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Gingrich Opens Door to Charlie Crist Republicans in Florida

By Javier Manjarres

The most recent Republican presidential polls show that Newt Gingrich’s support is slipping, and Gingrich’s support could drop even further as his competition step up their attacks in the lead up to the the January 4th Iowa Caucus. Gingrich has been hit hard for his questionable support for several not-so-conservative measures such as Global Warming and Obama’s failed “Stimulus” plan of 2009-Gingrich supported and praised President Obama on two specific items within the Stimulus while denouncing the rest of the plan.

With Republicans in Broward County lagging in third in registrations behind both Democrats and Independents, the eventual Republican nominee will face a formidable challenge in orchestrating a strong GOP turnout.  Even though Republicans will likely not win the plurality of votes in Broward, a strong turn out could mitigate Democrat gains elsewhere around the state.

But now the Gingrich’s campaign’s judgment is now being into question as his campaign has named one of the more controversial  individuals in South Florida politics, Karin Hoffman, to his Broward County campaign team.  Here is a background on Hoffman’s political activities over the past couple of years:


DC Works for Us

Started by Hoffman as a ‘for profit’ grassroots organization based in Coral Springs, the group had taken a political hiatus of sorts until recently, and the group has always struggled to fill seats at their meetings that average about 30 or so attendees whenever a speaker is not invited.  The group has previously endorsed candidates in past primary elections-namely, Bill McCollum for Governor, Robert Lowry for Congress, Edward Lynch for Congress (All lost), and has actively engaged in very questionable ‘Alinsky-style’ tactics to ‘contrast’ their candidates with others.

Hoffman made this tasteless comment about congressional candidate Karen Harrington after Harrington mentioned that she was a cancer survivor:

Being a cancer survivor does not bolster your resume. Does not make you a fighter. There are many dear friends and family I know who lost the battle to cancer who were tremendous fighters, as well. Cancer is no respecter of persons. The fact that Debbie or Karen would use this in their resume as to who they are diminishes all those who lost the battle. -Karin Hoffman, August 2010

Several of her members have openly engaged in racial attacks towards other Republicans, and have and still do, engage in character assassination of other Republicans that do not meet their sniff test, or differ on opinion with them.

Florida Governor Rick Scott

During the 2010 Gubernatorial primary, Hoffman and her members planned an ‘ambush’ on now Governor Rick Scott when they invited him to speak at their club early on in the campaign.  The Scott campaign caught wind of this plan and immediately contacted  Hoffman and threatened to cancel the event, which prompted her to change the format of the event which limited the attendees from  directly engaging the candidates.  While there is nothing wrong with open dialogue,  DC Works for Us has on several occasions used their meetings as a setup to chastise and badger candidates, not for a fair exchange of questions and answers.

Broward Republican Executive Committee

Hopeful that she would become Chairman of the local party, Hoffman attempted to stage a coup during the 2009 special election for the GOP County Chairman position that opened due to a vacancy, but she was unable to become chairman because of her alternate committeewoman status at the time.  Since then, Hoffman has glommed onto current BREC Chairman and staunch Charlie Crist Republican Richard DeNapoli in hopes of currying favor to move up the ranks as well as boosting her status on the political scene.  DeNapoli infamously heckled Senator Rubio and stated on several occasions that Congressman Allen West could not win his seat simply because he was “black.”

DeNapoli was also caught trying to hide an unreported donation to a candidate from the BREC, and is currently under investigation by the state GOP for   “ineffectual leadership.”  David Gobeo, the current Newt for President Broward County Chairman sits on the BREC’s dais as their  attorney, and is also a staunch supporter of DeNapoli and was of former Governor Crist.  While Gobeo comes across as more of a slick player who has had a hand behind the scenes in some of the questionable activities of DC Works for Us crew and the BREC, he is not a factor- yet.  Hoffman is also affiliated with Chad Lincoln, who coincidentally runs the Broward for Newt website with David Gobeo. Lincoln has been reprimanded by the RPOF for libeling another Republican committeeman and is also highly suspected of operating anonymous political websites that propagate hate and libel. Click here to visit the Broward County for Newt website.

