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Rick Scott/ The Shark Tank

Rick Scott Could be Reassessing His Support for Common Core

Rick Scott/ The Shark Tank

Rick Scott/ The Shark Tank


Florida Governor Rick Scott has asked interim Education Commissioner Pam Stewart to put together a group of some 30 “legislators, school superintendents, school board officials, teachers and critics of new education standards to examine everything from high-stakes testing to the grading system itself,” to discuss the new and controversial Common Core Standards that are slated to go into effect in 2014.

Scott is saying that Florida’s school grading system has arrived at a “critical point,” and after seeing elected officials like Senator Marco Rubio, and grassroots activists, push back against his support for Common Core, Scott may start to hedge his support for the proposed education standards.

Scott, who recently restated his support for ‘higher education standards,” is against Common Core’s data mining component. Why wouldn’t he be?

According to the U.S. Department of Education, the data being mined will include ” name, address, and phone number; descriptive information about students and staff, including demographics; and fiscal data, including revenues and current expenditures.” 

“Florida’s education accountability system has become a national model, but we are at a critical point in our history.” Gov. Rick Scott

That is one big ‘but” to Common Core. Scott will need the grassroots support to win re-election.

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Javier Manjarres

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  • Rabelrouser

    Send the following link to Gov. Scott and to all state reps. Let them see what is included in this system. The article is quite distrubing and graphic, but it is approved reading for kids in school under Common Core

    (WARNING: Graphic) Common Core Approved Child Pornography – ::

    Do you want your children taught this?

    • Canary

      I am this Monday going to screw up my courage and read those excerpts to the Board and public. It is televised and I hope that they throw me out which is what they should do. Please have everyone you know get someone to do that. Anyone in Tallahassee willing to go to education committee meetings and read it? How about on the steps of the Capital? Or in Gov. Scott’s office?

  • Dale

    C’mon Rick: Just what do you expect a group of school officials to say, after they have subscribed to the program? Here in Brevard the Board prohibited school officials to sit on an investigative panel. Core is granting millions of inducement dollars to sign on to this Bush.Gates Milken nationalization plan. Scott’s appointees ARE the problem.

    • Walker

      Read it again, he’s not just appointing school officials, and he is also including critics of the program.

      He’s doing the right thing, stop being negative. Rick Scott will end up withdrawing FL from Common Core.

  • George Blumel

    Anyone who takes the time to check the details of Common Core will find that it is simply the next step towards the federal takeover of education in our country. First of all, FedGov is prohibited from ANY involvement in our schools by the 10th Amendment –that should be enough but of course after the Dept of Education was formed and given cabinet status it has grown like all other FedGov agencies.
    We do need higher standards, for sure, if we’re to compete with other countries in the global marketplace but the history of FedGov is one of dumbing down not raising standards.
    Surely, Gov. Scott knows this –so, what’s his problem?
    Common Core: FedGov Power; More spending, greater deficits;ultimately less learning and more indoctrination; all children in one mold starves innovative thinking.
    “Common Core’s standards not only present a serious threat to state and local education authority, but also put academic quality at risk. Pushing fatally flawed education standards into America’s schools is not the way to improve education for America’s students.”
    —Sandra Stotsky, Professor of Education Reform

  • Sandi Trusso

    Never, never, never support National Standards. State and local standards are easier to review and (if negative) to keep out!

    Of course we need higher standards, but not on a national level!

    I recently discovered that in at least some areas of Florida (for at least 5 years), they don’t teach cursive any more! Remember Rachel, Trayvon Martin’s friend and witness at the Zimmerman trial, who (as a 19 year old Jr. in High school) couldn’t read cursive? When I started checking on this, that’s when I discovered that they’re not teaching it (now Rachel is from Miami Dade). How are these people going to sign their names to checks? …

    How much easier (since in many areas, Civics is no longer taught) these days, to tell kids whatever you want to tell them about how our country was founded, and about our US Constitution (which is being violated daily in today’s world)… since they won’t be able to read the founding documents (written in cursive with a quill pen)! In one of the more recent texts, the 2nd Amendment is referenced as: At one time this was necessary (re militias), but today it is no longer necessary. In other text books, the 2nd Amendment isn’t even mentioned. So if there is ever a tyrannical, dictatorial gov’t, which is taking over, where a militia might be necessary… Guess what? without guns the American people would be at their mercy. … And don’t think this couldn’t happen in these days of uncertainty with people all over the world trying to kill us, or take us over.

