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Stop common core

Bill Filed to Stop Common Core In Florida

Stop common core


Florida State Representative Debbie Mayfield (R) has filed legislation to stop Common Core in Florida.

Mayfield’s bill would force the Florida’s State Board of Education to meet “certain requirements” before it could move forward with the planned math and English portions of the Common Core standards.

Mayfield’s bill also would require the state to pull out of the Partnership for Assessment of Readiness for College and Careers, or PARCC, which is developing tests, lined up with Common Core, and says the board “may not enter into or renew an agreement that cedes to an outside entity control over curricular standards or assessments.”-News Service of FL

Mayfield is pushing back against Governor Rick Scott, who supports “higher education” standards, and former Florida Governor Jeb Bush, who is the driving force for the national education standards initiative, or Common Core.

“We need to stop Common Core going through,” she said. “We don’t need to be giving up states’ rights.”

But Mayfield stance on Common Core is being supported by Senator Marco Rubio, who as recently come out against the standards, putting him at odds with Bush. Grassroots activists, as well as popular Conservative pundits like Michelle Malkin, all support ending Common Core.

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  • Perseids

    Rule of thumb is: if brother Jeb is for it then it has to be a bad idea.

    • Theresa Huffman Carson

      Any Bill that is bringing in an “outside entity” immediately brings to my mind that something is definitely WRONG here!!!!!Our country is going to hell in a bucket already!!!!!I read what I could find;not much;however;it was NOT FEASIBLE in my opinion!!!!! I am going to research this more;will be back probably to repeat the same things I just said! My daughter is a teacher;I know how these can affect our systems!!!!! So far;This is a FAT NO WAY!!!!!

  • Marine68

    I have read a great deal of information on Common Core, and while upset by its purpose and methods, was never aware of the end results desired, as they were not in the stated goals of the proponents in our schools. For those answers one has to read the Financial Report of the parent Corporation based in India. If one reads carefully, He/She will soon discover that Common core is a Plan to enslave all humankind by constant training in specific goal oriented fields as directed by the needs of the corporation. The people produced by these methods are treated as Corporate property or Human Chattel, IE Slaves. All expected resistance will be cut short by the data mining results being employed. This Corporation appears to be a Global entity seeking complete control in a way that even George Orwell did not imagine. It explains why Private and Home Schooling is being treated as a crime in more and more Countries, Stop this monstrosity and save your Children and Grandchildren; they need to be taught Analytical thinking, not robotic response.

    • Theresa Huffman Carson


  • Carol Webb

    After hearing concerns about Common Core like dumbing down, secret curriculum, Big Brother taking over I spoke to a friend who is on a school board in suburban Wichita. She says the standards are so high they have to teach the math at two grades lower. They choose any curriculum they want from the several text book companies that now exist. They have report cards. She said the standards are in black and white on the website and nothing is hidden. She says the Obama tainted it by connecting reimbursements to Race to the Top. She sees possible corruption there and neither of us know what to think of all the $ being made by Microsoft or others. Are we funding the Gates Foundation? I don’t know!

  • Robert Knox

    I do not support HB25 as it is only seeking to postpone and not stop Common Core. I have not heard much about the high cost of implementing Common Core and PARCC. Broward County just said the IT side of PARCC would cost $16 million plus to implement. Why do the state and counties move ahead on these untried and unproven techniques. All I can see is that someone is going to make a lot of money on our tax dollars.

  • Virgilio Alvarez

    Just a couple of link for further information about the monstrosity that Common core State Standards is, please copy and paste in your browser and follow, especially if you have any children in your family. This will affect home-schooling, charter schools, religious schools and public schools alike. THAT is their goal:


    Thank you

  • PVB

    Great news from Rep. Mayfield. Common Core should at the very least be subject to open public debate before ANY action is taken on it. I’ve seen far more unanswered questions about the detrimental effects of Common Core than substantive answers to the criticisms. We need classical liberal education rather than some unknown experiment.

    The Seven Liberal Arts that formed the infrastructure of the classical curriculum were divided into the arts of language (the trivium) and the arts of mathematics (the quadrivium). The trivium taught language by emersion in grammar, specifically Latin grammar, before students went on to study dialectic (or logic) and rhetoric, the art of speaking and writing persuasively. The quadrivium taught arithmetic and geometry with astronomy and music as mathematical subjects. The balance between language and mathematics was as important as the command of the basic subjects.

    The Seven Liberal Arts are first mentioned explicitly by St Augustine (AD 354-430) in the late ancient Roman Empire.[vi] In the same period schools taught a true Great Books reading list, what German classicist Manfred Fuhrmann called the “Two Canons”: the Bible and the pagan “classics”, e.g., Cicero and Livy in prose, Virgil, Horace and Ovid in poetry.[vii]

  • http://www, dick kennedy

    Stop the madness and stop this creeping Socialism! Save our children. God Bless America!

  • MM

    All I can say is that before the Federal Govt immersed itself in Education, the US students were on top of the pack globally – outperforming all countries.

    Now we are mediocre. I think 37th or something.

    Can we just admit failure and take our schools back? Go back to the basics. The three R’s – Reading, Writing and Arithmetic. Teach cursive writing again so the kids can read the US Constitution.

    • Graham Adder

      Please provide a link to something supporting your contention that “US students were on top of the pack globally”. I’d like to see the data.

  • g

    If ever there was a litmus test –this is it.

    My advice to all tea parties members and libertarians and conservatives is to BAND TOGETHER and put “NO COMMON CORE” ” NO COMMON CORE” “NO COMMON CORE” in the face of elected representatives statewide.

    Contact your local preferred “action group” and make “NO COMMON CORE” the rally cry. Make “NO COMMON CORE” the election issue for this cycle.

    One place to start is any local Inet news paper or blog. Get the talking points together–edit them and make them simple to read. Rely on facts-and post links in the material for readers to follow specifics

    Common core is a huge deal and must be stopped no matter the price. Lets make “NO COMMON CORE” a national bumper sticker.

  • Marine68

    If you have a little time listen to this abot Common Core.

  • Scott

    Here’s a thought: Let the SCHOOLS and the TEACHERS decide what their students need, not the poiliticians.

    Stop the PC garbage, and put kids into the classes in which they belong. When I went to school, we had the classes separated into the remedial, standard, and advanced with teachers trained and qualified to teach them. The remedial kids got what they needed, and the advanced did not get dragged down just so everyone could be equal. We realized we were not equal. Guess what. We succeeded, and we did not get our feelings hurt.

    All of this liberal “feel good – self esteem” nonsense has ruined education.

  • H Phillips

    Dinesh D’Souza echoed these words: “As the American Founders knew, America is a new kind of society that produces a new kind of human being. That human being—confident, self-reliant, tolerant, generous, future oriented—is a vast improvement over the wretched, servile, fatalistic, and intolerant human being that traditional societies have always produced, and that Islamic societies produce now.”
    I like this quote, and I think it speaks to how we need to encourage students to think outside the box. I am appalled at the garbage that is out there against CC. The standards are excellent – finally – it’s a step in the right direction.