Senator Marco Rubio

The Marco Rubio for Senate campaign avoided Karin Hoffman and DC Works for Us during the last election cycle primarily because of the group’s reputation that has been chronicled above.  Hoffman made many attempts to get Rubio to address her group, but the Rubio campaign was well aware of her tactics and her unabashed support for one of the most toxic Republican candidates of the 2010 primary election, Robert Lowry.

Hoffman did not openly endorse Marco Rubio over Charlie Crist in the 2010 Republican primary and instead openly criticized Rubio for being soft on illegal immigration and questioned his electability. Why?  The real reason why she would’t endorse in the primary was because Crist had appointed one of her family members to a prominent position in Broward County, and Hoffman stated that she was unable to endorse because of the fact that it would look bad for her family member. Hoffman never did openly endorse Rubio, even after Crist dropped out of the party and ran as an Independent.  DC Works for Us did provide a list of candidates they would support in weeks leading up to the general election, but they failed to openly endorse Senator Rubio.

Herman Cain

During Herman Cain’s short-lived presidential campaign, Hoffman adamantly fought to oust Cain’s Broward County chair Gene Robinson, saying that she could not and would not work with him.  The Cain campaign disclosed this information to the Shark Tank after his recent Coral Springs, FL rally where they took her ultimatum as a joke and then decided to part ways with Hoffman.  The campaign also stated that she was merely ‘smoke-n-mirrors,’ and was not bringing any substantial support or resources to the table.  Weeks later, Cain dropped out of the race, and now the point has became moot.

Karin Hoffman has a long history of divisiveness in the county, and her proclamations of grassroots influence have been brought into question on many occasions by other activists and even her close friends who can seen the the truth behind Hoffman’s facade.  Hoffman’s selection by the Gingrich campaign doesn’t mean it’s over and done with, but it no doubt means that Gingrich’s team needs to vet their supporters a little better than they’ve been doing. 

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Javier Manjarres
Javier Manjarres

As the managing editor of The Shark Tank, Javier was awarded the 2011 CPAC Blogger of the Year. Countless videos and articles from the Shark Tank have been featured on Fox News, The Hill, Wall Street Journal, and other national news publications. Javier has also appeared on Univision’s “Al Punto” and numerous radio shows, including being the weekly 92.5 Fox News' DayBreak with Drew Steele political contributor, as well as one of NewsmaxTV's conservative commentators. Javier has also authored "BROWN PEOPLE," which is a book about Hispanic Politics. Learn more at

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  • Sandman

    Stay tuned for a steady stream of hit pieces on Newt from Javier. This is because the other Republicans in Broward county that Manjarres has a blood feud with are supporting Newt. Just remember that there’s an agenda behind all these smear pieces so really the credibility all goes out the window. You know it’s true Javier. You and the other side that are constantly bickering make a mockery of the GOP in So. Fla. This is why we constantly get our asses handed to us every local election. Pathetic!

    • Javier Manjarres

      Actually, I kinda like Newt. As for the GOP in SFLA, it is a joke, and their actions have proven that. xoxox Thanks for you constant support, and happy reading!

      • Sandman

        Don’t get me wrong I love the site and enjoy it. But you can’t let the local level BS filter to the national level. Gingrich, Romney, hell any of them except Ron Paul are a 1000 times better than BamBam. We’re just hurting our chances. I don’t see the Dems feeding on each other like this.

        • Charles Martel

          That’s the advantages of being the sitting President. We’ve got to vet candidates, they don’t. For many reasons, Newt is the wrong person to be representing the conservative cause to the American people as our nominee.

          • Jack Murphy

            Your reasoning gave us John Mc Swain and his tribe of Part time republicans……..

          • Sandi Trusso

            Well, by all means since you think Newt is the wrong person, let’s just destroy him like Herman Cain was destroyed. Everyone who climbs that ladder to the top has been attacked and destroyed. Keep it up. I fear that if Obama gets back in, we will probably not have another free election. For goodness sake, voice your disagreements, but stop attacking!

        • Sandi Trusso

          @ Sandman – I agree. I think some of these people attacking Newt are Dems or Libertarians. They may even want to divide so that Obama is assured of getting re-elected!

