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Connie Mack On the Record,Takes Back Nazi Reference to Illegal Immigration

By Javier Manjarres

Washington D.C.-Republican Congressman and U.S. Senatorial candidate Connie Mack has been pegged by grassroots conservatives as a distasteful ‘moderate,’ who backed Charlie Crist over Senator Marco Rubio and compromised his values and principles. With his recent Senatorial campaign officially off the ground, Congressman Mack is going on the offensive and looking to dispell any and all misconseptions about his voting record and conservative bona fides.

In a sit-down interview with The Shark Tank at RNC Headquarters, Mack came out swinging by stating that his political opponents were behind the false accussations, and that he couldn’t control what his political opponents would try to say about his conservativism, adding that he had one of the “strongest” conservative voting records in the current U.S. Congress.

Mack drew significant backlash from the Pro-Life lobby when he voted ‘Yea’ on four controversial embryonic stem cell bills in 2005 and 2007, including one to over-ride President Bush’s initial veto of the bill.  Mack explains the reason why he voted the way he did by stating, “What can be more pro-life than to help people like my grandfather who suffered from illnesses that Stem Cell research could help.”

In 2010, Mack made national news when he reference the Arizona Immigration Law to Nazi Germany, immediately putting the congressman on every conservative activists’ black list.  Mack continues to stand by what he said regarding the law, but he is now remorseful and said that he would take back the reference to “Nazis”.  Mack added that he opposed President George W. Bush when he tried to pass the infamous McCain-Kennedy Immigration reform bill in 2007.

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Javier Manjarres
Javier Manjarres

As the managing editor of The Shark Tank, Javier was awarded the 2011 CPAC Blogger of the Year. Countless videos and articles from the Shark Tank have been featured on Fox News, The Hill, Wall Street Journal, and other national news publications. Javier has also appeared on Univision’s “Al Punto” and numerous radio shows, including being the weekly 92.5 Fox News' DayBreak with Drew Steele political contributor, as well as one of NewsmaxTV's conservative commentators. Javier has also authored "BROWN PEOPLE," which is a book about Hispanic Politics. Learn more at

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  • Chopper

    Mack is an “establishment” Republican who will say anything to get elected.

    We need to petition Allen West to announce for the U.S. Senate race to replace Bill “Harry Reid” Nelson.

    I sent Mr. West an e-mail encouraging him to run for the Senate. If everybody who admires him did the same, it may convince him that that is where he is needed.

    • Debra P

      Would love to see Allen West as POTUS or VP or Senator or Speaker of the House or Secretary of Defense! In either case, we need to clean up BOTH sides of the aisle in Washington and Col West is already helping to lead the way.

  • Jim

    Yo Connie, sorry I’m late but you know work does interfere sometimes. You know about work don’t you? Oh wait a minute, you don’t, since you’ve never had a real job. In this “interview” you admit to voting four times for EMBRYONIC STEM CELL RESEARCH! Connie that’s KILLING human beings. PELOSI and KERRY your fellow Catholics are very pleased with you and the prospect of you joining KERRY in the Senate since you have no principles.

    MARIELENA STUARTwww.STUART2012 is the principled CONSERVATIVE in this race
    and has fought against human embryonic stem cell research. Her speech at Conservatives United is on YouTube and shows principles that you will never have.

    The people of Florida are wising up to you and your lack of accomplishments. Prepare yourself for a drop in your poll numbers despite your twenty financial advisors. Hasner and Miller showed that a million dollars in the campaign stash means nothing if there’s no reason for a candidacy. Oh well, being a full time instead of a part time resident of Palm Springs won’t be so bad. The inconvenient trips to Florida will no longer be necessary.

  • Robert Janicki

    As an “establishment” Republican who will say anything to get elected, Mack is part of the Republican Party problem and offers no solutions to return our republic to the people. Mack is just another political elitist and opportunist and deserves to go down in defeat in the upcoming Republican senatorial primary. I hope the good voters of Florida see through the slick Connie Mack and vote for a person of demonstrated principled conservative values.

