who say they hold office but they really just dangle off of our purse strings. She has gumption and a conscience! She has morals and common sense. You just dont find that kind of combination all in one….not this day and time. Should she run for president- I would certainly vote for her. It will take someone with something other than a big mouth and their own personal agenda to get us out from under the BS this Administration has placed upon us. “hope and change” yeah…whatever.

    • Lightweight

      Tressia, Sarah Palin impresses me in many ways.She is smart at marketing,no doubt.But she spent less than half her term as governor. And one third of that time was spent campaigning for vice president and fighting off the media as she attempted to do her job as governor.She quit to write a book and go on a media blast to push back against her enemies.She cannot give an account of experience on what it is like to be a governor.She did not complete the job.This hardly qualifies her to be president.Celebrity worship is not the best method picking leaders.Please read the US Constitution ?

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  • Stan Lee

    Sarah has faced Grizzlies, Washington, DC cops don’t trouble her.

    Hey folks, we’ve got to arrange for Grayson to be unemployed again, please back Jorge Bonilla to beat Grayson!

  • Vietnam Vet

    Obama, is a PUNK ASS!

  • Carlos

    Much as I admire the GOP conservatives who showed up, it was gilding the lily. We the people showed up, spoke out and kicked ass. We don’t need politicians to glom on. It’s like when they stand out in a sports event and get booed. Cruz is right to be out there and visible but he needs to be careful of overexposure.

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  • Kam

    Honestly, closed-mindedness is the leading problem in this country. Instead of being centered on one political party and fighting back and fourth, we need to unify as a universal thought process. How can we ever move forward if all we do is standstill. Fight for your rights as an American, but keep your minds open to all perceptions. Dont pay a debt with a debt “Oboma” keep fundings in America. We are strong determined people, and we can fight pass any foe in our path.