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Latino Poverty Rate Soars, NBCLatino Whines About Romney Pointing Out The Obvious

by Lone Shark

As 71% of Hispanics voted to re-elect President Obama, here’s their reward for supporting an individual whose economic policies are wreaking havoc across the landscape- record poverty among Latinos.

Unfortunately, the hard truth is that far too many Hispanics are being cravenly misled by one man, President Barack Obama, and now they’re paying the price as a result- Latinos as a group now have less freedom, less economic opportunity, and are having a lower quality of life imposed on them.

Many of them fell prey to the lies,  immigration fear mongering, and the straight out bribes of the Obama campaign.

These outcomes- 28% of Latinos now classified as living in poverty- are not what Latinos knowingly voted for, and unfortunately, Obama knows that far too many Latinos are susceptible to his rhetoric, demagoguery and empty promises.

Hispanics will hopefully someday learn that they’ve been lied to by Democrats, but in the interim, there will be much needless economic pain and suffering that will fall heavy on Hispanics.- NBC Latino however has better things to report on, such as chiding Mitt Romney for calling attention to Obama’s blatant bribery of targeted voter groups, including Latinos.


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  • Chopper

    What goes around, comes around. Or, all actions have consequences.

  • Liz

    Obama knows that far too many Latinos are susceptible to his rhetoric, demagoguery and empty promises —>

    —> Obama is like any other dictator in Latin America, we should know what we ran away from and now there is no where else to run to.

    Latinos better go back to our basic values and they will learn that the only party that reprents them is the Republican Party and yes, it is not perfect but we can keep on electing and backing great candidates such as Marco Rubio who speak of hard work and family to prosper in America.

  • BoGo

    After more than 50 years the black community has yet to wise up to the siren song of the lefty progs. You expect the Hispanic community to move along the learning curve any faster?

    If you do, well that’s just plain racist. /sarc

    And don’t you know how to properly spin the double standard? When the R’s reward a special interest group it’s called “a disgusting example of the good ol’ boys’ blatant cronyism”, when the D’s do it it’s simply “good government ensuring a valued constituency receives their fair share”.

  • Obama’s Pocket for NBC

    The Obama-Democrats-NBC-General Electric crony capitalism circle is tight and well known. It will end only when Americans, including our Latino brothers and sisters, demand its demise. Much work remains. Let’s sstart with our dumbed down educational system. It is producing dummies and more poverty.

  • monty8271

    Those fools..white, black and hispanic who voted for Obama deserve just what they are going to get…Communism and poverty.
    Why do you think the cpUSA endorsed him?
    Why is he such good buddies with dictators around the world?
    R.I.P. America.

  • Carlos

    More important things to report on? Like talking about GOP throwing out a brown face, in ref. to Rubio? You think the morons who parrot that crap ever stopped to look at Marco? His face is white not brown. As a matter of fact, that and conservative credentials and are why the La Raza vermin hate him, pure envy. They say he’s not hispanic, I guess to them he’s a pinche guero, LOL.

  • cordeg

    The irony here is even more pronounced when you go back and look at historic Hispanic poverty levels and see that the president who holds the record for the WORST Hispanic poverty level ever — over 30% — was none other than President Obama’s fellow Democrat and re-election aid, Bill Clinton. And the holder of the 2nd WORST record — also over 30% — was…Bill Clinton again. Anyone care to guess on the holder of the 3rd WORST record — also over 30% — anyone?, anyone? Yep, Bill Clinton. In fact, Clinton has the dubious distinction of presiding over not only the 3 worst annual rates of Hispanic poverty, but of the ONLY 3 years in which this figure exceeded 30%. Yet he was re-elected with a significant Hispanic majority. This is what you call having the ability to sell long underwear in Hell. I think they teach you how to do this when you reach the upper echelons of the Democratic Party.

  • Carlos J. Negron

    It is time that so called “latino leaders”( including those in the media) come to TRUE aid of the Hispanic community.

    True ,people like you better ,if you tell them what they want to hear rather than reality, but by doing so,a disservice is being done.

    Much better would be to heed the adage of “give a man a fish, you feed him for a day, TEACH him how to fish he feeds himself for a lifetime”.

    Denial exists in all strata of society, and that is part of human nature, but when others compound denial by withholding facts which alter reality , those who do so are complicit.