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Senator Ted Cruz/ The Shark Tank

Rubio Vs. Cruz in 2016? Ted Cruz Rallying Republicans In NH

Senator Ted Cruz/ The Shark Tank

Senator Ted Cruz/ The Shark Tank


With Senator Marco Rubio taking a big hit among Republican conservative activists across the country for his co-sponsoring of the Senate ‘Gang of Eight’ immigration reform bill, Texas Senator Ted Cruz is filling the void, as he continues to reach out to Americans by holding town hall meetings, and doing extensive earned media during the August congressional recess.

Cruz continues to make the necessary political moves towards a possible 2016 Republican Presidential run, by making a visit to the Iowa, and now traveling to New Hampshire to attend Republican sponsored event in the town of Dublin.

An in Rubio’s home state of Florida, a pivotal swing state, Cruz is starting to pick off some of Rubio’s donors and supporters.

Could we be seeing the formation of a Cruz vs. Rubio Republican Presidential primary slugfest?

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Javier Manjarres
Javier Manjarres

As the managing editor of The Shark Tank, Javier was awarded the 2011 CPAC Blogger of the Year. Countless videos and articles from the Shark Tank have been featured on Fox News, The Hill, Wall Street Journal, and other national news publications. Javier has also appeared on Univision’s “Al Punto” and numerous radio shows, including being the weekly 92.5 Fox News' DayBreak with Drew Steele political contributor, as well as one of NewsmaxTV's conservative commentators. Javier has also authored "BROWN PEOPLE," which is a book about Hispanic Politics. Learn more at

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  • Perseids

    Jeb’s boy is so outclassed next to Cruz. Ted Cruz is a real Man and a real Conservative. Marco is just a two bit political punk.

    • S. Klein

      Senator Cruz needs to get up to speed on the global jihad. There is no excuse for ignorance 12 years out from the 9/11 attacks.

      We’ve been reading, Senator Cruz joined Rand Paul in urging Obama to punish Egypt’s military for the coup which deposed Mohamed Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood. We can have a discussion about ending American aid – in principle I can support the idea – but cutting aid to Egypt’s military now would send the wrong message to jihadists worldwide. It would be counterproductive as Egypt’s military is trying to bring stability to the country.

      I am surprised Cruz supports this idea.

    • Flintlock

      You’ve summed it up very nicely!

    • Disappointed

      I totally agree! I hope Ted Cruz is the nominee for conservative Republicans all across the fruited plain!!

  • BoGo

    Both ineligible by virtue of both parents not being citizens at time of birth.

    The Natural Born citizenship requirement is there for a reason as demonstrated by the current resident of the Whitehouse.

  • Dennis Hand

    Between the two, Cruz.

  • cindy

    No contest. Cruz wins, hands down. Rubio will never get my support again. You’ll note that Cruz is having townhall meetings during his month off. What is Rubio doing? Out in Hollywood doing a fundraiser. If he thinks his base is the libtards in Hollywood, he is even more dumb than I have come to believe.
    Go away, Marco.

  • john pistorino

    Rubio lied to us when he said the borders would be closed first before anything else. Once a liar then I cannot trust him with anything again.

  • Ron Bartley

    Cruz over Rubio (RINO) anytime.

  • Dan

    Rubio is just a Jeb Minion… clearing the way for Jeb.

  • Rich

    You folks really want to see Hillary Clinton be President!!

    Do you really believe that either of these two can beat her?

  • terrence staup

    Rubio lost me on immigration!

  • Troy S

    NI don’t hear the hue and cry for Rubio to run for president any longer. I really think he would better served by waiting to run for Governor of Florida first in 2018. Add in the fact that Rubio’s own mentor, Jeb Bush, is likely to run, and I don’t see Marco deciding to run for president.

    If Marco had followed through on his plan to create “his own alternative immigration bill”, instead of being co-opted by the likes of Dick Durbin and Chuck Schumer, then Conservatives might still be behind him.

