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Senator Marco Rubio/ The Shark Tank

Rubio Stands His Ground on Self-Defense

Senator Marco Rubio/ The Shark Tank

Senator Marco Rubio/ The Shark Tank


This weekend Reverend Al Sharpton is pushing a nationwide protest against the verdict of the Trayvon Martin shooting case, hoping that his actions will lead to a Department of Justice civil rights murder case to be filed against George Zimmerman.

 Florida Senator Marco Rubio, another ‘white Hispanic,’ has taken issue with the likes of Sharpton and the Reverend Jessie Jackson over  their racist and divisive rhetoric regarding this case, which ended in Zimmerman being acquitted of murdering Trayvon Martin.

 Rubio told reporters at the Gatorland theme park in Orlando, Florida,  he believed every American had the fundamental right to self-defense, and  he  supported Florida’s ‘Stand Your Ground the law “as it was written.”

 Rubio said that he didn’t know “what grounds they (DOJ) were going to be investigating on,” adding that he believes that the DOJ is more interested in investigating Zimmerman over “politics not policy.”

 While still discussing the issue with reporters, Rubio switched up to speaking Spanish,reiterated how many Americans feel about this case, and the racial divide that Sharpton and Jackson are creating. Jackson recently stated that Florida is an Apartheid State.

 “I understand that there are people who don’t agree with the verdict in this  case, a case that  has gone before a jury and judge.

 What I don’t think is good, are voices that are trying to divide us and are creating conflicts, like Reverend Jackson, who has a history of saying ridiculous things to try to garner publicity. He is dividing the American people, and he is defaming the state of Florida, saying that things that just aren’t true.”-Senator Marco Rubio

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Javier Manjarres

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  • http://Sharktank Fred Tagtmeier LT.RET.

    Marco has the guts and fortitude to call it like it is. It’s a pleasure to hear a politician tell the truth for a change.He has my support.

  • Iggy

    Why are we not investigating the DOJ for spending public taxes on sending and paying rent-a-mob shitheads to Florida to stir up racist crap . The only racists among us were Treyon Foul mouth Martin. His school kicked him out for violent behaviour, his mother did the same (Now of course she sees the money making possibilities of her bad upbringing of this idiot, Sharpton and Jackson head great money spinning outfits that exist to line their pockets with blood money. Lets have a IRS investigation into their incomes and the DOJ should investigate Martins Racist family, his disgusting tweets, Sharpton, Jackson and Obama fpr their racist behavior and inciting mob rule. Maybe this will bring back the KKK and let them start campaigns!

    • suleiman williams

      The act of chasing anybody with a loaded gun is an act of aggression. Zimmerman wont have chased Travon if he had no weapon with him. My prayers are with the Martin family. And for all u KKK apologist, d law of Karma will surely come around.

      • Ilia Encinosa

        There is no evidence that Zimmerman followed Trayvon. There are 4 minutes where you dont know where Trayvon is and his girlfriend said he was going to give Z an “ass whooping” so please get your facts straight.
        The law of karma comes around for those who do bad intention things- this was an unfortunate tragedy. Race had nothing to do with it. The people who agree with the law are not KKK apologist and for your info the KKK was created by

      • elaine

        Is it too much to ask for you to make sense when you attempt to communicate?

  • Tea Party Voter

    Marco is 100% correct on this one!

  • http://TheSharkTank Red

    Ok, people need to get over it. The big issue was that there was no trial, now there has been a trial and it was decided that Zimmerman was not guilty! Let’s move on, white people didn’t make this much of a big deal when OJ was acquitted for his ex wife’s death and we all know that wasn’t self defense.

    • Lilly

      thank you Red.

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  • bill wallner

    Add the POTUS to the list of divisive speakers. Things have not improved in the last 37 years???? He needs to take a look in the mirror and at his business card.