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Sexism, Liar, or Democrat Plant? Tea Party Leader Slams Ozzie deFaria

by Javier Manjarres

Congressional candidate Ozzie deFaria is not just doubling-down on with his questionable use of a photo-shopped dog collar around DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s neck, he’s actually betting the house that his tactic will win him the Republican congressional nomination in August.

deFaria’s most recent campaign email addresses recipients as “Fellow Patriots” in hopes of convincing them that he is a legit “Tea Party” candidate.  deFaria is not actually someone whom most would consider a Tea Party “activist”, he is actually a wealthy business executive that is self-financing his campaign and ‘banking’ on his  business acumen to win the Republican nomination.

But deFaria is continuing to mislead potential supporters with highly questionable allegations in his campaign solicitations.  The latest- somehow, Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz “threatened” him.  Here’s deFaria email-

Wasserman Schultz told a close associate of mine that she was offended by my use of the picture at right, which I used to highlight her as Obama’s biggest Attack Dog (hence the collar).
She then told my associate that, “Ozzie will get what’s coming to him.”
We all know what that means… Debbie and the Obama attack machine are going to spend millions of dollars to destroy my family, my reputation, and my professional life in South Florida.
Not only is deFaria unable to offer proof that this threat ever took place. some very well placed Democrat sources have told me that deFaria’s allegations are totally bogus   At last weekend’s Joe Biden speech in Coconut Creek,  a top Democrat operative and a few ‘close’ associates to Debbie Wasserman Schultz actually made it a point to approach your humble correspondent on the Press riser and tell me that deFaria was lying- and that deFaria is the guy whom they want to face in a general election-  
“We want him (deFaria) to win.” anonymous Democrat operative
We’ve previously reported on the two questionable campaign videos that have  deFaria stating that “we need to send her (DWS) back to the pound.” (Link to the videos here: Video 1, Video 2)
deFaria is doing a pretty good job at damaging his reputation all by himself, so there’s no need for anyone else to help him out.  But now questions are starting to arise as to what deFaria’s real motives are for running.  Why would someone continue to try to double down on such tawdry campaign advertisements if he has any intentions of winning hearts and minds?
Is deFaria doing this out of desperation?  Could it be negligent and amateurish campaign staffers that are running his congressional campaign?  Or is this a last-ditch attempt to come across as a Republican grassroots candidate and run a highly polarizing ‘end-game’ type of campaign that will only fuel the Democratic media narrative that ‘all’ Republicans and their Tea Party supporters are deranged and sexist?
A Local 10 ABC report on deFaria recently reported on this likely narrative by stating that deFaria is obviously trying to to hard to reach and exploit the Tea Party-
What he’s doing here is playing up to the rabid Tea Party base.  And the really sad thing is it just might work.-Local 10, ABC Affiliate
In late 2011, FreedomWorks’ State Director Tom Gaitens was warned that there possibly would be a ‘plant’ inserted into the race to take away from Karen Harrington.  While Gaitens did not specifically say that deFaria was a plant, there have been several politicos, including a few Members of Congress who have questioned whether deFaria and/or a few other recent entrants into the race could be Democrat plants. Gaitens took exception to deFaria’s lack of judgment with the following:
With so many legitimate and significant issues to challange Rep. Wasserman Schultz on, that a candidate (
Ozzie deFaria) is lowering himself to the likes of Liberal Talking-Heads, by using personal attacks. The Tea Party, by and large, refuses to delve into personal attacks and focuses instead upon issues…limited Government, the Constitution and Free Markets…In this race, as with any race across the Country, candidates have more than enough issues to differentiate themselves rather than sinking to personal attacks. I can assure you that the Tea Party does not support candidates who do not conduct themselves with respect and decorum.- Tom Gaitens, FreedomWorks State Director

So now the table is almost set for the Democrats to feast on what will be an indefensible blunder that could very well affect Republicans up and down the ballot- and it’s precisely the opportunity that Democrats always look to exploit.  Rest assured, Democrats are salivating at the opportunity to tie Congressman Allen West, Senator Marco Rubio, the eventual Republican presidential nominee, Republicans, and the Tea Party as racist, sexist, mysogenist and outright “extremists.”

So ask yourselves the following- why has deFaria not rolled out any endorsement from any elected Republican?  According to deFaria, businessman Wayne Huizenga has endorsed him, but for how long?  We reached out to Huizenga, but he could not be reached for comment.   Considering that deFaria is not backing away in the least from his polarizing campaign advertisements, what member of any legislative body would put their career and reputation on the line by backing deFaria?  Supporters of deFaria would be well advised to reconsider all of their options if they are indeed serious about defeating Debbie Wasserman Schultz.