    In many text books, our history has been changed, and/or a lot has been left out.

    Look at the grammar and vocabulary of college graduates today and ask yourselves what they learned. Then look at the communications efforts of these children. The only thing apparent to me is that they know how to use the “f” bomb as an adjective, noun, verb and adverb.

    Now we just saw on the news, that if a child has the incorrect answer to a math problem wrong, but the thought process behind the ultimate result (even if the result is an incorrect answer) is correct, the student will not have the answer marked incorrect!

    But, my dear friends, while the students aren’t educated in these things, they are having Sex Ed crammed down their throats. The program not only includes explicit sex info, K-12, but it is a complete philosophical change from traditional Judeo-Christian values to the values of “liberal/progressives” (which espouse the moral values of cave men… hardly progressive, but rather digressive or regressive!

    What kind of non-thinking person believes with the absence of education in these areas, that their child is actually receiving an “EDUCATION” rather than an “INDOCTRINATION”?

    • Sandi Trusso

      … and for Conservatives, since we all are aware of Jeb Bush’s support of this, one of the largest hints that we may not be hearing the truth about Common Core, is the Ocala Star Banner’s article (from the Tallahassee Bureau), telling us that Bush is aligned with Barack Obama on this! I know my radar would’ve gone up even if I hadn’t been already aware of the negatives of this program! I hope we don’t see a picture now, of Jeb with his arm around Barack! What’s up with you, Jeb! I used to have a lot of faith and trust in you as a governor.

      • Perseids

        My understanding is brother Jeb & clan have quite a bet down on this investment. They stand to do very well.
        Who’d a thunk it.

  • FLMom98

    Sandi has it right! I was visiting NJ this summer and found out that my cousin’s daughters (8th grade, 10th grade) don’t know how to read cursive. I realized that they would not be able to read the founding documents. My cousin is so upset because she also told me that they are not teaching about the founding at all in history. She asked her eldest if she knew what we were celebrating (it was the 4th of July) and her answer was “something about a war with some country” and “I think we got freedom from this.” My cousin just shook her head. Of course we gathered all the kids and told them the details and then read the Declaration out loud at the party!

    Got home and talked with a local HS history teacher who informed me that he can no longer teach the founding (they start US History post -reconstruction) because of “the tests.” (He had bucked the system for the past two years). SCARY STUFF!

  • gracepmc

    Governor Scott should never have gone this far. Common Core should never have even been considered.

    • Walker

      Hey , get off your high horse, and give him credit for doing the right thing now . . .. he relied on people who misled him about the program. Have you never made a poor decision??? Of course you have!

      At least Gov. Scott is willing to correct his mistake.

      I love and support Gov. Scott!!

  • Carlos

    Businessmen like Lex Luthor don’t mind communism (which is what Common Core really is) as long as it doesn’t affect their bottom line. But he also knows parents do mind and 2014 will be a tough fight. He had enough of a struggle beating a very vanilla, bland, clerkish challenger in Alex Sink. Now he has a record to run on and will be challenged forcefully.

  • In Defense of Liberty

    Watch the video below explain how dumbing down America has been a plan of the federal government.

    • Canary

      It was every where with the Democrats who believe that socialism is the right road which means they define your road, not the other way around with capitalism and a republic that the people define it their individual way.

      Woodrow Wilson democratic President:
      The object of education is not merely to draw out the powers of the individual mind: it is rather its right object to draw all minds to a proper adjustment to the physical and social world in which they are to have their life and their development: to enlighten, strengthen and make fit.

      We want one class of persons to have a liberal education, and we want another class of persons, a very much larger class, of necessity, in every society, to forego the privileges of a liberal education and fit themselves to perform specific difficult manual tasks.

    • lowie

      I watched this video and now see the pieces coming together to take over our education system in America. I will contact all local officials to educate themselves on Common Core, which is to take effect in Flagler County in 2014. I will also contact my Congressman, Ron DeSantis, to ask him about the DOE and how best to stop this agenda. Perhaps when they vote to defund some of these programs they include this one as well. Looks like these people are well on their way in destroying America.