  • Sandman

    To add, I suppose this is six degrees to Kevin Bacon politics. Listen to this nonsense, “Grigrich’s team need to do a little better job vetting supporters”. WTF!? So since some mid level Gingrich lieutenant who probably reports to 3 or 4 other people before they report to the campaign manager for Gingrich has decided to bring Karen Hoffman on who didn’t openly endorse Rubio and is acquainted with the idiot Richard DeNapoli who was a known Crist supporter means Newt Gingrich somehow opened the door to Charlie Crist Republicans. Like Newt Gingrich even knows who the F!#k Karen Hoffman is. I suppose then Gingrich who desperately needs an organization should take the the time and resource to vett every Republican supporter to make sure they are not in a blood feud with Manjarres. This is bullsh!t “If you’re not in my camp you’re a bad Republican” is what is toxic.

    • Conservative Republican

      I love Newt! And Who ever picked Karin to be in charge of Newt’s campaign did not do their homework and should be FIRED! Newt needs to be informed about this. Karin and her group will make Newt look real bad and will be the reason why we will lose in Florida! They are known to be “PROGRESSIVE REPUBLICANS!” And they do nothing.

      • Disappointed with Newt

        @ Conservative Republican–You are so right about Karin. What a shame. I will vote Republican, but I will not work with a group like DC Works.

  • Disappointed with Newt

    I guess I won’t be supporting Newt if this is the best leadership he can deliver! It speaks volumes about the type of Leader he would be.. Next!!!

  • mateo

    This all sounds a little sad….Republicans should be trying to stick together and keep the offensive on the Obama crowd….

  • RBN Member

    What a bunch of garbage you write, Javier. You are so “in the tank” for perry it’s not even funny. You are a joke. The six degrees of separation here are nuts. And the junk you write about anyone you don’t like in Broward is nuts too. If Broward is such a joke why is it the largest REC in the state? You are the Democrats best friend.

    • Javier Manjarres

      unfortunately for you, I have written proof to these allegations-all true, sorry. In the tank for Perry? ahahahaha, so you can read my couldn’t be any farther from the truth. BREC is not the largest REC in the state, it’s all smoke-n-mirrors, and the party knows it.


      • Sandi Trusso

        @Javier – I must have missed something. Where and what was the proof against Newt?

        • Javier Manjarres

          Proof? Are you talking about a comment I made? If so, the proof is regarding Karin Hoffman’s long history of divisivness, and her being blackballed by Rubio’s campaing, not to mention a slew of her attacks and rants against Republicans- nothing to do with Newt

  • RBN Member

    Same old garbage javier. You are simply a paid opinion writer. Everyone knows it.

  • Laura

    This woman is such a drama queen. I saw her yell at some other tea party patriot in DC just because she wanted to have all the attention, and the other patriot was getting some attention. She is a shame to begin with

    • Sally

      You are so correct Laura! Karin does nothing but hurt her candidates. But she is known to be a RINO and pick candidates that are the ESTABLISHMENT. She will destroy Newt and his campaign. Can you say Obama 2012…

    • Rich

      Oh, so if you’re not a tea partier you’re not a “patriot”?
      Who gave you guys the monopoly on being Americans?
      Ask the brave men and women under the white crosses in Arlington and across the world if they care about ridiculous labels like that.
      We’re all Americans and all Patriots, don’t you dare claim that franchise for you and a bunch of cheapskates who want want want but don’t want to pay for anything.

  • Tea Party Voter in Fl.

    OMG! Karen and her gang are in charge of Newt’s campaign here in Broward county? There goes the end of Newt’s campaign.

  • Michele

    What is this rumor that Hoffman is having an affair? If this is true, who is it with?

    • Rich

      Why do conservatives love to eat their own so much?
      Your candidates are more worried about screwing each other and being the true “conservative” that they make themselves look ridiculous.
      I could vote for a moderate and wise republican like the great General/President Eisenhower who was a real leader and a true man of the world.
      You need someone who understands the great dignity and honor of the middle class working American, the type of men that President Eisenhower led in WW II.

  • Angela Toft

    Newt is a big-government Establishment insider. Look beyond his RHETORIC and RESEARCH HIS RECORD. We nominated another RINO in 2008. Remember McCain? And how’d that work out for us?

