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Allen West/ The Shark Tank

Allen West Calls Out Liberal Democratic Voter ID Hypocrisy

Allen West/ The Shark Tank

Allen West/ The Shark Tank


Liberal Democrats and their Communications team , the MSM, is once again trying to cheat their way into winning elections by “demonizing” Americans who insist that a valid picture ID card be required by people wishing to vote in an election. Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz and other Democrats have been fight tooth and nail to allow anyone that is willing to vote, to do so, and not have to provide proper ID to do so.

Former Congressman Allen West to issue with talking head Coke Roberts for calling those who support Voter ID as “evil.” West points out that during the 2012 DNC convention in Charlotte, proper ID was a requirement by the “progressive socialist” agenda and Democratic Party.

This morning political analyst Cokie Roberts asserted that Texas, North Carolina, and others who support Voter ID are “evil.” Ms. Roberts is obviously employing the ol’ Alinsky tactic of demonizing your opposition. However, to show how completely stupid her comment is, I bring to her attention the fact that picture ID was required for entry to last year’s DNC convention in Charlotte.

Evil, Ma’am? The progressive socialist design to fundamentally transform our Constitutional Republic means control of the electoral system in order to guarantee a permanent national majority and one party rule. Next time Ms. Roberts takes a flight and must present her picture ID at TSA security checkpoint, will she call them evil? And, oh by the way Ma’am, black voter participation rates surpassed whites in the last two presidential cycles.-Allen West

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Allen West Calls Out Liberal Democratic Voter ID Hypocrisy

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