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The shameful Senator Marco Rubio

Rubio Shamefully Attacks Conservatives Over Immigration Reform

The shameful Senator Marco Rubio

A shameful Senator Marco Rubio


MYTH-Senator Marco Rubio is loyal and trustworthy

FACT– He’s not.

Senator Marco Rubio continues running a scorched-earth immigration reform defense, as he ramps up his criticism and attacks against the very conservatives that helped him win his 2010 U.S. Senate race. Since his much anticipated immigration reform surfaced last week, Rubio has been out defending every single opposing view that has been written about his flawed immigration bill.

What most people don’t know about Rubio is that he has always supported a pathway to citizenship. While he was Speaker of the Florida House, Rubio blocked six pro-immigration bills, and then defended his actions by saying that the bills did not have the sufficient votes to get out of their respective committees. Rubio was right. The bills lacked the necessary votes, but now several key figures close to those negotiations have told the Shark Tank that its their belief that Rubio made it a point to squash those six bills.

Rubio’s own ‘yes man’ and Communications Director Alex Burgos, who has long been an activist and supporter of a pathway to citizenship for illegal immigrants, is currently the man behind all of  Rubio’s conservative media attacks.

Burgos told Fox Latino that Rubio “is determined to counter the hysterics and misinformation about the bill with facts and perspective.”

“Because our immigration system is broken in so many ways and requires many reforms to fix it, it will always be far easier to attack proposed solutions than to offer them,” Burgos told Fox News Latino. “It’s why a lot of misinformation tends to land in people’s inboxes and gets regurgitated in the media. It’s important to clear up-Fox Latino

The only thing Burgos needs to clear up is, whether or not his personal support of amnesty for illegal immigrants is playing a role in the Senator’s decision-making process.

Back in early 2012, we posted a story about how Rubio has possibly started to show his true political and personal colors, when he began to alienate the very people that helped him get elected.

A History of Mistrust 

 Unfortunately, Rubio change of posture towards his early supporters turned out to be a consistent one and not a temporary lapse of loyalty on his part. Rubio himself has personally been approached by certain key supporters who have expressed their concerns about what’s happened with him as well as whom he has surrounded himself with.

 Rubio was also advised to reach out to some of the staffers and supporters who devoted themselves to his campaign and had felt betrayed by his “self-serving,” and dismissive nature. But in keeping with his non-confrontational demeanor and ‘Hear no Evil, See No Evil, Speak No Evil’ approach to dealing with people, Rubio did not reach out to those individuals after vowing to do so. Senator Rubio lost a certain degree of respect with a few for failing to ”do the right thing,” for not acting when he needed to.

 Now, more and more of Rubio’s ‘real’ statewide support team have grown discontented and disappointed. Apparently, there is a running joke around the state of Florida that whenever someone distances themselves from someone, at whatever level is said to be “Pulling a Marco.”

 What is truly interesting is the fact that many of Rubio’s early supporters- most of whom do not know one other- have this same common complaint about Rubio. They believe Rubio has gotten what he wanted from them and has forgotten who it is that got him elected.

 These supporters are not upset with Rubio, but they do feel that they were duped into supporting someone who they thought was genuine.  Some of these supporters in question just shrug it all off and consider Rubio’s ‘rear view mirror’ approach to outreach laughable.-Rubio Stiff-Arms Loyal Supporters

Shortly after we posted this story, Rubio immediately went into damage-control mode, calling just about everyone he thought could have an issue with him. Just to be clear, Rubio did not use his “MarcoPhone” to make these telephone calls.

Now Rubio has decided to anchor his already shaky credibility and  political capital to this immigration reform bill, while demonstrating to others outside of  the Florida and Miami political circles of just how shrewd and disloyal he can be.

Redstate’s Erick Erickson has also sniffed out what many in these very same political circles have known for awhile, Rubio is not who he pretends to be. Erickson even points out that Rubio is attacking former Senator Jim DeMint, the very man who bucked his party and supported Rubio in 2010, when no one else would. Way to go Marco.

