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Rep. Frederica Wilson/ The Shark Tank

(Video)-Black Men Arrested For "Eating While Black, and Just Being Plain Ol' Black!"

Rep. Frederica Wilson/ The Shark Tank

Rep. Frederica Wilson/ The Shark Tank


Democratic Congresswoman Frederica Wilson delivered one of the most racially divisive speeches I may have ever heard. The setting was the National Action Network’s Miami rally this weekend that aimed at pressuring the Department of Justice to press civil rights charges against George Zimmerman.

Unfortunately, because of the poor audio quality, crowd noise, and Wilson’s constant movements away from the microphone, much of the speech was inaudible.

Some of the controversial statements that Wilson made did however record clearly.

America, little black boys and big boys, and black grown men, will continue to be singled out and arrested for driving while black, shopping while black, walking while black, eating while black, and just being plain ol’ black!

Then she said this:

If Zimmerman had a “role model in his school, he would have learned how to respect life”

Wilson added that George Zimmerman had other options besides pressing the gun upto Zimmerman’s heart and pulling the trigger. The medical examiner confirmed that the gun muzzle was not pressed up against Trayvon Martin when the shot was fired.

Think of the options Mr. Zimmerman had, he could have shot in the air, and if he would have shot in the air Trayvon would have ran like a rabbit, instead “he took that gun and put it up against Trayvon’s heart and pulled the trigger. That’s first degree murder in my mind, that’s what that is.

And then she said this

Still, in this 21st century, our black boys are targets

[vsw id=”30KvO2DKqzQ” source=”youtube” width=”600″ height=”360″ autoplay=”no”]

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(Video)-Black Men Arrested For "Eating While Black, and Just Being Plain Ol' Black!"

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