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Sarah Palin Mocks Obama For "Snortin' Cocaine" and Eating "Fido"

By Javier Manjarres

At the annual Right Online conference in Las Vegas, Nevada, former Governor Sarah Palin took the stage and wasted no time in mocking President Obama for “snortin’ cocaine” and eating “Fido.” Palin has been criticized in the press for eating wild game such as Elk and Moose, yet Obama got a pass from the media after admitting that he ate dog while living overseas.

 “That cocaine snorting, and what he ate, Fido? Rufus? I think it’s funny that the cocktail circus gives me a hard time for eating Elk and Moose, but c’mon, anybody here have a pet moose? There’s a difference.” –Sarah Palin

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About author

Javier Manjarres
Javier Manjarres

As the managing editor of The Shark Tank, Javier was awarded the 2011 CPAC Blogger of the Year. Countless videos and articles from the Shark Tank have been featured on Fox News, The Hill, Wall Street Journal, and other national news publications. Javier has also appeared on Univision’s “Al Punto” and numerous radio shows, including being the weekly 92.5 Fox News' DayBreak with Drew Steele political contributor, as well as one of NewsmaxTV's conservative commentators. Javier has also authored "BROWN PEOPLE," which is a book about Hispanic Politics. Learn more at

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  • DebraP

    Sarah Palin not only uses common sense but is also admired for being patriotic -and not a Communist.

    • Rich

      Communist, no, idiot, YES!!

      • Sinsonta

        Idiots are the one that call Palin idiot. Gov Palin is a true Patriot who loves the USA. Obama is anti-American & day by day American is looking less & less like America.

      • JulieB

        Please explain to me why you think she is an idiot.

        • Rich

          Let’s try the things that come out when she opens her mouth!!

          • Morena

            Sarah Palin is brilliant and she was the most qualified between Obama/Biden or McCain

            She would had turned the economy around in six month and would had made our Nation energy independent

            instead…we have a charlatan that means nothing of what he says…and his actions are in complete contracdiction to his words or campaing promises.

            Obama promised to reduce the deficit in half…instead he increase it by 5 trillion???

            And he misleads in a BIG way…Him or his party seem to suffer from majoy amnesia….six month into his Bush presidency…The USA suffered the worse human tragedy with 911…911 wiped any surplus and collapse the twin towers and thanks to Bush actions (tax cuts) our economy did not collapse along with the twin towers…but 911 was not only costly from a human prespective but hugely impacted our economy negatively. Ecnomics could not put a number on the negative impact to our economy but it was huge. Bush tax cuts saved the economy not tanked it as Obama would like you to believe. Obama is misleading when he says that Bush Policies are to blame for the recession…it is a BIGGEST LIE…the collapse of the housing market came about after Bush warned the members of the Banking committee of the danger but all democrats in the committee blocked any action to deter the collagpse and were even in denial. These members were Barney Frank, Chris Dodd and Maxine Waters. Easy credit were misguided liberal policies which began with Carter and reinforced by Bill Clinton not Bush. Our financial markets collapse due to massive bad notes or mortages on housing. Also none of it were policies originated by Bush but Bill Clinton,Hank Greenberg, Lewis Raneiri, Ben Bernanke and Henry Paulson.

            Bush had to deal with all the crisis and did the best he could given the hand that was given to him! So he kept the economy going in spite of 911 and dealt with the housing and financial crisis the best he could.

            On the other hand, Obama massive stimulus did achieve the goals. Obamacare had added 2,002 more pages of regulations which has discorage business activity. These are the 2 major policies under his administration. This is the record. Obama: 1) has added 5 trillion to our National Debt, 2) our country suffered the first downgrade on our credit (this is due to massive debt) 3) and added NO JOBS…there are less Jobs now than when he came into office.

            Sarah Palin would had made us energy independent by now which in turned would had cause a boom to our economy. This I am sure. The left hates success stories. They love poverty only then they have a reason to exist.

        • GPearl

          Julie, they have no explanation why they go after Sarah Palin. Anything they have against her is what Tina Fey said, not her. They were just instructed by the media to go after a beloved figure in America and to do their best to disgrace her since she is a constitutionalist and a great American. What you read here from Sinsota is a production of sheeple and carrying out the orders of the left. When you ask them to explain, they can’t.

