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Wasserman Schultz’s Democratic Party of Adultery and Hypocrisy


bill and monicaFormer South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford’s recent congressional special election, has infuriated extremist Feminazi’s and their women’s groups, leaving them to wallow in their misery and resort to their usual Democratic Party talking points to attack Republicans.

The Queen-bee of these extremists is none other than Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-FL). In a television interview with her one of her fellow ‘extremists,’ Andrea Mitchell of MSNBC, Wasserman Schultz said the following-

The Republican Party continues to be the party of extremists, it doesn’t send a strong message to women in this country that the republican party understands that they have gone way off the issues that are important to women when they election a candidate like Mark Sanford after his track record.

So what Wasserman Schultz is saying here is, Republican men who commit adultery are “extremists,” sexists, and have no regard or respect for women.

The liberal Daily Kos website is also doubling-down with what Wasserman Schultz is saying by posting up a story about Sanford’s win titled, ” The Republican Party has officially embraced adultery, corruption, and hypocrisy.”

Both of these statements  epitomize the pure meaning of the word hypocrisy. For the liberal Democratic Party and it’s surrogates to say that  the Republican Party is the party of adulterers and hypocrites, I need only mention one name to counter their hypocrisy-

President Bill Clinton

But why stop there? Here are a few  other prominent Democrats that have joined the Bill Clinton adultery ranks-

democrat affairs

Let’s not forget about Barney Franks affair with a gay prostitute and Gary Hart’s affair with Donna Rice.

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Javier Manjarres
Javier Manjarres

As the managing editor of The Shark Tank, Javier was awarded the 2011 CPAC Blogger of the Year. Countless videos and articles from the Shark Tank have been featured on Fox News, The Hill, Wall Street Journal, and other national news publications. Javier has also appeared on Univision’s “Al Punto” and numerous radio shows, including being the weekly 92.5 Fox News' DayBreak with Drew Steele political contributor, as well as one of NewsmaxTV's conservative commentators. Javier has also authored "BROWN PEOPLE," which is a book about Hispanic Politics. Learn more at

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  • cpawas

    The difference is that the Democrats do not preach so-called “family values” as the non stop Religous right does that has control of the moral values of the Republican party. That is what creates the hypocracy. The Democrats never make the same demands. In fact with the exception of Clinton, all of the Democrats listed above were driven from office and public life. But people like Sanford and David Vitter among others are given second and third chances as long as they say “they have been forgiven”. While I certainly do not condone what the Democrats have done, They do not rub piety in your face and then commit adultery like the GOP does.

    • robomom

      Democrats are masters at justifying adultery, gay sex, fornication, etc. Whether it’s on the Republican side or the democrat side, it is still morally wrong and destructive to society. The difference is that democrats vigorously defend and promote every form of deviance in the name of “freedom.” Republicans refuse to give excuses for the moral failures, while democrats revel in them. Republicans have allowed the democrats to control the rhetoric for far too long. If they had spoken up during the 2012 election and refused to listen to the “expert” campaign strategists, Mitt Romney would be in the White House right now. Everyone knows he does not hate women and that he is a very generous man, not an elitist as he was portrayed, yet he refused to stand up for his party and his convictions and lost.

      • Sandi Trusso

        “The difference is that democrats vigorously defend and promote every form of deviance in the name of ‘freedom.’ ”
        Above is quoted from “robomom” – My response to this: So do Libertarians, many of whom pretend to be Republicans and have infiltrated the party. So be sure to check on all positions of all candidates and elected officials, because a lot of what people are upset with regarding specific Republicans, can actually be attributed to the fact that some of these “Republicans” are actually Libertarians pretending to be Republicans.

        • Jojo

          So your response is, “I know you arem but what am I”? That makes for a strong argument.

          Actually, there is a difference. Democrats not only vigorously defend but PROMOTE every form of deviance in the name of ‘freedom’.
          Libertarians do not promote them, they do not want government enforcing laws preventing many of them. There is a difference between defending rights in lieu of not erroding other rights (freedom) and promoting deviant behavior.

          • Sandi Trusso

            Conservative Republicans defend Judeo-Christian morality (in accordance with original intent of our US Constitution). You say that Libertarians only defend rights so as not to erode other rights (of course the rights they defend are automatically infringing upon my right to continue with the original intent of the US Constitution).

