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Rick Scott Approves Plan to Exhume Human Remains at Controversial Reform School

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(The Shark Tank)


The controversial decision to exhume the human remains that were “unexpectedly discovered” in graves outside of the Dozier School for Boys’ small graveyard has been made, as Governor Rick Scott and his cabinet approved an exhumation plan at the school.

 The University of South Florida first discovered the graves earlier this year, and Democratic Senator Bill Nelson took on the State of Florida, threatening to take the issue up with the Department of Justice, if the State did not exhume the human remains.

 Scott and the cabinet granted the University permission to give their archaelogy team the green light to “proceed with the exhumation of bodies in dozen’s upon dozen’s of unmarked graves” at the Dozier school  in Marianna, Florida.

 “We have an obligation to the families and to our history to treat these remains with the dignity and respect they deserve,” said Bondi. She said the Dozier boys are no longer “boys” in her mind. “I now call them Dozier gentlemen.”
Said Adam Putnam, commissioner of agriculture and consumer services, “There is no shame in searching for the truth. These families deserve to know where their loved ones are buried.”

Chief Financial Officer Jeff Atwater pledged more financial support when the time comes. “We have the responsibility as trustees in time … we are accepting today with our vote, that wherever this takes us, we will need to provide additional (financial) support.”-Sunshine State News.

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