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Marco Rubio to Santorum and Gingrich- “It’s Time Now to Concede”

by Javier Manjarres

Senator Marco Rubio made some pretty bold statements regarding the Republican presidential primary race while attening one of his regional Senate office openings in Palm Beach County.

Rubio has openly endorsed Governor Mitt Romney in the race and has said that he was not one to tell another candidate to drop out of a race- until now.

“I actually think we’re going to have a very good nominee. I think Mitt Romney’s going to be the next president of the United States. And by their own admission, the folks running against Mitt Romney have admitted that they cannot win the primary, that the only way they can win is a floor fight at the convention, which I think would set us back in terms of our goal of replacing Barack Obama.

“So I do believe it’s time now to concede that Mitt Romney has won the Republican nomination, that he’s going to be the Republican nominee, and that if we all get behind him he will be the next president of the United States.”- Senator Marco Rubio

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Javier Manjarres
Javier Manjarres

As the managing editor of The Shark Tank, Javier was awarded the 2011 CPAC Blogger of the Year. Countless videos and articles from the Shark Tank have been featured on Fox News, The Hill, Wall Street Journal, and other national news publications. Javier has also appeared on Univision’s “Al Punto” and numerous radio shows, including being the weekly 92.5 Fox News' DayBreak with Drew Steele political contributor, as well as one of NewsmaxTV's conservative commentators. Javier has also authored "BROWN PEOPLE," which is a book about Hispanic Politics. Learn more at

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  • Craig Morehouse

    One word …


    • Dagny

      Never, Never. The time has come for Rubio to shut up and read the U. S. Constitution, maybe he will learn something valuable so can then vote constitutionally and not like his handlers are telling him to vote, while helping to destroy the Constitution. A brokered convention is the best thing possible. The nation has not warmed up to Romney for good reasons, regardless of what they want you to believe, and anyone that aligns themselves with Romney is one that will help shred what’s left of the Constitution. A brokered convention is feared by those that want to continue with the status quo, like Rubio, that only want to get their chosen candidate to win. We need choices and not just the choices that the corrupt political establishment wants voters to consider. The only reason why Romney is ahead, it’s because of all the voter fraud that the Republican Party has committed so far in just about every state. Forget Jeb Bush, or Christi because they will be just as bad or worse. Romney will lose to Obama, but maybe that is exactly what the GOP wants. We need a constitutional president, someone who will get rid of the Federal Reserve and get us out of the United Nations for starters, reduce the national debt and keep spending down – way down. None of the candidates will do this for the exception of Ron Paul. Marco Rubio is not a tea party candidate, those days are over. He really doesn’t want to associate with them unless it’s for their support. He is a user and a manipulator. People need to turn a deaf ear and not listen to anything that comes out of his mouth.

      • Rich

        When will you people learn?
        These guys, Mr. Rubio included are career politicians and don’t give two hoots about what YOU want. What is most important to them is keeping their jobs and the “Cadillac benefits” that you and I pay for and that YOU want to take away from a lot of working Americans but are OK with these guys keeping one of the greatest benefit packages known to man.
        I’ll listen to Paul Ryan when he volunteers to put HIM AND HIS FAMILY on the same programs he wants us to have.
        Don’t you get it? Rubio’s part of the aristocracy now, he’s set for life.
        We have real problems and need real people to solve them with no personal agendas and who are not beholden to big money and big business, only the PEOPLE!!

        • Bill Box

          Are you saying the Gingrich and Santorum are NOT??? Rubio is in his FIRST term, Gingrich served about 15 terms and Santorum served TWO full Senate terms. So why are you picking on a WONDERFUL Senator like Rubio who is now speaking for Florida? For sure Obama does NOT and Sen. Bill Nelson DOES NOT speak for Florida. Just what is it that you want, for us to have ONLY DemonRats speaking for Floridians?

