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VIDEO: Marco Rubio on Tupac and Lil Wayne; MSNBC hardest hit


Marco Rubio ReclaimIn a welcome departure from Sequestergeddon, Senator Marco Rubio further expounds on hip-hop while running around an airport terminal.  In the process, Rubio  smashes MSNBC’s tokenism and fake youth appeal memes.

In less than a minute, Rubio clarifies the generational differences between Tupac and Lil Wayne for TMZ, and explains the substance of Tupac’s music vis-a-vis today’s hip-hop.  Such is the state of our media that I was left waiting for some weird abortion or global warming question at the end there.

These are clearly not the workings of someone who is, per S.E. Cupp, transparently going after the youth vote.  I’m fairly certain we can expect to see more rabid lefty tokenist projection as well.  You know, maybe the guy just likes hip-hop.

In all fairness though, El Senador did whiff on the Wu-Tang Clan question, which brought a tear to the eye of this kid from Brooklyn…although he gets partial credit (language advisory) for the Chappelle Show reference.  When in doubt, go with The RZA.

Click to watch.

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Jorge Bonilla is a Republican candidate for the U.S. Congress in Florida’s 9th Congressional District.

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VIDEO: Marco Rubio on Tupac and Lil Wayne; MSNBC hardest hit

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