    • MyKisa

      just another globalist…I don`t buy his stuff

    • Sandi Trusso

      McCain was so pitiful. He looked so sad when debating Obama. He just didn’t have what it took. The only reason he got the number of votes he did, was because of Sarah Palin. Otherwise he would’ve suffered extreme, national embarrassment.

  • Pants on Fire

    Too funny! Newt with his hand out feeding at the public trough (Fannie & Freddie 1.6 million for his lobbying efforts, I’m sorry I mean as a historian) now choosing the toxic Karin Hoffman to represent campaign. Two losers! Newt lies about being a conservative and Karin is just as two-faced. This is a perfect match. Glad she wasn’t with any candidate I like!

  • Cherieo

    It looks to me that all of you here in Florida and the Media around this land ALL WANT OBAMA to be President for another 4 years and BEYOND. You all; the media, analysists, busy Republicans fighting for Power and egos will all let this happen. All spouting off on the internet; on the networks and people who do not follow the politics will just go to the polls and vote for Obama again. We have a year to go and you all are making everyone sick and tired of Republicans already and Obama will be the shining star come next November. If you can’t see this happening…you’d better open your eyes and shut your mouths. Our Candidates are all shooting themselves in the foot and throwing rocks at each other instead of at Obama. The ONLY one above that is Newt!!
    What a sorry mess of ego maniacs!

    • Sandi Trusso

      @ Cherieo – I agree 100%!

      • Liz K

        Cherieo and all – What is the problem with the Republican debates. The purpose is to expose each candidates weakness and give us the opportunities to get educated. You can’t honestly believe that the OBAMA machine doesn’t already have this information. HECK for all we know they are the ones fanning the flames. Cain is a perfect example – to this day we don’t know the outcomes of all the accusations.

        I think its a good thing to get these issues out there so we have time to digest them and each candidates can make the necessary corrections before the presidential race.

        Further, your comment that “Newt is the ONLY one” that does not participate in this behavior is FALSE. I don’t even need to point out the examples – all you have to do is pull up the apologies he’s had to make. And the recent statement of affirming that he will not attack his opponents, which followed (you guessed it) an attack on Mitt. Sounds more like pandering.

  • LV

    Progressive Republican = libtard
    Newt always will be known as the “faux republican”. Just like Crist.

    • Sandi Trusso

      This is simply not true!

  • The Tea Party

    @ Cherieo, only if you knew the likes of Karin Koffman, Richard DeNapoli, Chad Lincoln, Marty Huges,”FAT PIG BIG MOUTH” Ellen Snyder and Colleen Stobreg etc… These people are well known in GOP political circles to DAMAGE a campaign! They are all RINO’S! I’m surprised that the Newt campaign did not do their homework on this group. Watch his poll #’s now plummet in Florida…

    • Cherieo

      So sorry to hear that…I am a Tea Party Patriot..and I’m disgusted with BOTH parties now. As a former Republican Party Chairman for many years back in Illinois…I’m SICK of all of them on both sides. Ron Paul is not the answer either. There is so much EGO and Power hungry people EVERYWHERE. Guess it will take something of major proportions to wake up the voters this country. Obama and his corrupt gang has done a great job in dividing this country and apparently people are happy to see it is looking more and more like the outlaws of Europe.

  • Cat

    Well that clinches it .. wouldn’t have voted for him anyway .. but glad to see my gut instints are still working!


  • MyKisa

    will newt push for another NAFTA…you know how well that worked out for us…don`t you?

  • David Crespo

    Thanks for letting me know. I will tread carefully the next time I meet with DC Works For Us.

  • Sandi Trusso

    I support Newt Gingrich. Do I agree with every position? No! But there’s no one with whom I agree 100%. I believe he is a different person (speaking of character) from the Newt we once knew, and that’s evidenced by the calm way he handled attacks from his opponents (he once had the reputation of being a hot head). He’s admitted to his failings, asked forgiveness, and shown that he is a different man.

    In no way can he be compared to Charlie Crist, who ran as a Republican and governed as a left leaning Democrat, and who was dishonest in his attacks upon Rubio.

