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Allen West Concedes, Patrick Murphy Goes to Congress

by Lone Shark

Well, it’s official- Congressman Allen West has conceded his 18th congressional district race to Democrat Patrick Murphy earlier this morning.

It goes without saying that the loss is a huge one for conservatives, as West is one of the most fearless and articulate advocates for the conservative cause and our national security, his efforts will be greatly missed in Congress.

And permit us an opportunity to say something that no doubt will be ridiculed by Democrats, but is true nevertheless- the results of this race proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that merit, character, and experience matter little to Democrats- as long as there’s a (D) next to an individual’s name, far too many Democrats will support a clearly underqualified individual with no experience of any appreciable kind over a Republican, and in this case, an extraordinarily qualified one.

This race could not have more clearly contrasted two individuals with such an enormous gulf between them in so many regards, and Floridians opted for the one with so little an understanding of policy matters (as was clearly demonstrated in the first debate) and whose candidacy was ultimately propped up by his dad and his handlers.

”Only God knows what is in store for each of us. I have dedicated my life to serving this nation, and the results of this election will not change my purpose. Just as I did in the deserts of Iraq and Afghanistan, just as I did on Capitol Hill, I will continue to fight for our Republic.” – Congressman Allen West

For shame, Florida.

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  • Nancy Farnham

    So right about the D next to the name. They have even elected people with a D while in prison in MA. Too bad this election had so much voter fraud, so many clueless voters.

    • Rich

      Sorry, but the “clueless” ones are the majority of the posters here.
      The good Mr. West outspent his opponent by a 4 to 1 margin and still couldn’t win.
      All this talk of fraud is just so silly. Didn’t Gov. Scott and his Tallahassee cronies already try to rig the election to favor republicans?
      You’re all making EXCUSES. Mr. West lost because sane, sensible Americans don’t want a divisive character in the House of Representatives. The majority of Americans want representatives who will do the people’s business in a sane and sensible manner and not make wild accusations or issue ridiculous statements. Accusing other members of the Congress of being “communists” was crazy and no way to get elected except maybe in rural Arkansas.
      Mr. Murphy presented himself as the sane alternative to Mr. West and the people responded by electing him.
      Blaming “voter fraud” is merely sour grapes. The man lost because of himself. A sane republican would probably have won, a radical teabagger simply did not appeal to a broad enough cross-section of the electorate.

      • Morstar150

        Rich your comments are certainly consistent. They mirror the agenda of the social progressive media that is bent on recreating this nation into a social disaster. You always comment about “sane” Americans with the implication that anyone who doesn’t agree with your leftist rhetoric is mentally disturbed or from a Southern state that clearly you believe doesn’t deserve consideration.

        I agree with you on the other hand that we as conservatives must stop making excuses about how we lost. Apparently, the campaign tactics of Chicago have become the norm in the Democrat party. What we conservatives must do is follow the same tactics. Unfortunately, we cannot get massive numbers of uneducated uninformed voters to the polls because each of us actually believe that voting is an important and we look at the issues and make an effort to understand the implications of our votes. We do not “fill in ballots” for absent voters. We do not use the government coffers to bribe voters with more poverty.

        Here’s an added little insight into your Murphy victory, aside from this inexperienced rich little daddy’s boy getting papa to slide him into his new congressional seat, this election also included the purchase of a former Martin County Sheriff. The Sheriff is a known bigot who from the very start stepped into this race to destroy West as a so called Republican. It was his voting block that made the difference in numbers. Shame on him! The Martin County Republican Party better straighten out that situation.

      • AFIraqVet

        Take your derisive “Teabagger” comments and cram them right up your Joe Biden mouthpiece. You bleat and blather about sanity, yet mindlessly support people who are turning this country’s financial health into Greece x10,000. Be intellectually honest for once in your life, and admit that you don’t give a damn whether or not the country is turning into soft tyranny and being spent into collapse, just so long as the guys wearing your chosen team’s jersey are the ones doing it. That’s your approach to the money in politics “problem” you moan about so much (since you don’t care that unions and leftists are the beneficiaries of most of it).