      • http://AOL PETER TRAVETTI


    • Raymundo Morales

      You’ve got to be kidding, right? This is the kind of division that the Obama Camp wants. They know that if we stand divided that he will get the win. Did you at all notice who united the Democratic party is reguardless if they are right or worng and they spin the lie to make it the truth in people’s eyes? That is the key that we have to unite and get behind Romney, if we wait to the convention there will be no time for the GOP to mount a successful campagin. And Obama will will. Think about it and the principal that a house divided cannot stand.

      • Luis R Vazquez

        Raymundo; Estás bien claro.

        Some of these people who present themselves as Republican are nothing but plants by the Democ-rats.
        Both, Santorum and Gingrich are on Life Support with no chance to survive.
        What the democ-rats want is that the Repubilcans
        ignore the Socialist Policies of their Communist Boss and kill each other.

      • Donald Berrian

        Yes, Obama is likely to win. In fact I may vote for a Democrat for the second time in 65 years if the alternative is my ex governor who sold us out to the healthcare lobby and is almost certain to sell our children to the Israelis as cannon fodder.

        • Bill Box

          You are NO REPUBLICAN if you will consider voting for the anti-American ObaMAO or Bill Nelson. Gov. Scott is doing a great job for Florida. YOUR ObaMAO and Bill NELSON are the ones that sold our state to the Health Care Lobby, have you even heard about ObamaCare. Huh, have you? That destroys seniors healthcare in Florida, did you know that? Scott did NOT do that, YOUR ObaMAO and Nelson did that. I will happily vote for Romney and Mack and Scott.

    • Walker

      Thank you, Craig, I completely agree.
      And by the way, Rubio is just a first term Senator . .. why does he think his opinion matters that much.
      Also, he is a first term Senator who will win his second term without my vote. I campaigned and voted for him . .but never again. He is nothing but a VP wanta be, who sold out to Romney in hopes of getting the VP nod.
      If Romney picks him, then I will not vote.

      • Luis R Vazquez

        Walker; Keep walking, Rubio has never expressed any desire to run for VP in the near future, but if the Party insist in recruiting him for the position, he should accept.
        Of course his name makes him unacceptable for some SUPREMACIST AND BIGOTS

    • Lola

      Mitt Romney will make a wonderful President. We all need to get behind him to get rid of Obama. He knows how to create jobs and get our country back on the right track.


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  • politics schmolitics

    Politics Schmolitics to Rubio..”it’s now time to keep your trap shut”. Just because you’ve decided to drink the GOP tea party traitor..don’t yank true red blooded Americans down the crapper with you!

    • GOP (Baracks best asset)

      Very good point, sir! Rubio has now shown himself to be a GOP lackey, who has no real mind of his own… other than to further his own political career. Once again, the American people have been tossed to the side and told to shut up and obey. Hmmm… wonder where in history we’ve seen/heard that before? The name… King George III seems to come to mind.

      • Rich

        What part of the word “politician” don’t you folks understand?
        They, all of them, are out for themselves and don’t give a rat’s ass about YOU, especially the republicans.
        They have the cushy job, with the outstanding benefits that you all want to take away from Americans who really WORK for a living.
        These guys caught the “brass ring” and they have the great jobs and YOU pay for one of the best benefit packages in the world.
        Will you folks ever understand?
        Working Americans have to stand up for what is best for working Americans and to hell with the wealthy Americans. They’re never going to “create” job one. Understand??

        • Don Grannan

          Government can only foster an environment that promotes economic opportunity … NEITHER party is offering to do this, both claim that they will create jobs … by the free sector (Party Romney) or by the progressives (BO and Co) Free people create jobs IF the environment allows!

        • Luis R Vazquez

          The way you express yourself is the same way the Commies express all over.

          “Folks, don’t believe in politicians or Politics; The only way you can survive is by listening to us and follow our dictates.”
          “Go to your shops, to your places of work, listen only to our message, because our is the way to happines. Under our system you don’t even have to think”

    • Walker

      YOu are 100% correct!!

    • Walker

      You are so right. I am so disappointed in Rubio. I resent the hours and hours I put in campaigning for him. He is so phony . .and HE IS NOT ELIGIBLE TO BE VP OR PRESIDENT. How do we get these people in Washington who do not even know the constitution!!???

