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Unable to Run On Record, Wasserman Schultz Exploits Breast Cancer

By Javier Manjarres

Congressman Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s re-election campaign now appears to be in desperation mode, as her campaign has disseminated a campaign mailer reminding prospective voters that she’s been a a breast cancer survivor on three separate occasions. 

Not that this fact is in any way a pre-requisite for public office, Wasserman Schultz’s Republican opponent Karen Harrington is also a three time cancer survivor.  As Harrington has referenced her past bouts with cancer on her website, it’s really a tasteless move to use a paid campaign advertisement that plays on the sympathy of voters in such a manner.  Debbie’s mailer not only shamelessly exploits her own past health issues, it also takes a needless cheap shot at the same insurance companies and their employees who no doubt facilitated Debbie’s own treatment and recovery.

In response to Wasserman Schultz’s tasteless mailer, Harrington responded with the following statement

Do you expect anything less from someone who will do anything and everything to win re-election, including lying on national TV?  When she was caught with the lie, she lied about saying the lie.  By exploiting her past bout with breast cancer for political gain, my opponent’s actions make the case why Americans need to vote her out of office. – Karen Harrington

The mailer in question comes across as a defense of ObamaCare and exploits people’s general ignorance of how health insurance companies work within the health care system- 

Quote #1

I was fortunate. I had good insurance an great doctors. Today, I’m a survivor. But like every breast cancer survivor, I now have a pre-existing condition.-

Quote #2

Beating breast cancer strengthened my resolve to make sure insurance companies can’t drop or deny coverage to anyone just to make a buck.

Quote #3

A breast cancer survivor, Debbie Wasserman Schultz is fighting the extremists who want to cut vital funding for women’s healthcare.

The rest of the mailer, is equally misleading- notice how Debbie is always fighting “extremists”, i.e. the people who are attempting to stop the federal government’s takeover of the healthcare system that robs patients of choices and gives the shaft to health care providers and insurance carriers. And Debbie does this while blatantly exploiting her past breast cancer. You stay classy, Debbie.



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Unable to Run On Record, Wasserman Schultz Exploits Breast Cancer

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