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Obama’s “No Mas” Debate Leaves Him Reeling, Re-Election Hopes in Jeopardy

by Lone Shark

After weeks of pursuing a soft media strategy in non-challenging environments and pre-debate “prep” with interviewers such as “Pimp the Limp” DJ Laz, David Letterman, and the gals from The View, what we witnessed last night in Denver should not be all that surprising- President Barack Obama was soundly dismantled in the first presidential debate by Mitt Romney in every regard- stylistically, rhetorically and most importantly, substantively.

If last night’s debate was a boxing match, a referee would have had to stop the fight- or perhaps Obama’s handlers would have thrown in the towel if the fight was allowed to continue. If you remember the beating in the 8th round that Sugar Ray Leonard gave to Roberto Duran over 30 years ago, you’ve already got a pretty good idea of what transpired if you missed the action last night.

It was that bad a beatdown to witness, and it was a listless, disengaged, and embarrassing performance for the President who was outflanked by Romney in nearly every direction. For the first time in nearly four years, President Obama was actually challenged about his policies and held to account for his record, something that the media have routinely refused to do and something that Republicans have not been able to do in such a consequential setting.

CNN’s post-debate viewer poll had Romney the winner 67%-25% and a CBS poll of uncommitted voters had Romney the winner 46%-22% – huge margins by any objective standard. Obama Campaign campaign aide Stephanie Cutter admitted that Romney won on “preparation and style,” and even Bill Maher tweeted that Obama “looked like he needed a teleprompter.” When your non-adversarial media sources and your die-hard supporters are characterizing your debate performance in such a manner, you know it’s not good.

When you’ve taken liberalism, along with its policy prescriptions and highly questionable premises to their extreme application as President Obama has from Day One of his presidency, it’s only a matter of time when reality will set in and Waterloo will arrive, and there’s a decent chance that we will look back and realize that tonight was that night.

Whatever you call Obama’s political philosophy- Liberalism/Socialism/Corporatism/Marxism or any other kind of “ism” you assign to it- last night, it was shown to be tired and intellectually indefensible, and thankfully, in front of millions of Americans.

For the first time since he was openly challenged and left reeling by Paul Ryan during a health care summit back in 2010, Obama was forced to defend the indefensible in a setting where he couldn’t hide behind Valerie Jarrett or the fawning media acolytes he’s brushed off for most of this year.

It was almost painful to watch Obama’s guilty expression and dismissive mannerisms after Romney repeatedly called him out for the $90 billion dollars which he wasted on malinvestments in the green energy sector.

Obama’s allies in the media, unable to spin away Obama’s dismal performance were left to vilify debate moderator Jim Lehrer’s “performance,” or lack thereof as moderator. You could easily sense the Left’s palpable desperation and despondency as the New York Magazine referred to Lehrer as the debate’s “one clear loser.”

In fact, we were perhaps inadvertently reminded last night that the best role of a moderator is not to interfere with the proceedings and to encourage pointed exchanges between the candidates. It’s far more informative when moderators pose their question and let the participants go at it for a few rounds when there are substantive exchanges rather than resort to asking frivolous or clearly biased questions, which is clearly what MSNBC’s panel admitted they would have preferred. Lehrer’s approach served to benefit Romney, as he was allowed to follow up on many of Obama’s questionable assertions rather than permitting them to go unchallenged.

It’s hard not to speculate that Romney’s performance last night didn’t substantially help him among independents and undecided voters. No, this election isn’t over by a long shot, but when they write the history of the 2012 campaign, we may very well have just witnessed its decisive turning point last night.

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  • http://Corky Corky 1

    Looks like the Charlie Daniels song “Obama went down to Denver” He was looking for a vote to steal. He was in a bind and way behind and willing to make a deal. But when the Fiddling was over, he knew that he’d been beat and he laid that nomination on the floor at Romney’s feet. With apologies to Charlie Daniels.

  • http://2UPR CraigInFlorida

    Whoa, hold your horses! One 90-minute performance does not change everything. The reactionary party platform and stance remains the same. Romney/Ryan cloudiness on details still remain, the numbers simply don’t add up. This sounds more like open promises made, a piece of candy offered here and there, but the devil is in the details–which are not forthcoming. Of course this is nothing new in election campaigning, but the mean-spirited, ultra conservative, fend for yourself attitude remains. I’d like to think Mr. Romney just might be his own pragmatic man, but he’s beholding to and surrounded by a nasty group of hawkish, everyone for himself, irresponsible and calculating out of touch, blunderkind!

    • BoGo

      Sorry, your pResident’s plan for the middle class boils down to

      “The beatings will continue until morale improves – or the bourgousie is eliminated – whichever comes first.”

