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***UPDATE- OFFICIALLY CANCELLED-Wasserman Schultz On Verge of Being Cancelled at Temple Israel

By Javier Manjarres

***Update-The temple’s president, Ben Kuehne, a Miami attorney, said the event was cancelled because of “security concerns.” He said they “certainly embrace the congresswoman’s willingness to participate in one of our programs” but decided it was “unwise to proceed with the program tomorrow.”Miami Herald


The blowback from Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz’  political tactics that the Shark Tank first reported on last week has resulted in a unprecedented public outcry and political pressure being brought to bear on the Trustees and Rabbis of Temple Israel in Miami – pressure which may lead to the cancellation of  Wasserman Schultz’ appearance at the Temple scheduled for this Friday night.

As you may recall, the Shark Tank reported on the sanctioning of the former President and long time member of Temple Israel, Stanley Tate.  Tate was told he would not allowed to address the Temple’s congregation either before or after Wasserman Schultz spoke at the May 25th event, prompting him to send out a scathing letter to the members of the Temple in which he described what transpired between him and the Temple’s Trustees that ultimately lead to his resignation.

Mr. Tate told the Shark Tank that the oldest member of the Temple- a 94 year-old woman, along with many other members have sided with him and have collectively resigned from the Temple.  Temple Israel was constructed 90 years ago.

The President wants the Jewish people to believe that he is in favor of peace, but what he really wants is to give the Palestinians what they want, a two-state solution that  divides Jerusalem. President Obama went to Cairo, Egypt to give a speech, yet he has never been to Israel”.-  Stanley Tate

Several of South Florida’s grassroots organizations are planning to protest Congresswoman Wasserman Schultz’s May 25th appearance at Temple Israel in North Miami. Wasserman Schultz is still currently scheduled to address the congregation at 7:30pm.

Temple Israel of Greater Miami

137 NE 19th St.
Miami, FL 33132
(305) 576-8522

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Javier Manjarres
Javier Manjarres

As the managing editor of The Shark Tank, Javier was awarded the 2011 CPAC Blogger of the Year. Countless videos and articles from the Shark Tank have been featured on Fox News, The Hill, Wall Street Journal, and other national news publications. Javier has also appeared on Univision’s “Al Punto” and numerous radio shows, including being the weekly 92.5 Fox News' DayBreak with Drew Steele political contributor, as well as one of NewsmaxTV's conservative commentators. Javier has also authored "BROWN PEOPLE," which is a book about Hispanic Politics. Learn more at

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  • take their tax exempt status away

    everyone should protest that DWS is using a synagougue for political purposes she should not be allowed to speak

    they need to take away the tax exempt status if they allow her to speak without MR tate allowed to speak

    • Kuro

      The mistake of taking away tax-exempt status from this organization for voicing their views would be persecution of religion. In this case, only religions that ‘agreed with the state’ and ‘stayed silent about their beliefs’ would be allowed recognition as religious organizations. Broad, principled political speech can, an often does, fall within the broader purview of religion.

      The thought that political speech is to be limited is a fairly recent development, and would have been considered a violation of the first amendment in the first century of our union. I believe in an America where people are free to express their beliefs without having to apply to the kind of narrow parameters you suggest. Otherwise our speech isn’t free.

      • Nancy

        The rabbi and board of our synagogue were informed a few years ago that there should be no partisan speech by the rabbi in the synagogue if we wished to retain our tax exempt status. It would seem that unbalanced electioneering would threaten the tax exempt status of this institution. I agree that the first amendment is being trampled and distorted.

        • Susan Benton

          Then the rabbi and/or the president of TI were clearly at fault – they should have politely but firmly told the girl no. Alternatively, said okay provided there is NO political mention by DWS (now that would be delusional), OR that the opposing side is given equal time. I blame them for this whole thing and Kudos to those who resigned. The Reform movement has always been hostile to Israel (except when doing otherwise was fashionable for a few years) and they have reverted to type – supporting tyranny and turning on other Jews.

      • Earl

        I don’t believe that ANY religion should have a tax exempt status. I don’t know all the parameters about what the reasoning is for places of worship to even be exempt so I am sure someone will get their underwear all wadded up unnessarily but I am really only asking to understand…not be some jackhole. Is it property tax thats exempt? If it is, isn’t that how firehouses and police departments are funded? If that’s the case, don’t they use them too? If there was a fire or a crime committed there, who would respond? The “separation of church and state” doesn’t or shouldn’t even apply to taxes as far as I am concerned because it doesn’t ESTABLISH a certain religion. Someone clear this up for.

