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Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s “Jewbag” Mini-Me

by Javier Manjarres















Jew-on-Jew hate is nothing new, but within the Democratic National Committee, this is clearly unchartered territory. DNC Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s ol’ staffer and newly named  DNC’s Jewish Outreach Liason Dani Gilbert refers to herself an her fellow khevre (khev’∙reh) as “Jewbags.”

Oy Vey! Can you imagine if a Republican Jewish Outreach staffer were to have posted similar pictures with these same comments? His/her head would be asked to be served on some type of Seder platter or something.  Listen, I get the funny here. It’s like Blacks referring to one another as ‘Niggas’, right?

The real story here is the fact that Dani Gilbert is the spitting image of Congresswoman/DNC Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz! From the Washington Beacon- 

The Democratic Party’s newly appointed Jewish outreach liaison is pictured on Facebook in a series of provocative photos with her friends holding dollar bills and referring to themselves as “Jewbags” and the “Jew cash money team.”

Dani Gilbert, who has been a staffer in the office of Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D., Fla.), was recently appointed as the Democratic National Committee’s Jewish outreach liaison, according to her Twitter feed.

Photos publicly available on her Facebook page depict her engaged in the kind of youthful displays that social media like Facebook and Twitter have made increasingly common and problematic for young Washington staffers.

In one photo, Gilbert is seen kissing paper currency of undetermined denomination. The caption at the bottom of the photo reads “JEWBAGS.” A comment left on the posting refers to Gilbert and a coterie of female companions as the “Jew cash money team.” Other photos depict Gilbert as a bit of a partygirl, including one featuring an assortment of condoms. –Washington Beacon Press

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Javier Manjarres
Javier Manjarres

As the managing editor of The Shark Tank, Javier was awarded the 2011 CPAC Blogger of the Year. Countless videos and articles from the Shark Tank have been featured on Fox News, The Hill, Wall Street Journal, and other national news publications. Javier has also appeared on Univision’s “Al Punto” and numerous radio shows, including being the weekly 92.5 Fox News' DayBreak with Drew Steele political contributor, as well as one of NewsmaxTV's conservative commentators. Javier has also authored "BROWN PEOPLE," which is a book about Hispanic Politics. Learn more at

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  • Glinda

    This is why you don’t post this stuff on Facebook. Probably every young staffer in DC has this stupid stuff online. Chalk it up to young and dumb. Otherwise – would you see this as a problem if a Republican in the same position referred to herself as a “Redneck?” Probably not.

    • JC Kohen

      In your off-handed manner, you claim that Republicans are rednecks, so they could pose with that moniker…which just goes to show that you’re a bigot and you hate anyone who doesn’t agree with your leftist scheme.

      These photos only prove the Jewish-Marxist cabal is alive and sucking money off of Jews and Gentiles, in the name of the DNC, or Debbie Washherpuss-Scheiße. You’re a shill for this brand of political mucking about, and you only lend credence to the belief that Jews are money-hungry, conniving and immoral. That’s reprehensible.

    • Larry

      I wouldn’t label all Republican as rednecks. I would rather label them as regressive, afraid of change, and small minded. Why else would a group keep referring to a group of leaders that have been dead for close to 250 years? Did I also mention Male Oriented?
      Also what is the need to own so many guns. You know that they want to use them. Just give them the chance or a young black male in the wrong place at the wrong time.

      • lonewolf

        Why do Republican’s have so many gun’s you ask, Well first off it’s our right,second we’re not communist’s like the left trying to abolish the constitution,Third very soon we’ll have to fight the Communist Government to get our country back.Sure funny how all the leftist who oppose gun’s flock to theater’s to watch shoot’em up movies, are they closet conservitives?

  • JewFish

    She’s got nothing on the JewFish…Did you just say chevreh? Look at Javier breaking out the Yiddish!

    Poor woman must be Shvitzing in her office right now.

  • Lovejoy

    What do expect, from a bunch of self loathing, meshuganah, marxists?

  • AlbieDamned

    Looks like she uses the same brand of mayonnaise that Debbie Was-a-Man uses to style her hair too.

  • rash

    This is from 2006. seriously this is not a story at all

    • BethesdaDog

      If this is such a non-issue, why did she scrub her Facebook page?

  • alwaysfiredup

    Anybody wearing a New Blue of Yale University (est. 1969) t-shirt is a friend of mine. You go, Dani. 6+ year old college pics really don’t matter.

  • Deane

    @JewFish: Don’t forget “shvitzing” also means bragging in Yiddish! Or is that what you meant?

  • EBL

    Dani Gilbert’s family should be horrified.

    And Debbie Wasserman Schultz. No surprise it is someone connected to her.

  • Who cares?

    I cant believe this is even an issue. Who cares? Dont we have bigger issues?