            No matter how you want to justify the true agenda of Libertarians, thinking people realize that Libertarians are only “defending” their definition of “rights” or “freedom”s (as pertains to moral issues) This definition contradicts that of the definitive intent of our founding fathers.

            Our laws reflect societal mores. Republicans realize that when you erroneously define these things, and you promote the prevention of laws which would prevent such abnormal, dangerous and/or deviant behavior, you are in reality, “promoting abnormal, dangerous and/or deviant behavior”.

    • Ed Wallis

      Thanks, “cpawas”, for confirming that DEMOCRATS HAVE ABSOLUTELY *NO* MORALS, ETHICS or ANY FORM OF STANDARDS. Your “get out of jail free” assertion is intellectually weak and disingenuous: you *really* equate those who attempt to hold to certain limitations to those who do not…what rubbish! Your moral equivalency is worth the mud it swims in.

  • Stan Lee

    The hypocrisy of politicians. The same bunch of people who have suppressed the news of crimes by Dr. Gosnell of Philadelphia, PA abortion activity, conveniently scream in righteous indignation because Sanford had a sweetheart outside of his marriage. Had he really been a womanizer, Charleston, SC, even Columbia, SC has astonishingly beautiful women. He could have saved himself the intrigue, the distance, etc. Obviously, he fell in love with the lady from So. America. I believe they’re still a couple.
    There might be a handful of people in the universe who are privy to the reasons promoting the Sanford marital break-up.
    Is Bill Clinton’s promiscuity more acceptable because he and Hillary are still officially recorded as married?

  • Special Operator


  • Benton H Marder

    Let’s make the list more complete—Jack, Bobby, Teddy.The last one swam off and let his girlfriend suufocateand drown while he arranged the cover-up.
    Massachusetts is such a sinkhole that he was continually re-elected to the Senate. There was nothing he could possibly do that would cause Bay Staters to spurn him. Nothing. That’s the Democratic Party for you.

  • Iggy

    Maybe the democrat candidate was a veery poor choice to begin with??

  • Rich

    Why don’t we stay out of the private lives of others?

    Especially since the Gingrich era, politics has become a “slash and burn” type of event where winning at any cost is all that matters.

    The real thing we should worry about is how ALL OF THEM have been bought by the wealthy and big business and DO NOT represent us at all. The politician’s main worry is keeping their cushy jobs and high end benefits that they ask US to give up while we pay for THEIRS. There’s some real immorality for you!!

  • Sandi Trusso

    As I see it, here’s the difference between Republican scandals, and Democrat scandals:

    The Republican platform has always recognized and traditional Judeo-Christian morality. When people run for office as a Republican, it is assumed that they agree and try to adhere to the platform. While they actually may agree with it, people are still human and weak, so periodically you may find a person who succumbs to the weakness.

    Democrats like Bill Clinton make a career of succumbing to this weakness… it’s not a temporary indiscretion. Furthermore, within the Democrat platform, it is obvious that they see nothing wrong with the “new” morality of anything goes, then just fix whatever the negative repercussion might be by changing the laws, changing the scriptural interpretations (in fact at the last Democrat Convention they even tried to remove God from their platform), or giving someone a pill/pills to prevent normal repercussions… or they simply try to change societal mores completely. (True Libertarians, and those who pretend to be Republican usually fall into this category as well.)

    It is much easier to report a scandal re a person who knows his/her actions are wrong, but does it anyway and gets caught, than to report that something is a scandal when the person never saw anything wrong with what he/she did to begin with (until they get caught… then, although they apologize to their families and society, they’re usually far more sorry for getting caught, than for their actions… because how can one be sorry for something they never thought was wrong?)

  • Sandi Trusso

    When we hear people attacking hypocritical “right wingers”, who by the way only recently became “right wingers”, many of us realize that from the beginning the so called “right wing” values were always considered the norm until “left wingers” thought they wouldn’t feel guilty if they just changed the laws, or changed the interpretation of scripture. They still haven’t learned that they can deceive themselves all they want, but they eventually learn that consequences of actions still exist once they get caught! It is at that time that they become angry at anyone who forces them to look at the hurt they’ve caused to others, because actions always come with consequences and actions always involve more people than yourself. The life one is living today, is the result of actions taken in the past.

    From the beginning of time man/woman have fallen short of their moral goals.