        • Oscar

          Better solution: shrink government and eliminate the income tax.

          • cc


        • Observer


          Of course, you understand it perfectly from a Constitutional point of view. Historically, religious organizations have been given a break, which is not unConstitutional for a State government to do, but is unConstitutional for the federal government to do. Not very many folks have complained about this, but there it is. Now the feds want to restrict [tax-exempt] religious speech to non-political speech. Understandable, but usually antithetical to religion. Of course, we’re in this mess because we allowed Congress to make a law respecting an establishment of religion in the first place.

        • Bob19006

          Over 70% of real estate taxes collected are for public education, not police and fire protection. I believe that most churches (I know that mine does)make contributions to their local Fire Department. The sentence in the Constitution that we refer to as “separation of church and state” (even though those are not the words of that sentence), says that to the maximum extent possible, government should stay away from religion. Most Americans agree that charging churches school taxes would cause many of them to close and thus would be a violation of the Constitution.

      • Robin Rosenblatt

        Well, She seems to have betrayed Israel like many others.
        Has everyone abandon Israel?
        Help Protect the Galilee:
        Israel Ranches are being attacked, their land being stolen and their passive European cattle are being mutilated and killed by local Palestinians and natural predators. Israel needs desert cattle that fits its environment and can defend it’s self and it’s calves. That breed of cattle is Texas Longhorn. The self-sustainable project will help Israel. Help us raise $240,000, to start. A 501c 3 nonprofit # 74-3177354; Israel Longhorn Project; Robin Rosenblatt; 815 Hill St Apt 5; Belmont, Ca 94002; 650.631.9270;

    • Rich

      OK, buddy, and how about the tax exempt status of Liberty University, Oral Roberts, Bob Jones College and most of the Baptist Churches where politics is preached along with the Gospel.
      You hypocrite, typical of a republican/teabagger.

  • Midago

    I have never heard anyone flat out lie and misstate facts as often as Ms. Wasserman-Schultz. She supports a POTUS that has continued to throw Israel under the bus while illegally siphoning our tax dollars into the hands of Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood. She is a shameful excuse for a representative. In all my travels, I have never met a single one of her constituents who would agree with these stances.

  • skh.pcola

    That is because Democrat voters and American Jews are uniformly uninformed and are firmly in the “Blame the United States and Israel” camp. It is reprehensible to anybody that pays attention and realizes the goals of the leftists and US Jews (but I repeat myself).

  • EBL
  • Rob Kraft

    I think the name she prefers is Wasserman-Nimrod.

    • SonnyL

      Or Debbie Wasserman Schutzstaffel

  • P.E.

    No truth to this, as usual. Just like the last article on this topic, this is purely speculative with no stated sources beyond Stanley Tate.

    • Bill_B

      Are you by any chance related to Jay Carney ? You sound just like him.

  • Javier Manjarres

    Oy vey!

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  • Slobyskya Rotchikokov

    The vile and scabrous personage calling itself D Was-a-man Schultz, or as she is known inside the Beltway “Bukakke Hair”, has found various subhuman collaborators in many places who share her loathing for freedom, religious practice by Jews and Christians, and Israel… so to think that she would have cronies who would not balk at denying the tenets of Judaism in order to promote the most godless, evil ‘president’ in the history of the USA, should not be a surprise.

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  • Loretta in Indiana

    Obumbles intends to destroy Israel, by whatever means possible, and Debbie Wasserman-Schultz is his willing Kapo.

    Every Jewish person that supports Obumbles needs to have his head examined!

    • SonnyL


    • JayM62


      As a 62 year old Jew, the memories of the Holocaust survivors I knew will never fade from my memory. Most are gone now… The Jews who support Obama, Pelosi, Reid, and of course DW Schultz do not remember what happened to our people at the hands of Nazi’s. But I am also always mindful that it was the pacifists, mostly on the left, who glorified peace in the teeth of the Hitler onslaught, choosing to pacify this tyrant while millions died in the gas chambers.
      DSW represents the far left in every respect. She is no more than Democratic hack who supports this President regardless of where he stands regarding Israel. The leftist Jewish Dems Axelrod, Emanuel, Durbin, Levin, among others are playing a very dangerous game now supporting and encouraging more to vote Obama back into office. OBAMA IS NO FAN OF ISRAEL AND WILL SELL OUT ISRAEL AT THE FIRST OPPORTUNITY!!! I will only go to an orthdox shul now because I can’t stand being around a Reformed Temple where most of the congregants support Obama.
      As a Jew, I feel it my solemn duty to try to convince anyone I can to NOT vote for Obama. And, if they can’t see themselves voting for a Republican, DON’T VOTE!!!!

