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Will Political Karma Stop Charlie “The Chameleon” Crist?

By Javier Manjarres

Crist on Palin as PresidentFlorida’s homegrown political chameleon, Charlie Crist has his sights on a return to the Governor’s Mansion in Florida, as the once ‘conservative’ Republican turned Independent and now Democrat is laying the groundwork for his campaign in 2014.

A poll of over 1000 Democrats has Crist up by over 25 points over the 2010 Democratic gubernatorial candidate Alex Sink, who lost a razor-thin race back in 2010 against Governor Rick Scott.  The poll also found that 79% of Democrats had a somewhat or very favorable view of Crist and 75% of Democrats believed that Crist has the best shot at beating Scott- very promising numbers at this stage in the game.

Back in 2009, then Republican Governor Crist decided not to run for re-election for Governor and instead ran for U.S. Senate.  Sources close to Crist said that he did primarily for two reasons- to appease his wife who wanted to live a more ‘glamorous life’ within the Beltway and also because Crist was bitten by the ‘higher-office’ bug after he was considered to be John McCain’s VP selection in 2008.

After McCain passed on Crist for VP, Crist became agitated and was eyeing other possible federal offices to run for, but regardless of McCain’s slight, Crist was already looking for an out- being Governor of Florida was not the job he wanted.

When Senator Mel Martinez decided to leave the Senate, Crist presumptuously appointed his former Chief of Staff George LeMieux to act as a place-holder for him in the Senate, seeing the appointment as an opportunity for him to work with his trusted confidant once he won his own election to the U.S. Senate. 

As we all know, things didn’t work out as planned for Chameleon Charlie, as he was forced out of the Republican primary and remained in the Senate race as an Independent.  He then saw the Meek campaign join forces with Rubio supporters to put the final nails in his campaign.  Kendrick Meek once told the Shark Tank that “Crist was a clown and opportunist” that was taking votes away from him, not Rubio, during their three-way senatorial race.

But will Democrat primary voters trust an individual who is perhaps the most notorious political flip-flopper in the country?  Given how desperate Democrats are to defeat Rick Scott, chances are good that they will compromise what’s left of their “principles” should they ultimately come to the conclusion that Crist represents their best shot to win.  

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Javier Manjarres
Javier Manjarres

As the managing editor of The Shark Tank, Javier was awarded the 2011 CPAC Blogger of the Year. Countless videos and articles from the Shark Tank have been featured on Fox News, The Hill, Wall Street Journal, and other national news publications. Javier has also appeared on Univision’s “Al Punto” and numerous radio shows, including being the weekly 92.5 Fox News' DayBreak with Drew Steele political contributor, as well as one of NewsmaxTV's conservative commentators. Javier has also authored "BROWN PEOPLE," which is a book about Hispanic Politics. Learn more at

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  • Greg

    I wouldn’t think Crist could get elected dogcatcher! Well maybe in Dade County.

    • John Morgan’s Lackey

      Charlie the Chameleon. like all chameleons, is noted for his climbing ability. I’ll pass on him. But I don’t discount the value of John Morgan’s deep pockets. He’s the guy from Morgan & Morgan. He’s likely to support Charley and another genius, Debbie Wasserman Schultz.

    • Rich

      Why don’t you all call Ronald Reagan a “chameleon” too? Remember, Mr. Reagan was once a Democrat but it was OK for him to have changed.

      • MaryB

        Ronald Reagan changed parties because of his personal political philosophies changed because the Democratic party changed, not because he was a political opportunist. Reagan never morphed from Dem to Ind to Rep because it was politically expedient for him to do so.

  • DeltaDawn

    He is indeed a piece of work. He ran a dirty campaign against Marco Rubio, alas, nevertheless, he lost….sooo now he is back like a cancelled check…should be interesting.

  • geoffharvard

    Green Iguana.

  • chris t

    Funny “what’s left of their principles” the dems have lost all sense of direction, morals and principles years ago.

  • George Blumel

    Here’s the very essence of Charlie Crist, the consummate politician:

  • Jeff

    Charlie Crist is going to win as Governor and then who knows what the future may hold. He has charisma and charm and in politics that goes along way. Look at Marco Rubio. Take away Marco’s personality and what do you have?

    • Sunshine Charlie Will Flop

      Jeff — Take away Marco Rubio’s personality and SUBSTANCE and you have Charlie Crist. Charlie is a living example of the Peter Principle.

