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Rick Scott’s $500 Million Tax Cutting Tour Hits The Road



Florida Governor Rick Scott is embarking on the new “It’s your money” tax-cutting tour around the state on Tuesday, in an effort to sell his 2014 $500 million tax and fee cutting proposal to voters, who in turn could pressure state legislators to back Scott’s effort to cut taxes.

As of now, it is expected that Florida’s budget could reach a surplus of $2 billion.

“Working with the Florida Legislature, we have cut taxes year after year, even while forcing government to live within its means. This year, we are committed to returning even more money to hard-working Floridians.”- Gov. Rick Scott

Scott first pitched the idea to conservative activists at the annual Americans for Prosperity summit in Orlando, Florida, where he also took the opportunity to take a shot at Republican turned Independent, and now Democrat, Charlie Crist, for his support of President Obama’s 2009 tax hiking Stimulus Act.

“My predecessor made a name for himself by hugging President Obama’s stimulus spending — and even hugged the President,” Scott said. “When he was asked the stimulus money, he said he needed the money. As a result, spending and debt increased at an alarming rate. … Florida was in a hole — and for about four years — the state just kept digging.”-Gov. Rick Scott

According to the Miami Herald, Crist stuck to his hug.

“I thought it was right and smart to invest in our fellow Floridians,” Crist stated. “…It just made sense to want to help us get through the very tough economy.”-Charlie Crist

Crist told a group of black leaders in Fort Lauderdale last week, that he would be launching his gubernatorial campaign against Scott in early October.

Expect Charlie Crist to take credit for Florida’s flourishing economy and jobs growth, by somehow trying convince Floridians that his support of Obama’s Stimulus Act and other tax burdening legislation, were the real cause for Florida’s economic success and job stimulation.

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Rick Scott’s $500 Million Tax Cutting Tour Hits The Road

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