    Ted Cruz is Marco Rubio with an Ivy League education and a much stiffer spine when it comes to Conservative core principles. Cruz excites and unites the Republican Party.

    Ted Cruz / Rand Paul 2016!

  • Charlotte Smith

    August 22, 2013
    Cindy Graves

    Open Letter to Democrat Chairs Debbie Wasserman Schultz & Allison Tant

    GOP Women RANT BACK to the Female Leaders of the Florida Democrat Party: “Shame on you!”

    After a brutal political week, highlighted by amateur mistakes and the subsequent public ire correctly directed at the poor leadership of Florida Democrat Party Chair Allison Tant and DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz, these women resorted to inappropriately using the word ‘sexist’ in referring to Chairman Lenny Curry to divert attention from their embarrassing failures.

    Women can’t have it both ways. Women of character never stoop to crying sexism without merit. It is this type of deceitful, double standard, false outcries that trivialize the word ‘sexist’ and make it even more difficult for women victims to come forward with true ethical violations.

    Lenny Curry is no sexist. Most importantly, neither of these female, savvy, hard-core, liberal operatives ever uses the term unless it suits their partisan purposes.

    As a nation watches the horrific events unfold in San Diego in which Mayor Filner stands accused of actually being a sexist by abusing his power with any number of women, Florida Democrat leaders remain silent on that very real issue.

    Instead, they have used the “sex card” to attempt to label Chairman Curry as something he is not. Women who have actually been victimized by sexist behavior are outraged.

    Ms. Tant said in her statement that Curry would never use the word “rant” to refer to a man. We recall several Democrat male leaders infamous for their media-driven “rants” including failed candidate and former DNC Chair, Howard Dean, who ranted continuously until his final ill-fated “yell” destroyed his career.

    Another infamous liberal male famously quoted for his sexist rants is the vulgar and clearly sexist Congressman Alan Grayson who garnered national attention when he referred to a female Federal advisor as a “K Street Whore”.

    Our message to Ms. Tant and Congresswoman Schultz: “This is politics, ladies.If you can’t stand the heat get out of the proverbial kitchen! Better yet, lead as both genders expect. How dare you trivialize the word sexist when referring to an equal male counterpart in the political arena!

    By the way, we take pride in the fact that our own conservative rants were heard by Governor Rick Scott and our Republican led Legislature:

    “We need jobs! We need lower taxes! We don’t want to pay for shadowy Obamacare exchanges and we expect you to work hand-in-hand to clean up the massive Florida unemployment, the $5 billion dollars in debt Charlie Crist left in his wake and erase the nationwide disgrace of this former Governor caused to our great state.”

    We are overjoyed to report our Republican elected officials heard our rants loud and clear. We don’t even mind that liberals get to share in our state’s recent highly acclaimed prosperity!

    PS: DSW: Please do run Charlie on your Democrat ticket for Governor, we just can’t wait for those debates. We can promise not to rant about it but we can’t promise not to laugh!

    Celebrating 64 years, the Florida Federation of Republican Women is the oldest and largest grassroots organization for women in the state. For more information visit:

  • Bert

    It is not ok to have either of these men run. Just because Obama was allowed to run even tho his father was not born on American soil does not make it ok for any other person to do this.

  • http://none ihawk77

    Throw my hat into the ring as another Floridian for CRUZ.

  • George Fuller

    Republicans must not care whether the candidates they want to run for President are eligible or not. Are they Natural Born Citizens?……..most people are naive enough to say if you are born in the U.S.A. then you are a natural born citizen. If that was true then every anchor baby would be eligible.

    If you are interested:

    Ever hear of Emmerich Vattel? He wrote a book titled Law of Nations which governments referred to often. In fact, the framers of the Constitution had three copies they used as they wrote it. One of the descriptions they inserted in the eligibility section of the requirement for the Presidency was the Natural Born Citizen designation. You can locate it by going to the book online to

    Book one Chapter nineteen.