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  • BrendaK

    My Jewish Mother-in-law, widow of a holocaust labor camp survivor, takes exception to this disgusting behavior. Also, as a long-time Chicago denizen, she would never give money or support to those crooks from Cook County.

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  • ias a jew i want an apology from wasserman schultz for hiring her

    this is a jewish embarrasment and ahe should be removed or apologize immedietly

    is that wasserman schultz veiw on jews that we are only good for our money and a idiot vote

    i am not voting wasserman schultz like i did last election

    IM all for change in 2012

    • Stan Lee

      You can ask for an apology from a decent person and if given, it would be significant. From DWS though? The woman lies more than Obama!

      She and this “shadow” of hers conveniently show up when the Democrat Party calls and asks,” How about being a Jew for a fund-raiser?”
      I see your critical thinking has caught up with you. I believe that would rate a “Mazeltov” in the Jewish language. Good for you!

      See if you can talk to some of the elderly who are still voting for Franklin D. Roosevelt! Thank you very much.

  • Steve K.

    For me the following trends are even more problematic:

    Poll: Majority of U.S. Jews Still Support Obama

    Despite his rocky relationship with Israel, a new survey finds that 62% American Jews still favor Obama for re-election.

    (Israel National News)

    “Only 4% of Jewish voters said Israel is the most important issue for them when deciding who should get their vote. Even when asked to name their second-most-important issue, Jewish voters gave the issue of Israel only marginal importance….”

    (The Jewish Daily Forward)

    • David ben Hurrion

      MOST, I’m saying most Jews in America are not traditional, they are not conservative Jews by faith in any stretch of the imagination. They are Jews only for the sake of claiming some cultural baggage, and for the family reunion. It’s a temporary religious event in their lives…some holidays, bar and bas mitzvah, weddings and funerals, and family get togethers. And schmoozing with other Jews for jobs, gelt, connections…you know what I mean. That’s it. Since it’s only an occasional affectation, there’s little real connection to Israel. Oh, did I mention that religion/beliefs are dirty words?

      Modern American Jews are largely liberals. They are the vocal ones, and they support the arts and the attendant immorality. In fact, liberal Jews foster immorality. There’s big money in that. Why should they be offended; it makes money, right? That’s a good thing. And it allows immoral behavior to become normalized, right? That’s good thing too, if you believe this way. Why not? The Torah, Talmuld, Mishnah and every other religious work is purely mythological. What basis have they in circumscribing one’s behavior? By being liberal, a modern American Jew can live whatever decadent life they wish, and it’s great. Money, wealth, fame…that’s all good, and there’s no heaven, and certainly no hell, so who cares? A good American Jew has their idols right here on earth, who needs a G*d.

  • Sandi Trusso

    Kids do and say foolish things, but isn’t it sad that they were never taught respect for themselves and their own heritage/traditions/religion?

    I hate it when Oprah uses the “N” word, and I hate THIS disrespect of Jews, in the name of humor. If they don’t even show respect for themselves, THIS certainly accounts for why these kids and other kids who seemingly don’t respect themselves, also don’t respect the ethnicities/traditions/religions of anyone else! Everything today is supposed to be said/done in the name of humor. Well guess what? IT ISN’T FUNNY! IN FACT, IT IS HURTFUL TO MANY PEOPLE, BUT I DON’T THINK THE KIDS OR ADULTS OF THIS TIME EVEN CARE IF ANYONE IS HURT.

  • Mark J. Moldoff

    Debbie has proven that she is totally incompetent, so this is nothing new. The same rhetoric from Obama on down to this idiot: “The Republicans are doubling down on the same failed policies that got us into this”. And, this shows How stupid they are and how little they know about economics and business. Dumb can’t describe how stupid they are. So, they want to do away with Capitalism and Socialize everything. Then when it fails and it has and will, they will blame someone else, as the always do.

  • Steve K.

    Barack H. Obama is a twenty year disciple of the racist / anti-Semitic Reverend Jeremiah (“God d#&%n America”) Wright. Obama ran with racists, anti-Semites, jihadist-sympathizers, PLO activists, etc., his entire adult life. For any Jew to vote for and support Obama to me is morally shocking.

    • matt aronson

      you got that right, Mark; we need “a change” we can live with right now; assuming romney gets the nod at the rnc, he’s going to have pull “all the stops and focus on obama’s racist background as well as the economy; yes, if anybody is a racist, it’s obama and his gang of marxist anti-semetic followers, including his own jewish advisors.

  • harry houdini

    Disgusting display of liberal feminism. Can you believe these “girls” are raising money and garnering votes as an outreach group. The only people that they are reaching out to are misguided voters like themselves. Put a condom on their heads and tell the world that they don’t go bareback! I think a picture of George Soros in the middle of these bitches would be great.