  • Stanley tate was right

    a synagougue is not the place for wasserman shultz to lie about obama being a freind of israel

  • equus gluteus

    The current posture of the Temple is encouraging, but what will REALLY count is when the Jewish constituents of this district express their outrage at this administration at the ballot box.

    • JayM62

      Amen to that!!!

  • Mari

    DWS only cares about her political advancement. She is a puppet of the far left which will go to extreme lengths to further her political career. She has never been truthful to, or looked out for her constituents.
    Its time we vote her out of office. Furthermore, she stepped over the line bringing her political agenda to the temple.

  • Jim Presley

    My Christian friends and I uniformly support Israel. We see Hamas, Hezbollah, and the Iranian government as unredeemable murderers. How can it be that American Jews support a President feigning to be a Christian but for all the world seeming to be a Muslim. How can our Jewish friends support a President who favors murderers over our friends the Israelis? from what I see we Christians support Israels more than do our Jewish friends. It perplexes us tono end.

    • Flolady

      My sentiments exactly, Mr. Presley! And, good for Mr. Tate’s and the senior member of the temple for speaking out!


    How can Jewish people support the first expressly, proven, Pro-palestine radical, Anti Israel POTUS is really beyond my understanding. How easily and quickly people forget history.
    I guess only actual Holocaust survivors are savvy enough to recognize a real and present danger to all jews and to Israel as is BHO. If it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, has feathers and floats happily in a pond…it can’t be a squirrel! BHO (and his minions) need Jewish capital to fund his campaign. If you people help finance his election again it’ll be “dagger for your own throat” as we say in Spanish.You’ll be accountable to your children and grandchildren becuase it will be ALL in digital files (including all of Debbie’s bigotted speeches)

  • Peggy

    Not only should DWS be ashamed at using the Temple for political purposes, the leaders of the Temple should be ashamed of themselves for allowing it. SHAME ON THE LIBERAL JEWS WHO WOULD SELL OUT THEIR HOMELAND.

    • JayM62

      DWS is a shameless Democrat political hack…. I can picture DWS in 1933 urging her brethren to get on the death trains if it suited her political ends. I know that’s extreme to say, but this person is a rat and I, for one, would never allow my Shul to be used a pulpit for this creep. Any Jew who votes for Obama will come to deeply regret their decision… This man is a Palestinian sypathizer who would say or do anything for a Jews vote, including lying openly about his feelings….. IMHO.

  • Mike Henry

    Dear Javier,

    Don’t you really mean, “Oy, Dios mio ?” ha ha

  • Charles Plumery

    I echo Jim Presly’s remarks and do not understand the fear that is abundant in Washington of Obama, so much in fact that they will not attack him on his ruinantion of our country that he is so clearly not a natural born citizen. Ditto marco Rubio. As a long time former business man in Broward County I feel fortunate to have mingled with some of the most honorable and just Jews on the planet, however Jim’s comments apply to most all of them. As far as DWS she manipulated her rise initially by championing a bill through the Florida Legislature that required safety devices around all new swimming pools after a few toddlers were left unsupervised! My question, never answered, how do you provide security for the numerous canals, lakes, ocean, gulf, and rivers in Florida. Where were the supervisers of these children that drowned in their own family pools.

  • The Fisherman

    It grieves me to read of a split within any House of Worship to the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. Sadly, it would seem,as in the days of Moses,there is a”mixed multitude” within Temple Israel(Num.13).
    To fail to support Israel is a grievous mistake for which we as a nation might pay dearly.To support them carries a blessing from the LORD(Psalm 122:6-8).
    Let us hope and pray that our President will see the error of his ways and not pursue policies intended to harm the “Apple of God’s Eye”.

    • Bonnie Lesando

      Why would that surprise you. DWS and this administration are trying to divide this country in many ways.

      • JayM62

        Bonnie, I totally agree with you. Obama has shamelessly used race and inflammed suspicion and hatred to meet his political ends. He will only be emboldened to continue this if he were to be re-elected. And, Obama, has no love of Israel, only love for the Jewish votes he can get to get re-elected. He will sell out Israel in a heartbeat to get what he wants.

