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Courtesy of Politico

Obamacare Donor-Gate Scandal Looming Over White House

Courtesy of Politico

Courtesy of Politico


A group members of the U.S. House of Representatives have sent Secretary of the Department of Human and Health Services, Kathleen Sebelius, a letter questioning her reported actions of soliciting donations from non-profit organizations that are “directly implementing” Obamacare.

Florida’s Representatives Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, Jeff Miller, Bill Posey and Trey Radel are among the 26 members of Congress who penned their signatures on the letter to Sebelius.

The letter asks Secretary Sebelius if she indeed made the calls,how many did she make? In addition, Sebelius was asked if Department resources were used, and how much money was raised?

If it is confirmed that Sebelius did solicit funds from organizations, who are tasked to implement Obamacare, could this be another Obama scandal in the making?

Sebelius letter

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  • AnnS

    Now if we can believe Maxine this one time; note the 501c(4) reference; obama’s date base of enemeis:

  • john wright

    Subpoena, subpoena, subpoena!

  • Florida Jim

    Sebelius looks lost and confused , in other words, a typical Obama appointment. When she has to beg businesses to send money to her to pay for Obamacare, which has still not been fully explained, you he and Obamacare are in trouble. The 60’s radicals and their offspring that permeate Obama’s administration are lying and cheating in every position they hold and it is because that is their habit of a lifetime. Truth and honor do not work with Obama. HHS, EPA, HSO, IRS, Press corps. ,Immigration, border security, TSA, there is not one properly run and properly staffed all are overloaded and overpaid at the taxpayer expense. If we fired 50% of all Obama employees no one would be missed. Look at the sequester even Obama could not make it look like they were necessary in the departments effected.

    • Texas Jim

      | Sebelius looks lost and confused

      Yes, lucky for whoever terribly wrote this article, they managed to scrub through some footage and find the most random still image of her speaking. Thus creating an emotional response that she wanted from people like you Florida Jim.

      Those people that you talk about that are over staffed and over loaded. Those are american people like you and me. Their just trying to live their lives and get by. The problem with the system today is it’s broke. Instead of griping about the broke government, and change help change the private sector. Put your money in local economy and stores. Help out your fellow man. Avoid the mysterious corporate entities that thrive off of us, sucking and taking everything we work so hard for. Let’s end this time of scarcity. fight back. It’s time for the period of Abundance.

  • Lightweight

    Stop with the “scandals” talking points ? There are no scandals,these are crimes…

  • http://att rotortop

    She can get free health care in Jail.

  • Nana

    What? Another scandal with this administration? No surprise to me. To start with he is an illegal president. Can’t cap president because he isn’t one. All he knows how to do is play golf!