    Give me a fuc-in break will ya!

  • harry houdini

    DO NOT believe the polls that say 60% or more Jews still support Obama. What bullshit! I thought the Nazi regime was the so-called masters of anti- Jewish propaganda. Any excuse to paint Jews on the dark side never escapes these bastards. You want an accurate poll, I will give you an accurate poll. If you separate the Jewish population by gender,age and religious commitment, you get a far different result. Much more Republican, conservative ideas among most in all but one category. I will let all you assholes figure that out for yourselves.

    • Zev-Israel

      Mr. Houdini,
      I’m afraid you are sorely mistaken. I fight this issue all the time. Many people in my orthodox shul agree that republicans are allied with our only true stable friend in the middle east. But, their leftist views are more important and most will vote for this Pres in the election. Even this admin’s latest betrayal of spilling the intelligence of Azerbaijan will not hinder their loyalty to the Dem party. In the same way that 60% of Jews voted for the blatant anti-semite Carter, we will do about the same for this Pres. Leftist policies take precedence over a support for a true ally & friend. If Israel incurs heavy loses in Iran, most will drink the Dems cool-aid and say, “See, we told you not to do it.” As they blindly hit the “D” lever this Nov. G-d help us.

  • Lisa

    Shark Tank — this is NOT a nice story for you to run; it reflects poorly on you. I think you are just stirring up ethnic hatred against Wasserman Schultz in a backdoor way, and that is despicable. Stick to the issues, please. You are taking some young kids posting some silliness,about themselves, in questionable taste, but in fun, and FROM SIX years ago. This is just plain ethnic-baiting UGLINESS for you to imply that there is anything to do with racial self-hatred. And what on EARTH does that have to do with politics?

    • David ben Hurrion

      Lisa, I’ve got to disagree with you. This is NOT ETHNIC hatred. This is a pure and simple revulsion toward ugliness, and Debbie WashHERpuss is just plain fugly. Okay! Ugliness like WashHERpuss is not just skin deep, it goes right to the heart of her politics, which are even more ugly and festering. Pray that this leper doesn’t contaminate others.

  • matt aronson

    sorry, I meant to reply to Steve K’s comment, not Mark Moldoff.

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  • David Reinhardt

    Get with the program Lisa and while at it, grow up!! DWS has shown numerous times in the past several months that she is totally incompetent! She is ripe to get defeated in her next run and so be it!!

    In addition, Obama has as well shown a total lack of respect for Benny and Israel. Any Jew who would vote for this clown isn’t with the program. I’m not Jewish, but “feel” for Israel. They are caught between a rock and a hard place. Iran and their attitude toward Israel and then Obama and his disrepect and contempt. Tell ’em how it is Harry Houdini.

  • david

    Self hating ugly jews like this put us Conservative jews in danger! They are just as dangerous as nazis used to be and as Islamics are today!! sickeing losers!

  • Bill Di Scipio

    Disgusting. I wonder if the team is actively milking Corrections Corporation of America for more donations which will be used to put a needless prison in out back yards and one that is opposed by a vast majority of her constituents.

  • Lowie

    A symptom of America’s decline….the YOUNG & the STUPID
    What I don’t understand is why “jewbags” always gravitate to the lowest of the low….OBAMA….hates Israel and all it’s people. Gentiles are included as well.

  • Carlos

    Typical leftist hypocrisy. The rest of can’t say “nigger”, “spick”, “kike” or other racial or ethnic slurs but they can and it’s cool. Looks to me like Dani’s partying lifestyle might be sans a date. She seems a bit desperate.

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  • Nancy Celano

    Wasserman-Schultz has always been a dirt-bag and is one of most intolerant people in the public eye. Have you read and heard the trash coming out of her mouth about Congressman West in Florida? Every T.V. interview I have seen with her has been cheap and tawdry. All Jews should be ashamed of her not vote for her ever ag

    • Zev-Israel

      Couldn’t agree with you more, Nancy. The most pro-Israel Congressman (and probably the only black congressman other than Rep Scott from SC that supports Israel) gets lambasted all the time by this loud mouthed, bigoted House leader. I am embarrassed every time radical leftist opens her mouth.

  • user2

    “Unchartered territory”??? Really??? The party of the Ku Klux Klan is in unchartered territory when it comes to anti-Semitism?

  • beefrank

    Is it really surprising? The Democrats have been practicing this schtick since its progressive beginnings. The socialist history with ties to communism, nazism, fascism, eugenics, segregation, social security, welfare, urban renewal, minimum wage, income tax, IRS, New Deal, Great Society, EPA and environmentalism.

  • anne

    never heard the word khevre. is this like kvetch (whiners?) or princess (as is jap)? oh, wait, i got it–juvenilles

  • joey jewed

    Disgusting beatch