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Former Sex Slave Speaks Out At Gov. Scott’s Human Trafficking Event

By Javier Manjarres

rick scott human traffickingMiami-Florida Governor Rick Scott held a press conference at the State Attorney’s office in Miami, Florida, to bring attention to the ongoing worldwide human trafficking epidemic. In the Governor’s Florida Families First Budget, Scott includes “$1.5 million to provide trafficked youth with a safe home, $2.5 million to enhance the efforts of the Florida Council Against Sexual Violence to fight abuse and nearly half-a-million to support state and local law enforcement in the areas of high tech crime and Electronic Surveillance Support Teams.”

In his remarks, Governor Scott also pointed out the very first nationwide identification project (Victim Identification Pilot Project) that is set up to identify trafficking victims and gets them the  help and support that they need.

Scott was joined by his wife Ann, State Attorney Katherine Fernandez-Rundle, Sweetwater Mayor Manny Morono, City of Miami Mayor Carlos Jimenez, DCF Secretary David Wilkins, and  a slew of other advocacy group representatives intent on stopping the sex slave problem in Miami-Dade County.

“As a mother and grandmother, a topic like human trafficking is heartbreaking. I am proud that so many good-hearted people are committing themselves to helping victims of this horrific crime. Last year I visited the Kristi House in Miami and was amazed at the wonderful work that they do with children who have been victims of abuse. We cannot let that heartbreak silence our voices, and I’m proud of my husband’s commitment to helping the victims of trafficking.”-First Lady Ann Scott

Governor Scott signed the Safe Harbor Act and HB 7049 piece of legislation penned by State Senator Anitere Flores, State Representative Jeanette Nunez, and fellow State Representative Eric Fresen, that would help fight human trafficking by “increasing the prosecution of criminals who exploit children and also provide better services to the victims who are rescued from this heinous crime.”

“Sex trafficking of a child is the most severe form of child sexual abuse, where children seek love from the only family they know – their pimps… The proposed budget and the increased attention from Gov. Scott and his administration will help us prevent this crime and help the victims.- Trudy Novicki, Executive Director of Kristi House

While all of the invited guest and politicos took their turn in sharing some of their thoughts and concerns about  human trafficking, the testimonial that Allison Goode gave about her personal experience and past involvement, both as a victim and as an inhibitor of the sex trade, helped cast human trafficking into a very different light.

Goode said that she felt “unwanted and unloved”, she didn’t feel valued, and at an early age, she was “pimped out for drugs, money and sex. Goode also said that by the time she turned 9 years old, she had already become a drug addict.

Goode then divulged to everyone that she had several abortions and several miscarriages, some of them being “self inflicted.” Her saving grace? God. Goode believes the we live in a “fallen world” and that she believes her “great purpose in this world” is to share God’s love with everyone.

Please watch this compelling video, in which Ms. Goode describes her experiences with the sex slave.

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  • andrew spark

    Legalize prostitution and there will be less of an underground.

    • Umm… No

      I’m sorry but that is just an idiotic observation. Please tell me how legalizing prostitution will decrease sexual abuse on minors??? Monsters who exploit children do not want a consensual relationship with a WOMAN. Being a victim of child abuse, I am very much aware that these people enjoy hurting children, period!

      • andrew spark

        To the extent there is human trafficking of adults – something the prevalence of which has been greatly exaggerated in the United States – it could not doing anything but help.

        • Joe Mudd

          what an idiotic thought process
          proof of zero values

  • barbara grossman

    I amglading people are finally taking about this travisty. My Granddaughter goes to John Jay Criminal College & has been working on this for 2yrs.She now goes to the UN & Salvation Army conferences at the UN one or twice a week she heads up the group of students.
    If anyone in Florida is looking for an intern for the summer I,d love her to work in Florida since this is where she live.
    Thank you & keep up thhe great work.

  • andrew spark

    Read my comment where it says “less”. I didnt say, nor do I believe, that its a panacea for sex slavery, let alone that of minors

  • G Speed

    Scott is taking on some big guns with this– violence on children is the sport of powerful people in churches,governments and armies all over the world– Gov. Scott had better watch his back–just saying.

  • http://www.lulu.com/marilynellsworth Marilyn

    Thanks to those who have tackled this horrid abuse of human beings of all ages, and God bless Allison Goode for her openness and honesty in addressing such an intimate and intimidating issue. Instead of legalizing such brutality, how about making it a felony to in any way support or profit from trafficking human flesh! Let those who support it be subject to it in the prison system and see how they feel from the other side of the pleasure port!