  • Jacqueline Walsh

    Gov. Scott,
    Your are giving the Federal government another power that should
    belong to the States. Education of our children should stay a State
    decision. Common Core no no no no no and more no!

  • cindy

    I supported Rick Scott and even convinced many of my conservative friends to vote for him in the primary. If he allows Common Core in Florida, there is nothing else he can do to induce us to support him for a second term. I thought Jeb Bush was a good guy, but evidently was wrong about that also. The federal government does not have a very good track record taking over things so far. Why let them contribute to the further demise of education?

    • Marta

      Really? So by not supporting him you will make it easier for Charlie Crist? Do you actually think that old Charlie will not welcome Common Core with open arms?

      I’m really tired of Republicans empowering Democrats because the Republican isn’t conservative “enough.” It’s idiotic.

  • Nancy Celano

    We took a giant leap forward in voting against teacher tenure. We must not allow the federal govt. to get its tentacles on our educational system. That would be a catastrophe.

  •, Karen Schoen

    Does Scott want anyone from real opposition on the panel?
    Will this will be a Delphi meeting and the outcome will endorse CCS?
    Read the article, he is not against CCS, just data mining and assessing.

    So will the results be:
    Florida will use new assessments by renaming the CCS assessments to Florida assessments. Everyone will pat themselves on the back and say, YEAH!
    Nothing will change unless the content of the material and the Skinner/Pavlov method of animal training is eliminated.

    You will be offered a choice…Choice is a diversion. More Charters will be the new cry. Choice without oversight, sweet. How does that work?
    Florida citizens are paying to train radical Islamists in 6 Radical Islamic charter schools.

    1 Communist Chinese charter, so your human capital can learn to do more for less.

    UN MINI Global School modules where they are trained to hate America, God and family.

    Florida texts are Islamic biased www.

    Stop funding the demise of America.
    Wonder why you can’t get legislators to listen to you? Just Google Aspen Institute – the Global mafia NWO, training institute and your legislators name. Rubio went to Aspen, result OPEN BORDERS, no town halls. Bondi, Wasserman-Shutlz, Weatherford, you will be surprised at the list.

    Crisis: America can’t read. Stop waiting for leadership. Become the leader. They want divide and conquer. Take back your community through communication. Teach cursive to anyone who is interested in learning. Start a conversation become a friend neighbor to low information voters. 70-80% are unhappy and want a leader. Become the leader. Conversations/actions create trust and UNITY. Go to their organizations and offer to teach cursive. Beat NWO at their own game. Never let a crisis go to waste….

  • Robert Redhouse

    I cannot understand why any states would even consider CommonCore, it is just another way for this goverment to control us.
    I asked my granddaughter who is in High School if they teach the Constitution and she said no so I gave her a book on the constitution and she said she would read it.
    Gov.Scott should not put it into our schools with out any help from anyone else. Just say NO.

  • http://HN Dumpolak

    The Department of Education should be abolished. It is nothing more than a money laundering operation for the Democrat Party. The Dept. gets tax dollars which it sends to the teachers unions, who then send campaign contributions to Democrats. The people at DoE are not any brighter than at the local level. They really have nothig to do but transfer money.It is a corrupt vicious cycle which should be vehemently repudiated.

    • Joy richards

      I believe that Gov Perry proposes to close the Dept of Ed. I believe that government should not be iinvolved in education at all.Texas has an experimental high school that should be a model of education- project based where students learn concepts by active engagement not by being talked at in boring lectures. My son left a public school after 5 years not being able to write legibly. I rescued him by enrolling him in a Montesorri school and within 3 weeks he could write beautifully.The head of the school makes do on half the amount allocated per student in the public school.Let schools compete.

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  • FS

    I thank God that my parents had the foresight to send me to a parochial school for 10 years. 45 years ago, along with the basics, I was taught values and to stand up for my beliefs. This “dumbing down” has been coming on for generations, we have to take back our country. Be involved in your children’s and grandchildren’s education. Share a love of US History, involve them in your letter writing to your representatives in government.
    Teach them the Constitution, visit Veteran Cemeteries and Battlefields. This is just one more reason for home schooling and why I don’t like teachers unions!

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