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FL Legislators Vote In Favor of Restricting Drone Use


droneAnother win for civil liberties, as the Republican Florida Legislature has unanimously pass a bill that would restrict law enforcement agencies’ use of drones.

Earlier this week, Senate Republicans, including Marco Rubio, Mike Lee and Ted Cruz,  helped defeat the assault weapons bill introduced by Senator Diane Feinstein (D-CA) that President Obama heavily lobbyied for.

The Florida Legislature has passed a bill limiting law enforcement agencies’ use of the remotely controlled aircraft known as drones.

The House unanimously approved the Senate’s bill (SB 92) 117-0 on Wednesday with no debate.

It now goes to Gov. Rick Scott. The governor has previously said he would sign it into law.

The measure restricts the use of drones to the prevention of imminent danger to life — a kidnapping or a missing child — or serious damage to property.

It also makes police get search warrants before using drones to collect evidence. An exception would be a credible threat of terrorist attack.

Only three law enforcement agencies in Florida are currently licensed by the federal government to fly drones. None are yet using them.-Fox News

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  • Al Miller

    Javier – thanks for some good news for a change. Maybe there is hope. However, if Amnesty Phone Rubio, Bill Nelson (gag), the RINOs and Democrats get amnesty – we will lose our guns in a few years or less and the drones will be back. If amnesty passes – I am out of Florida.

    Keep up the fight.

  • Paul In Orlando

    I am with you, Al. The problem I am having is finding a safe country to run to! As far as I know, the US was the last place on earth that we can have freedoms and control of our government. I am afraid this is a thing of the past; we now fear them instead of them fearing us. Any suggestions on where we can run to?