    • Mitt’s the Answer

      Craig — It’s evening time but still not too late for you to have that glass of prune juice you missed. Have a good evening!

    • Sandman

      Well Craig, 5 days later and looks like one 90 min. debate DOES change everything. Your economic wrecking ball boy wonder president is tanking like a led zeppelin. Bye Bye Bam Bam….

  • Sandman

    Remember when you were a kid and while in a fight they would say “say it to my face”? Well Obama found out last night that spreading his lies and propaganda about his opponent was not so easy face to face.

    Obama was smoked like a blunt last night. Jim Lehrer was actually trying to finish Obama’s incoherent thoughts (balanced approach right Mr. President, he chimes in) He was looking at the floor while Romney systematically took him apart.

    Everyone says Obama wasn’t prepared, I don’t agree. He simply has a record that is indefensible and has never had to defend it. The media is so corrupt they have adjudicated their journalistic responsibility.

    Say goodbye Mr. President. You’ve been exposed for the utter failure your administration has been. Every now and then us in the silent majority have to step up and set things straight for our country. By our honor, November 6th we take America back.

  • Mitt’s the Man

    Mitt thoroughly dismantled Obama’s domestic program. Mitt had the substance, the delivery and the facts. Often Obama would look down or to moderator Jim Lehrer for help. Sometimes Obama’s jaw and neck tightened under Mitt’s factual assault. Without his prepared speeches and his teleprompter, Obama had feet of clay. As they say, maybe the fat lady sung her song last night — is it all over but the shouting?

  • RTJ


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  • aleida v carrau

    Last night Mr. Obama looked listless and ill prepared. At times he appeared to be thinking “what am I doing here? I’d rather be at the golf course…”. Mr. Romney was in control, expressed his ideas very clearly and he showed that he understands business as well as politics, and that he spoke from experience. I give Romney an 8 and Obama a 2.

  • Carol M

    Obama was eviscerated by Romney last night. Made the President look like a petulant child. That’s what happens when you box yourself into a political ideology, surround yourself with “yes men” and refuse to acknowledge failed policies.

  • Jeff

    I am so happy that Romney won the debate last night. Now that he is assured to be President, we can breath a sigh of relief. Romney is Superman and Obama is done. WEEEEEEE! Where’s my crack pipe?

    • BoGo

      Save yourself a rock for Nov. 7th.

  • Perseids

    Gotta give it to mittens, I just didn’t think he had it in him.
    That’s probably the first real ass whippin that Kenyan bastard ever had, from a man that is.
    You can bet his ashamed of America wife beats his sorry ass with regularity just to stay in shape and remind him who the Boss really is.

    Let us hope there is a knock out looming in the near future.

  • Lloyd

    Governor Romney was clearly in charge of his facts in the debate last night and he did not let the President distort his positions. He had clear answers to every Obama position and he explained why the Obama policies have not worked. This was the first occasion when we could see the two candidates on the same stage putting forth their positions and having to defend them to the opposing candidate.

    Governor Romney showed that he cares about the country, has a plan that he believes in and the determination to follow through until the election and then implement his policies. The President has a terrible record to run on so he can only attack Romney to try to tear him down. After last night, that will no longer work so he will have to try an October surprise of some sort to try to get elected.

  • Albireo

    Bob Woodward states that he feels there was something that happened yesterday that distracted the president and his ability to debate well. I think he looked tired, even ill.

    Romney was on point, on task , yet affable. He looked presidential. :) Awesome!

  • John Henke

    It’s my opinion that Obama has lost the support of the shadow government and the American aristocracy behind it. It seems plain to me that the fix is no longer in for Obama for a second term as commandeer and thief. I can’t believe his ego will stand for this. Someone as narcissistic, even sociopathic as the man we know as Barak Obama will not be able to accept the idea that his day in the sun is over. The fawning media who have never challenged a single thing about this person will not be able to shield him from a real political onslaught from any real opposition, particularly when that opposition is coming from the folks who really run this country from behind the curtain. If Obama keeps getting put into positions where he has to rely on his record, he’s done for. His only accomplishment as president so far has been to make Jimmy Carter look good.

  • yshaw1

    Thank goodness People in Florida who are deprived of any honest unbiased newspaper reporting could finally see what this election is honestly about, and what is at stake here. They could see for themselves without any lame left- winger interpreting for them with the OB distortion of Mitt Romney.He is a brilliant and honest man, the Republican party is the one trying desperately to keep America as we know it, too many people are getting the free Obama Phones etc.- what a deal, selling this country for free stuff!

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