    In my opinion Mitt Romney has no passion for America, has no ideas for handling our international enemies, and can never beat Obama in a debate. Having said that, if he should win the nomination, I would vote for him over Obama, but I think Newt is the man who can give us back our country. Many aren’t aware that the balanced budget credited to Bill Clinton was actually the result of Newt Gingrich (and a Republican House and Senate) working with Clinton to balance that budget in horrible economic times. When Clinton had a Democrat House and Senate we were on the way to the same economy we got in the last two years of the Bush Presidency (with a Democrat House & Senate), and this was the same Democrat House & Senate that we had in Obama’s 1st two years when they tripled our debt!

    Come on guys, I believe Newt has proved he can do the job, and this is what we need at this time in American history.

    • Javier Manjarres

      No one is comparing Newt to Crist, where do you get this? The post simply states the obvious-Newt’s campaign brought in a terrible county chair,that’s it

    • Cherieo

      Agree Sandi….Excellent post. Well said.
      Add to it..I would like to see Michelle Bachmann as his running mate. We need to get control of both House with Tea Party people who will DO THE JOB they are sent to do. If Obama does steal this election…at least a Congress with some ‘smarts’ will see to it that he does no further damage to his country. That is our only hope!!!

    • Sandman

      @ Sandi and Cherieo, At this point it’s clear Newt is best out of the current field of candidates. 4 balanced budgets and welfare reform with Clinton as president, are you kidding me, we’re suppose to compare that to running the Olympics? Clinton owes his legacy of economic prosperity to Newt.

      That fact that Washington insiders don’t like Newt means he would make life hard for them. I think that’s a good thing. I’m tired of the good ole boys club while America goes to sh!t.

      I also like the fact he speaks his mind. Romney wouldn’t call Obama a socialist the other night. We don’t need political correctness. What is this he’s a nice guy but…..Obama is wrecking the country with his marxist socialist clap trap. Time to take the gloves off and save the country.

      I don’t buy into the narrative that only Romney can beat Obama. Conservatism articulated properly has wide spread appeal and I believe almost any of our candidates will beat Obama.

      I want someone with big ideas, who will stand up to the left and the corrupt media. I want a home run hitter, not someone who will play it safe and tweak things a bit. For me Newt’s that guy.

      With that said I won’t slit my wrists if Romney became the nominee. I just feel out of the 2, Gingrich would govern better and spread the most prosperity to the most possible.

      Merry Christmas

      • Liz K

        I agree with all your points Sandman. My only hesitation with Newt is that he is a Big Government guy. He definitely feels that government is the only alternative to the problems we face.

        Can you assuage me? I am very open minded and this is what I struggle with.

        And a Very Merry Christmas to you and your loved ones.

        • Sandman

          Liz, I really don’t think balanced budgets and “big government” go together. Read the 21st century contract with America. I don’t see anywhere in those plans that would indicate expanding government in any way. I see many ideas that expand the private sector.

          • Liz K

            Sandman, I agree – he does have ideas that expand the private sector. Like energy, but it’s the way he says it – I don’t want any candidate to decide which sector should succeed – take government out of the picture and the private sector will determine which energy platform is most efficient. As I read through his positions – they are obvious ideas. Every candidate is making the same argument. But here’s just one for example: A 21st Century Learning System

            Don’t we all agree that the Federal government does not need to be involved with schools? Shouldn’t these be local decisions?

            I don’t retract from his accomplishments – he is a big idea guy, and I would expect that the debate platform this is exactly what we need to know – I’m more concerned in how he plans to implement “HIS” ideas.

          • Sandman

            Remember Liz, the homerun hitters are also they guys that strike out the most. Most all the candidates say good things, I suppose you have to go with the person you feel comfortable with who might actually be able to impose that agenda. I have no problem with people who don’t feel the compulsion to vote for Newt. The problem I have is the smears.

            My biggest fear with Romney is he will tack left after elected. Hopefully this won’t happen if he is the nom.

            The only thing the establishment has achieved with their all out assault on Newt is to propel Ron Paul to the top in Iowa. Mark my words, if Ron Paul wins Iowa it will embolden him and his crackpot libertarian supporters to run third party because this is his last stand. Those crackpots will actually believe he can win and they will hand the election to Obama.

