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Charlie Crist’s Pot Hypocrisy


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By Roger Stone

Roger Stone Photo ShootTampa’s super-lawyer John Morgan has two Florida state goals for 2014:  (1) pass a constitutional amendment that would allow doctors in Florida to prescribe medicinal marijuana to patients and (2) use said passage of the law to benefit his no-show employee, Republican-turned-Independent-turned-Democrat Charlie Crist, in another run for the Governor’s office.

Now suddenly Crist says he’s open to legalizing medical marijuana.  How stupid do Morgan and Crist think Florida voters are?  In comments to reporters, Crist said he is open to backing an expected petition drive to legalize medical use of marijuana in Florida which will be funded largely by his employer, trial lawyer John Morgan of the Morgan & Morgan law firm. “If you’re talking about a real doctor trying to help somebody who’s suffering, we ought to be at least open to it,” he said. (“Crist Charms Gathering of Democrats in Pasco,” St. Augustine Record, 6/23/13)

Of all of Charlie Crist’s flip-flops this could  be the biggest. Crist has a long history of opposition to marijuana law reform. Even though he has admitted to smoking marijuana himself , as Governor he  pushed and signed the harshest anti-marijuana laws in the nation- and he used the issue as a wedge to bludgeon opponents who supported modest drug law reform.

In Crist’s 2000 campaign for Education Commissioner, Charlie Crist ran an ad attacking his opponent for sponsoring legislation in 1975 to decriminalize marijuana use.  “Charlie Crist of  St. Petersburg, Republican candidate for Florida education commissioner, had been attacking Democratic opponent George Sheldon for sponsoring the 1975 legislation that would ‘decriminalize’ marijuana.Sheldon’s support of the marijuana legislation ‘shows a pattern of permissive behavior,’ said Crist, a lawyer and former state senator from Pinellas County.” Reported Diane Rado of the  St. Petersburg Times,  ( “Republican Pulls Ad Critical of Arrest,”11/4/00)

“Crist and the GOP called Sheldon ‘far out and far left’ for backing a bill in 1975 to impose lighter penalties on first-time marijuana users. Of the charges the two have leveled against each other, Crist says public safety was his priority in the Senate but that he sponsored legislation creating drug-free and alcohol-free zones at schools and bonuses for teachers. Sheldon defends his 1975 drug bill, saying it would have put first-time offenders into treatment, rather than jail.” reported Lesley Clark of the Miami Herald, “PAIR VIE FOR EDUCATION POST THAT WILL SHIFT IN TWO YEARS,” 11/5/00)

In 2008, Charlie Crist opposed weakening Florida’s toughest-in-the-nation marijuana possession laws, including five years in prison for possessing one ounce of marijuana. The Miami Herald reported, “Though he has admitted to smoking marijuana, Gov. Charlie Crist said he still favored Florida’s tough drug laws and doesn’t support legislative plans to review whether to lessen penalties for some crimes such as non-violent drug possession.

The state’s prison population is expected to swell at year’s end to a record 100,000, about 20 percent of whom are non-violent drug offenders convicted of crimes such as trafficking and simple possession. … But Crist said he wants to keep the laws the way they are. ‘It’s important to make sure that we do what the first order of business is, and that is to ensure domestic tranquility — make sure that our people are safe — and that means locking up bad people,’ he said. What about nonviolent drug offenders?

I feel that our laws are good in Florida. They were thoughtfully put in place. And I know there is a budget crunch. But I don’t want to sacrifice public safety,’ Crist said.” reported Marc Caputo of the Miami Herald, “Crist Wants to Maintain Drug Penalties,” ( 3/15/08)

A report by the Marijuana Policy Project in Washington stated that under Governor Charlie Crist, Florida had the toughest marijuana possession laws in the country including five years in prison for the possession of one ounce of marijuana. “Relaxing marijuana laws is an issue you won’t see the Florida Legislature take up in 2010, but the Marijuana Policy Project in Washington has a new study out today that says the state has the harshest penalties in the nation.