  • GOP (Baracks best asset)

    100% agree with “politics schmolitics”. Romney hasn’t won anything… he’s bought (and mud slinged) his way to where he is and now the GOP gives in and wants everyone else to drink the koolaid. Nonsense!!!

    Rubio… you’re a traitor to the conservatives if you think that Romnney is the best we have… what a complete and utter joke!

    Romney is nothing but a corrupt, watered down, politician whose wealthy and has no real care about what Americans are going through on a day to day basis. His only aspiration is power and money.

    Thanks GOP… you’ve single handedly given Obama another 4 years. WAY TO GO.

  • aquiline

    Marco is sounding more and more like the government his parents fled! Where in the US CONSTITUTION does a Senator have the right to tell VOTERS of the States whose voices have not been heard yet, that their voices and votes don’t count????? Marco, you are walking a very dangerous walk! Your standing amongst Conservative CUBAN AMERICANS and Americans in general is going down the tubes! Keep your opinions to yourself! Americans all over the country are tired of being forced to vote for moderates WHO NEVER WIN! You expect us to vote for the LOOSER who LOST TO THE LOOSER WHO LOST TO OBAMA?????? NO THANK YOU!!!!!!

  • Heather

    I was wondering what Rubio’s thirty pieces of silver was?

    Unlike him, the rest of us would like to see the entire country have a chance to vote. I, for one, am sick of the nominee being decided by a small representative sample of this country. All Americans are significant and should have their voice. Nominating someone after only half the country has voted – especially someone who can’t even garner 50% of the vote – is ridiculous. Why should we nominate someone whom almost two thirds of the country is voting against? When 60% of the country is voting against Romney, that’s a strong indication that we don’t want him to be our nominee, much less our president. The establishment – including Rubio – needs to look at that and actually consider the will of the people.

  • David

    Kinda disgusting that a junior Senator like Marco can just think that he can order the party around. My respect for him has gone down a LOT!

    • http://TheSharkTank Earl

      Rubio is sucking up to Romney in order to get the VP nod. An open convention would be good in Tampa, and would excite the American people to watch it on TV, and would insure that the best GOP candidate is selected. As to the VP nominee, I hope it is Alan West.

      • Walker

        Go Allen West!!!

  • RedStateDan

    I was so happy when Rubio was elected; now he gives every appearance of having sold out to the Republican Establishment that brought us Bush/Dole/GWBush . . . and now the Etch-a-Sketch candidate. Very discouraging. Beck has cited a quote from Carrol Quigley, Bill Clinton’s mentor, who wrote “The two parties should be almost identical, so that the American people can ‘throw the rascals out’ at any election without leading to any profound or extensive shift in policy.” Sure looks like that’s where we are today.

  • Mary

    you all may not like what Marco has to say but he is telling the truth. Romney may not be your top choice but there he is – the frontrunner – and no one is going to catch up.

    • Dagny

      He is the frontrunner because of voter fraud and not because folks are warming up to him. Wake up already, Romney will win even if no one else votes for him at all.

    • Linda

      Romney is not the “frontrunner” and certainly not inevitable.

    • InRussetShadows

      They don’t have to catch up. All they have to do is force a brokered convention and they still have a shot. You did know that, right?

  • Bruce

    This shows why we should competely revamp the primary system. The Republican Party should set a primary for all 50 states, along with the terrirories and D.C. for sometime in late February. Have a series of a half dozen debates leading up to the national primary.

    If no one candidate obtains 50% of the vote than a runoff in April between the top two determines the nominee. This would prevent the type of circus that we have had this year in obtaining a nominee.

    • InRussetShadows

      Are you scared of the battle? Keep on whining, Mr. Beta Male.

  • Lightweight

    Could this be the reason the major national “conservative” radio talkers slam all of Mitt’s opponents but have either endorsed or ignore Romney’s actual record? There can never be a fair and honest election with Mitt Romney because his record is more libral than Barack Obama and Ted Kennedy. The GOP Media is palying the same evil political game they claim the Left does. Please study Mitt Romney’s political record and stop the propaganda ?