About author

Javier Manjarres

As the managing editor of The Shark Tank, Javier was awarded the 2011 CPAC Blogger of the Year. Countless videos and articles from the Shark Tank have been featured on Fox News, The Hill, Wall Street Journal, and other national news publications. Javier has also appeared on Univision’s “Al Punto” and numerous radio shows, including being the weekly 92.5 Fox News' DayBreak with Drew Steele political contributor

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  • Willow

    This is nuts ! The Republican leadership needs to handle this quickly and swiftly. We cannot have this guy out there damaging the party. Mr.Preibus, Ms. Day, Mr Curry and rest of the Republican leadership – guys you MUST step up to the plate and do what’s right. Perhaps a statement letting the general public know that we do not condone such behavior and the Republican party asks that he stop this non sense.

  • Joe Smith

    This toolbag expects to be the challenger to Wash-her-mouth-out Schultz? Harrington is by far the better looking candidate, even though I think it will be hard to beat rag head Schultz.

  • RBN Member

    You forgot to write Paid for and Approved by Karen Harrington for Congress at the bottom of this post. Everyone knows your paid indirectly from Harrington through her campaign manager. You are really beating this mantra like a dead horse. Harrington must really see Ozzie as a threat. First Joe gets attacked by you, now Ozzie. Bresso and Garcia, get ready for a hit piece if you raise some money this quarter. The only Democratic plant is you, Javier.

    • BoGo

      If your allegation is true, it would either show up on Harrington’s FEC filing or someone is facing some serious charges.

      Oh, I forgot a third option – that you’re just a douch-nozzle that likes to spread rumors without proof.

      • RBN Member

        Actually BoGo, if Javier is being paid as a subcontractor by Harrington’s campaign manager then it would not have to be on Harrington’s FEC filing. So nothing illegal – just unethical. Fact is that Javier was paid directly by Harrington for “advertising” in her 2010 race. Many people speculate that he is being paid as a subcontractor by Harrington’s campaign manager for this year’s campaign. It’s common knowledge that Javier covers Harrington and has been seen with her all over the country. He was paid directly by Harrington before…it’s not too much of a stretch to think someone who blogs for a living, appears with Harrington everywhere, endorsed Harrington last year, attacks Harrington’s opponents, and writes countless articles on Harrington’s behalf is being paid yet again.

        FYI – “spreading rumors without proof” must be Javier’s business plan for this blog.

        Some food for thought: It’s just like Javier to say someone may be a democratic plant while he himself quotes “a top Democrat operative and a few close associates to Debbie Wasserman Schultz.”. Why would democratic insiders not be afraid of talking to Javier?

        • Casey

          I have to disagree with you. How is Manjerres a Democrat plant? How do you know that he is seen all over the country with Karen Harrington? Seems like a bunch of baseless allegations to me.

          So what proof do you have that Manjerres is getting paid by Harrington?

        • BoGo

          RBN – See those little ads to the right? I’m sure Javier doesn’t post them for free. So what’s so nefarious about Harrington buying ad space on this site? I’ve seen Ozzie’s ad on Drudge, I’m sure he had to pay for that.

          I know that Harrington has been to events such as CPAC. Those are events worthy of news/blog coverage, don’t you think? So I don’t see anything wrong with a candidate attending a political event and a blogger covering it.

          BTW – this ain’t network news. Javier is entitled to favor a candidate just as you or I are. If you believe Javier’s reportage is in error, post a source refuting him. As for Javier not naming sources, I’m sure it’s to keep their confidence to ensure future access. Javier is not afraid to express his oopinion or speculate, so why would he invent sources?

          • http://visionsandprinciples.blogspot.com/ InRussetShadows

            BoGo, I notice that you DID NOT answer the questions, except to play word games and smear. Being paid for ads is not the same thing as being a paid operative or being on Harrington’s payroll.

            Appearing with Harrington at CPAC because he attended and she attended does not mean that he was part of her entourage, which is what you are implying.

            So far you have accused Javier of being unethical by behaving unethically yourself. If you have proof, state it clearly.

  • Robert Janicki

    Ozzie deFaria’s actions speak for themselves without any finger pointing. deFaria’s behavior clearly indicates he is not temperamentally suited to represent the Republican party as a U.S. Congressional candidate. The Florida Republican Party needs to be proactive and support the strongest possible candidate to face DWS. deFaria is not just a distraction, he is a danger to the image and any possible success of the Republican Party and the Florida Tea Party organization in the November election cycle.

  • Seminol Sam

    Where did the Republicans find this character? He is nothing more than a disgrace to the GOP, great post and thank you for bringing this to light.

  • Lighweight

    If any candidate is a Democrat Plant you have to prove it or you are slandering a person without proof.Put the evidence up or apologize for propaganda lies.

    • http://www.shark-tank.net Javier Manjarres

      Ummmm. we merely posed a question, we did not accuse him of being a Democrat plant

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