          • GPearl

            Sorry, I meant Rich, Not Sinsonta

          • mssainsburys

            I cannot believe the people who think SP was qualified to be a heartbeat away from the presidency. She may be attractive, smart in a street-wise way, and be photogenic. But she was a lousy interview, could not speak in coherent sentences, and was obviously uneducated in history and international relations.

        • Bob T.

          Rich thinks Palin is an idiot because an actor on Saturday Night Live told him that she was. That’s all the proof he needs.

          • mssainsburys

            If you saw the skit, which just parroted her interview, you realize how out of depth she was. And yet had the gall to think she was qualified! Delusional!

          • mssainsburys

            If you saw the skit,which parroted the interview with Couric, it was obvious she was way out of her depth. She was a big reason McCain lost.

      • Winston Smith, Citizen 7059

        So you’re the one with a pet moose.

      • mssainsburys

        The fact that she openly mocks other cultures is reason enough she should not be in a position of power.

      • geoff

        when is the last time you were Gov.? When have you been asked to be VP of the USA? I would say she’s pretty dang smart, sure as heck couldn’t do any worse than the terrorist that lives in the white house now.

    • mssainsburys

      Does she also have a routine where she mocks GWB for his alcoholism and drug use? Does she always belittle children who follow the wishes of their elders? When they say class, they don’t mean SP.

  • CapitalG


    OMG that line is priceless! No wonder the left fears her so much. She is devastating. Their only hope is to smear her – but it appears America is wise to their tactics. Palin’s appeal remains intact and her influence is growing every election cycle.

    She is building a network of influence in Congress and will only become more influential after 2012. She may challenge Mittens in 2016 if he wins. Sarah is not afraid to challenge the party.

    • Darklady

      You should check out her PAC donations. They are SUPER low and this “common sense fiscal conservative” has spent more money than she’s brought in, very little of it on donations to political causes or individuals and none to any charities for special needs children or unwed mothers.

      Yup. She’s a real genius, because you people are still sending her money, even if it’s less than before, and she keeps buying houses, lying to her youngest girl about why she’s riding all over the USA in a bus, hob-nobbing with the rich and not giving a rat’s ass about you, all while she’s spending your money.

      • JulieB

        No, Darklady, but that is what you WISH she was really doing. And your “facts” about SarahPAC are way off, too. Be careful where you get your sources as yours isn’t telling you the truth!

      • Luc DuJour

        Your moniker, “DarkLady” is very appropriate. I suspect you’re dark from evil intent, Satan inspired and no doubt you likely support whatever liberal candidate is out there, and you consistently troll on this site and defecate wherever you roam.

      • GPearl

        DarkLady, how would you compare her to Obama?

      • Winston Smith, Citizen 7059

        “hob-nobbing with the rich”

        You mean multi-millionaires like Sarah Jessica Parker, George Clooney, Anna Wintour, or multi-billionaires like Steven Spielberg, Warren Buffett, George Soros, Billionaies4Obama, et al

        $40,000 a pop fundies to kiss Obama’s ring.

        THOSE rich.

        Of course, as a conservative I have no problem with rich citizens spreading their own wealth however they choose, no matter how deluded.

        It’s only fringe leftists who have a problem with people spending their own money and think the STATE should decide.

      • Mike G

        Yeah, what could be worse than someone who’s running around fundraising all the time.

      • Morena

        Michelle Obama is the one spending taxpayers money on lavish vacation while the rest of us suffer with a bad economy because her husband, our president, is a die hard socialist and wealth distribution type of guy.

        Palin is a private citizen spending her own money not yours since you give her none!!!!!

        • mssainsburys

          GWB took more vacations than anyone. He was just finishing up a month long one in Texas, fresh back on the job,when 9/11 happened. Don’t play the double standard game where everything the Obama’s do, which for stress and parenthood responsibilities necessitates vacations, is criticized while repubs get a pass.

          • TMR

            GWB didn’t send his family on Paris vacations at the country’s expense. Or spends 100 of thousands to go to NY for the week end to please his wife. Did you read about how many games of golf Mr. O has played since in office. Stop looking to the past and focus on the Pres. that is usurping (stealing) congress’ powers. He is on his way to being another President for Life as in other socialist & communist countries. If you want the leaders to have all the wealth, spend all your hard earned $ then by all mean vote for O, as for me and my household we will vote for someone who has heard the people and will work to turn around our country through CAPITALISM AND FREE ENTERPRISE.

