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GOP Candidate deFaria Dodges Questions, Campaign Imploding

By Javier Manjarres

Republican congressional candidate Ozzie deFaria didn’t do very well answering some straightforward questions I posed to him about some specific accusations he has made against Karen Harrington, one of deFaria’s opponents in Republican primary, The winner of the which will face off against Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz in November.

I caught up with deFaria at a candidate forum in Davie where I took the opportunity to ask him a few questions- questions that simply required a yes or no answer, so I thought.

The entire footage runs eight minutes, so we’ve split the encounter into two videos.

The first allegation I questioned deFaria was his claim that “Harrington owes $190K”- in fact, Harrington’s campaign owes Harrington $190K- Harrington loaned herself that amount in the 2010 election cycle. deFaria was a bit mixed in his response, the mailer states “Karen’s campaign has an additional $190,000 in loans,” but deFaria did correctly state that “her campaign owes” the $190K, yet on his mailer also states “That’s too much debt for a “fiscal conservative.”

So Ozzie, does she owe the $190,000, or does her campaign owe her the $190,000? 

deFaria was then asked if he put $273K into his campaign, deFaria responded, “I can afford $273K.” We  asked deFaria that same question again, but deFaria refused to answer.

deFaria cited the website, a site which is full of unsubstantiated accusations as being “100% factual.” This is the same website that deFaria posted a phony mugshot of yours truly using my 2010 Florida Driver’s License.  There is an active investigation as to how my driver’s license photo was obtained by deFaria or one of his surrogates.(Source-Phony mugshot)

With regards to his jobs creation claims, deFaria simply wants us to take his word for it, or at least that his friends believe he created that many jobs. We’ve been unable to independently verify whether his claims are substantiated.

[vsw id=”HcXZoDsOPiI” source=”youtube” width=”425″ height=”344″ autoplay=”no”]


The second part begins with deFaria dodging the $273K question. Ozzie refused to answer the simple question but then told me that I should visit the FEC website. Well, we did just that. deFaria’s FEC report clearing states that deFaria has injected $273,173 into his campaign this election cycle. Is this not the epitomy of hypocrisy, when he blasts Harrington for loaning her campaign $190,000 in 2010?

So let’s be clear here- deFaria loaned his campaign $273,173 this election cycle, Harrington loaned her campaign a total of $232,783 since 2010.  There’s simply no credible way for deFaria to make hay with this, and for him to refer to Harrington as a ‘big spender’ when he loaned his own campaign more than Harrington did? 

In deFaria’s eyes, its not OK for his opponents campaigns to owe money, but its OK for his campaign to do so. Here are the exact FEC numbers for both candidates. Notice how Harrington has only loaned herself $5000, in addition to the $40,000 credit card debt deFaria mentioned. Again, here is the $273,173 that deFaria has put into his campaign, the same amount he refused to answer yes or no, as to whether he did or not. Another point to make is, deFaria was only able to raise $121,441 from donors, the rest was from himself. Compare that with Harrington’s base, and there is simply no comparison.


I have absolutely nothing to hide. –Ozzie deFaria

 So why not answer the question?

It got worse for deFaria- he claims that Harrington “embellishes” her small business claims because she only owns a sixth of her business which is divided among family members and partners. deFaria’s could barely keep his emotions under control as I asked him why he would make such a claim.

Finally, I asked deFaria directly whether he still believes the content pertaining to yours truly on his anti-Harrington website is “100% factual” to which deFaria stated, “I don’t really know.”

So is it or is it not 100% factual when you don’t even know everything that is on the website?

If you live in South Florida, this is a must share article. Does deFaria belong in Congress?

[vsw id=”IGS0s2p3imo” source=”youtube” width=”425″ height=”344″ autoplay=”no”]


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About author

Javier Manjarres
Javier Manjarres

As the managing editor of The Shark Tank, Javier was awarded the 2011 CPAC Blogger of the Year. Countless videos and articles from the Shark Tank have been featured on Fox News, The Hill, Wall Street Journal, and other national news publications. Javier has also appeared on Univision’s “Al Punto” and numerous radio shows, including being the weekly 92.5 Fox News' DayBreak with Drew Steele political contributor, as well as one of NewsmaxTV's conservative commentators. Javier has also authored "BROWN PEOPLE," which is a book about Hispanic Politics. Learn more at

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  • Stan Lee

    It’s too bad about Mr.deFaria, but serious vetting is necessary by the Florida Republican Party to ascertain if a potential candidate can surive close scrutiny and/or properly respond to it.
    A political party’s statewide reputation rests upon such processes.
    As a Republican, I do not appreciate such myopic failures!
    We can do better!

    • Jeff

      My momma always told me… Tell the truth because if not and you get confronted and you get caught in a lie… One day you will look like an ass and lose all respect from people. Ozzie, you just lost all respect from the people and you look like an ASS!