    When we set our moral goals high for America, and we fall short, we find ourselves somewhere in the middle of the road. But when we set them low for America, and we fall short, we find ourselves in the gutter trying to claw our way out.

    The solution is not to just change the law so that “gutter” becomes the norm. The solution is to work toward the high morality goal so that when we fall short it’s not so far to climb out to the sun lit, higher road!

  • Lightweight

    ROBOMON,No, you are wrong about Mitt Romney.Romney has done more damage to the American Family that any politician in our life time.His abortion policy and owner of Stericyle that disposed of the little babies remains.His gay marriage a governor and promotion of gay scout leaders in the BSA as a borad memeber.His vote for prongraphy as board member of Marriott Hotels.His investment thru Bain in Slave Labor in China.His 49% ownership of Clear Channell and Talk Radio remains silent.I could continue till you agree Obama is more conservative,but you should reseach his record.Mean while as the politicians most important prize is their seat in office and their adultry,we should remember to pray for the pain their wives and children are experiencing.

  • Rich

    I fully understand you folks’ irrational belief that a republican/conservative/teabagger can do absolutely no wrong. I apologize for bursting your bubbles. Read ’em and weep!!

    The traditional media may be interested almost exclusively in the sex lives of Democratic politicians, but on the hypocrisy index, it is hard to score higher than Republicans pontificating about saving the institution of marriage while so many of their leaders are serial and long-time adulterers:

    1. President George H.W. Bush allegedly had an LTR with British-born Jennifer Fitzgerald that lasted at least two decades, all while married to Bar, who said, “He didn’t even notice when I stopped coloring my hair.”

    2. Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger, famously married to Maria Shriver since 1986, is allegedly a purveyor of prostitutes, the father of at least one child out of wedlock and a serial groper of women in workplace situations.

    3. Sen. John McCain, 2008 Republican presidential frontrunner, and admitted adulterer and alleged philanderer. [Update July 2008: McCain’s Extramarital Affair with Cindy Ended His Friendship with Reagans in the 1970s]

    4. Rudolph Giuliani, former mayor of New York City and another GOP 2008 presidential contender, betrayed his second wife, TV presenter Donna Hanover, with his “very good friend” Judith Nathan, whom he has since married. Hanover also publicly accused Rudy of having an affair with a staffer, Cristyne Lategano-Nicholas.

    5. Rush Limbaugh, comedian, (a.k.a. “Rusty Sharpe”) dated Marta Fitzgerald while she was married to someone else. Marta later became his third wife. (He and CNN’s Daryn Kagin recently stopped dating.)

    6. Bill O’Reilly, propagandist, who is married to Maureen McPhilmy, tried to have phone sex with Andrea Mackris, who sued him for sexual harrassment.

    7. Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich, is probably the most audacious serial adulterer in any political party.

    8. Former Rep. Bob Barr’s notoriety as an adulterer was one of many ironies around the so-called Defense of Marriage Act (DoMA) which he wrote, and which was passed with the leadership of fellow adulterers Sen. Majority Leader Bob Dole and House Speaker Newt Gingrich.

    9. Rep. Henry Hyde, who served as chairman of House Mangers in the adultery-related impeachment of President Clinton, was a home-wrecker himself. Hyde had an affair when he was a young and foolish man of 41 while he and his girlfriend were both very much married. Her husband later said Hyde broke up his family.

    10. Gary Bauer, professional moralizing Christian nationalist, experienced a mutiny when he was running for president when actual Christians on the staff of his 2000 presidential campaign quit in protest over Bauer’s “inappropriate” behavior with a 26-year-old deputy campaign manager. Euww.

    11. (Updated) Had to add this one sent in by reader S.O. that probably should have bumped poor old Henry Hyde on the list: Neal Horsley, and rightwing religious nut, freely admitted to a kinky sex life, including this outrageous exchange on Fox’s Hannity & Colmes:

    AC: “You had sex with animals?”

    NH: “Absolutely. I was a fool. When you grow up on a farm in Georgia, your first girlfriend is a mule.”

    AC: “I’m not so sure that that is so.”

    NH: “You didn’t grow up on a farm in Georgia, did you?”

    AC: “Are you suggesting that everybody who grows up on a farm in Georgia has a mule as a girlfriend?”