  • Anita

    People are never satisfied…stop with menusha and allow the system to be repaired. look at what goupies came out of Chicago have they done any better? What do we have to win back the White House if you do not even support it! Silver coins… this is politics who told it will not cost you anything to get a message across the hands of who can get it across..wake up and stop living in la-al land…or is it that you want another 4 years of living amongst “THE WALKING DEAD”?

  • Perseids

    It was a forgone conclusion that once brother Jeb piped up for mittens Marco, being the good and faithful lapdog he is, could not be more than a few steps behind his master.

    So… the last two elected republican Senators from Florida will have the unique distinction of stabbing their supporters in the back over Amnesty or its stepbrother Amnesty lite (aka…the so called dream act). In both cases behind the curtain a Bush was and will be lurking.

    It is funny how they change positions once they start drinking the water inside the beltway. A man’s word isn’t worth spittle in that town.

  • Dan

    Like it or not, the other candidates have been heard, and they continue to get less and less votes that tells you something… time to wake up and pull the people together!! WE MUST WIN IN NOV… I was an “anyone but Mitt” but he is what is left… time to step up and get him elected!! This country cannot survive another 4 more years with our current president.

    WAKE UP PEOPLE !!! do you really like to whine and complain while we loose again !! The Tea Party has great ideas .. so does Rubio, but they will not win alone, they need the entire party, that includes moderates !! Romney for President….

    • aquiline

      Do you REALLY think that Mittens is going to beat Obama? PLEASE WAKE UP!!! Romney will be good for only ONE thing, and that is to give us yet another FOUR YEARS of destruction!

      • Dan

        well with all the in fighting.. of course he will loose… we need to do whatever it takes to win… that is the goal… maybe we dont like the process, but it is what it is. you either stand with Mitt and give him your full support, or you stand with Obama … you can choose.. that is what Rubio is doing, after all is said and done.. we are Republicans first. Step up or join the other side. stop whining.

        • Linda

          Not until ALL of the American voters have had their say. Not until ALL states have voted in their primaries! THAT is the process.

        • InRussetShadows

          No. The time for Republicans to come together and support a candidate IS WHEN A CANDIDATE SECURES THE NOMINATION BY GETTING ENOUGH DELEGATES. Until then, the game is on. That’s how the system works.

          How could you not know that?

  • Steve

    Rubio is a sell out. Now he is going to push a bill that will be for amnesty. We knew he would show his true colors.

  • Anita

    Politics is a type of spectator sport. We all love sports…we love to see others on the field get creamed! We listen to all the media networks..and honestly if the media that bashes one party is called out on it …then it should not be an issue if either networks bash either parties. The News is also a business..they need to sell air time and the more ads they sell the more items they can report.The more contreversial the more viewers. What part of this dont any of you
    understand? Politics is a business, TV news is a business, everything has a price…including us.

  • LO

    Thanks Rubio, for nothing… much for the beloved tea party candidate you once were. Here’s the real count…..

    The REAL Count
    Our current internal count that takes into account ongoing county, district, and state conventions is as follows:

    Romney – 571
    Santorum – 342
    Newt – 158
    Paul – 91

    So you tell me if you were Santorum, that you would be dropping out. I don’t think so.

    Romney is NOT the people’s choice. He is more like Obama, and that is not tea party, GOP, or dare I say conservative standards AT ALL!

    I once thought you were president material, no longer. Thanks for nothing.

    • http://TheSharkTank Earl

      I like Newt Gingrich. If we have an open convention like we used to have when our country was still a democracy, then Newt could have a chance. Maybe the VP nominee as a second choice.

    • InRussetShadows

      Good point. Thanks for posting the data. Seen in cold black and white, the numbers really make Rubio look foolish, and reveal his sniveling desperation.