State law provides for a maximum penalty of up to five years in prison for possession of one ounce, whereas the state with the second-most severe penalty, Arizona, has a maximum penalty of 1.5 years. Thirty other states and the District of Columbia have maximum penalties of six months to one year in jail,” the study reads. But while the study claims there is “no relationship between marijuana arrest and use rates,” a look at the state data (provided by the group shows Florida’s pot use actually decreased from 2003 to 2007.

Mike Meno, a spokesman for the group, says however that Florida has average use rates compared with other states and if the tough laws worked, the rate should be lower.” reported Alex Leary of the St. Petersburg Times, “Florida has toughest pot laws, group finds,” (11/5/09)

Charlie Crist also signed the Florida Marijuana Grow House Eradication Act making it a felony to possess more than 25 marijuana plants.  According to the Staff Analysis of the new law signed by Crist, it created new criminal offenses relating to controlled substances.  “The bill creates new criminal offenses relating to controlled substances.”

The Crist backed law  made the possession of a controlled substance for the intent of distribution a 2nd degree felony.  “The bill creates a new subsection in s. 893.1351 which provides that a person may not knowingly be in actual or constructive possession of any place, structure, or part thereof, trailer or any conveyance with the knowledge that the place, structure, or part thereof, trailer or conveyance will be used for the purpose or trafficking in a controlled substance, the sale of a controlled substance or the manufacture of a controlled substance intended for sale or distribution to another. This offense will be a second degree felony.”

 The law Crist pushed also made the possession of a controlled substance with the intent to distribute in which a minor child lived in the residence a 1st degree felony.  “The bill creates a second new subsection in s. 893.1351 F.S. which provides that a person who is found to be in actual or constructive possession of a place, structure, trailer or conveyance with the knowledge that the place, structure, trailer or conveyance is being used to manufacture a controlled substance intended for sale or distribution to another and who knew or should have known that a minor is present or resides in the place, structure, trailer or conveyance commits a first degree felony.”

 The bill  Crist pushed also determined that possession of 25 or more cannabis (marijuana) plants was proof of intent to distribute for the purpose of the felony charges.  “The bill also provides that for purposes of this section, proof of the possession of 25 or more cannabis plants constitutes prima facie evidence that the cannabis is intended for sale or distribution.”

The Crist law provided maximum sentences of 15 years for cultivating the plants and 30 years for cultivating the plants in homes with children present.  “The Marijuana Grow House Eradication Act (HB 173) includes a maximum sentence of 15 years in prison for cultivating 25 or more plants. The previous threshold for that penalty was 300 plants.

The new law also allows up to 30 years for growing 25 or more plants in a home with children present. Owning a home used for cultivating, packaging and distributing marijuana will be punishable by up to five years.  ‘This law send the message loud and clear that if you grow, you go,’ said its sponsor, Rep. Nick Thompson, R-Fort Myers.” (Bill Kaczor, “Crist signs child molester, pot grow house bills,”  6/17/08)

Charlie Crist believes in nothing. He will say anything and do anything to get back on the public payroll. His draconian drug laws have ruined lives. Now, suddenly he hold himself out as a proponent of medicinal marijuana, and that’s just sad.

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Javier Manjarres
Javier Manjarres

As the managing editor of The Shark Tank, Javier was awarded the 2011 CPAC Blogger of the Year. Countless videos and articles from the Shark Tank have been featured on Fox News, The Hill, Wall Street Journal, and other national news publications. Javier has also appeared on Univision’s “Al Punto” and numerous radio shows, including being the weekly 92.5 Fox News' DayBreak with Drew Steele political contributor, as well as one of NewsmaxTV's conservative commentators. Javier has also authored "BROWN PEOPLE," which is a book about Hispanic Politics. Learn more at

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  • Ian Hargraves

    John Morgan’s law firm is situated in Orlando, may have an office in Tampa but Home office is Orlando.