I am deeply, deeply disturbed by the games being played by pro-immigration advocates on the right, including staff in Senator Marco Rubio’s office, Grover Norquist, and others.

They are attacking other conservatives who disagree with them as racists, slavery supporters, bigots, haters, baby killers, un-Christian, etc. They are waging a coordinated attack between Senator Rubio’s office and others against conservative stalwarts like the Heritage Foundation and Jim DeMint.

They are proposing a plan that thus far appears to be unworkable, is wholly too complicated, and is a distraction from issues that we could all agree on in the name of getting a plan acceptable to Democrats. In the process, their attacks on conservatives designed to intimidate, browbeat, and silence them opens old wounds and does exactly what the Democrats hoped to do — divide the right and play directly to the fears of Hispanic voters who have for so long seen political leaders of both parties demagogue the issue.

Many of the people who want an immigration solution frankly could care less about Hispanic voters. They see this as an issue the GOP has to get right on and they will do whatever it takes to get right on the issue. They are playing political games. Seeing self-styled conservatives and libertarians trying to pass any legislation that is labeled “comprehensive” should always be a red flag.

I have seen friends paint others as racists, as sympathizers to abortion advocates, and as haters all to try to steam roll through their preferred policy solution. I have seen good conservative organizations attacked and lumped in with fringe groups. I have seen mainstream groups characterized as fringe. I have seen people whore their faith in the name of immigration reform.

I have seen shameful things. What will be the cost paid in these attacks? These are not liberals attacking, but other members of the center-right. They now claim that maybe Boston would not have happened had this bill been passed or, at worst, at least with this bill millions of new immigrations coming into the country will be known instead of unknown. I’m sure the dead eight year old and his family will be consoled by that.-Redstate

Erickson also points out the obvious campaign-style intimidation and browbeating tactics Marco Rubio and his ‘new allies’ are currently using against their own. Remember, this is the same Marco Rubio who prides himself as being a ‘Man of God,’ who makes it a point to take his family to church up to twice a week, and who even conducts Bible studies in his home.

Nothing, I mean nothing, comes out of Rubio’s office  without Rubio himself signing off on it. Burgos and his PAC team run cover for Rubio at every turn. You see, Rubio is only a ‘cash cow’ to them, nothing more. Just ask his grossly overpaid PAC ‘consultants.’ 

Rubio recently told the political science class he teaches at Florida International University that in politics, you need to stay loyal to the people that helped you along the way. Perhaps Rubio needs to start taking some of his own advice?

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Javier Manjarres
Javier Manjarres

As the managing editor of The Shark Tank, Javier was awarded the 2011 CPAC Blogger of the Year. Countless videos and articles from the Shark Tank have been featured on Fox News, The Hill, Wall Street Journal, and other national news publications. Javier has also appeared on Univision’s “Al Punto” and numerous radio shows, including being the weekly 92.5 Fox News' DayBreak with Drew Steele political contributor, as well as one of NewsmaxTV's conservative commentators. Javier has also authored "BROWN PEOPLE," which is a book about Hispanic Politics. Learn more at

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  • kerijay

    Rubio and McCain have lost their common sense when true Americans taxpayers are the second class citizens. It’s past time to clear Washington. Close the damn borders before anything else.

    • Cherieo

      John McCain is NOT a Conservative Republican..he is just a RINO..and needs to resign/retire.
      Marco has the right idea for closing the borders FIRST..and dealing with those who are already here. HE DOES have the right ideas…if you people will just listen. Just plain COMMON SENSE which has been lost in this country.

      • Paul Colby

        Cherieo, this “immigration” bill does NOT close the border first or have E-verify first, it has legalization for Millions of Illegal aliens first, THEN they will decide about securing our border and other issues. If they reallt want comprehensive “immigration: reform, they had years to secure the border & pass E-verify, but they opposed E-verify and only completed 36 miles of the promised & approved 700 mile, 2-layer border fence from 2006!