    NH: It has historically been the case. You people are so far removed from the reality… Welcome to domestic life on the farm…”

    UPDATE: Thanks for all the emails. Our list attempts to identify the top 10 adulterers so there were several top contenders that didn’t make it:
    ◾Rep. Bob Livingston, the man who would have been House Speaker after Newt if Larry Flynt hadn’t uncovered some very kinky dirt on Livingtston. He was a top contender but since he never really served as Speaker, was bumped for Bauer.
    ◾It is true that Nancy Reagan was pregnant when she married Ronnie, but neither of them was married to anyone else at the time. By Republican standards of “abstinence only,” Nancy clearly did not say “no.”
    ◾We covered the rumors of troubles in the marriage of the president and Laura Bush but the evidence of this is spotty.
    ◾A definite top 10 contender is the Wall Street Journal’s John Fund, a sanctimonius Clinton-hater, who, as reader TL reminds us, “[Apparently] had a fling with the DAUGHTER of someone he was having an affair with and then arranged for (or at least condoned) the abortion of their child.”
    ◾Back-bencher Rep. Don Sherwood of Pennsylvania, whose adultery with a younger woman was revealed after he tried to strangle her, didn’t make the cut, but someone please tell us he won’t be re-elected. (And thanks, M.H. and others, for the reminder!)
    ◾Reader Tim pointed out the track record of Rep. Jim Nussle of Iowa, who used his wife and autistic child as family values props then left them for a high-powered lobbyist after he was elected.

    • Sandi Trusso

      Republicans have never said that those of our own are incapable of wrong doing. We know that everyone is human. The idea is to ask forgiveness from our God, and spend your life atoning for the wrong doing.

      Schartznegger is no more Republican than Hillary or Obama. He ran as a Republican so he could get elected. When he won the election, he was the only so called Republican on the stage with Ted Kennedy (among the worst of the Dems), and the rest of the Democrat Kennedy’s. His dishonesty and stupidity led others to believe that’s how Republicans believe. He governed and believed like a Democrat. – RINO

      Bob Barr is an “anything goes” Libertarian he went to work for the ACLU when he lost his election. – RINO

      John McCain – Although he was a war hero, he was a hard sell when he ran for President the second time, because by then Republicans knew he never stood for most of what the Party stands for. It wasn’t until he nominated Sarah Palin that people began to support the ticket. If it hadn’t been for her, he would’ve been the laughing stock of the US with only his own vote and his liberal daughter’s vote – RINO

      Giuliani – another liberal pretending to adhere to Republican values – Good man in some areas, but not in the moral arena – RINO

      Henry Hyde – had AN affair WITH ONE WOMAN 30 years prior to when Clinton’s last public affair became known. While Hyde’s behavior was wrong, ONE AFFAIR cannot compare to Clinton who made a career of exploiting women, and dishonoring his wife (although I must admit, if I were a man married to Hillary, I’d probably, at some point, consider escaping to an affair as well, just to get away from this mean, abrasive, shrill, dishonest woman!

      These are just a few people you’ve mentioned who claim to be Republicans, but who never adhered to the platform (with the exception of Henry Hyde who did make “A” mistake, and rectified it, and made it up to his wife living 30 years afterward without another mistake of this kind!

  • Michael

    Don’t forget their support for congressman Gerry Studs a homosexual pedophile who raped his congressional page claiming the child had consented (of course children cannot consent to sex with adults no matter what NAMBLA claims). The democrats kept him in congress, gave him leadership positions. His defense was simply he was gay so that made child rape ok.

  • Florida Jim

    The 60’s radicals were led by a many slutty women who wanted sex with whomever and wherever at any time with no consequences of a baby. They went to Margaret Sanger for abortion as birth control and that was 55,000,000 abortions ago, 35% black babies. Sanger, Woodrow Wilson. T.Roosevelt, FDR, were all racists who finally were led to the black people because of their votes and their ease of luring them by bribes of various sorts. If you doubt this read : “Theodore and Woodrow How Two American Presidents Destroyed Constitutional Freedom” the country would be shocked at this if they had been taught the truth instead of indoctrinated for 45 years by progressives at every school in the nation.

  • sicandtired

    Dip shitz like wack a mole shitz truly know they have a dumb audience of demorat voters. The extraordinarily long list of demorats of questionable moral character is chilling. Don’t hear the femanazis chastising bobby mendez for having sex with under aged prostitutes in the Dominican Republic. The hypocrisy is stunning.