  • Rod Hanabergh

    Idiots! It is time to be pragmatic. It is either Romney or nothing
    Santorum will not be supported by independent swing voters
    In 4 years or 8 for now you may find your”ideal” candidate somewhere
    But I assure you such candidate does not exist

    • InRussetShadows

      Idiot! The base will not support Mittens. Independents will not support Mittens. You can have Romney and you will be buried by the Obama machine.

      If it is Romney, then this conservative is staying home. I held my nose and voted for McStain. I won’t suborn my principles to “practicality” again. If Romney is what the establishment GOP wants, then they can have him.

      No-one’s talking about an “ideal” candidate, and no-one is saying that we must vote Santorum (although he’s my guy). You are arguing against strawmen.

  • David Crespo!/note.php?note_id=10150711382913641

    My Response To Marco Rubio’s Endorsement

  • Barbbtx

    Louisa Millington
    Update from John Yob, National Delegate Director
    The Media’s Delegate Math is Wrong

    There are a couple of fundamental flaws with the delegate counts that the media keeps that reveals that this race is much closer than they report:

    1) Florida, Arizona, and quite possibly Puerto Rico will be proportional rather than Winner Take All. They broke RNC rules by going winner take all before the window and therefore RNC Members and/or the convention will enforce the rules and make the delegations proportional. This will reduce Romney’s delegate total substantially and increase the other three candidates’ respective delegate totals.

    2) National Convention Delegates are elected at County, District, and State conventions rather than by the initial beauty contests in many states. For example, in Washington State Romney was allocated 25 delegates, Paul 8 delegates, Santorum 7 delegates, and Gingrich 0 delegates. The Santorum and Paul campaigns are working together in Washington State and the result will be more delegates for Santorum and Paul and a dramatic decrease in delegates for Romney. Santorum will also over perform in most other states that use this process and Romney will underperform.

    3) Unbound delegates – The media continues to put unbound delegates in their counts in the territories and other states. These folks can change their mind, or have yet to make up their mind, and should not be counted as if they are bound.

    The REAL Count
    Our current internal count that takes into account ongoing county, district, and state conventions is as follows:

    Romney – 571
    Santorum – 342
    Newt – 158
    Paul – 91
    Texas is Going Winner Take All
    The state of Texas is in the process of announcing that they are going to go Winner Take All rather than proportional. This will have a dramatic impact on the delegate projections, tighten the race after Santorum wins Texas, and significantly hinder Romney’s capacity to ever get 1144 delegates because he will not get his proportion of the state. Simply put, this is a Game Changer. The race is almost even if you account for a Rick Santorum win in Texas under a Winner Take All system, and there is a clear Conservative Majority with Newt Gingrich.

    The Calendar Moves to May
    The month of April was always going to be difficult but the calendar gets much more friendly for Rick Santorum in May. North Carolina, Indiana, West Virginia, Nebraska, Oregon, Kentucky, Arkansas, and Texas might lead to Santorum winning roughly 7 out of 8 states in May, and heading into the June 5th primaries with a freight train of momentum.

    Conservative Majority with Newt Gingrich
    The campaign continues to reach out to Newt Gingrich’s team to work together on County, State, and District conventions to prevent Romney from achieving 1144 and to elect a Conservative Majority of delegates.

    This race is much closer than the media and Establishment Republicans would like to report and there and events such as Texas are dramatically changing the future landscape in a manner that is positive to Rick Santorum and negative for Mitt Romney.

    The other campaigns are beginning to work together more closely to prevent Romney from reaching 1144 and it is starting to pay dividends.

    The month of April was always going to be a difficult month for Rick Santorum but it will still be close enough so that when he wins the conservative states in the month of May the race will be approximately even going into the Republican National Convention.

    Spread the word, wide and far!
    Louisa Millington
    Regional Grassroots Coordinator
    California, DC, Delaware, Minnesota, Montana,
    New Mexico, North Dakota, Wyoming
    Rick Santorum 2012

    • john henry

      i’m in PA and don’t believe this recent poll showing romney up 4 or 5 points. Santorum will win Pennsylvania and then go on a roll again. By then newt will join forces with Rick and We The People will defeat mittens and the sellouts at Fox News.