    In addition, in 1814, only a few years beyond the founding of the country a case heard in the Supreme Court titled Venus gave Chief Justice Marshall an opportunity to discuss Natural Born Citizen. During his speech he mentioned Vattel and referred to his descrition of Natural Born Citizen to be the best. I suggest you look up the info and see who is eligible to be President.

    You might also google 4 Supreme Court Cases define Natural Born Citizen.

    After you do that little bit of research you will find Cruz, Rubio, Jindal, Santorum, And Haley are all ineligible! Cruz and Santorum had one parent who was a citizen at the time of their birth, Rubio’s, Jindal’s and Haley’s had no U.S. citizens as parents.when they were born.

  • JFColon

    No contest! The Cruz Missile all the way! And btw, Senator Cruz’s mother was a US citizen at the time of his birth in Canada.

  • Linda

    No, No, No, No. Allen West. He’s the only candidate who can win by bringing out the conservative vote. While I like Ted Cruz, his gray shade of eligibility bothers me. Once again . . . Allen West.

    • Patriot

      Allen West lost a lot of us when he signed onto the NADA. That is the instrument of enslavement and Murder they needed to justify their destruction of the nation.

  • Stan Lee

    Marco should keep a low profile and not campaign with Cruz in the race. Marco no longer enjoys the full trust of Conservatives, though he could be backed by “establishment” Republicans, which would cancel my interest in him completely. The present is a test for Marco, his patience and clarity, and his true feelings for Conservatism. He ceded his front-runner position by becoming the convenient mouthpiece for the Gang of Eight. They were happy for Rubio to be the target of opportunity and that’s what he became.
    He has to demonstrate that he’s a good soldier and not opposition to Ted Cruz, who is becoming very popular because he stays on message and doesn’t worry about polling. Marco has, to my own disappointment. If he’s truly interested in the Conservative ideology, which has been a reason people paid attention to him in the first place, let him be a good soldier and support the best Conservative to emerge, he isn’t that person anymore.
    If he’s in a big hurry to run, then he’ll do so, bring a fight into the Republican ranks and fragment it worst than it is. That will be the signal that Marco cannot be a team player, that he needs the limelight above all else.
    At one time, I thought Marco could “walk on water,” but that was before his Gang of Eight outing.

  • Cat

    Cruz ..

    Rubio is done. We have seen his true loyalties.

  • Surly Curmudgen

    Neither, Rubio or Cruz, is qualified for the office.

  • rinohunter

    Cruz all the way , he is the real deal not a two faced liar
    everybody I know will never trust Rubio again , I will suppost any body that runs against him .one thing he will learn just like scott brown , conservative voters will go all out for you , money time campaining etc. but once you screw us and lie to us you are dead to us we have had it with politicions like him.
    now he hides like the coward he is afraid to have a town hall meeting …what a dissapointment
    just as bad a chris cristy another rino phoney

  • 56Survivor

    Rubio sold out to the D.C. establishment very quickly. He is a squish and is not to be trusted ever again.

    Cruz is a true Constitutionalist. He has some libertarian leanings as well. My support will be there for him if he decides to run.

  • Lets B Real!

    Rubio, is the only Republican that could beat Hillary, or any other Dem in a General election in 2016!

  • John Henke

    I like Ted Cruse, he reminds me of me. I work at law enforcements hind teat ,and occasionally have to question people, not because I need to know an answer, I already know the answer I just want to find out what kind of lie I’m going to hear.

    I love the way he got Diane Fartstain to insist she saw the bodies of the Sandy Hook school shooting victims “cut in half by machine gun fire”. (Good trick considering nobody was hurt at Sand Hoax, let alone killed). He sets up the question and then sits back and lets them talk. I love the look of satisfaction he gets on his face when he has made another one lie like a rug on the record. So far I really like this guy and I hope he never gives me cause to change my opinion.