      • Mark Solomon

        Rich: If you are correct; i.e. that Democrats only vote for sane, sensible candidates that do not throw rhetorical firebombs, then how do you explain the election of Congressman Alan Grayson (D)- Orlando? Grayson made Col. West look and sound absolutely Churchillian.

  • surfcat50

    Remember that Democrats also care little for “ensuring every vote counts”, either. The Democrat elections supervisor for West’s race submitted results that counted 54 of 94 precincts twice and the other 40 not once, among a variety of other irregularities. She was unavailable for comment when such questions were raised.

    Regardless of West’s concession, the Florida Secretary of State should NOT certify such results, as they do not accurately reflect the actual vote in that district.

    Moreover, steps should be taken to ensure that Florida election supervisors comply with the laws of this state and those that cannot manage to transparently count all votes cast and recount all votes cast.

    • BillieUSA

      You are SO right. Do I remember correctly that she was in the hospital last week? This is a disgrace.

      GO WEST!

      PS I tried to get updates in the PB Post, and I should not have been surprised when I know who buys the rag, but so many of the bloggers were stupid and rude and uninformed. I will not go there for news ever again. I stopped buying it a long time ago.

  • http://SharkTank Debbie Grant

    It is very sad to see the slow and painful demise of this country. It is not the country of the “Greatest Generation” but now the country of the “Me Generation”.

    Let’s hope Congressman West runs for President in four years. He can clearly carry the conservative message.

    For shame Florida, FOR SHAME!!!

  • Rafael Contreras

    Another sign that our country is upside down. A clearly exceptional candidate is bypassed for a clearly underqualified or even unqualified
    candidate.I wish Col.Allen West the best and know he will succeed in
    any future endeavors and he will remain a positive force in our country’s future and in spreading the conservative message.
    Happy Thanksgiving.

  • Allen West

    Sometimes the best person loses. It’s a pitfall of an ill-informed electorate.

    God bless Allen West.

  • Chopper

    No pity!!! Many of us urged West to run for the U.S. Senate in what would have been an easily won race. Instead he chose to hunker down in his east coast district for a harder race. Bad choices generally produce bad results.

    • Morstar150

      I hear you but I disagree. This election was won by the Chicago political machine that has now become the Democratic National political machine. The tactics that they used were what we would feel are underhanded but they were successful and we should take notice. The mid term elections belong to us and we must begin today to make it the most successful election ever! Alan West will be a part of that. He could not afford to be a losing Senate candidate. He could have won but the volume of (let me be diplomatic in saying this) “new” voters and “part-time” voters was tremendous. That only happens every four years when Obama runs. That will not happen in two years when conservatives and tea party voters get their dander up and change the make up of the US Senate.

  • Roy 357

    Programmer under oath admits computers rig elections
    MUST SEE NOW !!! Nov. 7, 2012

    The below URL is video testimony of computer programmer Clinton Eugene Curtis testifying how easy it is to program voting machines to rig an election to come out with the results you want.

  • Conniption Fitz

    So ends our first overtly Russky-Zimbabwe style election with rampant and recognizable, but ignored, election and voter fraud.

    I can now despise the Republicans equally with the Democrats after this.

  • Conniption Fitz

    Despise them both, not just because of the fraudulent election, but because of the obscene, greedy, irresponsible, destructive spending, policies, cronyism and corruption.

  • Carlos

    Much as I admire West, most of his problems were of his own making. No matter how much he tried to move to a nearby dist., it’s still in a very liberal, highly dysfunctional part of FL. These same morons claim civility as an issue but had no problem reelecting that yenta witch, DWS, talk about shrill and extreme! Hopefully, Allen’s not done with politics. He should move to a more conservative (ok, very conservative) part of the state where his views are more like the overall voter base. Murphy’s youth isn’t the issue, it’s his total shallow, lightweight existence. Think Al Franken Lite(r). West is a powerful asset and we need him in DC, esp. those who wear the uniform.

