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Rick Scott Release First Re-Election Ad- “Its Working”


rick scottIn his first re-election ad, Governor Rick Scott hits his potential Democrat opponent in the race, former Republican Governor Charlie Crist, with body blow to the gut, by harping on the fact that he inherited a bad economy from the years leading to his election in 2010.    

If he wants to be Governor so bad again, if he wants to come back to the state of Florida, and lead our state, why did he leave us when we had a 12% unemployment rate, and the state of Florida was having its hardest times? Weatherford continued,” Florida really needed a leader and stick up for them, why did he chose to leave? I don’t know how he is going to answer it. –Rep. Will Weatherford

Katie Sanders over at the Tampa Bay Times sums it all up for us-

   The March 18 press conference at Mitsubishi Power Systems in Orlando, where Scott is surrounded by a crew of approving employees in T-shirts and safety goggles as he talks about jobs gains. The unnamed facility manager tells the camera “it’s unbelievable” how much better shape the state is in these days, and that he has hired 150 new employees. Another man says, “The governor really gets it.”

Gone is Scott’s 2010 mantra “let’s get to work.” Scott’s new slogan, to the surprise of no one who watched his State of the State address or heard him speak this month, is “it’s working.” The video is hosted at and paid for by his political committee, Let’s Get to Work.-Tampa Bay Times

“This is the first time in five years that our unemployment rate has been below the national average,” Scott says, “but we’re not stopping there.”-Governor Rick Scott

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Rick Scott Release First Re-Election Ad- “Its Working”

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