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Palin, West, Rubio-Top Picks in a Republican Brokered Convention?

by Javier Manjarres

With Governor Mitt Romney’s big Illinois win in the Republican Presidential primary race, most of the TV pundits are calling the race for the Mittster. According to the Wall Street Journal, Romney has 536 delegates, Rick Santorum has 263, and Newt Gingrich trails with 135, making Mitt a safe bet to win the GOP nomination regardless of how unpopular he is among a large segment of Republican voters. But is a brokered convention still a far fetched proposition?

Many political pundits such as Ann Coulter and Ed Rollins do not favor a brokered convention simply because they feel that it would divide the Republican Party and leave the selection of the next President the United States (Obama will lose) up to the few thousand delegates that will be in attendence at the Republican National Convention in Tampa later this year.

But while Coulter rails against Sarah Palin for possibly considering throwing her name out there for consideration, were there to be a brokered convention, many seem to forget that Palin isn’t the only big name with starpower that could be drafted as well. Lets throw out two of the biggest names in politics today that just so happen to live less than 30 miles apart from one another, Senator Marco Rubio and Congressman Allen West.

Rubio is at the top of the list for the VP nod and could very well shore up the Hispanic vote and likely secure the state of Florida for Republicans. Then we have West, a wildly popular take-no-prisoners Congressman who is not afraid to speak his mind and call a spade, a spade. West can also reel in the important state of Florida, and with his extensive military background and the fact that President Obama has assumed a defeatist posture around the rest of the world, Americans may see him as the one who will bring back dignity to the title “Commander-in-Chief.”

Both of these men have enormous national name recognition and both are considered by the masses to be presidential material. If I am not mistaken, both of them have supporters who have set up websites that “draft” them to run for president.

If there were to be a brokered Republican convention, who do you think those Republican delegates would vote for? Take the poll below.

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Javier Manjarres
Javier Manjarres

As the managing editor of The Shark Tank, Javier was awarded the 2011 CPAC Blogger of the Year. Countless videos and articles from the Shark Tank have been featured on Fox News, The Hill, Wall Street Journal, and other national news publications. Javier has also appeared on Univision’s “Al Punto” and numerous radio shows, including being the weekly 92.5 Fox News' DayBreak with Drew Steele political contributor, as well as one of NewsmaxTV's conservative commentators. Javier has also authored "BROWN PEOPLE," which is a book about Hispanic Politics. Learn more at

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  •* E. Levenson

    This piece omits two very important pieces of information.

    The second most important piece is that neither of Rubio’s parents were U.S. citizens when Marco was born. Do people really want to open up that can of “natural born” worms all over again. It would be a killer for the Republicans.

    However, the most important reason is “vetting.” Only one of the three named above has been vetted, and NO ONE in America has been vetted more than Sarah Palin.

    • Cherieo

      With Obama opening the door and by-passing our Constitution..How could THAT be a problem? Obama would be FORCED to open up ALL his closed doors too. Might be quite interesting.

      But, I don’t think Marco really wants it …at this time.
      Allen West would be a great leader.

    • Dagny

      Anyone voting for Marco Rubio would be complicit in helping to shred our Constitution. He is just as corrupt as the rest of the neocons. He knows that he is not eligible, and if he runs he is no better than the rest of the scum of the earth that resides in Congress. We have a Constitution that is being shredded by both parties. It is up to the people to decide if this matters because if it doesn’t, this country is done.

  • Walker

    YOu are absolutely correct Levenson. And I am very disappointed in Rubio that he does not go ahead and state that . . .and close the argument forever. Either he does not realize he is ineligible, which, in my opinion, makes him not intelligent enough to be President. Or he does realize it and does not care . .which , in my opinion, makes he just another typical politician . . .looking out for his own ambitions, rather than the rights of the people . .. .
    If he ever runs, it will be a matter of totally disregarding the Constitution. We already have one president doing that.