    Turn coat Crist could not make it as a Republican and thought he would be better as an independent, could not make it their so went to work for Obama arse licker Morgan and also fell in love with Obama so became a democrat , Amazes me how so called cleaver people can be fooled by snake oil salesman Scambama. I certainly would never employ either of these two cretins if I needed legal help!

    • George Blackshear

      I have know of Charlie for years, and he has been a hypocrite for all the years I have known of him, read about him, watched his political career. He couldn’t make it as a Republican, so he switched parties, believe it or not almost all of the lawyers in Florida are Liberals (bet that crushes your inner most thinking processes) Now he is a hypocrite of the hypocritical masses, the left. Morgan is a snake oil salesman, he and his family couldn’t survive unless they had a camera stuck up there collective asses. Florida is much better off staying with what they have than changing to the left, it just gets you into trouble.

    • stef

      I’ll stick with the Libertarian candidate for Florida Adrian Wyllie, myself.

  • chris morgan

    Crist may be a wishy washy hypocrite jerk off, but he is WAY Better than Gov Gollum-scott. I say bring it Crist! where do I sign up for your campaign?

    See Javier –the problem is not that your wrong. The problem is most Floridians are horrified of the current administration and will do anything to remove this scurge as soon as possible. So, Crist may be ___ and ____ and also ____. But he will win.

    • Carolyn Tackett

      So you have no illusions about Crist’s lack of character but you wholeheartedly support him anyway? There’s a “You may be a liberal” joke in there somewhere.

    • Bill

      under Scott our debt has been reduced by 3.5 billion since he took over with a 5 1/2 billion dollar debt. our job market is getting
      better. wake up people… christ is a loser will do anything for a buck he is worst than what we have anywhere. to legalize illegal
      drugs will make some richer and other poorer.

    • G Speed

      so–can we call you “Morgan the Troll” —pathetic effort on your part —-very limp –you could at least have had one fact in your comment. I think its back to troll school for you—come back with some talent and try again.

    • James M. Ray

      Well, there’s certainly NO choice besides this Flip-flop King & Skeletor, because it’s important for FL’s indolent “news” media to TOTALLY ignore Adrian Wyllie. The 2 major parties have, after all, been doing SO well for our state! Sigh. The stupid…It hurts!!!

  • r

    I personally wouldn’t smoke the stuff or take any other medication unless a doctor prescribed it and there was no other alternative to taking any type of medication…All medications are bad however, illegal drugs fuel the stock market and Americans are addicted to drug money.. Legalization of an illegal drug will hurt Wall Street and retirement programs.Click link and learn racket we are involved in.

  • Bill

    I am not sure what side of the fence the writer Roger Stone is on? Is the writer for or against this petition drive to allow for medical cannabis in Florida?

    If a man (Crist) changes his mind on medical cannabis is that a bad thing?

  • Ed I

    We watched Crist’s political career from its earliest days. We often wondered why he was a registered Republican since most of the time he walked, talked and acted like Democrats usually do. He loves elected office yet doesn’t much know what to do when he gets there but he loves elected office. Not sure he has had an original thought in his life, now the Morgan’s are thinking for him. Being elected as a Democrat Charlie would certainly fit the mold historically. Which is promise everything, say anything and do whatever to get elected then ignore the people of Florida. Keep in mind that Mr. Crist has much higher political ambitions than just being governor again.