  • Mark J. Moldoff

    I felt like I was totally alone in my distaste for DWS. She is an idiot who repeats the same Liberal rhetoric, with not a clue of what she is saying. Constantly blaming everyone else but her beloved “Muslim” President for repeated mistakes, intentional deeds that will harm Israel, and ideology that comes from total naivety or, worse, sincere desire to push this great country into Socialism, by destroying our economy and dividing the Country. He is a cancer and she delivers the infection. Mr. Tate is a great man with a lot of experience that we should listen to. What the synagogue did to him is reprehensible. DWS should be voted out of politics altogether and never given an opportunity to hurt this Country.

    • Bonnie Lesando

      Voting her out is entirely up to her district. I hope they are paying attention.

  • alex

    To Jim Presley, Jim you need to study the history of the Jews. They do not like or respect Christians, they see Christian America as a bunch of dumb asses only fit for manipulating and getting a check. Jews run television and movies, they continually disrespect middle America and its institutions. I say this from having worked with many Jews and Israelis, Isreaelis being the most arrogant and rude of all, more than muslims. The destruction of America is supported by the liberal jews in Hollywood and newspapers all over America. Let the pile on begin.

  • GenEarly

    Alex, You need to study the history of the Muslims. Israel is the only “Democracy” in the Middle East and offers protection of women and even Arab citizens. Find one Muslim run country that tolerates female equality or freedom of religion.
    Obama or Netanyahu ? Easy choice for this Southerner.
    (PS: It’s not Obam)

  • Alex

    To GenEarly, you do realize that 80% of American Jews will vote for Obama do you not? If you are really from the south, ask yourself, why are all southerners depicted as stupid racists, needing teeth and education? One last thing, Israel is a socialist country and have you noticed the recent racial unrest there as the pure Jews are rioting to deport blacks from their country. Also, do you want your son to die in the middle east so the women can vote, or have freedom of religion. Do you think Israel cares if women can vote in Afghanistan, would they sacrifice their sons for that? No way. Please open your eyes.

    • JayM62

      Alex, you are liar. None of your stories have any basis of fact. People are being “thrown out of Israel because they are black?” You are a sick anti-semite, and an Obama supporter….

  • Carlos J. Negron


    Interestingly the tactic of not allowing one with a different point of view to speak has been, heretofore, applied by the left.
    Such behavior has been correctly criticized by the the right as an infringement of freedom of speech.

    Now this same behavior is being implemented by those on the right, well folks,

  • Alex

    Carlos, no one is stoping anyone from expressing their point of view. Why not discuss the facts of what I said instead worrying about such behavior. Can you refute the damage done to the country by television and movies? Voting patterns and why they are as they are? Please use your right to free speech and explain these things to me. Facts please.

    • JayM62

      Alex, again, you are not stating an opionion. You are making up stories, effectively lying, to support your inate dislike of Jews. Give it up, you’re not fooling anyone here.

  • Susan Benton

    SHE WAS CANCELLED – tried to respond on but something wasn’t working. They (or she) claimed she only wants to speak to her constituents – LOL – this is not her district. This ugly, nasty bitch is rapidly becoming toast – if Temple Israel people are turning against her this is good for Israel, and good for America. They are very confused, nearly all DNC, kool-aid drinkers, but I suspect that after this there will not be nearly so much money from the Jews of Miami in the DNC coffers. Thanks for the great reports (shark-tank got a mention on townhall).

  • TT

    Hi Javier,

    Here is an update from the Miami Herald: Full story, link below. It seems that a little girl is the one who requested Debbie to speak….. Here is the truth.

    In the back-and-forth between Democratic National Committee Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz and Mitt Romney’s Miami-Dade co-chair, Stanley Tate, over an Israel speech, we haven’t heard from one person who was deeply affected: Lauren Trushin, the 16-year-old girl who was confirmed Friday night and was looking forward to having the congresswoman speak.

    But Wasserman Schultz was uninvited after, according to a close reading of Lauren’s speech, Tate made a fuss — not the congresswoman. Tate’s allies say the congresswoman was the fit-pitcher.

