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Allen West Equates Opponent to Charlie Crist, Slams Obama On Foreign Policy

By Javier Manjarres

Congressman Allen West was the keynote speaker at the Indian River County Tea Party rally in Vero Beach, Florida, an event where several thousand Republican and Tea Party attendees waited patiently to hear the popular congressman from South Florida speak about American exceptionalism as well as to rail against President Obama’s failed policies.

Never short of zingers, Allen West slammed his Democrat congressional opponent by equating him to former Republican turned Independent and soon to be Democrat Charlie Crist. West called his opponent, Patrick Murphy as “ill-prepared to be a member of Congress, and stated that Murphy equated ordinary Americans, to “extremists,” just as Hillary Clinton described the Islamist terrorists that carried out the Benghazi consulate attacks that killed four Americans.

Last night I had a little debate with my opponent. You know what was the most disturbing thing, other than from the fact that we already have one Charlie Crist in this state, we don’t need another Charlie Crist.- Congressman Allen West

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Here is the other clip of the speech where Allen West destroys Obama on foreign policy.

We are going to send the Angel of Death disquised as the great american eagle and we are going to ruin their lives- Congressman Allen West

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  • http://2UPR CraigInFlorida

    Oh well, I knew Allen West’s temporary journey into the realms of civility and actually talking about the important issues wouldn’t last. Back to the old zingers and name calling. It’s a terrible waste of his articulate and speaking abilities. Now if he would just delineate his stance on the IMPORTANT ISSUES, I could find him both believable and rational.

    • Jim In Wyoming

      Craig, I don’t think you are listening. Rep. West was very clear in his assertions about the direction America should take and from where we came. He didn’t mince his words. PERIOD! He only stated the truth.

  • john pistorino

    West is a true american not a daddy’s rich kid who is a liberal willing to give other people’s money away but not his own. Keep West.

  • trisha


  • Stan Lee

    I suppose you all noticed who was sitting next to Michele Obama during debate #3? If you hadn’t noticed, it was none other than former Republican, Charlie crist! Sitting in Obama’s cheering section, there’s a loyal partisan for you!