  • Rusty Shackleford

    If Florida has 100,000 citizens in prison and 20% of those are nonviolent drug offenders that means that Florida has 20,000 citizens in prison for drugs. A conservative estimate of the cost of housing a prisoner is $20,000 per year (I have seen higher figures but let’s use $20,000). That means our state spends at least, AT LEAST, $400,000,000 a year to keep a few potheads behind bars. As conservatives we should have two (2) problems with this: firstly, is it worth the money? Wouldn’t we rather use that $400 MILLION for property tax relief or road projects or education? Philosophically speaking, do we not, as CONSERVATIVES, think that people should be free to pursue their own rational self interest? If my actions affect no-one but me should I not be free to live my life according to my values, even if they conflict with yours? So, bottom line, from a fiscal standpoint and from a philosophical standpoint the conservative position on marijuana is to support its legalization, regulation, and taxation. So instead of speanding $400 million a year on prisoners we coud earn, through taxation of marijuana, $10s of millions. And as far as medical marijuana goes, ummm…we trust doctors to prescribed morphine, diluaded, oxycontin and God knows how may other deadly pills but we do not trust them to prescribe a plant that grows from the ground and has NEVER killed anyone? There has never, not ever….not even ONE case in the history of mankind of someone dying from smoking pot. Does that sound rational? “Listen, Doc, we trust you to give people dead,manmade chemicals but we can’t have you giving people a natural plant that has never harmed anyone”. Say that aloud and see what a tool you sound like.

    • Carolyn Tackett

      I agree with you that from a conservative view point the war on drugs has been unproductive at best and a fiscal nightmare at worst. That said, the point of the article is that Crist is a hypocrite-a conclusion that is plainly self-evident. Crist doesn’t give a rat’s nasty bits whether pot is legal or not. His only concern is in ensuring that the wind is always at his back and if he has to fake giving a care then batten the hatches because there’s an Oscar worthy performance on the way. I don’t know what the Oompa Loompa term for “taqiyya” is but you can bet your bottom dollar that Crist practices it faithfully.

    • Tina Trent

      If, if, if. Where are you getting these numbers? Do you know anything about the plea process? Do you have any real information about the real criminal records of the people you allege are being held in prison (not jail) for possession?

      You know nothing about this issue. Read more widely. Getting into prison takes a whole hell of a lot more than possessing pot one, ten, or fifty times.

      And try sources not associated with the legalization movement. Peter Hitchens is a good place to start. he is in Britain but cites experts who bother to use real incarceration statistics.

      There are few such people here. Thus, the fantasy of prisons stuffed with mere pot smokers.

  • Rusty Shackleford

    Hmmm…last line should have said “deadly, manmade chemicals” not “dead” oops.

  • Jack Tanner

    WEED documentary by CNN chief medical correspondent Dr. Sanjay Gupta

    August-2013 Attorney General Eric Holder directed federal prosecutors to change the way they file charges for some drug crimes, to reduce the number of convictions for offenses that carry inflexible, mandatory minimum sentences.
    Holder said too many Americans go to too many prisons for far too long, and for no truly good law enforcement reason and it is well past time to implement common sense changes.
    The new policy involves the prosecution of low-level, non-violent drug offenders.

  • Sandi Trusso

    In California, where “medical marijuana” is legal, people are finding corrupt doctors who get it for them, when they’re not in medical need!

    You’re right about Crist. The only thing he “believes” in, are those things which he believes will benefit him, personally!

    For the Libertarians, (the Ron Paulites), please know that Ron Paul co-sponsored two bills with Barney Frank… One was to legalize medical marijuana, and the other was to legalize recreational marijuana.

    Those people who claim that there is no harm for people smoking pot in the privacy of their own homes cannot guarantee that these people will stay in their homes!

    My brother was killed by a hit and run driver (at the age of 28) by a man who had 19 DWI’s against his license, was driving with a suspended license while ON POT! My brother was riding a bike. The guy (doing 80 mph in a 30 mph zone) hit him, threw him up onto the windshield. Drove to the nearest bar, pulled the bike off of the grill and threw it into some bushes, and the police found him drinking at the bar! (Some kids saw it and reported the entire thing to the police)

    The guy got 6 months in a hospital, and then got off on a plea bargain!

    Legalizing marijuana isn’t even up for discussion in my opinion. That’s one of the reasons I oppose the libertarian philosophy! Part of how they define “liberty” in their platform is the decriminalization of marijuana! Not sure how Rand Paul (a libertarian disguised as a Republican… similar to Crist was a Democrat disguised as a Republican…) feels about this, but I know he follows in his father’s footsteps as far as gay marriage goes (also another libertarian liberty), so he probably supports legalized pot as well!