  • Carlos

    Let me educate some of you resentful dreamers. Santorum’s a bible thumper who hasn’t the self control to shut the f*** up about religion, contraception or abortion. Let’s remember he got his ass kicked (by 18%)in his own state by an odius, obnoxious a$$hole named Bob Casey, hardly a charismatic, well liked opponent. He’d barely won by 6% even when he heavily outspent a weak Dem. in PA. The guy reminds
    many voters of the do gooder apple polisher in elementary school who kissed the teacher’s ass. Gingrich is also an establishment GOPite who
    reminds women of their 1st AND 2nd husbands. Aside from the fact he’s a loose cannon who can be counted on to say one thing today and another tomorrow, there’s the personal likability aspect. This country has crossed the line and there’s no turniong back. We will NEVER elect a little guy with a big head, silver hair and a big waddle to the WH. I don’t like Romney any more than most of you do. But I also see reality and know he’s more appealing to more of the voters, overall, and has the $ to do serious damage to Obama. Both Newt & Rick would likely win the debates and lose the election. It is numerically IMPOSSIBLE for either of them to get the delegates required to win. So, let’s not get stuck on stupid and walk off with the ball & glove like a disgruntled sandlot urchin. We need to focus on the ONLY THING that matters-getting Obama’s ass outta the WH. Marco
    may piss you off because he lanced an uncomfortable boil-GET OVER IT!!
    Newt & Rick need to go away, if they really care about what’s best for
    America. If they don’t, they are no better than the political insiders they hate to be called. They know damn well they have no chance, it’s all about sore losers, egos and wanting to be on TV. I’m Tea Party all the way but I know we must fight to take over the GOP in the yrs. it takes. 3rd parties get clobbered.

    • Dagny

      Bull, this is all about power. The corrupt globalist politicos do not want to give it up so they are shoving Romney down everyone’s throat because he is one of them just like Rubio is. Romney will lose to Obama. We need to stop buying the GOP kool aid and start thinking for ourselves. Rasmussen poll is rigged, the exit polls are rigged, the media is biased, the Republican Party is stealing votes to give to Romney. Santorum is only a side show to distract you from all the corruption and voter fraud that is happening behind the scenes. Santorum’s grandfather was a red communist registered to the Communist party in Italy. Santorum is another left leaning corrupt neocon that believes in an all powerful federal government. He was voted one of three corrupt senators in 2006. He is well versed in communism because it runs in his family. But the media is silence on this, just as they were with Obama. If you think now that government is encroaching on our private lifes, just wait and see what happens with a Santorum presidency. Both parties are corrupt and both parties believe in the NWO and globalization. They are simply taking us down the same road at a different speed.

    • http://sharktank dena

      Carlos you are so right. We are fortunate to have Romney. It is obvious that the moderates of the Republican party are more sensible than the “conservatives,” and more astute when it comes to perceiving the best candidate. Cry me a river, Santorum, you lost because you did not get enough votes, and you did not get enough votes because you were a rookie at running for the Presidency, so don’t whine about Romney having more money than you. The people GAVE to his campaign and not yours!

      • InRussetShadows

        What Romney is, is Obama lite: judicial tyranny, forced homosexual marriage, raised taxes, global warming, child-murder, government-run health care.

        None of these are AMERICAN positions, much less conservative, or even moderate. They are attacks upon freedom itself.

        Romney’s track record is not sensible.
        Romney’s belief system is not sensible.
        Romney’s governance is not sensible.
        Romney’s dirty mud-slinging underhanded campaigning is not sensible.
        Romney’s positions change every few months; this is not sensible.
        Romney is not believable.

        You can embrace the moderates, who would have been called Tories in another age; as for me, give me freedom or give me death.

        Put another way — history is only advanced by unreasonable men.

    • InRussetShadows

      I can see you get angry when you don’t get your way. I must inform you that neither Gingrich nor Santorum nor Paul has dropped out. Doesn’t that just make you crazy? Here’s the world, not doing what you want! People believe differently than you do! They must shut up and go away, right? How dare they!