  • Chelsea

    To defeat Debbie Wasserman Schultz we need the most electable candidate and that candidate is Juan Eliel Garcia.
    Vote Juan Eliel Garcia for Congress District 23!

    • The real Conservative Diva

      Ozzie, stop sending me those annoying robo calls! Errrrrrrr! U suck anyway.

  • Dan

    Fact – Independent Polling shows the following as of last week –
    Harrington – 60%
    Defaria – Below 5%
    Others – Barely registering

    2010 – Harrington Vs. DWS – Harrington won nearly 40% of the electorate.

    All Harrington needs is to garner another 11%. In the current environment and with the name recogniztion from her previous run that is exactly what she will do this time.

    Now you tell me why these clowns are in the race against Harrington ? Answer – Simply to do DWS’ bidding so that Harrington continues to spend her money on a Primary and does not have enough time or money to go after DWS by the time she gets to the general election.

    Finally, 2 predictions –

    1 – This post will be attacked but facts are facts. You can lie all you want but that does not change the truth.

    2 – Harrington WILL BE the next Congresswoman representing CD-23.

    Like it or not these predictions are backed by data not rhetoric.

  • Republican Voter in Distric 23

    Thanks Javier! I got Ozzie’s mailer and robo call and it confused me about Karen but now I see from the JACKASSES own mouth that he is a LAIR! Shame on you Ozzie!!!

  • Seminolitarian

    Very informative article! Make sure your proof reader takes their time next time, though :) This defaria guy seems shifty and thug-like to me. Can’t believe he posted your dl as an arrest on a website. How obnoxious!

    • Rose Miller

      I think Ozzie deFaira’s campaign just went down the drain…

  • Chelsea

    Dan let me ask you, where exactly did you pole? Karen Harrington’s office?

  • Liz

    All that spin gave a headache!
    How low can you go Mr. Defaria?

    I am sticking with my winning lady Karen Harrington

  • Renaud

    If I were DWS, I would pump money and support into Defaria’s campaign. In a difficult political climate for the Democrats I could then make it about Male Chauvinism and how this guy demeans women. You do not have to go too far, just take a look at the second clip at 55 seconds his poor wife dares to speak and how he back-slaps her with his right hand. How dare she speak ? Doesn’t she know ? Women are not allowed to speak in his presence, they just need to look pretty and suck up to him – right Ozzie ? What is this guy, and Arab ?

  • Renaud

    If I were DWS, I would pump money and support into Defaria’s campaign. In a difficult political climate for the Democrats I could then make it about Male Chauvinism and how this guy demeans women. You do not have to go too far, just take a look at the second clip at 55 seconds his poor wife dares to speak and how he back-slaps her with his right hand. How dare she speak ? Doesn’t she know ? Women are not allowed to speak in his presence, they just need to look pretty and be subservient to him. Same problem with Harrington. How dare she run against him ? She should be doing his dishes and laundry. Put a dog collar on both of them – right Ozzie ? What is this guy, an Arab ?

  • Tea Party Members of District 23

    This guy got BUSTED! If you have nothing to hide… Just answer the question!

  • TT

    Brilliant! I can’t believe you kept him engaged so long here!

  • Star Eyes

    How can anyone support this guy? He’s obviously lying, I doesn’t take a lie detector to see that. Crawl back under your rock, Ozzie.

  • Jay

    Stan, the Republican Party of Florida doesn’t do any vetting. All you need as an insider is “connections”. The electorate, with their wallets, and people like Javier does the vetting of an outsider.


    good job Javier!

  • Buffy D S

    He sounds like Goldner….

  • Jeff

    It was a big mistake for Ozzie to engage you like that. It made him look guilty.

    • Peter

      He looked GUILTY because Ozzie is! When you refuse to answer a simple question then you are…

  • Jaynie59

    The most laughable thing about deFaria is that he would use his position as a Director at AT&T to claim he had has any success in business or has created jobs. The title of “Director” is a mid-level management position. He can get all the sound bites he wants from former bosses, but the fact is that a Director in the phone company is the lowest level executive position there is.

    At the bottom are us peons. The workers like clerks and technicians. First level managers have titles like Supervisor or Specialist or Account Manager, depending on what they do. Second level managers supervise the first levels. Then comes the Director. A Director is basically a department head.

    I laughed out loud when he said that about being a director and creating jobs. A director is lucky if he can sign an invoice for more than a thousand bucks without EVP approval.

  • crypticguise

    This guy is EXACTLY the type of “jackass” we (Republicans) do not want or need representing us in Congress. I hope he gets his ass kicked in the primary. He is obviousy a lying piece of garbage.