        • Cherieo

          I Know that and Marco has said and is still saying CLOSE THE BORDERS FIRST..and then deal with those who are already here. We can’t just leave the borders open for more and more to charge in this country.

          Remember folks: The Progressive Demorats are out there determined to bring Marco down…so don’t go along with their program to destroy Marco and our chances. DON’T PLAY THEIR GAME! Hold that line with Marco, Rand and our other true Conservatives.

      • American Statesman

        Secure the borders then create an “immigration reform bill”

        They always promise to secure the border but never do!

      • Pat

        McCain is a joke who runs every single time as a died in the wool conservative and then, reverts right back to someone you can’t trust to even cross the street right. I surely don’t see Rubio as that bad, but I am not happy about some aspects of the immigration bill. It places way to much trust in a group of people who always have and always will take liberties with pretty much everything and stretch the law to suit themselves, and we have to trust these same folks to close the borders up…………….what are the chances?

  • Flintlock

    I’m a conservative with no party affiliation and was a campaign contributor and a strong and early supporter of Marco Rubio when he started his Senate campaign. Compared to what we’d have if either of the two other candidates had won, I’m still happy with Rubio’s win.
    However, Rubio has indeed shown what he really is, and that’s just another self-serving RINO trying to set himself up for a future run for president I won’t ever trust him again and he’ll only get my vote in the future if it’s actually a vote against his opponent and not a vote for him.

    • Cherieo


  • benjamin traina

    My wife, Patricia, and I were strong supporters of Rubio in his fight against the GOP establishment. Has Wash. D.C. so turned his head that he has forgotten those principles we admired in him? Yes, he is on the National Stage now but he will have to answer to US, his local constituency.
    Pobrecito. No se recuerde el primer ley de la politica. Cover your axx backside!!
    ben t

    • Perseids

      “Rubio in his fight against the GOP establishment”

      What was that line from that Pete Townshend song Won’t get fooled again?

      Meet the new boss, same as the old boss. Yea, that’s it…. Marco!

    • Cherieo

      NO…wrong about Marco.

  • Bud

    Awesome post! Rubio has changed, and I no longer support him.

  • Noah

    Rubio, don’t ever run for President. We have one nasty turkey in their now and we sure don’t need seconds from you. I promise, I am only one, but I will NEVER vote for you. I can’t stand RINO’s any more than I can liberal democrat homosexual, lying, communist socialists. Knowhatimean?

    • kerijay


      • Paul Colby

        and Amen!

      • Cherieo

        Oh, so you think Sen. Nelson is your man. You’ve made your case!!!

        • sportymom

          Better to be betrayed by an enemy than a friend! With guys like Rubio, pretending to be someone they are not, tremendous damage has been done to our party and our country. As long as we tolerate this kind of abuse by our “representatives” (who is he REALLY representing since he is not representing us?), Republicans will continue to flock to other parties, guaranteeing democrats the win next time around. Rubio and Bush need to just come clean and join the democrat party. They have made unholy alliances with progressives like Bill Gates and La Raza on Common Core and open borders. How can they call themselves Republicans, when they are globalists? Check out the 34 second Youtube video of George Bush Sr. (1991 or 92)saying “Welcome to the New World Order. When we succeed in establishing the New World Order – and we WILL succeed, the world will live in peace under the leadership of the United Nations.” Check it out – his sons George Jr. and Jeb, share his globalist philosophy – we are all “citizens of the world” now. Patriotism is dead, global citizenship is the new “norm” for “good Republicans.”

          • sportymom

            For more TRUTH on Common Core, check out the website whatiscommoncore.wordpress/hogwash alert or Gold Rush link. Jeb Bush is exposed for the globalist that he is. Should we be listening to propaganda or doing our homework when our children’s educational freedom and parental rights are being decimated? PLEASE DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH ON COMMON CORE. WE ARE BEING LIED TO AND OUR CHILDREN WILL BE EXPLOITED FOR THE ENRICHMENT OF BILL GATES, GE, JEB BUSH AND OTHER CORPORATIONS.