  • mussidie

    my gosh I love this woman!

  • Dorothy Horne

    Let’s face it- she should have been this year’s nominee!

  • Tatersalad

    “I will be a One Term President if I do not fix this economy within 3 years”! We can not agree more Mr. President. Either you can resign or not run again because if you do, you will be defeated. Move over Jimmy Carter, we have found your replacement for the worst of the worst Presidents and it is ………….YOU!



    3. All black people to vote for “me”:

  • Stan Lee

    Sarah has been through the left’s smear machine, lawsuits which would have cost more than Alaska’s treasury had, so she resigned her governorship. She never quit on America, though! Still, the left loses sleep over her because she’s “out there,” indefatigible!

    In whatever political capacity she happens to be, she’s a powerful voice of down-to-earth reasoning. She could be a Margaret Thatcher with the warmth of American heartland folksiness!

    There is no one on the Socialist side that comes near to matching Sarah! The other side’s latest mini-star is Ms. Fluke of Georgetown U. reputation…she of the freebie birth-control set. Then, they have Debbie Wasserman-Schultz or Nancy Pelosi! These leftie gals have one thing in common, they’re easy to dislike, three puppets clad in female finery would be a comparison to them.

    Sarah Palin stands alone in her uniqueness, she’s special!

    • Rich

      She’s special, all right. Special in how you folks can thing a ding bat is so clever.
      On the international stage, she would be eaten alive by the other world leaders. She wouldn’t have a prayer.
      She’s not fast on her feet nor does she have depth of intellect. Of course, I guess that’s a kind of “badge of honor” to you folks!!

      • Poor


        First, congrats.

        Secondly, can you outline for me exactly what process/test you used to determine Palin’s “depth of intellect” or her foot speed?

        Thirdly, can you tell us how you feel about Maxine Waters and what efforts you have made to get her removed?

        • Rich

          Ms. Waters is not part of the discussion at the moment.
          “Process/test” used to determine Mrs. Palin’s “depth of intellect”? Watching her be interviewed in a format she and her handlers don’t control.

      • JulieB

        Sorry, Rich, but she is obviously way ahead of 0dumb0, Joe BiteMe, Princess Pelosi, and Debbie Blabbermouth Shultz and the rest. She lives in their heads rent free. She is exactly the medicine that this country needs after 50 years of wandering in the desert.

        • Rich

          Can you her going head to head with the Chinese?
          With Putin?
          They would chew he up and spit her out before she even knew what happened to her.
          If Mrs. Palin were to become our President, we would be an international joke.

          • BoGo

            You mean like O-bow-Mao got kicked around by Putin at the G20?

            Sarah’s got more cajones than your Mom-jeans wearing girly man.

      • Capt Mike

        I’ll cheerfully stipulate that Sarah is niether the brightest nor most articulate propoenent of conservative philosophy, yet she manages to speak in a simple way the themes that resonate with many ‘center-right’ Americans.
        Please note that she holds no official position in the party, nor elective office.

        I am somewhat surprised that leftists are so quick to mock Sarah, given that she is *much* more articulate than most of the lefties speaking on the national stage; please refer to Pelosi, Reid, DWS (thank you again for appointing a brittle, unpleasant fool as DNC Chair, BTW) . . .

        • mssainsburys

          Oh Please, are you saying Sara Palin is articulate with your fingers crossed? The fact that she openly mocks other cultures and lowers the bar of public discourse is reason enough for her not to hold any office. She is a celebrity, that’s it.

          • BoGo

            News flash – not all cultures are equal. Some even deserve to be mocked. Westerners find the eating of dog disgusting.

      • GPearl

        Notice, everybody, Rich is not answering questions when asked specifically what he doesn’t like about Sarah Palin. He just knows those are his instructions. I really hate sheeple.

      • JohnnyBoy

        Obamas the one gettin’eatin’up alive by world leaders, look at USSR, China, they know Obama is a BIG JOKE,they have out smarted him in everything, this so called President is weak and just dumb,and a damn fool. Sara Palin is a TRUE AMERICAN……Obama OUT in 2012.

    • Darklady

      You might want to education yourself on those lawsuits.

      1) The vast majority were initiated by Republicans.
      2) The most expensive one was initiated by Sarah, herself.

