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Rep. Radel Pushes to Safeguard Americans, Introduced Two Amendments to NDAA



The National Defense Authorization Act is a federal law passed yearly establishing a budget for the Department of Defense.  It has come under heavy scrutiny under the Obama administration for its grotesque violation of civil liberties including indefinite detention of U.S. citizens.

This week Congressman Trey Radel (FL-19) along with co-sponsors Congressman Justin Amash (MI-03), Congressman Thomas Massie (KY-04) and Congressman Matt Salmon (AZ-05) are introducing two amendments to the bill in order to protect American civil liberties.

Their first proposed amendment to the NDAA would seek to prevent the use of unmanned aircraft or any type of “lethal military force” against Americans on our own soil.  Reps. Radel, Amash and Massie offered similar legislation in March of this year.

Their second proposed amendment would require “the Secretary of Defense to submit to Congress an annual report on US citizens subject to military detention. The report will include their names, the legal justification for their detention and the steps being taken to provide each with due process of law. This amendment holds the executive branch accountable by shining light into the military detention process.”   By requiring the report to be made available to all of Congress and being made “unclassified” even though it may contain “a classified annex”, it would help bring some much needed transparency to the law.

“The government should be a vigilant defender of our civil liberties,” said Rep. Radel. “These amendments add yet another layer of protection to the rights of American citizens, granting them the due process they deserve when it comes to the use lethal military force and military detentions.”

Rep. Rep. Salmon emphasized the importance behind clearly defining the law to “ensure these protections for U.S. citizens are never infringed upon.”

The first proposed Amendment to the NDAA doesn’t mince words in its clarity declaring, “The President may not use lethal military force against a citizen of the United States who is located in the United States.”

“The NDAA is another example of legislation that Congress continues to pass without regard for our Constitution,” said Rep. Massie. “These amendments ensure our Fifth Amendment rights are observed, and I look forward to working with Rep. Radel, Rep. Amash, and Rep. Salmon to protect Americans’ civil liberties.”

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  • Rich

    Thanks Trey but you didn’t go far enough, not restoring the doctrine of “Posse Comitatus” that was stripped from our rights by the “NDAA” bill and signed by our Senator Rubio even after he assured me that he would never sign a bill affecting “Posse Comitatus”

  • Paul In Orlando

    I have such disturst of our government and politicians that when something “appears” to be positive, the fist thing that comes to mind is: why? and what’s the catch?

  • MrMidnyte

    Congressman Radel, our government under the present administration has abandoned the principles that made this country great. There is an internal rot that has festered and is destroying the very fabric of our society. Our government is out of control. Every day we are bombarded with even more evidence that this corruption may be systemic at this point. We sent you to Washington to make a difference and to stand vigilant against the obvious subversion of the soul of America. Please continue the fight. Try and correct the wrongs and we will support you.

    • Rich

      Sir, where were YOU when these programs began under the Bush Regime?

      For some reason everything seems to be different when there’s a Black Man in the White House.

      • MikeR

        You’re right Rich. The biggest difference is that the press is letting him get away with malfeasance and corruption that no white president would ever get away with.

        • Jean cooper

          MikeR you are so correct. 99% of the bills, amendments and executive orders not counting illegal appointments would never have been tolerated if this was a white man. Because he is half black and 100% Muslim and the rest of this administration get away with anything. Criminal charges should have been brought years ago

  • Jean cooper

    Starting with the lying about Barry (Barack) background, birth certificate. The sealing of all his records including grammar school, high school, college(whether he was a foreign aid student) to the people who raised him, the criminals that have influenced him his entire life. Lets make a spreadsheet of from the time this man now known as Barack came in to existence and what he has done good or bad. Lets list all of the decisions he has made starting as a community organize.. Now I guess that was after soulmate and chewbacha were disbarred.

  • Jean cooper

    Moderation must take a while.. Who is doing the moderating Shar Tank or NSA

  • Jean cooper

    Lets talk of the sequester.. So they stop WH tours because they had to cut overtime to Secret Service but then send 75 or so globe trotting around with the guy in the WH and going on his African Vacation. Do you know that they also blame sequester on closing the swimming pools early on our military bases to save money…really

    • Jean cooper

      Lets not let the children that are already living at poverty level enjoy that time at the pool.