      Do you get it?

      The base is sick of holding its nose, and we won’t do it anymore. Bush was tolerable (1st term at least); McCain was not; Romney is DEFINITELY not.

      We won’t be lectured to! We won’t be told to shut up and pull the lever ONE MORE STINKING TIME. NO MORE.

  • Barbbtx

    The Establishment doesn’t even think Romney can defeat Obama. They are looking to 2016. Rick Santorum is our only chance to take back the WH before then. I am sick of having a moderate shoved down my throat by the media and the likes of Rubio. Vote for the best man for the job, the best man to take on Barack Obama and don’t believe the media’s delegate count. Vote for Rick in Apr to help hold Romney back and starting in May it will be a complete Game change. The media is lying to you when they say Romney is “inevitable.” Newt supporters, please, please,please, help save the country from 4 more years of Obama, and vote for Rick in Pa.

  • Jeff Willis

    I have been one of Marco Rubio’s greatest advocates. It’s easy to see that he is in a tight position. The party leadership obviously made it clear that he would need to “play the game.” Especially since he is being groomed for a future Presidential run. The question remains
    “is this about the party” or “is it about Marco?”

    It’s pretty obviously that Romney is facing long odds. He is the worst possible candidate for the GOP to run against Obama. The way the establishment has “crammed him down the throats of the conservative base” will equate to a split in the party, if he loses. Many establishment types from the East could care less! They are contributing to both his and the Obama campaigns, cagily hedging their bets! Rubio as VP puts the race within reach. Could Republicans win if Marco is on the ticket? Maybe. Their chances go from “slim to none” to “50-50.”

    Insiders suggest that Rubio has his eye on the 2016 race. With a Romney loss, it’s probable that he will have a slim field to compete with. This would make sense for his political career. As the nominee against a “seventy-something Hillary Clinton” he would be looking at good odds! But we would still be forced to endure four more years of Barack Obama. That could be the end of America as we know it.

    Personally, I think Marco should accept Romney’s invitation, if Romney is wise enough to ask him. I would also be excited about drafting Rubio to oppose Obama in November! He would be a more electable option than Romney! But that’s not the way the GOP works. The good news is if we lose this November, the Base will likely divorce the Establishment. And we should! They largely represent Eastern R.I.N.O.s! They have money. But
    they represent the past. Rubio is the future of the party. He could be a huge contributor. But we must appreciate his position.

  • john henry

    Rubio and demint really surprised me disrespecting We The People like this. Of the entire Congress these two sellouts were 2 of the dozen or so i really respected. Michele Bachmann has more conservatism in her little finger than rubio has on his whole hand. For record rubio’s family left Cuba 2 years BEFORE castro overthrew the government there. Don’t let rubio hoodwink you.

  • Proud Kafir

    Get lost Rubio. You are part of the establishment that is ruining America. People told me how great you are…I knew better and now you are showing your true colors. Rick and Newt should not concede because Mitt does not have the required 1144 delegates and he is only 1/2 way there..This race is only 1/2 over and I personally hope Rick Santorum forces this to the convention where people will kick MITT to the curb…and Rubio I hope they redistrict you out of a job…

    • InRussetShadows

      Well said! Mitt’s only HALF OF THE WAY THERE. All Santorum has to do is get enough to force a brokered convention and I think he can do that.

      When Rubio comes up for re-election, he won’t have my vote, that’s for sure.

  • CLou

    Rubio you had a chance to make a huge impact…by NOT endorsing anyone and encouraging the American people to vote wisely. YOU blew it. Rick Santorum is a Godly man with the Lord’s hand on him. It is evident that both times little Bella got sick, Rick was home. The Lord is merciful and shows it to this family.

  • Jonah

    Hey Marco, No one gives a shit what you think. We will vote how we want. I predict you will be another party jumping Arlen Spector…you’re already well on your way.

  • leslie

    I think it is time for Mr. Rubio to “concede”–to concede that he is not what we thought he was and is merely another political opportunist. Mr. Rubio, you are a disappointment.