      You also might want to educate yourself about Sandra Fluke and what she said. You need to stop believing Fox News and use your own ears. She wasn’t asking for free birth control nor did she at any time talk about her own sex life. She pays for her insurance and she’s concerned about women with medical issues, like endometriosis, who are being forced to cover the cost of their hormonal treatment because somebody somewhere thinks that’s dirty and nasty because it also protects against unplanned pregnancies.

      • Jim Treacher

        Yeah, guys, education yourselves!

      • Lissa

        Fluke lied. When used to treat medical conditions, the Georgetown student insurance does cover the pill and other hormone medications.

        You are also very wrong about the ethics suits brought against Palin. Your little talking points come straight from Daily Kos. You really should get your information from better sources than that bunch of socialist traitors.

        • mssainsburys

          She was speaking not for herself but for others. It was a public comment. I don’t know what her insurance is or if what you wrote is accurate. But have you ever had the guts to speak up for those without a voice? Probably not. And the far right wants to censor everyone but those who agree with their radical agenda.

          • BoGo

            You don’t even understand what you said, do you?

            “But have you ever had the guts to speak up for those without a voice? ”

            Conservatives stand up for the unborn, the most innocent, and we’re mocked for it.

            Conservatives don’t want to censor anyone. We want a free and open debate on all topics. And what you call “extreme” used to be called common sense.

      • GPearl


        It appears you are here to add nothing to the conversation except made up LIES. Democrats initiated every lawsuit. Why in the world would you spread LIES like that. I assume you have nothing on Sarah? You have to LIE?

        On Fluke……. LIAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She was asking for contraception and said she and her coed friends were having so much sex that she and her friends were going broke. Planned parenthood contraception would have cost her $600 a year and she could have had as much sex as she wanted. Condoms, if she had sex 5 times a day would have cost $953 a year. She later changed her story to include medical care which nobody is turned back in this country for medical problems.

        You are a LIAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Morena

        what a joke!!! This young woman is being used by the Ultra Liberal Democrats to divert the issue…it is not about birth control which is easily accessible or free since Nixom or about having sex…you can have all the sex you want in the privacy of your home or place



      • Morena

        what a joke!!! This young woman is being used by the Ultra Liberal Democrats to divert the issue…it is not about birth control which is easily accessible or free since Nixom or about having sex…you can have all the sex you want in the privacy of your home or place



  • adolph marmetschke

    Wanted her to run this time.Cain as V.P.;why wait?

    • mssainsburys

      Maybe the repubs don’t want to lose again? You do realize that Sara Palin fans are a minority?

  • Winston O’Boogie

    As one who was born in Alaska, I am proud to say that she saw the light and came to be one of us!

    Speak Truth to Power Sarah!

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  • 56Survivor

    Tell it Governor Palin!! No one takes it right to Obama, the leftists and the GOPe like our fearless Sarah Palin. They tried to destroy her and she never went away but grew stronger.

    She is coming after the permanent political class in D.C. in BOTH parties. BOOM!!! Taste the Palin nightstick!

    • Capt Mike

      Not sure you have said this in the best way, but the plain fact is that Sarah was an anti-establishment primary candidate leading a revolution against entrenched establishment GOP pols in Alaska.

      Lots of folks talk about being populists; Sarah is the real deal. She prevailed against arguably corrupt establishment pols, and continued to fight the good fight. Wish her well.

  • Lowie

    Sarah Palin knows what we are up against. She knows what is at stake for our country and how we are up against the power of a “leftist” media and Marxist leader. But do not despair my fellow Americans, we will prevail with a Romney landslide along with a Republican led House and Senate Only then can we get to work to revive the economy before 2016 when we will again face another attack by Alinsky worshippers, Hillary and Bill Clinton.

    • GenEarly

      We need our own Sara Palin in Florida! And it is………..
      Marielena Stuart for US Senate,Vote in the Republican Primary.

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  • Darklady

    So that whole “families and children are off limits” thing once again is only supposed to apply to the Palins?

    Barack Obama was a little boy! It’s not like he was making his own food choices and it’s not like he kept eating dog, overseas or in the USA.

    How about Sarah tell us about the time she is said to have snorted cocaine off of oil drums while with friends? How about Sarah tell us about the secessionist group her husband belonged to (and continued to renew his membership to) for so many years?

    If all goes well, one of these days all this smack-talking that the poorly educated and largely purely vindictive woman keeps spewing will come back to bite her on her ass. She’s long over due for some instant karma.