    • Carolyn Tackett

      I am sorry about your brother. A driver with 19 DWIs has much bigger problems in his life than pot. Whether pot is legalized or not, driving under the influence would remain illegal. I know a person who was rightfully charged with DUI manslaughter for illegally driving while under the influence of legally prescribed drugs. The legalization of pot is a separate issue from the crimes someone might commit while under the influence.

      I am a registered Republican and have been a Republican for nearly four decades. However, I describe myself has a Conservative Libertarian. I am adamantly and proudly pro-life and strongly oppose amnesty for illegal immigrants but I also believe in small government and in keeping with that I believe that drug use and who is sleeping with whom is none of the government’s business.

      Don’t be so quick to dismiss Libertarians. If we are going to get this country back on the right foot Conservative Republicans and Conservative Libertarians need to come together in support of our Constitution and the liberties that it guarantees.

      • Sandi Trusso

        You missed the whole point. The point is that the guy who killed my brother was high on pot. Unlike the propaganda we’re dealt about how people should have the right to smoke pot in the privacy of their own homes, this guy (and many, many others) was not using pot in the privacy of his own home. He was out driving around, and yes, it altered his judgment, and now someone is dead.

        How do you consider yourself a “conservative” libertarian (the two words contradict each other). To do nothing to prevent mind altering (in my brother’s case, causing death), is the same as supporting it! If someone wants to alter their own mind, who cares, but it ends up overflowing to where it affects others.

        Furthermore, most people don’t even want to know “who is sleeping with whom”, but when abnormalcy is legitimized by legalizing it, I’d say it’s pretty much shoved in people’s faces, and once it becomes the law of the land, people are forced to accept an abnormal act as normal. Laws are an influencing factor in what’s morally acceptable, because it’s taught in schools as normal (which is already being done) whether parents want their children taught this or not. It’s taught that kids should experiment to see whether they’re gay or not. (and don’t think this isn’t happening) So how does anyone figure that because we don’t want to see this effecting our children and their lives, that we are the one’s who is minding someone else’s business?

        Libertarians are only conservative in a few areas. What they actually do is dishonestly manage to convince people that they’re conservative, yet they’re more liberal Democrat than they are conservative Republican. So what happens is that they dishonestly pull votes from the conservative Republicans, divide the vote and the Democrats are elected.

        • Sandi Trusso

          One more thing. To claim to be a Republican when you’re values are Libertarian, and you want to get Libertarian minded people elected to office, is dishonest! Quite frankly, as a Republican, I resent giving my time, energy and money to go toward your agenda, which in many, many ways is in complete opposition to mine. You may not see anything wrong with this dishonesty, but I certainly do. Libertarians infiltrated the Republican Party, because they couldn’t get elected as Libertarians, so they thought… “well, let’s get the Republicans to work and to finance our agenda by making them think we’re conservative, but in reality, we oppose most of their platform! Disgusting

          • http://N/A James

            “Unlike the propaganda we’re dealt about how people should have the right to smoke pot in the privacy of their own homes, this guy (and many, many others) was not using pot in the privacy of his own home. He was out driving around, and yes, it altered his judgment, and now someone is dead.”

            Do you then support a new ban on alcohol? Because many people are killed each year from drunk driving so we might as well make sure no one has the chance to do it. Your argument is illogical because no one is advocating for legalizing smoking weed and driving.

            “It’s taught that kids should experiment to see whether they’re gay or not.”

            oh, my apologizes I see you live in some horrible alternate universe. You may want to start getting your news from more credible sources.

          • ssj12

            I think you entirely miss the point of what a Libertarian actually is. Libertarians, true Libertarians (not Rand or Ron Paul’s bs), are Classical Liberals ie we believe in following the Constitution and the Bill of Rights by the book as the original founders of the Democrat Party Thomas Jefferson and James Madison believed. The Republican Party (whose roots come from Alexander Hamilton, Henry Clay, Abe Lincoln, and that ilk) have their beliefs rooted in a large over-encroaching centralized power and market control. The modern term Liberal was stolen and changed to mean the opposite of what it’s actual definition means; Liberty.