  • http://TheSharkTank Earl

    Do not vote for Connie Mack. He got where he is by capitalizing on his name. Shame on the American people for being so sports-crazy!

  • Jim B.

    Well I am not taking back that I said you were an A-hole!

  • David Caulkett

    While Rep. Connie Mack’s Nazi reference is disturbing even with an apology, Rep Mack has a highly respectable NumbersUSA career rating of A- at:

    Senator Bill Nelson has an awful NumbersUSA career rating of D- at:

    David Caulkett, VP

  • David Caulkett

    While Rep. Connie Mack’s Nazi reference is disturbing even with an apology, Rep Mack has a highly respectable NumbersUSA career rating of A- at:

    Senator Bill Nelson has an awful NumbersUSA career rating of D- at:

    David Caulkett, VP,

  • Dan Philips

    So am I right in thinking that, with Adam Hasner out, there is no real conservative in the hunt for Bill Nelson’s US Senate seat? So in November I’m supposed to get excited about going to the polls to vote for Mitt Romney and THIS guy, who thinks I’m a Nazi? I know that 4 more years of BHO means the death of our constitutional republic, but I’ve had it up to HERE with pulling the lever for candidates like Bob Dole, John McCain, Mitt Romney, Connie Mack, et al, just because some suit on the RNC tells me that’s who is “electable”!

    • GenEarly

      You got that exactly Right! I would only add the Bushie’s (NWO) to the list.

  • 1776Liberal

    Well said Dan !!

  • Dean

    The PERPETUAL problem in the Republican Party is that its conservative voters are willingly conned by the rigging of the process in the “who is the best conservative candidate game”. MONEY and other CLOUT factors determine the makeup of the field of candidates. The CLOUT people NEVER want a really conservative candidate. The voters in primaries are then faced with the task of peering through the thick fog to determine which candidate claiming to be the “most conservative” is lying to them the least. Neither Hasner or Mack have ever been “really conservative”. I don’t know that that any of the others who are left in this senate primary are genuine conservatives either. I recommend that voters vote for someone other than Mack.

  • Jim

    Dean is correct except when he doubts that any other candidate is a “genuine conservative”. Read my first comment and do some investigating.

    MARIELENA STUART is the CONSERVATIVE in this race and deserves support from those conservatives who are tired of the establishment picking the candidate and telling them who to vote for. MARIELENA has impeccable social and fiscal conservative credentials and continues her fight against SOCIALISM and AGENDA 21 in her campaign appearances throughout Florida. Broward and Miami Dade–be on the alert– MARIELENA’s PERFECT CONSERVATIVE STORM is continuing to move through Florida. Push the establishment aside and get on board with a true freedom fighter NOW!

  • Lowie

    Goal is to defeat any and all Democrats to insure that our Constitution is strictly obeyed and protected. The Democratic Party is in high gear in trying to destroy these protections given to each citizen. Let’s all make a pledge to vote for any Republican who will best keep our Republic strong (10th amendment) and limits the growth and scope of a centralized government in Washington D.C. Obamacare is already infringing on our 1st amendment rights and next the Democratic controlled Senate will try again to destroy our 2nd amendment rights with more controls. That’s what the Democratic Party stands for now. Let’s all work together to get out the vote for the Conservative Rebulican Party in 2012. We need to take the Senate and the Executive branch to insure the next two Supreme Court Justices are appointed by Conservatives. The House of Representatives needs more help as well. This election is not about contraceptives, gay marriage or any other social argument…it’s for the heart and soul of what made this country the greatest most compassionate country in the world…it’s about the Constitution stupid! Spread the word.

    • Dan Philips

      Lowie, I can’t take your pledge. I was tracking right along with you until I got to your conclusion that the election is not about “gay marriage or any other social argument.” (Of COURSE it’s not about contraception!) I don’t want to say “never,” but as a Christian, I would be hard-pressed to vote for any pol who supports homosexual marriage or the killing of the unborn. I’m looking for men and women who support all three legs of the conservative stool, not just two out of three. And Lowie, I’m NOT “stupid” . . . just principled.

