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Wasserman Schultz’s Democratic Party of Adultery and Hypocrisy


bill and monicaFormer South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford’s recent congressional special election, has infuriated extremist Feminazi’s and their women’s groups, leaving them to wallow in their misery and resort to their usual Democratic Party talking points to attack Republicans.

The Queen-bee of these extremists is none other than Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-FL). In a television interview with her one of her fellow ‘extremists,’ Andrea Mitchell of MSNBC, Wasserman Schultz said the following-

The Republican Party continues to be the party of extremists, it doesn’t send a strong message to women in this country that the republican party understands that they have gone way off the issues that are important to women when they election a candidate like Mark Sanford after his track record.

So what Wasserman Schultz is saying here is, Republican men who commit adultery are “extremists,” sexists, and have no regard or respect for women.

The liberal Daily Kos website is also doubling-down with what Wasserman Schultz is saying by posting up a story about Sanford’s win titled, ” The Republican Party has officially embraced adultery, corruption, and hypocrisy.”

Both of these statements  epitomize the pure meaning of the word hypocrisy. For the liberal Democratic Party and it’s surrogates to say that  the Republican Party is the party of adulterers and hypocrites, I need only mention one name to counter their hypocrisy-

President Bill Clinton

But why stop there? Here are a few  other prominent Democrats that have joined the Bill Clinton adultery ranks-

democrat affairs

Let’s not forget about Barney Franks affair with a gay prostitute and Gary Hart’s affair with Donna Rice.

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Javier Manjarres

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Wasserman Schultz’s Democratic Party of Adultery and Hypocrisy

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