    BTW — all you fools who think Obama is a “Socialist” or a “Communist” or a “Marxist” really need to 1) learn what those terms mean and 2) stop being stupid by accusing Obama of being one. Big business has never been more healthy and happy than it is right now, which makes him a pretty crappy Socialist/Communist/Marxist.

    • Capt Mike

      No thinking person is accusing Obama of being a Stalinist commie; but by the same token his policy prescriptions literally fit well in the middle of modern European Social Democratic (and for that matter expressly ‘Socialist’ label) Parties.

      > It is no accident that new Socialist French Pres Hollande & Obama are so chummy . . .

  • JulieB

    Dark Lady, all I can say is that I reject your whole premise about Sarah Palin because it is all based on the lies that the lamestream media has fed you about her for the past 3 1/2 years. I do realize that you have chosen to believe those lies, so all I can ask you to do is to do a little soul searching and ask yourself why she bugs you so much. Apparently, she lives in your head rent free, too.

  • wri7913


    Obama is a Marxist Muslim.

    Obama has nationalized several sectors of our private industry since taking office.

    If business was so good, why are so many unemployed?

    Obama has three Muslim Brotherhood working in his Cabinet. He has ties to Muslim Brotherhood which is considered a terrorist organization with the purpose of re-establishing an Islamic Caliphate (including here in America).

    • Rich

      OK, if President Obama is a “muslim”, then why does his membership in Reverend Wright’s Christian Church for over 20 years keep becoming an “issue”?
      Now, if you want to start discussing the candidates religious beliefs, please, educate us as to the basic beliefs of the Church of Latter Day Saints of which Willard Romney is a member?
      What’s good for the goose is good for the gander you know!!

  • GPearl

    The world would be a better place if Sarah Palin was our president. If anything brings more anger to the elitist socialist left, it’s the very mention of Sarah Palin’s name. She is an all American lady who has progressed in life, been a great mom and wife, and energizes Americans to a level we have not seen in a while. She is incredibly influential in elections and is bold and courageous in a world that doesn’t make sense anymore.
    An article about Sarah Palin brings out the fury in socialists who want this nation to turn into a European style socialist “gimmee free stuff” society.
    I am one American who does not want to go there. I believe in reaching for your dream and I don’t want the government to throw me a few scraps which the disgusting left settles for.
    Palin, we are behind you 110%. The more you anger the left, the more I like it.

    • Rich

      “Great moms” daughters don’t have children out of wedlock!!
      Where are your “conservative family values”?
      Do you condone/support pre-marital sex?
      What kind of “conservative” are you?

      • BoGo

        Dick –

        That’s all.



        • mssainsburys

          Valid questions since she always claims the moral high ground. You better believe if Chelsea Clinton got pregnant Rush and the rest of the right wingers would be in attack mode. It’s that old double standard again.

          • BoGo

            As a parent, you try to instill certain values in your children. They are only human and may fall short. Progressives on the other hand say that all is relative, even morality. This way they can point to the conservative that falls short and shout “hypocrite!” while glossing over the same behavior from one who shares their ideology. It is the progressives guilty of applying a double standard.

            As to what Rush and other right wingers would have said about Chelsea’s hypothetical pregnancy – pure conjecture. I could just as easily say that if one of the Bush twins got pregnant, Ed Shultz would cut the baby from her womb in a satanic ritual.

  • Jellyfish55

    I love you Gov.

    But I could do with out hearing about your hunting of elk and moose. It turns my stomach.

    Eating dog is awful as well.

  • Daniel

    Glad Sara Palin isn’t being “nice” to the “nice but misguided” mess of a president.

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  • JacquelineL

    There is ONE thing I want to hear from every Republican and Independent and that is
    No third party, no write ins no stay at homes! Those are all votes for the anti, Republic Pretender in chief.
    Save AMERICA before he makes it Amerika Socialist States.

    • BoGo

      Amen sister!

      Hang in there, we’re almost through Jimmy Carter’s second term. We’re setting up for a 1980 style landslide. We’ll need it as a mandate to unwind every anti-American policy this fascist has rammed through.

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  • Shan

    If you dislike Palin, no one is making you view this video. No one is streaming it and screaming it into your ears. I would rather my children model themselves after Sarah than DRUG SNORTING/POT SMOKING Obama. Sorry Democrats but your time is running short, keep grasping at those straws!Isn’t doing you much good is it? LOL