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Allen West Calls Senate ‘Fiscal Cliff’ Compromise “Illogical and Disrespectful” To Americans

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By Javier Manjarres

With only a couple days before Congressman Allen West’s term in the Congress concludes, West put out a statement that he would not support the Senate-passed ‘fiscal cliff’ legislation, were he afforded the opportunity to vote on it in the House of Representatives. (Update-Allen West voted against the bill)

 West statement comes hours after Florida Senator Marco Rubio and seven other Senators voted against the measure in the Senate.

 Congressman West called the tax raising compromise coming out of the Senate as “illogical and disrespectful to all hard-working American families.”

 Here is Congressman Allen West’s full statement regarding the Senate’s ‘fiscal cliff’ compromise with President Obama-

 As I did my 7-mile run along the DC mall this morning I pondered where we are fiscally as a nation. We continue to have unserious band-aid type solutions to a very serious problem. I reviewed the Senate-passed legislation, and as it stands I will not support it if brought to the House floor.

 Raising taxes in order to increase federal government spending is illogical, and disrespectful to all hard-working American families. Sure, I support the “doc fix” and AMT solution, but again the DC way is to make a pot of gumbo and believe that it will taste good to enough people. The American people deserve better.

 No one’s taxes need increase and this Senate legislation does not promote economic growth, debt/deficit reduction, or spending discipline, which should be our main goals. The House has sent countless pieces of legislation, good policy, to the Senate which sits idly on Harry Reid’s desk. For the Democrat-led Senate to disregard its most basic Constitutional responsibility and then jam a last-hour cobbled-together 100 pages of nonsense to the House of Representatives is offensive. The future of our children and the promise to our next generation suffers due to extreme incompetence. The liberal progressive rhetoric sounds sweet to the ear but we continue to witness failure. The day is coming when principled pragmatic Constitutional Conservatives will be sought after to restore the American Republic, and we will answer the call.

 Steadfast and loyal,

 Allen B. West

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  • Whats_Up

    “…Constitutional Conservatives will be sought after to restore the American Republic …”

    Congress has had a major spending problem for the past 70 years! NEVER have they cut any program or funding. It has been proven time and time again that Communism, Socialism and the “Collective” do not work.

    We are no longer a Republic. We ARE a Socialist country – Big Government in bed with Big Corporate and vice versa …THIS IS SOCIALISM.

    Lobbyists need to be banned as do 501c PACs – none of them pay taxes. Gov’t Unions need to banned, too. A host of gov’t agencies and departments also need to be eliminated at all levels: Fed, State, County, etc.

    The USA has become a consumer nation vs a manufacturing nation. And gov’t, by laws and regulations, has ensured that the small entrepreneur will never make it unless they are already filthy rich.

    • John G Henke

      You’re right What’s Up.
      Americans live under a Socialist dictatorship and most are too ignorant/stupid to know it. Whether it be Communism or Fascism the two have small differences and huge similarities, namely death and mass graves and failed states. Our Constitution was written as a Supreme Law of our Land to help fight against this happening. However the “powers that be” ignore the Constitution and the Supreme Law of the Land.
      Constitutional compliance would mean that about 80% of the federal “government” would have to disappear, and at least half of all state governments would have to go as well. I’m no history expert but I am a student. I can think of no example where a government ever retracted itself voluntarily. They generally grew until they literally consumed the nation they were governing as is the case right here, or they were killed back down to size by Revolution. A fact, the federal “government” ruling this nation at this time is the largest most extensive and violent criminal organization on Earth. They hold guns to our heads and I’m sorry to say that until we do the same with them nothing will improve for us.

  • Arlene Thomas

    I just hope when the 2nd American Revolution starts (and make no mistake, it IS coming) I hope Col. West is one of the military officers leading the charge! I’d certainly follow him into battle against the muslim-fraud and his minions!

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  • https://sites.google.com/site/andjustice4all2/ Marian

    Allen West has proven to be a man of his word.. I am happy to say at least Connie Mack and Marco Rubio DID listen to us and voted NO.. I have no issues with raising taxes but without cutting spending I have serious concerns. I don’t want my money going to Planned Parenthood, NPR, PBS or anything that doesn’t benefit the country as a whole. Personal choices should not be a government issue, Period !
    Why do I have to cut my household spending just because my income doesn’t meet and yet Government doesn’t ??
    Common Sense has gone , Never to be returned and as for all the Republican bashing from the administration, It just makes me more bitter

  • http://RealNewsRealFast.com Sam McCall

    I have met Congressman West on several occasions and respect his opinion and support his truth telling. For West definitely speaks the truth. One day, the call will come for people like him to step forward and lead. The Debbie Wasserman Schultz crowd will fade into the past as history records their actions. If they are remembered, it will be for their treasonous acts of disservice to America.

  • Karl Kocher

    God bless and protect Allen West we will miss him – we can only hope people with any sense will reinstate him in a position of power.

  • Nancy Celano

    Open letter to Col West—Thank you for all your service, both military and government. We wish you all the best. This vote by you and Sen. Rubio took guts, and we appreciate it. We truly wish that, in some way, you will return, in some capacity, to represent Florida with your courage, strength, and patriotism. We desperately need you to help us out of this mess.

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  • Jacqueline

    This Congress is much poorer for the loss of a man of Wests’ caliber! GOD bless you and your family, sir! May all your future endeavours meet with his blessings!

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