  • Chadwick

    Everything Hoffman touches begins to rot. She is such a poser, not really a tea party patriot.

  • Goldbug36

    Ron Paul is the only candidate who is FOR the United States of America and our Constitution. Newtie, Mittie and Ricky are all globalist elites who will accommodate the military industrial complex and keep us in perpetual wars. We are being fed a constant diet of FEAR and lies, which have led to loss of our liberties. There isn’t one iota of difference between the Dems and Pubs in Congress, most of whom are complicit in the duping of the population and the theft of our wealth. You folks better do your research and learn the truth before you go to the polls. Veritas vos Liberabit!

  • Ken

    I’ll be brutally honest. I don’t like Newt Gingrich, and think there is no way this man should be elected dogcatcher. However, given a choice between Gingrich and Obama, I would hold my nose and vote for Gingrich.

    My problem with Gingrich goes back to 1994, when then SecDef William Perry broke a long standing promise to America’s military retirees, of free medical and dental care at military medical and dental facilities for life, in return for their 20 or more years of service in uniform. This is a promise that went back, at least to the Roosevelt Administration (Teddy Roosevelt), and perhaps even further.

    It was used as an incentive for young men and women to make the military a career.

    Well, along comes Perry, who reneges on the promise, and his boss, Bill Clinton, lets him get away with it. Then, a few months later, in January, 1995, the Republicans take over the house and senate, and Gingrich is installed as speaker, and Trent Lott, as majority leader in the senate. Based on their rhetoric, our two million military retirees anticipated that Gingrich and Lott would overturn Perry’s directive, but instead, they folded to Clinton and Perry like a pair of cheap lawn chairs, and gave us a joke called Tricare.

    I guess neither one of them thought dental care was all that important, as it took another two years for tem to get around to addressing that issue. The result, was the Tricare Military Retiree Dental Program, administered by Delta Dental of California.

    In a few words, if Tricare was a joke, the dental program is an abomination. I do better, and for a third of the cost, to join a reduced fee dental plan.

    In short, Gingrich and Lott abandoned and betrayed America’s military retirees. I will neither forget nor forgive, and will work to ensure Gingrich does not get the Republican nomination for president.

  • Lightweight

    All of this only proves the GOP is over. Jerry,Jerry,Jerry…


    Would you people please stop following the smear campaign, and check this man out for yourself? PLEASE????

    Listen to the words coming out of his mouth, not everyone else’s. I have been a die hard republican my entire life, but no more. My eyes are open. I hope that many of you will wake up and see the establishment for what it is. The R’s and the D’s are not exactly the same on many issues, but in the end, they are in bed with each other.

    If Gingrich or Romney does go up against Obama, how will they debate? They almost agree on everything important. They simply don’t agree on all the crap that they want to pretend is important.

    RON PAUL 2012

    • michael

      Ron Paul supported Obama in 2008 and will be supporting Obama in 2012

      Paul’s entire movement is bankrolled by Obama as a way to weaken the conservative movement by promoting a mentally ill racist as one of our leaders.

  • michael

    The Cain people all went over to Newt. Newt had no organization so when Cain folded he happily took over the existing team.

  • elizabeth dunn

    I support any candidate who will beat The One. After analyzing 2008 statistics, it is glaringly obvious that conservatives will always vote GOP, but the RINOS and independents will consistently support the cool guy. Mitt Romney is no hipster, but Gingrich has, to be frank, no shot in h**l at capturing this critical demographic.

    The 2012 presidential election is- malheureusement- beyond ideology and all about winning back the executive branch from the Socialist Party.

  • Bill Morris

    Gingrich is a part of the old guard good ol’ boy network. If he is elected it will be back to business as usual with nothing being done to get us out of trouble. He is just the other side of the coin from Obama, Reid and Pelosi. Get the power,get the power, get the power and the ^&68 with the country.

  • NOPC

    Hah…There is something to say about spiritual discernment! We really liked Karen Hoffman at first…the meetings were good, then the biased backing of certain people became clear. Certain people who just seemed to be hiding something.DC should work for us but Karen and her group work for who? We are fighting for freedom from tyrannical underhanded leaders…not looking to hook up with them! I guess she supports who she supports out of what …. spite?