    Read more here:

    ……..Lauren’s family had approved of Wasserman Schultz speaking at the Shabbat service, in part because the Broward Congresswoman is a hero of Lauren’s. She wrote a 7th grade book report about the Democrat and her mother went to the University of Florida with Wasserman Schultz.
    Here’s Lauren’s take, in her own words in the part of her speech about how Jews should stick together:

    “These bouts of resentment within Judaism have even occurred within Temple Israel recently. Debbie Wasserman-Shultz who is a Jewish U.S Congresswoman, was invited to speak here tonight about Israel.

    “What could be a more relevant topic for a speech at Temple Israel? Congresswomen Wasserman-Shultz not only serves as a proud Jewish political force in the world, but also as a personal inspiration to me, as she proves that being a Jewish woman doesn’t hinder one’s ability to become an important political figure, something that I hope to possibly achieve someday. I was so excited to have the honor of sharing the bema with the congresswoman on the night of my confirmation.

    “But Debbie Wasserman-Shultz is not here tonight to speak about Israel, and I was told it was for security reasons. But the truth is she was un-invited by Temple Israel yesterday, simply because of the fact that a few members of Temple Israel don’t agree with her personal politics. One of these members even threatened to get up and speak on the bema without having been invited, in order to give an opposing viewpoint. I do not understand how a member of this temple could be so disrespectful to the Rabbi, to the other members of this temple, and to a U.S. congresswoman who has been invited to speak to us. As Jews, don’t we all agree that it is very important to maintain a strong U.S.-Israeli relationship, no matter what our personal political beliefs are? What I learned from the member who made the threats is that some people consider personal political beliefs about how this country is run to be more important than the State of Israel, and that people who engage in bullying get their way when people don’t stand up to them.
    “When I first heard about the opposition from certain temple members and specifically the threat to storm the bema, one of the first things I thought about, and something I believe we should all consider tonight, is the fourth commandment, which states “Remember the Sabbath day by keeping it holy.” Today is the Sabbath, the day of rest, which God tells us to respect and keep holy. In the midst of the fierce arguments and disagreements that have taken place recently over who speaks and what they speak about, not only have relationships been hurt and people left appalled by the behavior of others, but we have also forgotten where we are and what this event is about……

    “I have learned some hard lessons recently, and I can’t help but be disappointed that I was not able to hear Congresswoman Wasserman-Schultz speak tonight. I find it upsetting that anyone would take a stand against a prominent Jewish politician making a speech about the State of Israel, and make threats and misstatements. In the Ten Commandments, God tells us “You shall not give false testimony against your neighbor.” I interpret this to mean that you shouldn’t fight against those on your side, whether it is by giving false testimony against them, or by denouncing them because of their beliefs concerning issues not having to do with Judaism.

    Read more here:

  • Susan Benton

    So now we blame it on the kid. IF this is true, well Lauren is only 16 years old, her parents are obviously DNC true believers – what else would you expect. The rabbi and/or president of Temple Israel should have politely but firmly explained that DWS is a high profile DNC operative, and that timing and place were not suitable. BUT these are leftest first & foremost so they think that they are always right about everything & the know very little about Israel which cannot be learned from a luxury ‘mission’ to Israel where they live like Americans, never get close to the real Israel an truely believe that if it isn’t in the DNC platform then it must be an evil GOP idea and that because they are such ‘good people’ their opinions (based on reading the NY Times, must be right and good for Israel.

    Anyone who would take anything published by the Miami Herald must be delusional, or a Democrat, but I repeat myself.

    • JayM62

      Susan, amen and G-d Bless you. I would not believe anything from the pages of the Herald or any other Knight-Ridder publication on a bet. The ONLY reason DWS was invited to talk was to talk about her diehard support of Obama and his policies. She is nothing more than a hack of the Democratic Party machine who has no shame with regards to anything she says. DWS is a committed leftist and could care less for the civility or sanctity of a Synagogue. As for the 16 year-old girl…. clearly, the child has been indoctrinated by her parents. What normal healthy 16 year-old idolizes DWS? Answer: A 16 year-old instructed to do so by her parents…. This is typical leftist, liberal rubbish gladly promoted in the Miami Herald.

  • carlos J. Negron


    As the saying goes “people may think you stupid, until you run the mouth and show it to be so”.

    Being denied the opportunity to speak runs counter to freedom of speech and facts (much of which I know) have nothing to do with it.

    I have PERSONALLY experienced such stifling and can attest to the fact, that the right to freedom of speech, which many spout about, is not to be taken for granted or excused, no matter what.

    Just like clean water or anything else which is taken for granted it is NOT appreciated unti you don’t have it