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“Half Brother” of Joe Abruzzo Trashes Him on Facebook, Hopes for Peterson Victory

by Lone Shark

Alec Abruzzo, the self-identified “half brother” of Democrat State Representative Joe Abruzzo took the initiative to trash his brother’s candidacy for State Senate directly on his Republican opponent Melanie Peterson’s Campaign for State Senate Facebook page.

Peterson and Abruzzo are locked in a highly contested race for State Senate in District 25 which comprises most of Palm Beach County from Belle Glade to Boca Raton.


Here’s the screen capture of Alec Abruzzo’s slight of his brother as posted on Peterson’s Facebook wall-

Not exactly the kind of ringing endorsement you’d expect from a family member of a political candidate.  Is there a rift in Abruzzo’s family, or does Alec know certain things about his half brother that would dissuade the public from supporting him?  

As best we can tell, Alec Abruzzo’s Twitter handle hasn’t reiterated his support for Peterson, but we’re following up with Alec to learn what’s behind the animus between him and his half-brother.  Stay tuned…



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  1. Alec Abruzzo November 1, 2012 at 4:03 pm

    I am going on record that I did not make these posts and accusations about my brother Joseph Abruzzo. When I was questioned who Joseph Abruzzo was, I was shocked to see the negative statements made regarding my brother, using my accounts. After looking into the situation, it is clear to me that my Facebook and Twitter accounts have been compromised. The only truth is that my Twitter handle hasn’t reiterated my support for Peterson and that is because I do not support Peterson. I am behind my brother, Joseph Abruzzo 150%. He is one of the best, most honest people I know and someone who I have looked up to my entire life. He is a role model to me and has dedicated his life’s work to helping make a difference—especially for the people of Florida. Let me reiterate this—I did not make these negative posts, nor would I ever support anyone other than my brother, Joseph Abruzzo.

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“Half Brother” of Joe Abruzzo Trashes Him on Facebook, Hopes for Peterson Victory

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