    • Chris

      Rubio has been contacted by a man that is part of the effort to declare Obama not eligible becaause he is not a Natural Born Citizen. Rubio ignored him and has danced afound the issue.

      • Walker

        It seems to me more and more, that Rubio is putting his political ambitions above the “People’s” interest. I worked for him in his past election, made phone calls (hundreds) put out signs, etc. I doubt I will ever vote for him again. If it talks like a RINO, and supports RINO candidates, chances are . . . . . . .

  • alex scipio

    Paul Ryan is left off the list… why? If there is anyone who apeals to intelligent voters in Right, Left and Center who are concerned by the fiscal disaster, who has proven more than willing to calmly and professionally take-down the idiot in the Oval, it is Ryan. The others on the list? Baggage, all of them.

    Christie: Pro-gun control NE moderate. We already have one of those: Romney. American NEVER has voted for a moderate Republican for president. You may have noticed that this is not a moderate nation. We are partisan and becoming moreso, like it or not. This will continue until the Baby Boomers FINALLY die – the worst generation in history and the least willing to discuss ANYTHING with open minds.

    Palin: The media will absolutely destroy her rather than allow themselves be proved wrong or irrelevant – you ain’t seen NOTHIN yet if she is the nom.

    West: Too narrow – what’s his fiscal background? Be a great VP or SecDef

    Santorum: Wants to run more of my life than Obama. SoCons are destroying America by forcing too many intelligent voters to the Left. THEY are the problem, NOT the solution.

    Rubio: Too inexperienced. We are in the midst of inexperience now; how’s that working out for us?

    • hrh

      Excuse me, but destroy her with what, pray tell?

      The Help Barack Obama (HBO) network’s “Game Change” was supposed to inflict the final blow. Except it flopped Big Time.

      How will they destroy a woman for whom there are 58,000 pages of official emails now in the public domain?

      And nothing worthy of destruction was found?

      If she were able to be destroyed, she would have been destroyed 8 lifetimes ago.

      Paul Ryan has NO executive experience.

      And if the only way you can make his case is by throwing out everybody else, then you need to go join the Mitt Romney campaign and be done with it.

  • Sandi Trusso

    Either West or Rubio would be a great choice.

    I think the courts should define “natural citizen”, and interpret what is the Constitutional intent of “eligibility” for the office of President.

    I find it hard to believe that when a child is born on US soil (which automatically makes him a US Citizen), and when his/her parents had come here legally, but had not yet become citizens before the child was born (but none-the-less the child is still a US citizen), that the child, a US citizen from birth, would not be eligible to become President.

    • Bcorp

      There is an obvious reason that eludes common sense reasoning, being born on USA soil is not enough to make a person loyal to the USA. Come to Los Angeles and witness all of those who were born on USA soil, yet denounce it and fly the flag of another Country.

      • Mary Cole

        AMEN…..Anybody can come to America to birth a baby….

    • Walker

      Excuse me Sandi, but I believe it is up to the Constitution to define “natural born” citizen. And if being born here were all that was required . .then there would have no reason to state that the President had to be a “natural born” citizen. Plus the definition of “natural born ” citizen at the time of the writing of the constitution is what applies.
      I am shocked to see so many people ignorant of this fact , . . .and of why the forefathers wrote it this way. They had specific reasons for it. And if you , and others, would do the research, they would understand whey the forefathers thought it was necessary.
      I learned this in 8th grade Civics . . .

