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Rubio Asks Akin to Drop Out

By Javier Manjarres

West Palm Beach, FL- At the Forum Club in the Palm Beach Senator Marco Rubio addressed the ongoing controversy surrounding Representative Todd Akin and the remarks he made that have generated a significant backlash and calls for him to abandon his campaign for the U.S. Senate.

Asked about the controversy and whether Akin should remain in the race, Rubio stated that Akin’s remarks were “distastetful and unfortunate.” 

Rubio joins Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell and Sarah Palin in calling for Akin to drop out of his senate race against incumbent Democrat Claire McCaskill.

Obviously, I don’t agree with his comments. His comments were distasteful and unfortunate, and I think the decision he has made probably endangers the ability to Republicans to take that seat, and Republicans to take the majority in the Senate.

I would join other voices out there from Sarah Palin to Mitch McConnell, who have advised him to put his country before his candidacy. –U.S. Senator Marco Rubio

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  • Mark Griswold

    For the sake of political expediency and our necessity to take back the Senate, yes, he should drop out of the race but I think the bigger issue here is how, as a nation, we continue to score cheap shots on our opponents (and both sides do it) instead of “seeking first to understand and then to be understood”. Were Akin’s comments stupid? Yes. They show an ill-preparedness for primetime where every word is under the microscope. But, if we were to give him the benefit of the doubt and simply take his words as misstatement and not as well prepared and fully thought out and believed in truth, were they stupid then? Were they unreasonable? No. My full explanation here:

  • Susan

    Now that the Right has joined the Left in convicting a man for the crime of expressing inappropriate thought does this mean that America is now united into one qrotesque tyranny?

    I suppose that the “End justifies the Means” is that necessary evil-(we must convict a man named Akin for the crime of expressing inappropriate thought if we are to win the Senate and the White House) however of what value are JOBS, JOBS, JOBS and fatted wallets if we are so easily willing to give up our liberty?

    We have become our enemy, the enemy is us.

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  • LV

    How sad that folks in Missouri would take something that was absolutely overblown by the libtard media and vote for Claire ‘taxdodger’ McCaskill. Crazy Uncle Joe Biden has certainly said much worse & it dosn’t look like the looney lefties are going to push him out.

  • Cat

    Just because the left has said worse and will continue to … does not give Akin a pass. If he was so stupid as to say something like this in the political enviroment we have … then he is too stupid to serve. Like it or not that is the way things are .. until we can get FAIR minded people in the media … it will continue to be this way. He needs to drop out NOW! He is not more important than the country .. NO MAN NOR WOMAN IS!

    • Rick Benson


  • Electric Jack

    Who do you folks think you are casting stones at people when your own skirts are as bad if not worse. Let the people of that state decide who they wish to get elected from there state.

    We are 50 states who think for themselves. You do do allow the media decide who to vote for Shaun Hannity and all the rest I am ashamed of you. How dare you become Judge, Jury, and executioner.

    Especially when you consistently have a fool like Juan Williams on Fox you an O Reilly should wise up an let people like him fade into the trash heap of society….

  • Sandi Trusso

    Has everyone taken a huge dose of stupid?

    1) When Akin referenced “legitimate” rape, he was distinguishing between actual rape, and those women (whom we’ve all known) who have played around extensively and ended up pregnant and then cried rape. Come on, I know you people have seen this many times!

    Although it’s not impossible to become pregnant through rape, it actually is rare, because:

    1) We all know that rape is actually an act of violence, and control, VS. a sexual act. Many rapists cannot perform sexually so as to be able to impregnate a woman.

    2) Most women are on some type of birth control (even including many young teen girls).

    3) Even if the woman wasn’t on birth control, and even if the rapist was able to perform, he would still have to pin point the act to assure that this took place on her fertile time of the month.

    So why is Akin being so persecuted when everyone knows the above? Because he is a conservative man, and for no other reason. My concern is over the fact that although he should have been more discerning about making this statement why aren’t conservatives putting more factual info out rather than running from it (because conservative men aren’t allowed to have an opinion, no matter how factual, when it comes to women and reproduction) The feminists take great delight in attacking males who make a statement like this.