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Jorge Ramos- “Illegal Immigrants Should Have Same Rights as Americans”


jorgeUnivision news anchor Jorge Ramos was recently interviewed on ABC News and opined that illegal immigrants deserve the same rights that U.S. citizens have simply because they work the jobs that American economy needs to survive.

We gave Ramos’ highly questionable claim the scrubbing that it deserved  earlier this week in the first part of our coverage of Ramos’ interview with ABC. (American Lives Depend on Illegal Immigrants)

 What we had this morning for breakfast was harvested by immigrants, the houses and apartments where we live  were built by undocumented immigrants, whenever we go to a restaurant or to a Hospital, or to a hotel, we are being served by undocumented immigrants.-Jorge Ramos

Ramos, who is originally from Mexico, added that he would doesn’t want to live in the U.S. because “some people have privileges and rights” while the 11 million illegal immigrants have none.

 “I don’t want to live in a country in which some people have privileges and rights an then you have 11 million people who have no rights whatsoever”-Jorge Ramos

But what we find very peculiar about Ramos and many in the pro-amnesty lobby is their recent change in position. Ramos and others have always pushed for full amnesty for illegal immigrants, but now they’re siding with the bipartisan effort in the U.S. Senate led by Senator Marco Rubio to put in place strict rules that govern illegal immigrants on their path to citizenship.

Liberals instinctively know that once you give an inch on an issue, it sets the stage for more concessions- pro-amnesty supporters want to clear a more direct path for citizenship for illegal immigrants in hopes that it would open up the floodgates of litigation- it’s their ultimate goal.

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Jorge Ramos- “Illegal Immigrants Should Have Same Rights as Americans”

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