            So if you support Limited Government, State Rights, The Right to Bear Arms, Privacy Rights, and Your Right to Live Your Life as you see fit, I would suggest re-evaluating your position.

    • Joe

      You have no say so in the matter. Eric Holder wants to stop the arrest of anyone who is not a dealer. All this fuss will get you nowhere. It is up to a higher authority.

    • Tina Trent

      In California, the percentage of people with medical marijuana scripts who have cancer or some other actually severely debilitating condition is apps. 2%.

  • Luke Thomas

    Is it true Crist is gay?

    • Joe

      Don’t know but it wouldn’t surprise me.

  • We need to rethink this

    The fact is that Republicans are on the wrong side of the pot issue. Crist and Republicans should all be doing a gut check, and have the courage to stand up for what is right by allowing legalizing medical marijuana. Those who portend to be against it are really just political cowards cause we all know it is a harmless drug that provides real benefits to the sick.

  • Lisa Berry

    Sorry Charlie is an intractable flip-flopper with no credibility nor character. Do liberals and Democrats not know that he would become a hardcore Conservative in a heartbeat were it to his advantage? That’s a rhetorical question, I know ; ) As for legalizing marijuana, I think that would be fine with the caveat that any crime or injury caused by someone under the influence would incur a mandatory prison sentence so harsh as to deter the use of marijuana in the first place. Let’s see how many “responsible, non-violent” pot smokers would be snared by that net.

    • http://N/A James

      “As for legalizing marijuana, I think that would be fine with the caveat that any crime or injury caused by someone under the influence would incur a mandatory prison sentence so harsh as to deter the use of marijuana in the first place.”

      Or you know make it the same crime as drinking and driving since its basically the same thing. How much does that deter drinking? Oh thats right tons of people still frequent bars every night.

  • Joe

    What short memory Floridians have. Nut case Crist when he was Governor signed a law that would allow the government to inspect your septic tank. In other words, the government would have access to anyone’s property. It took a Republican to overturn the law. Do you really want Morgan and Morgan running the show. He is not “For the People”. He is “For the Government”. Think people, think!

  • Janet

    I personally don’t really have an opinion on the marijuana issue one way or another…………..but I wouldn’t vote for Charlie Crist no matter what he was pushing.

    If you put him in a bag with John Morgan and shook it up…you’d have nothing but an EMPTY bag.

  • G Speed

    but what about getting inmates for the privatized prisons–don’t you think we have some responsibility to see that those prisons have plenty of workers? How are they going to make any money if they lose 20% of their inmates?

  • Andrew Moss

    Its funny, I see Liberals complaining about Gov Scott, but about what? Our State economy is booming at a time in which most are stagnant, and thats thanks to Gov Scott attracting new businesses to FL. We have a lower unemployment rate then the national average. They dont like him because hes anti gay marraige and pro life. Im am a Pro-Choice Pro gay marriage republican, and im 100 percent behind Gov Scott’s reelection campaign.

    • Joe

      Amen Bro!

  • MikeTragesser

    Who really cares who smokes pot? Medical or for fun, it is definitely not a Public Safety issue, especially if you are going to have legal alcohol and other all the prescribed mind scramblers on the market. Who cares if a politician changes his views? That is how progress is done, or we would still have slaves. Find another reason to hate Charlie Crist. This just makes ya’ll sound like a bunch of hypocrites.

    • Democratic Dunce Charlie

      Mike Tragesser says:
      Who cares if a politician changes his views? That is how progress is done, or we would still have slaves.

      Please Mike, get real. I care when a politician changes his views so that he can run for another party. And remember when you get Mindless Charlie, you also get Debbie Blabbermouth Schultz. She’ll be running hand in hand with Charlie. Both are supported big time by John Jowls, the “For the People” lawyer.

    • Joe

      No hypocrites here. Just common sense people.

