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The Deep Florida Democratic Party Divide


Democrats not as touchy-feely as before


The Democratic Party divide around the country is taking center-state in Florida, as Democrats in the Sunshine State have been at each others throats since the end of the 2012 general election cycle.

The ongoing drama between the Florida Democratic Party and 2014 gubernatorial candidate, State Senator Nan Rich, in regards to letting Rich speak at the State Party’s Jefferson-Jackson dinner in Hollywood, Florida, prompted event organizers to not allow her or any other candidate to speak at the event. Florida Democrats are still trying to decide whether to back Democrat newby Charlie Crist or someone  as liberal as Nan Rich for Governor

The Republican Party of Florida jumped on the opportunity to mock their Democratic rivals, by were openly supporting Nan Rich’s quest to speak at the event. The GOP started the Twitter hash tag #freenanrich. Pretty funny.

Here is what we wrote about  Rich’s little party snafu. Even the leftist blog, Mother Jones has taken issue with the Florida Democratic Party.  You know you have really stepped in a big pile of political poop when you manage to upset the Mother Jones’ of the liberal world.

 The Republican Party of Florida (RPOF) Chairman, Lenny Curry, smartly fanned the flames of discourse via Twitter slamming Debbie Wasserman Schultz and Democratic Party of Florida (DPOF) Chairman, Allison Tant, for remaining silent and removed from the predicament.  Curry also comically coined the phrase “Free Nan Rich”, and used it as a hash tag as he questioned Schultz and Tant over their absence.

“Hearing nothing from @AllisonTant. @DWSTweets, will you #FreeNanRich? #sayfie”, Curry tweeted. (FL Democratic Infighting Erupts as They Snub One of Their Own)

It gets better. Like we said, this Democratic divide is nothing new. Liberal Democratic Congressman and firebrand, Alan Grayson, has also fueled this divide by calling for a primary challenge to quite a few of his colleagues in the Congress who did not tow the liberal line with their votes.

 Roughly 170 of them (Democratic Representatives) need to be primaried next year, that’s what that means. –Rep. Alan Grayson

Grayson then turns his frustration on President Obama, saying that “our leader (Obama) is essentially adopting the other side’s talking points.”

There are too many people, starting with the President on down, who think that any deal is better than ‘no’ deal, even if it’s a bad deal and they run around with their pride and their power saying  ’ well, I’m gonna decide these things for America.-Rep. Alan Grayson (D-FL) (Grayson wants Democrats primaried)

But wait, it gets even better. Alan Grayson himself is now a victim of this Democratic divide he helped to create, as he himself has now picked up a Democratic primary challenge from former Navy veteran, Michael McKenna. (Grayson gets Democrat primary challenge)

And now there is the Florida Democratic Party’s claim to be “United as one.” The RPOF has just sent out  a rebuttal to the Democratic claim that their party is unified.




CLAIM: FROM 1:32 TO THE END, THE FLORIDA DEMOCRATS’ VIDEO CLAIMS THEY ARE “UNITED AS ONE.” (Florida Democratic Party, “Rick Scott’s Days Are Numbered,” FDP YouTube: Starting At 1:32, 6/16/13)

·         FACT: The Tampa Bay Times’ Adam Smith: “Dems Hardly Look Like A Fine-Tuned Machine Poised For A Big Comeback In 2014.” (Adam C. Smith, “Winner And Loser Of The Week In Fla Politics,” The Tampa Bay Times, 6/16/13)

 ·         FACT: Alex Sink Admits Democrats Have No Agreement On Messaging. “Speaking to a gathering of state representatives, [Sink] said Democrats need to improve their messaging. She called for an agreement ‘on three top line messages for a platform to be talking about like a drumbeat.’ ‘We need to share with Floridians who we are as Democrats, and why, if the Democrats are in charge in Tallahassee, their lives will be different.’” (Anthony Man, “Florida Democrats Converge On Hollywood For Annual Gathering,” The South Florida Sun-Sentinel, 6/15/13)

 ·         FACT: State Rep. Jim Waldman Leading Effort On “Orwellian Rule” To Impose Penalties Against Dem Legislators Who Vote Against Official Caucus Positions”“[A]n Orwellian/small tent party proposal by Florida House Democrats enabling the sanctioning of members who stray from official caucus positions.” (Adam C. Smith, “This Day In Crist-ory,” The Tampa Bay Times, 6/13/13)

FACT: Democratic Party’s Progressive Caucus, Having Already Attacked Crist, Promises To Review All Dem Candidates’ Stances On Other Issues. “The state Democratic Party’s Progressive Caucus, meanwhile, has announced it will issue analyses of the three candidates’ stances on gun rights, reproductive rights, education and possibly the environment. The first installment, on gun rights, criticizes Crist …” (William March, “Shaky Democratic Governor’s Race Could Benefit Crist,” The Tampa Tribune, 6/8/13)

FACT: News Service Of Florida: “Rouson Receives Criticism At Meeting Of House Democrats.” (“Rouson Receives Criticism At Meeting Of House Democrats,” News Service Of Florida, 6/15/13)

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The Deep Florida Democratic Party Divide

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