  • Sam

    This guy does not want to work for a living, he wants it from the people. If he does not get elected by the Dumbolecraps. I guess he did not do too well, working for Morgan & Morgan

  • Congbuster

    An ultimate nightmare ticket: Crist vs. Scott.
    The undervote will be enormous.
    What is wrong with you, Democrats? Alex Sink is classy, smart and experienced. She isn’t a pandering, grandstanding, camera hog like the two bozos now in the spotlight.
    Go for leadership this time.

    • No Vote for Alex Sink

      Congbuster — Yes, Alex Sink is classy, smart and an experienced manipulator. She planned to set up a phony personal trust which she said was to protect the people of Florida. All the trust would do was ensure that her husband, through his trustee friends, could buy and sell stocks for Alex the Manipulator’s personal account. The people of Florida would be excluded from seeing what was going on. Alex is really a schemer who was looking to grow her $8 Million personal wealth. Florida’s west coast newspapers spilled the beans on Alex’s real intent.

  • Isabella1709

    I knew Charlie was a ambitious sort the moment I met him. Unless you are VERY important he chats, constantly looking over your shoulder for anyone more worthy of his time. What a douche!

    • John Henke

      He gave $5,000,000 to a couple of crack heads for political gain. But, what the hell it wasn’t his money.

  • Sandi Trusso

    Yeh, yeh, yeh… When Crist ran for the US Senate, he originally was up in the Republican polls as well. People were laughing about how Rubio could never beat Crist, and then an amazing thing happened. People began to hear Rubio and realize that this is a man of character, who says what he means vs. Crist telling each group what he thought they wanted to hear.

    The thing that continually amazes me is that some people don’t remember that Jeb Bush left Florida with a surplus, which Crist turned into a couple of billion dollars of debt in 2 years! Then Crist took the stimulus money and gave it mostly to Union people to keep their jobs for one more year… then the Unions were right back once again claiming that they needed raises and benefits and monies to keep their jobs. BUT NOW FLORIDA STILL HAD TO PAY BACK THE STIMULUS MONEY!

    Furthermore, when I hear Crist telling everyone that the Republican Party “LEFT HIM”, it makes me sick. The only “attempts” at changes to the Republican Party, would make them more in line with the Democrats or the Libertarians, and Crist already believed in those things! I am so sick of political dishonesty!

  • John Henke

    What’s really scary about Florida politics is that a guy like Pandering Charley has a real chance at becoming governor again. Rick Scott and his cronies in the privatization rackets are looting this State like thieves on crack. Somehow they spent $90,000,000 of our money on “privatizing” the medical care for the prison system only to have a judge shoot down the whole thing. So where did the money go and what did it buy for the people of Florida? They took 3% of State employees pay to put toward retirement only it didn’t go toward retirement; they just put in the budget and hooped it off. They would have been smarter just to have an across the board 3% pay cut, but that would have affected some Tallahassee fat-cats so they tried the big flim-flam instead and it blew up in their faces. Now two courthouse losses later they have been told to give it back with interest. A little bit of a problem for these crooks as more than a billion dollars ain’t there anymore. Maybe look in Ricks de-duct box and see if it’s there?

  • Joseph A. Kaplan

    Dear Editor: Re your article: “Crist to sign up as Democrat” by Scott Powers, staff writer, South Florida Sun Sentinel, Thursday, December 13, 2012 Page 2B, Local Section.

    In reading this story in today’s paper my initial thoughts are: “hey, if it works try it.” Crist, the former Florida Governor who ran for the Senate as an independent, and now wants to run for Governor again as a Democrat seems to want to ride off the coattails of the recent win of Barack Obama whom he supported for President. Crist who before becoming Governor was State Education Commissioner, had the opportunity to make alot of connections with the Education establishment, and I’m sure he’ll continue to receive their strong support.

  • Whats_Up

    Sure – Charlie for FL Governor …a job he no longer wanted.

    Hmmm, wonder why? Simple. He spent ALL of Florida’s emergency reserves while in office – robbing the coffer not once, but 3 times until it was empty. After the housing bubble popped, peeps were fleeing the state in droves becuase there were NO jobs …not even gov’t jobs, which he was well known for providing. And last, but not least, as Governor, Charlie Crist DOUBLED ALL “SERVICE” FEES on Flordians and tourists alike: DMV, CWP, Parks, etc …and then he and the Legislature CREATED NEW SERVICE FEES …oh – one more – under Gov. Crist, Florida became the #1 State to pay more taxes in phone services than any other.

    Yea, what a great guy …someone to manage my household budget for sure – NOT.

    Gov. Rick Scott, on the other hand, has truly created PRIVATE SECTOR jobs and doggone if he hasn’t put millions into Florida’s emergency fund again …although Scott has also moved to the “LEFT” in many ways because of some of the Progressives he has allowed to advise him. Idiot.