  • Jeff Willis

    Marco Rubio would be the ultimate choice for Republicans; if the goal is beating Barack Obama. His ideal running mate would be Condoleeza Rice. Rubio would attract the entire base. Establishment sees him as the up and coming leader of the party. The Tea Party loves him. He captured 58% of the female vote in the Florida 2010 Senate election. The younger(under 35) voters view him, in Sean Hannity’s words as “a rock star.” Immigrants connect with him. Ditto for “blue collar” Democrats. It is probable that he would receive better than 70% of the Hispanic vote. This all adds up to a landslide loss for Barack Obama and the Democrats. It would equate to several GOP Senate wins and a larger majority in the house. Condi Rice would be the perfect running mate. Her vast foreign policy experience would serve the party well. At 41, Marco would be the youngest president(by one year) in history. He epitomizes the American Dream. It would likewise give Rick Scott the chance to appoint Allen West to Rubio’s vacant Senate seat. I like Palin as Secretary of Energy and Gingrich as Secretary of State. Most of all, it’s a chance to beat Barack Obama and beat him decisively. We must have a candidate with conviction if we are to overturn Obamacare. Rubio’s coattails would be long. It would be invaluable in close Senate election in Republicans quest to reach the 60 seat goal.

    • Cherieo

      I’m with you on your NEW Administration picks for the Republicans.
      However, Connie said SHE DOES NOT WANT IT. She WOULD be excellent, but she may just be tired of the whole political scene. I like the appointments you mentioned and Newt as Sec. of State and Sarah as Energy post. We do have some good people out there…and would be great to use many of them where they are very knowledgable and could do a fine job.

    • Walker

      Hey Jeff, you haven’t been paying attention. Rubio IS NOT eligible. Come on folks, go educate yourself before you end up nominating someone not eligible. . . .do you think the Dems. would sit idly by and let it happen (Which the Repubs did, sorry to say). Not they would not! Plus I for one will not vote for a person who is not eligible.
      Also, in case you haven’t noticed , Rubio has strong ties to Cuba, out of loyality. . . .therefore divided interests. He considers himself a Cuban American. Not good enough for me, I want someone who considers themself an AMERICAN, period . . no hyphen.

  • Denise in Florida

    I know Rep West personally and he does not want to be POTUS but he will be VPOTUS. Newt Gingrich has openly stated that he would consider Rep West as VPOTUS. My dream ticket was West/Newt but Ill take Newt/West!

    • http://TheSharkTank Earl

      Newt//west would be my choice for the 2012 GOP ticket!

    • Cherieo

      That was my pick too. Newt/West.

      • Walker

        Loving Newt/West!! :)

  • Don39

    I am sick and tired of republicans willing to sink to the damnocrat socialist level by running Constitutionally ineligible Rubio for vice president. I hope Rubio is better than that, even if the RINOs are not! I also hope that Rubio understands the Constitution better than the RINOs do!

    • Don39

      I would add that I agree with at least one of the commenters above, that if Rubio were a true patriot he would quit playing politico long enough to settle the Constitutional issue or at least state his opinion! Since Obama got by being illegal, I assume that Rubio could, and that Obama would welcome him as a member of the opposition!Given the Obamanation alternative I would even vote for him, but I would have no respect for him or any ticket he were on. I would view it only as a speed bump before the revolution that must come to reestablish the Constitution and the Rule of Law in this nation!

    • Jeff Willis

      Please read the 14th amendment. Rubio is eligible to be president. But it may be time to set the record straight. Maybe the courts can rule on it soon. This nonsense needs to be ended quickly.

      • Cherieo

        Agree…………settle Obama as being illegal..and settle Marco issue.

      • Walker

        I HAVE read the 14th ammendment Jeff, all is does is say that anyone born here is a citizen . .NOT A NATURAL BORN CITIZEN. Please read Article 1 , section 2. Only a Natural Born Citizen is eligible to be President of the United States. There is a difference between a “citizen”, and a “natural born citizen”.

        Obama is not a natural born citizen and neither is Marco Rubio.

  • Ron In Mississippi

    The response by Alex Scipio is very typical of what you see when people try to minimize Governor Palin’s chances. They will always speak of what “other people” do (media, professional pundits, GOP establishment, etc, etc).

    When do the citizens of this country develop the courage displayed by Governor Palin? She fights on in spite of what other say about her. She has courage, and a spine. How far back against the wall do we have to be pushed by other people before we say ENOUGH and come charging forward like Governor Palin? Each and every citizen must ask that question of themselves.