    • Dorothy J. Cali

      Yes I totally agree with you on all points. I am a Conservative and voted for Rubio but he won’t get my vote again. I know I am only one person.

    • exitRove

      Based on what we are learning about Rubio, he will be the establishment GOP choice in 2016.


      Go Team!!!

      • Cherieo

        Oh, come on…must be some trolls on here making comments. Must be Sen. Nelson’s supporters. Or even the Obama supporters who have made it their projectf to bring down Marco and any other Conservative come 2014. Why do you think Obama is still campaigning all over the country??? Wake up folks!

  • Chopper


    Well said!

    You know a man by those he associates with and Senator Rubio’s close association with McCain & Graham has been disturbing to me since Senator Rubio went to the U.S. Senate.

    Senator Rubio was elected by Conservatives & has chose to pal around with RINO’s. Sad!

    • Biggun

      Don’t forget his best friend, the corrupt David Rivera.

  • samantha

    It seems as if Rubio cannot be trusted. And to think that I donated money to his campaign.

  • gr

    As a constituant I sent Marco a letter to this effect yesterday; he needs to consider what got him elected. As for Amnesty, who says we have to do that or that it is inhumane to do it???!!! We didn’t bring the families here against the law, it is time that family, adults and kids, re-learn that there are consiquences to breaking the law or doing wrong. They need to be willing to step up and accept that. Mass. just showed we need to tighten things up and start deciding ‘who we want’ in our country and not give every Tom, Dick and Muhammad a student visa!!!!

  • Glen Smith

    Why is Marco going after his own kind?! His actions tell me that he is not to be trusted.

    • Rich

      Don’t you guys/gals get it?

      Mr. Rubio is a POLITICIAN and will do what he feels is necessary to KEEP HIS CUSHY JOB with the incredible benefits that are far better than any of us will ever see but we pay for!!

      He’s positioning himself for future campaign donations/bribes for either his re-election or a shot at the White House which will be incredibly costly because Hillary Clinton will have gobs of cash and will probably trash any republican unless they can resurrect the great President Eisenhower.

      • kerijay

        The Clinton’s background is as bad as Obama’s but some think they can’t break away from party. Shame party comes before Integrity like the last two elections.

  • Miriam

    It is not fair that those that said that were Rubio supporters & now are just because Mijares said SO are turning their back on him are perhaps making a mistake. I will suggest that before jumping to what it could be a wrong miss-characterization of Rubio’s immigration bill, WAIT to see what he has to say about such a bill before making your final judgement. He will be on the Sean Hannity show tonight at 9:00 PM Eastern on the Fox News Channel.

    • Glen Smith

      Miriam, I think the writer only stated that he believed the bill was flawed. Rubio himself said that the other day on TV. This story is not about the bill so much, but Rubio attacking his own.

  • Miriam

    Sorry I misspelled Javier MANJARRES in my above comment.

  • JRD

    Thank you Javier. We Floridians know what we did to get Marco where he is. He sold out for access to Barbara Bush’s rolodex. Shame! I wouldn’t vote for him again for dog catcher.

  • Liz

    Rubio Escucha a tu gente!
    Why are you not listening to your people??!
    How quickly did the machine chew you out?!

    The dude he is listening to might as well be from “La Raza”

  • Winston

    Marco Rubio has had his 10 minutes. He needs to return to Florida, get to work on his golf game and let Allen West do the work of a true conservative. Problem is that compared to Senator Nelson, Marco looks like Goldwater! The reality is that he’s just an opportunist with an Hispanic name. The GOP was desperate to put an Hispanic “out there” so he was an easy choice. We need men like Ted Cruz to represent the latin wing of the GOP and not posers like Marco.

    • Bill

      I invite Allen West to move to north central Florida, we would put him back in Congress and then hopefully to the White House. An Allen West/Ted Cruz (eligibility?) ticket is what this country needs. AND, I, too, was dazzled by Marco’s conservative rhetoric. Winston, BB King says it best, “The thrill is gone!”

