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8-Year-Old Plays Video Game, Shoots and Kills Relative



Another unfortunate shooting involving a minor is raising questions about how graphic and violent video games like ‘Grand Theft Auto IV’ are influencing children of all ages.

 An 8-year-old boy shot and killed his 90-year-old babysitter, or caregiver, after watching the ‘Grand Theft Auto IV’ video game. The boy told authorities that he accidentally shot the woman, but police are calling this shooting a homicide, because the boy shot the women in the back of the head.

 The boy was released to his parents. So who is to blame here? Was it the deceased caregiver’s fault, was it  the parents fault, or both? 

It is easy to blame the video game, but the real problem here is that the gun was not kept out of the reach of the minor, who was probably mimicking what he experience while playing the video game.

 The parents are ultimatly responsible here. If I had kids, they would not be playing, let alone watching, any game or movie that promotes any form of violence towards property, animals and humans.

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  • Brandon

    How can someone be a managing editor and have a typo?

    • http://www.shark-tank.net Javier Manjarres

      Dude, you would be surprised how many typos are not caught by editors. I caught (2) on Fox News, today alone. (2) on Miami Herald last week. It happens.

  • elisabeth

    really Brandon, that’s your comment on a story like this?

  • G Speed

    Missing the point again as usual. The system dictates that kids supervise themselves. A 90 yr old “caregiver” ( that’s a joke) asleep in a chair while the kid watches/plays what’s on the market for consumption in this “moral society”.

    If the truth be known, I’ll bet both parents needed to work to make ends meet. No doubt during the week he was in a school studying to pass the “common core standards” so his teacher/administrator could get a raise.

    So how much time do you think in his 9 yrs was spent on learning right from wrong? I don’t mean pray to the fearless leader (aka POS) that the kids learn as “the way to act” in school today or the “bring more members into the church” to support a bigger building mentality that passes for religion today. I mean real moral truth about trust/sanctity of life/honesty/selflessness/fairness. If it was an hour a year for his whole 9 yrs so far I’d be surprised.

  • pjc

    As long as the entertainment industry treats killing as sport, these acts of violence will continue. Until the reality of fantasy is confronted and dealt with, First person Shooter games under the guise of “entertainment” will continue to devastate our communities and our families with conflict resolution that emanates from the point of a gun.

    Killing is not entertainment. And in the killing fields of the subconscious mind the devastation wrought by fantasy, can never dry the tears that beget another individual’s reality.