  • Rich

    It really amazes me how you folks love to eat your own.

    • Barbbtx

      Yep, that’s exactly what Rubia, Ryan and DeMint are doing, eating their own, just like Romney has done this whole campaign. We’re sick and tired of it. Vote Rick! That’s the only way to stop Romney and it’s the only chance we have to defeat Obama.

  • ProfessorGas

    Romney couldn’t even beat McCain, how can he hope to beat Obama? Santorum is the only hope the Republicans have.

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  • Jeff Willis

    Barbbtx’s delegate numbers are accurate. The delegate count is closer than reported. Texas may go to “winner take all.” If Santorum does as well in the May primaries as I think that he will, Romney won’t have 1144 delegates come convention time. The establishment knows this. That’s why they are trying to end the race now! Rubio has likely been promised something significant. I’ll bet he will be the keynote speaker at the convention. He knows that Romney will lose the election to Obama. That would put Marco in a nice position for a 2016 Presidential run. The keynote speech will do for him what it did for Obama in 2004. He will likely be facing a seventy something Hillary Clinton. All well and good except for one detail: What about the next four years?

    I have always been a great supporter of Senator Rubio. I know that he’s in a tough spot. Still, Mitt Romney is a weak candidate to pit against Obama. Santorum would do better with key blocks the Republicans must win. Marco is justified having career aspirations within the party. But he must make every effort to help the most electable Republican win. That translates to being Mitt’s VP. If he is, Mitt will have a shot. If not, he’s “toast!”

  • Rich

    Does Marco Rubio qualify as a national born citiizen? Were both of his parents American Citizens?

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  • Barbbtx

    If all Texas’ 155 delegates were to go to Santorum, the split between Romney and Santorum would only be 74 delegates (229 – 155 = 74); and Santorum is sure to win many of the following states whose primaries are coming up in May such as Arkansas, Kentucky, Texas, West Virginia, and North Carolina.

    Even though the liberal media (who want Romney to win because they think Obama could easily beat him) together with the compromising Republican elitists are trying to make us think this Republican race is over, it is not.

  • JacquelineL

    The point here should be GETTING OBAMA OUT OF OFFICE. THEN CLEAR OUT HIS CZARS AND OVERTURN HIS OBAMA CARE THAT INFRINGES ON EVERY ASPECT OF OUR LIVES! Unless of course you are members of Congress or their families or supporters.
    This is what Marco said, this is what Marco meant. AND HE IS RIGHT! If we don’t train all of our big guns on the Great Deceiver and unite against him we will not defeat him. The US would not survive another term under this traitor.
    I do not care who our nominee is I will get everyone I can out to vote AGAINST B. HUSSEIN OBAMA!

  • Diane B.

    At a time so crucial in America’s history, I find it disturbing that the kind of person we need most to help lead us back into prosperity and to give us hope is no longer in the running. Santorum, Bachmann and even Ron Paul (I can not tolerate his foreign policy philosophy though!) are better than who is now the primary Republican candidate. Having said that, I am NPA but I think for and support myself so it is very evident to me how critical it is to get obama out of office. I used to support Rubio but this article totally turned me against him. He’s telling the other candidates what to do as certainly as obama dictates his own party’s actions. I will say that I will begrudgingly vote for Romney but I know in my heart he is an all-white version of what we have in office now. I can only pray that I am wrong and that Romney ends up to be a stellar president!

  • Bisoncookie

    Talking about Nov. 2012 did you have a chance to listen and watch this conference? Thus, it is not an exaggeration to describe this as the most important press conference in U.S. history, because it explicitly details, with new facts and more evidence than ever presented in one place at one time, from extensive, highly credible sources, the dangerously extremist nature of President Obama and the true goals of his virulently anti-American, radical leftist administration… AMERICANS DESERVE TO KNOW. READ MORE HERE:

  • Lightweight

    You have not figured out propaganda is not journalism ? Why not ask real question ? The prep rally idea ain’t working. People have had time to realize how bad they were lied to by Rubio and the Romney Media.