    • Mary Cole

      Agree, wholeheartedly, Ron! Only she has the record of standing face-to-face with those in the wrong of EITHER PARTY! We need the srength to stand up for this country AGAINST those who want to TAKE US DOWN!

    • ArielMalek

      Right on, Sarah unlike the establishment’s anointed heir to the throne Obama-lite, aka Mitt Romney, is a rare woman and person of character and convictions that has not drunk of the deadly elixir of the Potamac Kool-aid.

      The establishment Republican party bosses seem bound and determined to cram McRomney down our throats like they did with McCain-to the nation’s loss. They expect us to just let them force their boy on us, and have to throw away our principles=the principles upon which our nation was founded- and vote for the lesser of two evils: Obama or Obama-lite. The true conservatives and Christians have been the life, fire and substance of the party, yet the establishment bosses continue to use them like some rogue uses a girl on prom nite to sleep with her, and get her pregnant but never marry her. Well, millions of us are tired of being used by the REpub establishment and having to vote for the unprincipled power-crats. Mitt is not only NOT conservative despite the press releases and pronouncements; not only is a card carrying member of the establishment that is selling our nation down the river, but he is a member of a religious cult-and that’s not a slam against Mormons-just a fact. And for all those reasons, if the REpublican party bosses try to cram Romney stew down our throats, millions of people will stay home, and Obama will be re-elected.
      Rick Santorum of the current 4 contenders I believe is the most principled man of conviction and character. And although he has made mistakes-and he has acknowledged them, I believe he can and will be a statesman rather than a mere politician, and will stand firm on the principles and values that made America great-and not bend with the whim and wind of the politcal status quo. But above all, in these dark and dangerous times we are entering, we need someone that not only has the right solutions and positions on issues, but the character and convictions to stand firm and guide our nation in difficult times. Many people have misrepresented his record, but I would encourage all who love and are concerned about our nation to take an objective and new look at Rick Santorum. No one is perfect, and ultimately I believe only a spiritual renewal can salvage our nation. But good and godly government is a necessary function to maintain our freedoms. Maybe a Santorum-Palin ticket?

  • Bill589

    Finding a politician that wants to do the right things is rare, but the politician with the courage to start and the tenacity to finish the job is most rare. In AK, Sarah Palin fixed GOP corruption and corrupt oil companies in less than two years. More than any other Governor does in a lifetime.

    Palin shows no fear of the Obama regime including the press. For almost three years, she has been THE target – putting herself in political harm’s way. She has shown the fortitude others can only promise.

    Nobody has been vetted so intensely, consistently, complete with twisted stories and outright fabrications.

    Sarah Palin is a warrior for the cause.
    That’s what we need as president.
    Game On! Mr. (lame-duck) President.
    “It starts here. It starts now. Mr. President – Game On!”

    • Jeff Willis

      I like Sarah too! And I certainly would prefer her to Mitt Romney. But that’s not really saying much! My good friend in Fort Laouderdale,a Democrat, says rather accurately that “Mitt is a carbon copy of Bill Clinton.” Think about it! Mitt is very close to Clinton look alike, Bill Weld. In fact, Weld endorsed Clinton in the ’96 Presidential election! It’s a shame that so many good Republicans would be willing to settle for the “Arlen Spector wing” of the party!

    • MarieClaire

      Bill8/59, I see your name all over the place. I commend you for being a staunch Palin fan. You used to wallpaper the Fox Nation site with comment after comment with praise for the Govenor. You took it upon yourself sometimes to take down trolls whom you disagreed with re our Sarah. Good for you.

      You are a true friend to her.

      If only there were others like you that supported those actually running earlier in this primary we might have had a decent conservative winning.

      I so wish Gov Palin had gotten behind someone earlier on and helped propel someone rather than let Newt languish.

      Honestly I felt even with his speaking problems Gov Perry matched her platform best and they made a great team.