    • Sandi Trusso

      Oh right, Mike, as I just posted above, I have a dead brother because of a hit and run driver who was on pot. (who already had 19 DWI’s against his license and was driving while high on pot, with a suspended license). How do you figure it’s not a public safety issue?

  • James Spinter

    John Morgan changed the petition so that it would fail even if it was passed. He’s a trojan horse, and so is Charlie Crist. They intend on using the issue to get Crist elected and if it passes then the new changes implemented by Morgan have made it almost unenforceable so the Florida Legislature can take as long as they want to determine how the drug will be grown, sold and used. The Republican led Legislature will dismantle the effectiveness of the bill if it passes. Morgan is a trojan horse.

  • Tammy

    Legalizing medical use of marijuana is totally different from legalizing it all together. I have a problem with the first, but not the second if it was to help a medical condition and prescribed by a doctor.

    If you want to talk hypocritical moves, how about Scott virtually gutting education right up until he starts seeking votes? That one time bonus will in no way make up for the damage Scott has done to the teacher’s pay or to our schools. This man went to a Special Olympics meet telling them what a wonderful program it was and then an hour later was signing a bill to put special needs children in nursing homes! That bill did nothing more than send his pals more money to house these children, many of whom their parents wanted to care for at home.

    He then went on to try to cut life saving meds from transplant patients. A week later he was down in Florida telling all his mothers friends how compassionate he was LOL……Crist has my vote hands down!

    • Tina Trent

      What did he do to renal patients?

  • Deep Dish

    To quote, “A report by the Marijuana Policy Project in Washington stated that under Governor Charlie Crist, Florida had the toughest marijuana possession laws in the country including five years in prison for the possession of one ounce of marijuana… State law provides for a maximum penalty of up to five years in prison for possession of one ounce, whereas the state with the second-most severe penalty, Arizona, has a maximum penalty of 1.5 years.”

    Arizona is worse than Florida. In Arizona, the possession of ANY amount of marijuana, even one little bud, is an automatic felony. In Florida, it’s a misdemeanor under 20 grams. The length of sentences may be longer, but it’s the severity of charges which ultimately matter, in salvaging your life after a conviction.

    Anyway, support for medical marijuana by Floridians have jumped from 70% earlier this year to 82%, in the span of just a few months. I guess those 12% must be hypocrites for changing their opinions, too. While it’s possible Crist may be just playing game, I give him the benefit of the doubt.

  • ssj12

    I’ll vote Libertarian to change things toward freedom, and not more of the same.

  • James M. Ray

    Roger was originally a Nixon man, but ironically (since Tricky Dick’s wage & price controls as well as the closing of the Gold Window led to the birth of the LP!) he is now a Libertarian like me, which proves the weirdness of politics. He was considering trying to primary Adrian Wyllie, and I wish he had even though I love Adrian, because I’m sure the debate would have been interesting, and Roger dresses well, and he was a part of political history so he knows some cool stuff.

    Anyway, our statist Attorney General Pam Bondi says, with a straight face, that “Amendment 2 goes too far.” People like me had to hold our nose to sign it, because we think it doesn’t go far enough! (My friend Cathy Jordan, for example, isn’t allowed to grow her own medicine in her own back yard under the law, even if we “win”! Cathy is fighting ALS, which is a horrible disease, but somehow, she keeps outliving her own doctors! That “somehow” is medical cannabis, which is very-obviously saving her life.) Needless to say, I will be voting for Bill Wohlsifer rather than Ms. Bondi.

    Anyway, the problem with Crist is that he is a political chameleon who has no principles whatsoever, so if the polls change on this issue, he could easily change his mind AGAIN. Libertarians lack a lot of things — especially money from corporate welfare queens like “Big Sugar” — but one thing we’ve got is principles. I may *joke* about getting an all expenses paid hunting trip to “King Ranch” if Libertarians win, but everyone knows it ain’t happening because, to be blunt about it, we’re not blatantly-corrupt like the duopoly party is here in our state. Anyway, HTH.