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Sarah Palin Storms DC, Riot Police Show Up

Sarah Palin/ The Shark Tank

Sarah Palin/ The Shark Tank


Sunday’s rally at the WWII memorial in Washington, D.C., which was headlined by former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin, has broken out in utter chaos, as both D.C. Metro and Park police attempted to shut down the event.

According to one of the Shark Tank’s correspondent on the ground, ‘Special K,’  two police cruiser blocked entrance into WWII memorial, in an effort to stop truckers from arriving from the highway.

Four marked Secret Service vehicles had arrived on the scene, joining dozens of law enforcement assets, who had already arrived, including a SWAT team dressing in full riot gear.

Prior to SWAT arriving, the crowd was chanting “move those cars, move those cars,” which was possibly the reason why riot control was called in.

Police blocked the road leading up to the WWII memorial from both directions, and had also detained, questioned, and subsequently released, a man dressed in full Muslim dress.

Sarah Palin, along with a few hundred of her closest friends, including Senators Ted Cruz and Mike lee,  headed over to the Lincoln memorial, and  busted down Obama’s barricades. Palin also engaged police, presumably to thank them for their service.

In Orlando, Florida, Republican Congressional candidate, Jorge Bonilla, who is running against Democratic Congressman Alan Grayson, attended the local faith-based rally for veterans at the VA hospital. The event at the VA hospital was put together by Tea Party leader Clyde Fabretti, and was part of a nationwide call of support for veterans.

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Sarah Palin Storms DC, Riot Police Show Up

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