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Rick Scott: Florida is a “Traditional Marriage State”



The historic Supreme Court decision to scrap the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA), deeming it “unconstitutional,” prompting Florida Governor Rick Scott to ‘stand his ground’ on the issue, declaring that Florida is a “traditional marriage state.”

Scott told reporters in Tallahassee that he will “uphold the law of the land, and that’s the law of our state.”

“It impacted federal law, not state law. In 2008, Florida voters amended our constitution so that we’re a traditional marriage state. Marriage is between a man and a woman,” said Republican Gov. Rick Scott. “As governor of the state I’ll uphold the existing law of the land, and that’s the law of our state.” –AP

Republican Congresswoman Michele Bachmann may have defended traditional marriage the best for faith-based conservative, when she stated that the “marriage is created by the hand of God.”

Former Congressman Allen West  also weighed in on the decision with the following Facebook post-

 I don’t believe when the 14th Amendment was passed to support the 13th amendment, the writers ever conceived it would be used as a catch-all for various special interest groups. And I am very concerned that special interest groups can challenge the referendum of the people and seek out their interest before the courts – and in fact overrule the democratic process by legislating from the bench.

America is facing immense issues that threaten our republic — economic, energy, and national security issues –and I shall not get caught up in debates at the federal government level on legislating sexual behaviors. The states will make the final determination….but then again, we need to beware judicial activism.

Senator Marco Rubio, who is struggling to stay in favor with his conservative base for supporting  amnesty for illegal immigrants, stated that he believed that the SCOTUS “made a serious mistake” with their ruling.

Expect Florida Democrats to use this issue against Governor Rick Scott in next year’s gubernatorial election, as Florida Democratic Leader, Allison Tant has already exploited the SCOTUS decision in an effort to try to raise donations for her party.

Here is a snippet of the fundraising email she sent out:

 Now it’s up to us. We know the Tea Party will try every trick in the book to stop GLBT couples from achieving marriage equality. Right here in Florida, we know that Rick Scott is probably getting ready to do what he can to limit the rights of GLBT couples. On Sunday, we are facing our first FEC deadline since this historic decision. We have to have a great report or the GOP will see it as a sign of weakness.-Allison Tant, Florida Democrats

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  • SSMcDonald

    GOOD for Governor Scott!! 6,000 years of tradition interrupted by 5 (accountable to God) people that think they know better than all of recorded human history. I would not want to be in their shoes when they face a wrathful God at their judgment.

    • Steve

      I am so glad my god is not a prick like yours, Have you ever wondered why we have so many gay people in this world, maybe it is a form of normal. Only god really knows the answer to that. I guess your God makes mistakes because he made gay people along with the rest of us.. Well my god makes all people and they all are the way they should be. I wouldn’t want to be you when you meet your god if he is a prick to gay people what is he going to do to someone like you, oh yeah that’s right, you have hell.

      • Cindy

        There must be evil for the temptation. And those who resist the temptation are resisting the evil. Perversion is the evil temptation. And those who support perversion by the idea of knowing better than God, you will be judged.

  • Carlos

    It’s really simple. There’s no such thing as male wife or a female husband. A child can only have 1 father & 1 mother, no matter what newspeak is produced when hysterical pressures cause cowardly frauds to “decree” what is fiction to be truth. And Marco is no longer “trying to stay in the favors of” conservatives, that ship sailed and sunk with his ill advised sellout to big business and abandonment of the Tea PArty without whose support he would have likely lost and will certainly lose in 2016. I think his WH bid is toast and don’t be surprised if Allen West primaries him for Senate.

  • G Speed

    So what’s next on the menu—polygamy? How about child marriage? Maybe a dept. of man/boy advocacy? Our great federal gov’t with it’s direct line to “truth and a higher moral plane” will be our guide.

  • Walker

    I love our Governor! Thanks Governor Scott for standing up for FL. And for standing up for what is moral and right.
    Go Rick Scott!!

  • C. Manning

    Former Congressman Allen West’s summary is spot on. Since when does a special interest group have the power to change the culture of an entire country? Hopefully, what’s now catagorized as special interest, Christians will stand up for faith and family; including the Catholic Chruch.

  • http://omcast Joe Birle

    Thanks God for Rick Scott. Finally a man of God.

  • http://shark-tank Cheryl Laing

    Thank you Governor Scott…we appreciate your sound decision-making and we know God will honor you for it!!!! God bless you.

  • Sound Voice

    Love thy neighbor as thyself. How many do gooders are so judging. There are good people and bad, who are usually good people who had it bad who can be good again. Do you really need to care if they are having chicken for dinner, or who they are dating or marrying. If it doesn’t effect your life – why stand on a soapbox and protest. Who does it effect is the insurance company’s ability to not give benefits or laws judge wrongfully because we don’t see what is front of our eyes. They will still be Gay and in the end if your not that’s ok they don’t care so why do we need to care other than to know if you have a good neighbor or not. Will they help you or judge you. Stop judging. Think of why you are actually stopping is so simple, does it matte rto you if Ann & Mary are married and what you are stopping if their daughter from getting a surgery paid for because state XYZ doesn’t “see” the marriage and therefore insurance benefits are a bust. The big companies get fatter when the light is made dark because if you keep to yourself and be a good person that is when you can see the good in others. Life can be simple and happy, why feel the need to take away someone’s possibility at a happy life. Good people want the best for themselves and others. Stop judging isn’t that what God’s job is and even he is the master of forgiveness.

    • Cindy

      You speak too much and say nothing. Usually that’s how it works when one doesn’t see the problem.

  • Ana Gomez-Mallada

    Sometimes there IS NO problem, except in the minds of the frightened, ignorant and fearful.