      I am not for a brokered convention because it will leave the person with just shy of 2 months to prepare.

      • Bobbi

        Don’t worry about only 2 months to prepare. I know that Dick Morris is scaring everyone by saying that is not long enough, but be reasonable folks – certainly the people running for the nomination in the Primary should already be prepared, and I think several other people, like our Sarah, could pull it off in no time at all!

        P.S. Sarah has said that she thinks Lt. Col. A. West should be the Republican choice for the VP candidate.

    • Jeanne

      Bill8/59 you are Palin wallpaper. I see you everywhere! LOL

      Do you work for her?

      Well if there were more of you determined to support a candidate the GOP would surely win!

    • http://mdu8 Marie

      Right on Bill!

      I appreciate your strong support of Gov Palin

      • Jellyfish1

        Sarah Palin is a conservatives blessing. Ive seen your comments on many websites Bill 89 so I know we are in agreement.

        IMO I think she is enjoying having the platform she has. Giving speeches, punditry and critique.

        Nothing wrong with pushing the candidates toward the right, while earning a nice paycheck for the family to enjoy. She deserves it and has earned it.

    • ArielMalek

      Sarah would be ideal if she could get it. I have spoken with a businessman from Wasilla at a Christian business conference who with his associates knew Sarah since she was 12 years old. He testified to me what an amazing and princpled woman she is-her charcter, convictions, values. In a world of plastic politicians and image-spinning machines to enchant the masses, Sarah is the real deal, a real, live woman of character, faith and principles as well as a family woman. And because she is not plastic, or spun image, but the real deal,so the establishment despises her. It would take a miracle, but with God all things are possible.
      I am currently supporting Rick Santorum among the current 4 contenders as also a man of faith, character and convictions. Ultimately I believe the restoration and healing of our land must come from the God who birthed our nation; that we must cry out to Him for spiritual renewal and revival. Otherwise, as Founder William Penn (of the Pennsylvania colony) so wisely stated a key principle of our nation’s freedoms: “Men who will not be ruled by God, will be ruled by tyrants.”

  • JRD

    Rubio endorsed Mittbama and flipped the Tea Party who elected him the bird. He’s Jed Bush’s boy and dead to me. Nothing will get me to vote for Mittbama in the general, nothing. A vote for Mittbama is a vote for Obama’s second term.

    • MarieClaire

      To my knowledge Rubio hasnt endorsed

      • Walker

        Just before the FL primary, Rubio came out with a statement criticising Newt and praising Mitt. Until then, Newt was ahead in the polls. The next day, Newt’s numbers tanked and Mitt’s numbers rose. So, what he did, basically , is endorse without endorsing. Rubio cost Newt the primary in FL. I will not vote for Rubio again.

  • http://none Carlos J. Negron

    I have been politically active in many areas from beginning to end the past 45 years and I can intelligently say without any emotion
    that the best shot the Republican party has to defeat Obama/Biden is
    to present to the voters a Mitt Romney/Jeb Bush ticket.

    I am of Hispanic descent and marvel at the fact that some political
    experts cannot see the forest for the trees.

    Who better to fix the errors in the Affordable Care Act than Romney,
    who has seen firsthand what came about after he instituted it in Massachusetts? And as for what Jeb Bush brings to the table in experience and knowledge is examplary.
    The so called political experts keep talking about securing the Hispanic vote, well, let me inform them that Jeb Bush and his entire
    family can do more in that respect than any other choice.

    • Blackwater

      Seriously? Willard doesn’t even think there IS a problem with RomneyCare.

      As for Jeb Bush, OMG. He’s more hated than Romney will EVER be, and that’s saying something. It’s bad enough we’ll have Romneycare on the ticket, but an all out amnesty supporter as well? I don’t think so.

      No More Bushes …. EVER.

      • Jeff Willis

        Yeah, I am disappointed in Jeb too! I guess it’s the “family thing!” But George H.W. Bush wasn’t a conservative. In fact, he was very close to Romney. True, that’s right of Obama! But Boris Yetsin was right of Obama! Whoopee do!!!