      • Rich

        Allen West and Ted Cruz??

        Do you really like LOSING national elections?

        Extremists DO NOT WIN……………never have………………never will.

        All that right wing social stuff has to go if you guys ever want a republican in the White House again. Nominate those two in either order and you’re handing Hillary the keys to the White House.

        When will you understand that radical conservatism DOES NOT win national elections?

      • Joey

        I used to think he was okay and could be good, but I was never one of Rubio’s biggest supporters.
        All he’s accomplished in the Senate is RINO legislation and tagging along with McCain and Graham. And DAMN attacking DeMint after all he did for him shows he’s not just confused, he has no honor.
        If we’re going to promote a Hispanic, it should be Ted Cruz. ‘Nuff said, not Rubio! That guy from Idaho, Labrador, is good too.

    • Dorothy J. Cali

      I totally agree with you. I really like West and Cruz. I also voted for Rubio but he will never see a vote from me again. Yes he probably needs to practice on his golf. I also worked with alot of hispanics who stated they would not vote for him because he is a cuban. I was totally shocked by that.

  • George Blumel

    -Wait a minute! We don’t get perfect in our pols –far from it. An early supporter of Marco I worked hard for his election because he was the better, by far, of the choices we had. Now, we have to hold his feet to the fire for his actions and votes. His immigration bill clearly grants amnesty to illegals; it is costly to taxpayers; it has weird connections for Indian tribes that are, well, weird.
    Don’t say you’ll never vote for him again –wait to see what your choices are at the time but in the meantime get after him when he goes astray — he’s astray now so pile on!

    • http://TeaPartyFortLauderdale Danita Kilcullen

      Really, George. This is not about perfect… What a tired and empty argument. (Only ONE was perfect so the very statement is vapid). These are The People, the workers, the ones who were in the streets for Marco, who went door-to-door, who believed his promises to them, and who today have faced the sickening fact that Marco lied and has been lying now for several years. They have nauseatingly realized that Marco is no different from the democrats with whom he has taken company. They have chosen to never again knowingly sell their soul. To again cast a vote for Marco is just like the definition of insanity..”Doing the same thing over and expecting a different result.” I am with them… Never again.

  • Perseids

    Rubio has not changed at all. He is finally forced to reveal who he has really been all along. Would brother Jeb (or any other bush) ever support any Real Conservative? These new attacks hopefully mean things are getting a bit dicey for the success of their amnesty scam.

    It would be interesting to see dear Marco’s phone logs from the past few weeks. One wonders just how many times a day the little turd Rove has whispered instructions in Marco’s ear? How many contacts has he had with the bush clan machine during these trying days? Just Who is really running the show? We now know Marco’s role is the mouthpiece & attack dog.

    It can now be offically said Marco’s cheeks have lost that rosy glow.

  • Doug.

    Is the Cuban chameleon copying the political career strategy of Illinois faux Kenyan ?
    Florida voters should well remember that this was the big talking RINO who was supposed to deliver the His-panic vote to Romney and Allen West in last year’s election ……. he failed.
    It seems that Marco is crossing the Rubicon.

    • Chopper

      You said “crossing the Rubicon.” Should that be Rubio-con?

  • oldtimered

    It is disapointing. If he can come up with something on Hannity tonight that could help, but it appears the dems are overjoyed at getting more than they ever thought they could. It is understood the fate of the illegals is close to Rubio’s heart, but for a knowing politician to fall for a dem bill and call it good is beyond the pale. They NEVER EVER keep their promises on immigration. He knows that.

  • David

    Unfortunately, Senator Rubio has betrayed us. I didn’t vote for him so he would compromise with the leftist Democrats. Shame on you Marco.