    • One Citizen

      Lowie; You’re right in that we must be vigilant on who we vote for. Voting for a RINO is not much better than voting for a “conservative” democrat. We All must put our money and efforts into this next election and elect CONSERVATIVE CONSTITUTIONAL candidates. Many of the “conservative” republicans let us down during the Bush years; so fool me once- shame on me, fool me twice- and then I’m a real sucker…..

  • Conservative Voter

    Connie Mack IV is a Republican in Name Only

    On the sanctity of life issue and Embryonic Stem Cell Research (human embryo destruction) Connie Mack IV again demonstrates he is either ignorant of E.S.C.R. research which is a complete failure, or he is deliberately not telling the truth (aka lying). Advocating for human embryo destruction can never be referred to as “pro-life” position, that is a deliberately deceitful, ESCR involves the killing of human life.

    The most outrageous part of Connie Mack’s (above) statement is that he says he is “pro-life” because he (falsely) assumes that ESCR will produce a “cure” for people with diseases and thus extend their life. All the while the slaughter of a defenseless human life is involved in human embryo research. Only Adult Stem Cells, which do not kill human life, have had any successes. From purely a business perspective, if the private insustry thought ESCR had any viability, they would use their monies to fund it and there would be a demand for it. On the contrary, the research which involves human embryos and destroys human life has been proven not to work thus why liberals beg for taxpayer’s funding.

    Connie Mack’s position & his 4 Congressional votes to kill human embryos, violates the 5th Commandment of God “Thou shalt not kill,” as well as the teaching of the Catholic Church on human life; which Mack states he is. Catholics in good standing with the Church cannot support human embryo research. Mack completely disregards the authority and teaching of the Catholic Church.

    On the question of illegal immigration and his outrageous statements of “Nazism and Gesatpo like tactics” with repsect to upholding Federal law, candidate Connie Mack IV, now running for the U.S. Senate walks back his loudmouth disrespectful comments to Gov Jan Brewer of Arizona. His almost 1 year DELAY to speak to his “Mea Culpa” is political expediency in a Republican primary, not remorse or change of heart for upholding the Rule of Law.

    Lastly, Connie Mack IV was the State Chairman for Charlie Crist for Florida U.S. Senate in 2010 V. Marco Rubio. Whoever thinks this unprincipled RINO could possibly beat Bill Nelson is mistaken.

  • fiorot

    Well when Mack takes dollars from Southern Liquor Distributors with the quid pro quo to support a bill in the house that would prevent residents from buying wines and liquor directly in the mail from out of state businesses who’s the Nazi? And Rooney and Bucannan are right there with him and believe it or not in the same bed with WassermanShultz. These are the conservatives? These are the less government intrusion candidates? These are the free market capitalists?
    These are a bunch of phonys. I think I will be staying home this election day. I think the nation will survive another 4 years. And look at the bright side, when things are worse then ever in 2016 then we will elect a real conservative.

  • One Citizen

    The “tell” on whether Mack is a moderate is that he’s married to Mary Bono, rep. from California. As a Californian, I’ve seen Bono vote with democrats on social and fiscal issues. For Mack to be as “conservative” as he says, he’d never marry a rino like Bono. Ask yourself; Would Margaret Thacher marry Hugo Chavez?

  • Joel Molinari

    if mack or lemieux run against nelson, i’ll leave my ballot unmarked on that race. that way the luke warm-ness if spewed out of the mouth of this senate office. moderates live in the world of “conservatives need to be more open-minded and moderate so we can all just get along, and so i can get re-elected by more empty promises and perpetuating the need for gov’t”. we are not made to “just get along”. move to CA, WA or D.C. for mediocrity’s best. and how’s moderate worked for this federal nanny state for the last 8 decades? it keeps moving left, to our demise.