  • NOPC

    OHH Baby…. Good Job JM.

  • Tea Party Members of District 23

    When I lived in NH, Ozzie was a Liberal Democrat. This guy is a plant. I’m so glad he got exposed!!!

  • Harris KLein

    I watched and heard the interview. I also read the various comments and wasn’t surprised when nearly all saw this guy as a phony and disrespectable person. He should go hide under a rock and take his phony supprters with him. I would vote for my garbage collector before Ozzie and that even insults the garbaGE COLLECTOR TO MENTION HIM WHEN SAYING OZZIE.
    Karen did a great job in garnering 3 times the percentage of any one in the past against DWS and did so withm only a start 5 months before the primary and only her own money in the campaign account to start.
    Karen can win and will be our new CONGRESSWOMAN.

    • Jeff

      And Elephants will someday fly. Karen is a good candidate but Debbie is not going anywhere.

      • BoGo

        Is that a guarantee?

        Is that like Carville saying in 2008 that the Republican party has destroyed itself and he foresaw a Democrat dynasty for at least the next 40 years? Then came the 2010 mid-terms.

        I only know of ’08 Obama voters that will be switching sides or staying home. I know of NO ONE that voted for McCain saying they will vote Obama because he deserves a second term. This has the makings of a 1980-style landslide Republican victory, and Debbie will be buried along with BHO.

        Debbie’s not going anywhere, so stay home, she don’t need your vote. :>)

        • Jeff

          I will agree with you that Obama has not been able to do a good job. Republican obstuctionists are doing their best to make sure that Obama does not succeed. What I don’t understand is the thinking that Democrats in congress are going to be any different if Romney wins. Democrats are headed for the moral center of the country. Can you say that for Republicans? McCain is a good guy that would have been a good President, it was Palin that destroyed his chances. Romney is just a big mess and its not even October. You know they always save the best for last;)

          • BoGo

            Jeffey, Jeffey, Jeffey –

            A) Specifically what have the R’s obstructed? It is Grandma Reid’s Senate that refuses to debate ANYTHING. Hussein has issued EO’s to grant illegals amnesty and just recently gutted the work requirements of the Clinton-era welfare reform. So what specifically have the R’s obstructed?

            B) Regarding your comment about the D’s heading toward the center, if you believe that, your dosage needs adjusting. The D’s are no longer the party of Jefferson and Kennedy. They have sold their soul to the socialist/communists.

            C) You perceive McLame to be a “good guy” simply because he is a progressive RINO. He’s a weak sister that would have allowed the country to sleep walk toward socialism/communism yet another 4 years. Hussein is a blessing in disguise, as at least now we’re awake.

            D) My prediction: the surprise will be in September, not October. The Dem’s will be surprised after the first debate what a fraud and mental midget our first Affirmative Action meets Peter Priciple POTUS is revealed to be. Some sort of false flag/wag the dog scenario will be engineered so that Hussein can avoid further embarassing debates and try to look Presidential “managing the crisis”.

  • Frankly

    Ozzie looks/acts like a corrupt politician already. Main sign of a bad candidate= can’t even answer a yes or no question that he already knows the real answer to. Whoever he’s running against, I’d vote for the other guy.

    But in his case, his opponent is actually a conservatively principled local small biz owner who has had enough of being “represented” by a political hack who loves big spending govt. Oh, and by the way, Karen got nearly 40% of the vote against DWS, basically as an unknown.

    I’ll be voting for Karen. You should too.

  • Liz

    It is pathetic how Defaria is sending out mailers shaking Marco Rubio’s hand as though he endorsed him, how low can he go trying to fool the people.

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  • nopc

    Defaria to a tee! NPD.
    Displays extreme arrogance, and has a grandiose sense of self-importance
    Is preoccupied with fantasies of unlimited success, power, and brilliance
    Shows contempt for others
    Has an exaggerated sense of entitlement—expecting especially favorable treatment and automatic compliance with his expectations
    Tends to be a “moral relativist,” considering things that are wrong for others to be acceptable for themselves
    Exhibits the attitude that “the world revolves around me” and “how dare you oppose me. Don’t you know who I am?”
    Has an immense appetite for flattery, praise, and adulation
    Is interpersonally exploitive—viewing others as tools to be used to achieve his own objectives
    Relentless bragging of his own accomplishments—constantly “fishing” for compliments
    Is ruthlessly competitive and hypersensitive to criticism—viciously attacking anyone who would dare to question his actions or abilities
    Obsessively blames others for his failures—unwilling to reflect on his own behaviorsDemonizes opponents while continually claiming the higher moral ground
    Is preoccupied with appearances, and manipulative of others’ impressions of him
    Has a mind-bogglingly blatant disregard for facts—often a pathological liar. Usually begins to believe his own falsehoods