  • George Fuller

    Rubio has turned out to be “Little Mel”…….You remember Mel, he was the guy sent down by Bush to Run for the senate in 2004 and got elected opposing amnesty…….As soon as he was elected he did an about face and did everything he could to get amnesty passed and failed. He ended up resigning from the senate before his term was up……Rubio is on the same path…..

    I first ran across Rubio in 2008 when in Tally and he blocked all six immigration bills and his thugs Rivera and Zapata lecture us in a workshop meeting that they were not on the committee of. He also was a member of the FL Hispanic Legislative caucus that issued a statement “all immigration laws are draconian”……….

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  • http://Flimen Jack Oliver

    Flimen’s legislative team just returned from Washington and we had a meeting with Rubio’s staff. They were upset about the buttons we were wearing, one button had LIAR on it, the other RINO. His staff member said the buttons “weren’t fair because the bill wasn’t out” I said the buttons don’t have anything to do with the bill, the buttons are about your boss looking me in the eye, shaking my hand and telling me he would never support amnesty. The Daily Caller posted a picture of the buttons in yesterday’s article. They will be soon be available when our new website is published.

    A lot of people say Rubio has changed. He hasn’t changed, he’s just showing his true colors. Flimen played a big part in immigration debate when Rubio was Speaker. We worked closely with several of the bill sponsors. I can say two things for certain Rubio blocked those six bills and Rubio lied to Flimen about his stand on legalization “amnesty. Javier brokered a meeting between Flimen and Rubio at Bear Lakes Country Club and Rubio promised everyone at the meeting he would never support any form of amnesty. Now he’s insulting Floridians saying this isn’t amnesty.

  • Paul Collier

    “Remember, this is the same Marco Rubio who prides himself as being a ‘Man of God,’ who makes it a point to take his family to church up to twice a week, and who even conducts Bible studies in his home.”- how have we come to such a point that someone is held up as an extreme example of being a “Man of God” for taking their family to church, GASP, TWICE a WEEK! AND for having Bible Studies at home? Christ Followers are called to make EVERYTHING they do a worship of God, a service to God. We pray multiple times in a day. We read the Word ourselves. We have family bible studies. We serve people around us through Christ. Our work is a place of worship. Our living rooms are God’s Kingdom rooms. So sad to see such small gestures qualifying someone as a “Man of God”.

    • Hank Bradley


      So how is that you know the day to day spiritual life of Senator Rubio? How is it that you know the extent of this and what the Senator does on a daily basis regarding his spiritual life?

      And last but not least, who made you judge and jury on what Rubio’s spiritual relationship to God is?

      I am a retired Baptist minister and former missionary and don’t see the basis for your argument,it is weak at best and judgmental and kinda reminds me of the Pharisees who were so prominent in Christ’s crucifixtion.

  • Frances Drake

    IIRC, Rubio was in serious financial trouble years ago. Who got him out?

  • Hank Bradley

    Often forgotten in the rush to judgment on any candidate including Rubio are those who want to block his path to higher office and hang on to one issue and say that defines the candidate.

    I believe in securing the borders first make no mistake about it but Rubio is working in the Senate that is controlled by the Democrats. My question to all who say he can’t be trusted is….What do you think this bill would be like without his conservative outlook influencing this bill?

    And then other questions come to mind that need to be answered like ” what do you propose beyond securing the border which is a no brainer? ”

    Have you read this bill and how can you not see Rubio’s influence in this legislation? Legislation that is going to pass regardless of the conservatives in Congress and the Senate!

    Would you rather Rubio sit on the sidelines and let the left, progressives and socialists in the Senate have their way?

    You want Obama and his minions to totally have their way?

    And finally who would you rather have in the White House, Hillary, Biden, Kerry or the liberal Gov. of Maryland, O’Malley?

    Paul is a libertarian and can’t win. So who can win and beat the media and the far left Chicago political machine?

    • Sue

      Me? I’d rather have Sarah Palin, or Ted Cruz. I will not vote for Rubio, who I consider a GOP puppet. Look at who is praising and pushing him. I made myself vote for Romney at the last minute, just to try to remove Obama, but I’m done. I am tired of voting against the opponent instead of for the candidate. How much worse can we get than what we have now? Really, what have we “won” if we get people in office that pass the same policies as the Dems?