    • Walker

      They are both RINO’s and if you can’t see that, you’re not even trying .. or else you are misleading about your political involvement and knowledge.

      • http://none Carlos J. Negron


        And anyone else, who doubts my veracity when I say I have been politically involved and know about politics beyond just casting a ballot.

        Rest assured, I know what I comment and do so, without any emotion attached to my words

    • Fderfler

      Carlos — I appreciate your position about Jeb, but…
      1. The public will not stand for another Bush that close to the Presidency
      2. His wife’s history of some strange behavior will be a problem.

      Have you considered the present Governor of Puerto Rico, Luis Fortuno? He is a good governor, an excellent speaker, a good family man, and has proven his Conservative credentials in a tough market.

      He would make a superb surprise vice presidential candidate for the GOP.

      • Walker

        The people of Puerto Rico are not even eligible to VOTE for teh president. Do you really think they are eligible to Be the president??!!!! Give me a break!! And since the people in Puerto Rico would not be allowed to vote for him , who the heck do you think would vote for someone who is not even a full citizen of the USA???

        • http://none Carlos J. Negron

          Ignorance of facts abounds re: (1) Puerto Rican voting status, (2) citizenship (3) the snowjob of Puerto Rico statehood that has been fed for many years…..This lack of knowledge exists in both Puerto Ricans and non Puerto Ricans alike, I suggest both sides check out the facts.

  • Scott Forcier

    Hi, Sarah
    You are the ONLY one that can beat Obama…My prayers will be with you and your family ….and the USA & the Whole wide World :)


  • Sondra

    I want a conservative President- BUT I also want to win.

    We must appeal to the indies.

  • Joe in CT

    I love Sarah Palin, but it will be very hard for her to garner support for many Dem’s. We have to face fact the “attacks” on her have stuck and her image has been tainted.

    It is unfair and unreasonable that she has to fight this ongoing battle but honestly it is what it is. If Obama wins relection Mrs Palin- the good Govenor will have four more years to kick up the volume and rehab what the media “thinks” of her.

    We Tea Party types love her and it is up to us to change the minds of others.

  • Joe Smit

    As a “staunch Consecutive” I too think Marco Rubio would be a great choice, ‘HOWEVER’ I don’t believe he is eligible even though he was born in the USA(Florida 1971) his parents(immigrants from Cuba naturalized as American citizen’s, 1975), Marco Rubio was already 4 yrs old.
    He is eligible to run for any other State or federal government office except “VP & President” of the USA. (Check it out)

    Obama was/is NOT eligible even if his birth certificate wasn’t a forgery(which is purported to be), his mother was an American citizen, father BHO, Sr was a British subject allegiance to the King of England, Kenya was a British Colony of a dwindling British empire. Kenya was not a sovereign country until years later. AMERICA, It’s Liberty, Freedoms, Justice, Sovereignty and pursuit of happiness( Private property) are all at RISK.

    There has been 1 other person in American history, Chester Arthur(born 1829 in Vermont(not Canada, which was an issue he let the media use back then) became the 21st President(1881-1885) when James Garfield, 20th pres. who was assassinated. Chester Arthur(VP @ the time) was “NOT eligible for either position”, his parents; father an Irish citizen, mother Irish citizen(by marriage). Father naturalized, 1843 & Chester was already 14 yrs old and this fact was not discovered until 2008. Chester Arthur lied about his family history.

  • CindyUSA

    I didnt vote. I dont want a brokered.

    I originally wanted Gov Palin. When she didnt run I went with Perry. When he dropped I went with Gingrich. Im not a fan of Santorum.

    Now I am ABO.

    Im a Palin fan but I dont think she would win an election yet.

    • Jimmy

      I liked Perry as well. He would have made a great President.

