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With Syria On the Verge of Committing Genocide, Could Egypt Be Close Behind?

by Javier Manjarres

In response to the growing civil strife in Egypt, President Barack Obama has called President Mohammed Morsi to express his “deep concern” about the violence that has been perpetrated against the protesters of his Morsi’s regime that has so far resulted in six deaths and untold numbers of injuries.

With Syrian President Bashar al-Assad clinging to power and potentially contemplating asylum, is Syria’s civil war a sign of what is to come in Egypt?

Morsi is long associated with the terrorist organization Muslim Brotherhood, and he’s refused to rescind his recent decrees that essentially make him the de facto dictator of the country.  Tens of thousands of protesters have denounced his power grab and Morsi’s thug friends in the Muslim Brotherhood are now attempting to intimidate their fellow citizens who are protesting Morsi’s power grab.  Violent protests have erupted outside the Muslim Brotherhood’s headquarters in Cairo as as well as several other regional offices.

Responding to a call to “protect” the presidential palace, thousands of Brotherhood members and other Islamists descended on the area Wednesday, beating and chasing away some 300 opposition protesters who had been staging a peaceful sit-in there. Hours of street battles followed.

“We raise Egypt’s flag but they raise the Brotherhood flag. This is the difference,” Cairo protester Magdi Farag said as he held the tri-colored national flag stained with blood from his friend’s injury in the clashes.-Fox News

The Muslim Brotherhood and its radical Islamist ideology will never relinquish power once they’ve obtained it, and their long sought after goal is establish an Islamic Caliphate throughout the Middle East and impose sharia law to govern all of its subjects.

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  • Lorena

    Barak Obama and Hillary Clinton made a huge mistake by endorsing Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood terrorists. These were all in jail when Mubarak was in office and he had them under control. Now the country is a mess and the U.S. will NEVER EVER admit the huge mistake.
    We need to stand and support and speak for our fellow brothers there and the Christian Coptics in Egypt who are at risk of losing everything including their lives. These Muslims are ruthless, tiranic, satanic creeps!!

  • http://yahoo marcy l

    one can only hope. the enemies of Israel shall all fall!

  • John Henke

    Well at least the folks in Egypt have enough since to protest their dictator. I hope someday Russia or China will put a stop to this madness being cause by the bankster run “government” that presently rules over the United States. Lord knows the American people don’t seem ready yet to put a stop to it.

  • Susan North

    Well as long as it is on their own people it is fine with me. In fact it would be doing a favor to all the women, children, gays, and disabled of those countries where if you are not an able-bodied male you live in a hell-hole. And if you are an able-bodied male well, your chances of becoming cannon fodder are excellent.

    You might think this is a bit harsh, but believe me the Middle East is not the Mid-West. Better they should kill each other than their honocidal tendencies are turned on others. Belive me these are not very nice people, to put it politely.