  • patrick thatcher

    Reagan was for amnesty too & if stupid conservatives dont stop their anti-immigrant attitude, we are gonna let the dems grab the latino vote and steal a huge voting block like they did with blacks cuz of Goldwater in the 60’s. Mexicans are very religious, conserrvtive, hard working, they are republicans, but stupid a__ repubs have been alienating them from us for the past 10 yrs and dems are entreating them on the govt gravy train wagon, when we could have been winning them & keeping them. And this could very well be the end of the repub party…or we could stop acting stupid, communicate successfully and show the destruction of central & south america by socialism-to-marxism and latins will support free market/enterprise capitalism abandon the dems liberal-progressive-socialism-to-marxism party and we can end the dems destruction of America. Right now we are fearing they wont vote for us and we are helping that by being anti-immigrant. Rubio is right and some of you idiots that can see the big picture and the future are about to screw us forever.

    • Sue

      Do you really think the illegals are going to vote Republican? Obama will get all the “credit” for this bill, and they will vote for whoever offers them the most free stuff. The Dems will always be better panderers than the Republicans. These people are used to a socialist-type government, they will think that government is suposed to work that way.

  • Mariela

    Thank goodness that someone is calling Rubio out like this. Sharing the story!!!

  • 56Survivor

    I supported Rubio in his Senatorial campaign. He is obviously a sell out and has joined the GOP establishment machine. He must go. We need conservatives we can count on. Rubio is a big disappointment.

  • lowie

    I commend Senator Rubio’s efforts to obtain a fair immigration bill, however, he is deep within the cesspool of corrupt politicians who look for ways to divide all of us on issues that need to be improved. Rubio knows how open borders and expired visa holders increase terrorism in our country and must walk a fine line to protect all of us. It’s not about Hispanics anymore it’s about our safety of who is already here and we can’t find them to prevent event like Boston from happening again. Let’s give him some slack and pray for his leadership skills to find a path that will palatable to all concerned. I am fearful of immigrant terrorism from countries that are here illegally to do us harm. Let us all take time to pray for this fine young Senator, who finds himself being attacked from all sides.

  • Dean S. Bird

    Simple solution: Keep the good uns with some sort of “resident alien status” and throw out the bad uns.

    Eisenhower had the same problem in the 1950’s. He put an old WWII “Airborne” buddy in charge of the border who closed the border and raided the employers. Temporary workers were alowed in with a “Green Card”. Problem deminished.

    Present “let em all in” or “throw em all out” thinking simply means no solution.

  • aliswell

    After watching and listening to Rubio, I’m convinced that behind that conservative veneer lies a progressive. From the beginning this guy has had an agenda, and the immigration fiasco is just the beginning.

    Not just no, but HELL no to Rubio.

  • Poseiden

    I still support Rubio, regardless of how wrong he is on immigration. He needs to step away from this bill, fast.

  • Carlos

    Much as I like him. my frustration with Marco is he seems to say the right things but then, refutes them with new rhetoric. It seems he doesn’t wanna be pinned down or labeled. While being all things to all people is common for politicians, it’s disastrous for a guy trying to paint himself as different. I believe his CoS, Cesar Conda, is a poor helmsman who will steer ship Rubio into a coral reef. Conda is a Cheney leftover and makes the mistake of keeping people from Rubio that should have access to him while giving full sway to the RINO club. If Marco does not stop the bleeding he will find 2-3 very worthy and loaded for bear rivals in 2016 in the form of Cruz., Paul and Ben Carson.

  • Tom Garcia

    Thank you Javier!