      • Blackwater

        As a native Texan all I can say is America dodged a bullet. Rick Perry is as corrupt as Obama. When you look up crony capitalism in the dictionary, you’ll see his picture.

        He’s gotten rich off of bogus land deals. Makes the Obama/Rezko dealings look legit.

        The only reason he’s still governor here is because the other choices are always worse.

        We’re looking to dump him in 2014.

        • Jellyfish1

          I dont agree BW.

          I have many relatives that live in TX, and think Gov Perry has done and outstanding job.

          IMO He would be a lot better than our current “leader” of Romney.

  • Jim

    I dont know what you guys are thinking. Dems/Indepedants wont vote for Palin.

    The media loves her now because she isnt in the race. Thats how they are. We should know that by now.

  • william legge

    They have already tried, and have not. She stands. Only to those who believe the garbage think she shouldn’t run.. They will also go after any one else who runs. Whats the difference? The difference is Sarah Palin is the most vetted leader in history I’m sure. No one is as ready as her, she has led and had the courage to do what needed to be done, she has tremendous integrity, she inspires like no other politician in the country.

  • Sheldon

    Jim, do you like Gov Palin, are you an Obama fan? Do you follow the herd?

    Romney is the same as Obama only with lighter skin…Well, maybe he is a little better… Im tired of settling for what the media wants me to. Sure I will vote for him if he is the nominee but I would prefer a more conservative, less etch a sketch guy.

    I voted for Gov Palin because she is a strong person with similar values to me. Do I think she would win? Probably not, but I dont think anyone will this time around. It may take until 2016 for the Dems to realize what a disaster their guy truly is.

  • Steve Phillips

    My Senator Marco Rubio is NOT eligible to be president,under the constitution article 2 section 1,parents were NOT citizens when he was born,that make him a naturalize citizen,NOT natural born citizen.

  • PTA Mom

    Anybody by Romney …. Romney and Obama subscribe to the same “pay to play”, use government / write laws to build power to favor my “buddies” and punish those I disagree with.

    I am sick to death of working and donating to elect people who I must turn around and lobby hard to do the right thing.

    I have laundry to do and children to raise. Children who deserve an American future, not one squandered and wasted by the likes of Romney and Obama for their own political ambitions.

    As Mr. T would say, “I pity the fool” who dares to take from my children their birthright as Americans.

    To all self serving elected officials who do not represent the views of their constituents nor work for the common good, consider yourselves warned.

  • Jimmy

    I think he is ok.

    He was born here.

    • Walker

      And I think you’re an idiot, Jeff. Does that make you one??
      He is not eligible, and many people in these comments have told you why, yet you seem not to be able to get it.

  • Morgan Michaels

    “Im a Palin fan but I dont think she would win an election yet.”

    Well take a look at this:

    “Sarah Palin is far more popular than any of the actual Republican candidates in the race. Her net favorability is +48… That compares favorably to… +19 for Romney…”

    Sarah “Mama Grizzly” Palin dominates Mitt “Etch-A-Sketch” Romney (Formerly known as “Weathervane” Romney (yes, even his derogatory nicknames flip-flop)).

  • Speaking Heart

    Palin is more popular with independents than you would expect:

    From conclusions that Democrat Party pollster Public Policy Polling made today…

  • Jo

    Sarah Palin would skunk barry in a head-to-head campaign. She has political instincts the likes of which we haven’t seen in our lifetimes. She is an optimistic take-no-prisoners conservative. She loves this country. Her son is currently serving his second tour of duty. She has a great husband, beautiful children, including a special needs child. She has re-defined feminism in this country. She is a woman of faith. She is drop-dead gorgeous. She doesn’t lie. She doesn’t need a teleprompter. She’s got a record of accomplishment over the past twenty years that barry would kill for. She’s one of us. C’mon, people, Sarah is our great unifier. Don’t believe the bullcrap from the LSM. Little barry is no match for this woman!

