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Bill Calling For “Full Audit” of IRS Prohibits Obamacare Implementation

Susan Rice


Republicans continue to push for more answers in the Benghazi cover-up scandal, as well as the Internal Revenue Service targeting of Conservative organizations and individuals.

Congressman Mark Meadows (R-NC) says that IRS boss Lois Lerner, who plead the 5th during her House Oversight & Government Committee appearance, can still be recalled, and adds that because these scandals are happening under the watch of Eric Holder, Holder should step down.

We don’t trust Eric Holder…I think its time for him to resign, lets get someone else in there that will uphold the rule of law. Meadows adds “that what’s our constitution is about, that’s what its suppose to be about.”-Rep.Mark Meadows (R)

Meadows’ ears were ringing as an IRS agent based in Washington, D.C., has come forward and admitted that she was involved in reviewing the tax exemption status of Tea Party groups as far back as 2010.

We know that it was not two rogue agents in Cincinnati, there was a strong involvement from Washington, D.C., how high up that goes, we are not sure of.-Rep. Mark Meadows (R)

Now Meadows has introduced legislation that calls for a full audit the IRS, and prohibits the full implementation of Obamacare until the results of the audit are made public.

“After learning that the IRS targeted groups based on their political beliefs, why should we now blindly trust this agency to oversee the largest health care takeover in our nation’s history?” Meadows said.  “Acting IRS Commissioner Daniel Werfel has said he recognizes the need to restore the public’s trust in the IRS.  By requiring this audit, Congress has the opportunity to make his words a reality.

On the issue of the attack on the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi, Libya, Meadows says that along with the IRS scandal, Benghazi is the Oversight committee’s top priorities, and the committee could call back National Security Advisor Susan Rice to testify.

Meadows questions the ARB, the review board that filed the report about Benghazi, saying that the report “had a lot of things that they left out.”

According to Meadows, the House Foreign Affairs Committee will address the ARB process by putting forth an amendment that will call for the investigation of the senior level officials of any government agency, and not just certain individuals who are called to testify before the committee.

To leave Hillary Clinton out of the interview process, I find that amazing that we would do that, an it just provides for political cover, something that the American people just wont stand for.-Rep. Mark Meadows (R0

Meadows adds that he doesn’t see Clinton coming back before Oversight, but insists that it is up to Chairman Darrel Issa to make that decision.

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Javier Manjarres

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  • John Henke

    The IRS is a criminal organization that exists completely outside of our Constitution and the rule of law. It is a collection agency not for the “government” but for the criminal banking cartel known as the Federal Reserve. They are in fact the real government ruling this nation. America was overthrown in 1913 by a cabal of American and European banking families. Any attempts to overthrow this “government” now would not be revolutionary, but counter-revolutionary as there is no legitimate government to overthrow in the first place.

    The man the media tells us is named Barrack Obama participated in the assassination of Ambassador Stevens. This was an assassination ordered up by the CIA. They sent in their AL-CIA-DHU goons and had him killed because he was about to raze hell about the CIA supplying Al-CIA-DUH with weapons for a proxy war with Syria. But for the efforts of some Navy Seals who knew an unlawful order when they heard it and had the courage to disobey it we would have never known the truth as the intent was for everybody there to be killed. These men are truly American heroes and should receive the Medal of Honor though sadly, posthumously.

    All of the nations that have been overthrown in the so-called Arab Spring have been nations that are not under the control of the Rockefeller Rothschild Morgan banking cartel. Their economies were based on wealth production rather than debt slavery like the one we have here in America and slave under today. If these maniacs based in Washington District of Criminals are not stopped, well, I just mourn for our children.

  • Rich

    Did anyone here think that maybe the teabagger groups the IRS was looking into were being looked into because the are BLATANTLY POLITICAL and therefore DO NOT DESERVE to be granted tax exempt status?
    What about any teabagger group has anything, repeat, anything to do with “SOCIAL WELFARE”?
    Teabagger groups clearly and plainly advocate for specific political candidates and therefore have no right to be qualified as tax exempt.

    • John

      You are obviously a communist. You should move to Cuba. You will love it there boy.

  • Nancy Celano

    The entire Obama administration is suspect. They are all consummate liars and a danger to the safety of America. Those liberals who just can’t accept this fact are getting more nasty in their public responses each day. They are brutal.

  • Jean Coopef

    There should be a full audit of the IRS, NSA, Homeland Security, EpA, and many more before any further funding is granted. Their should be a flat tax implemented and the IRS abolished