  • Florida Republican Voter

    Hey Marco,How about just saying a simple hello when you see the people @ events that were with you all the way since day one? Or how about returning a phone call or text? You have turned into such a jerk! What is the old saying??? Fool me once shame on you. Fool me twice shame on me. Good luck in 2016…

  • Charm4sure

    Rubio certainly isn’t winning me over & I was a big supporter originally. His dissing of DeMint & anybody who disagrees with him is a real turnoff. I also recall early on that he rejected being known as a Tea Partier after the Tea Party got him elected. I don’t know where on earth he thinks this behavior is going to take him, but I he has really soured things. Wonder why we didn’t hear more about his arrogance & disloyalty before he was elected? Maybe we were too busy dealing with all of Crist’s lackings. Did we do any better than Crist? Yuck!

  • megapotamus

    Rubio is the nation’s most prominent anchor baby.

  • Mark Romero

    I will NOT support Marco Rubio! I am Hispanic from Southern Texas. I speak the language. I am married to a Hispanic. I am NOT racist. I LOVE the Hispanic people and culture! But I am AGAINST illegal aliens!!! All forms of illegal aliens, whether from the Orient, Africa, Western or Eastern Europe, Middle East, Asia, or Latin America. I don’t trust Marco Rubio, John McCain, MSNBC, CNN, and I don’t the hell trust the US injustice department.

  • Caryn Lones

    While you have a right to your opinion, much of what you wrote is just that opinions & perception. I am still a pro-choice Rubio supporter. Rubio understands what is like to grow up poor, the opportunities the USA offers if we work hard, what makes our country strong, the challenges of living in Florida, the commitment required to raise a family, and the honor associated with taking care of those of took care of us.

  • Matthew Dunnyveg

    Rubio is the end result of the insanity of multicultural “conservatism”. The only thing this post-American is trying to conserve is open borders liberalism.

  • http://Facebook Leslie Hoffmann

    All I care about right now is what Obama is doing to this Country!!!! We need to close the boarders all together figure out who and how many are here without green cards. Take care of the folks who did it the right way getting here. Impeach that Muslim in office and get back to fixing the wrongs he has done to this Beautiful United States!!!!!!

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  • http://3VFZ yshaw1

    I believe in Marco, and I’m sure he will do the right thing, in the final analysis!

    I believe Janvier is pulling a Janvier not a Marco!!

    talk about turning on someone!

    This is all being worked out, give it a chance.

    Would you rather have Hillary????

    Marco is a great candidate, stop tarnishing him with your snide remarks. Let’s help make this a great bill for which Marco will get credit.

  • Earl Holder

    I had a world of trust in Marco. Not now. He is just another Mc Cain, Boehnor and the Carolina dude. Mc Cain is a Kennedy clone. I have been a republican for 49 years but no more. Why was Mc Cain nominated is beyond me. Sara was not the one to get Mc Cain voted in. I said when Romney ran that his religion wouldn’t let him get down and dirty verbally, as obama was doing to Romney. The last couple months Romney finally got a “little disturbed”. Why aren’t the gutless republicans defending themselves. It is “giving the ranch away”. We have no one that can beat Hillary. People still love the Clintons. Where was our RNC when all the voter fraud was going on…in obamas favor. 96,000 voters registered in the one county in Fl. and obama got 103,000, or a little over. Where the crap was my republican party. How about PA. and Ohio. Republicans didn’t even demand a recount. Bill Clinton is a bigger crook and cheat than obama, so Hillary will win one way or the other. My next statement will probably make most people laugh but….Hillary in 2016, 2020 she will be too old for even the democrats to vote back in. Instead Michelle Obama will run and win two terms, then Obama will run again and win. Sound dumb???? Don’t think so… the lazy loafing thug minorities will vote democrat because they can live off welfare the rest of their life. What can republicans give to minorities that they don’t already have from democrats? NOTHING. And that is the non-democrats big problem. They had too many years of paying no attention to minorities…then along came a black president and bought them all with welfare, then later phones. Maybe the republicans can promise them all a 5 year old car , and a gas card good for a year of free gas…Think it over people. We have been had. We can’t even vote republican now to keep a democrat out. It won’t work.