    • Cherieo

      I agree with you too, Jo! Another problem for Sarah..WOMEN are jealous of her looks…and jealous that she doesn’t have LOW-self-esteem…she is one strong gal. Put that together and these darn women…need to get smart and show that they too have some spunk!!!

  • http://mdu8 Marie


    I would have voted the Chicago way but the site wouldnt let me- so alas only once!

  • joan

    I think the most OBVIOUS person missing from your list is Ron Paul. He is the ONLY one in the 4 man field that will win over more Independents and Democrats to beat Obama. I used to be a Palin fan, but she lost me after she taunted all of us that she would run. After I researched the remaining candidates, I settled on Ron Paul because I am looking for someone with principles. Like him or not, Ron Paul has been saying the same things for 30 years and now I understand why so many people who are followers. I will vote for his message of libery, limited government (including limiting our armed forces to our own protection.. and not nation building) over ALL the rest.

    • Doug

      I agree, as Ron Paul is the type that everyone has asked for. Someone who was not corrupt within the establishment. One who will stop the government from eroding our liberties away. One that has an actual plan to force the government to follow the Constitution, that everyone can read at

      He predicted everything we have been through and what we are expected to go through if we continue on this path. We need to elect a person that understands what is at stake and the wisdom to correct the scars left by decades of Democrat and Republican progressives.

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  • bellagrazi

    Looks like Sarah Palin is the overwhelming choice by your readers. (over 64% of the vote) So your lame attempt to diminish her did not work. I like both Allen West and Marco Rubio, but they are not ready for the Presidency. Palin has over 20 years experience in Govt., so she knows the ins and outs of running one. Unlike these two guys, and the one currently residing in the white house. She’s got the charisma, base of enthusiastic supporters, and the right message to go up against Obama. Sarah Palin is my only choice for a brokered convention. She’s the only chance we have against Obama. She’s the only one who can beat him.

    • Jellyfish1

      Sarah Palin does have charisma but does she want to be President?

      Why didnt she run? She said NOT THIS time. I am a supporter and I take her at her word.

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  • snyderart

    Palin is the answer… click “like” on my page to show your support and stay vocal…

  • richardporter

    Before I go to bed each night I pray Sarah Palin will become the Republican nominee for President!

  • Bill Morris

    Republicans had better watch out for the “Good O’le Boy” network. Those who, in the past, have made promises to do the right thing and after they were elected didn’t do anything except what was good for their careers and neglected the promises. Beware of the liars in our midst. Elect the people who will get it right. Allen West is one of the good guys. Vote for him. He tells it like it is even when it hurts.

  • Julia Hassler

    Excuse me! The parents place of birth does not make Mr. Marco Rubio less American. He was born in the United States of America, and that makes him American enough to become a candidate for US President. You are not less or more American because of your parents, but by having been born in this great nation.

  • SuzieQ

    Youre talking 4 million maybe for her “extreme” fan base.

    There are double that , that wont vote for her.

  • Fderfler

    You folks who support Rubio for VP (and I was a financial supported of his senate campaign)if Marco will/can not be the VP candidate, have you considered Luis Fortuno, the Conservative and effective governor of Puerto Rico? He is a staunch Conservative in a tough arena, a good family man, a smart guy, and an excellent speaker.

    For some readers who might think they are smarter than they are, folks born in Puerto Rico are “natural born” US citizens in every sense of the word. If they reside in Puerto Rico they can not vote for people in the Federal Govt, but if they reside in the 50 states they may.

    I invite your attention to Luis Fortuno, he will appeal to many of you!

  • Abigail Adams

    This is why America is in the trouble she is in! Sarah Palin may well be a great lady and I used to support her, but over the past year she has said and supported some ideas of which would not be for the betterment of America.

    To chose candidates for an office as important as this one you need to be looking up their voting records. I personally will not support any candidate pushed by the media unless I check out their voting record deeply.

    Americans must take charge and for heavens sake Ohio get rid of Boner – “We should not critize the President when he is overseas.” Boner must be smoking “wacky tobacky!”