    • Perseids

      West needs to move in from the coast, perhaps west a bit west and north of Okeechobee. I believe he’d receive a much warmer welcome from the folks living on the other side of the Kissimmee river. There is a much lower tolerance to the kinda B.S. that is the core makeup of the SE Fl coast. You just gotta love all the gunracks in the pickups. Serious folks. A very low tolerance to BS. Not many nanny state fans around. West would be welcomed with open arms. There’s always room for a real fighter.

  • Hank Nizko

    We need a fraud -proof voting system. Congress should make it a law that every voter in every election would be identified by use of a MasterCard. Registration and casting of votes would be done by use of one credit card. MasterCard was chosen as it is the most numerous in use in the USA, and in most cases it is free to users.

    Credit cards work perfectly in accounting for all money charging in the country. Keeping track of every single voter in the USA and allowing them to vote only “once” per election would go a long way in preventing “voter fraud”. The credit card clearing house can respond instantaneously to either allow or disallow a voter.

    After this initial step to identify voters, the system would be made to count votes on those running, and to keep track of votes on specific issues.

    (People with bad credit would be issued a card to be used only in elections)

  • Seriously

    Are all of you serious? West lost because of West. His new district was easily winnable for an incumbent Republican. His problem is simple. His mouth. He hollered rantings to the extreme right which were great for rallying his base during speeches but did nothin to advance any significant pieces of legislation. He spent more time name calling then representing and his new district would not tolerate it. The votes he garnered were R’s who could not stand to vote for a D. But moderates and independents who vote for candidate and not Party said hell no to his extemism. It’s sad because this seat should have been republican and this idiot blew it. He’ll go make millions as a conservative commentator but he cost us an easy seat and I’m glad he’s gone.

    • BillieUSA

      What significant pieces of legislation could a newbie with 1+ years of experience contribute? The guy barely had a chance to learn the ropes. He is NOT extreme at all. He tells the truth.

    • Morstar150

      Disagree! Former Martin County Sheriff, a southern bigot, a fake Republican, worked against West. The margin of victory was from that group. Martin County better get it together.

  • Sam

    GO FLORIDA! GO MURPHY! All you clueless haters out there – don’t like it, LEAVE! Go to South Carolina or Georgia, or Alaska & hang out with Sarah Palin. The great state of Florida just took down the tea party’s biggest stooge. When will you guys get a clue – this man is an extremist who did nothing in congress except call people names. Thank God, the people of Florida particularly in CD18 stood up for civil discourse, respect, and bipartisanship. The so-called ‘hero’ was a complete disgrace and embarassment, too bad you guys can’t see that; but the people did.

    • Chopper

      Does your comment represent your idea of “civil discourse?”

      • Sam

        The point is, the republican party was hijacked in 2010 by a radical fringe group called the tea party. When will moderate republicans wake up and clean up their house, at least get the lessons learned from the thumping they just got. Instead of realizing that, perhaps, Allen West lost because he is Allen West – some on this thread are still out in fantasyland – now directing their anger at the great people of CD18 instead of their candidate. Time to wake up and save your party folks.

        • Morstar150

          I really don’t like when leftists tell me what I did in 2010 and even worse, what I need to do as a conservative Republican in 2014. I know what i need to do, challenge you progressive stance every opportunity that I can.

          • Sam

            Ahem, ok well, good luck :) don’t let the door hit you in the @!#$!

    • Morstar150

      Yeah, whatever. Heard it before. Go live with those dumb Southerners in those “other” states. Murphy doesn’t last past one term.

  • Ray

    Call a WAAMBULANCE you stinking losers. You have ZERO proof of fraud or manipulation of the election. You nominated a moron, he lost. Get over it.

    • Mark Solomon

      You racist! There can be no doubt that a vote against West is a vote against a Black man having power. Democrats LOVE brain-dead bomb throwers – see Debbie Wasserman-Schultz and Alan Grayson. Democrats do not believe that a Black man has the smarts to be successful. [And don’t tell me Obama. Obama is a tanned White man]