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Is Debbie Wasserman Schultz Running Scared?

By Javier Manjarres

Democratic National Committee Chairwoman/Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz has apparently taken notice that she has a formidable opponent for her congressional seat in Republican Karen Harrington, and she is already feeling the heat a year removed from the general election.

 Several weeks back, Wasserman Schultz was interviewed by the Spanish-language network Univision and was directly asked if she thought her congressional seat was “safe” in the forthcoming 2012 elections. Wasserman Schultz appeared unnerved by the question, and it likely caused her to pivot back to her typical talking points and assert that the candidates running in the Republican primary inFlorida’s 20th Congressional District are “very focused on the agenda of the Tea Party,” and “that’s not a reflection of the values of this district.” Wasserman Schultz and Univision

 The Shark Tank removed the video in question from its site after somebody from Wasserman Schultz’s campaign or congressional office complained to the network as a courtesy to Univision.  Fast forward a few weeks later, and lo and behold, the Politico runs a 2-part story on who could have leaked the video to the Shark Tank.  Coincidence?  You be the judge. Politico: Part 1   Part 2 

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That same week, Harrington was featured on the Miami-Herald/St. Petersburg Times’ PolitiFact website in which she received a ‘False’ rating for her remark about Wasserman Schultz stating that Bush was to blame for the ‘creation’ of Hamas.

 In an earlier interview  in question with conservative blogger Warner Todd Huston, on the Publius Forum website, Harrington misspoke when she said that Wasserman Schultz said that Bush was to blame for the ‘creation’ of Hamas.  Harrington’s campaign specifically told PolitiFact that she was referencing the Shark Tank video in which Wasserman Schultz blamed Bush for the rise to power of Hamas.

Here is the PolitiFact post ruling: Read the whole post here

  Our ruling

Harrington said Wasserman Schultz “has blamed the Republicans for the creation of Hamas.” Harrington didn’t explain what she meant during the interview, but her campaign points to a statement Wasserman Schultz made about democracy in the Middle East.

Only, Wasserman Schultz didn’t blame the Republicans or President George W. Bush for the “creation” of Hamas, although she did suggest that Bush’s push for democracy led to Hamas taking charge of Gaza.

We are fact-checking Harrington’s words here and she has misquoted Wasserman Schultz — blaming Republicans for the creation of Hamas is different than blaming a Republican administration for promoting democracy and then charging that that led to Hamas being in charge of Gaza. When Wasserman Schultz said “the rise of Hamas thanks to ‘democracy’ ” she isn’t talking about the original birth of Hamas — she is talking about their increased role in Gaza. We rate this claim False.

 Now we have learned that Wasserman Schultz’s campaign and/or her congressional campaign have been shopping this Politifact story around to other media outlets.

 Harrington’s ‘oops’ moment is significant in that it shows that Wasserman Schultz has her in her crosshairs and is quite concerned about her seat, especially considering the fact that the latest preliminary re-districting maps favor Harrington.   Harrington recently received the endorsement of Congresswoman Michele Bachmann and she is the clear favorite within the conservative grassroots movement and the Jewish Orthodox community.

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About author

Javier Manjarres
Javier Manjarres

As the managing editor of The Shark Tank, Javier was awarded the 2011 CPAC Blogger of the Year. Countless videos and articles from the Shark Tank have been featured on Fox News, The Hill, Wall Street Journal, and other national news publications. Javier has also appeared on Univision’s “Al Punto” and numerous radio shows, including being the weekly 92.5 Fox News' DayBreak with Drew Steele political contributor, as well as one of NewsmaxTV's conservative commentators. Javier has also authored "BROWN PEOPLE," which is a book about Hispanic Politics. Learn more at

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  • AmazedAmerican

    Please, just get that woman out of our state leaders roster. She is an embarrassment to everyone.

    • C Lon Smith

      You have that right! It’s time the Obama train leaves the tracks. It’s show and go time for Washerwoman to go!

    • Tdig

      And while you’re at it, take Corrine Brown with you.

  • SSMcDonald

    Wasserman Shultz is too stupid to understand being scared. Why does anyone suppose she was selected to be spokesman for the Democrat National Committee?? She exhibits the same IQ number as a school zone speed limit sign.

    • Rich

      Something tells me she’s smarter than you are, she’s a Democrat and not quite as apt to immediately sell us out to big business and the wealthiest Americans as a republican is.
      When are you folks going to learn, the tea party is sold out to big business and wealthier Americans. They have absolutely no concern for average working Americans.
      They want to cut YOUR retirements and health care all the while enjoying THEIR “Cadillac” benefit plans. Some leaders!!

      • OrlandoRican

        Give it up, Rich. When are you guys going to stop the class warfare and get real about cutting SPENDING! which has been, is, and will be our downfall. Take away all that the “1%ters” have and you will not put a dent on our national debt. Time to bite the bullet. And that means everyone!

      • Independent John

        I am not a Tea Party member, nor a democrat or republican but a hard working average American with a college degree and some common sense. Your assertion that Tea Party members are only interested in big business and wealthier Americans is absurd. If you would check the facts most Tea Party members are middle income Americans that are concerned with the out of control spending of our government leaders NOT members of big business or wealthy individuals only interested in their “Cadillac” benefits. They care about their children and grandchildren and believe it or not YOUR children and grandchildren having to pay off the debts we leave behind. I am on social security but am willing for it to be cut along with ALL government entitlement, social, and educational programs.

        • Judy Wise

          Good reply Independant John!

      • John S

        A typical 99%, Occupy statement. When will you all get a clue?

      • Judy Wise

        Rich, it sure looks like you have been drinking the Sgt. Schultz kool aid…the TEA Party stands for smaller government, strong National Defense, less spending/therefore lower taxes. What the hell does any of that have to do with selling out to big business. YOu better check your facts on Obama and who is in bed with big business and Wall St.

      • C Lon Smith

        Most Demolitioncrats, and I say most because some of them are vacating their anti-American, pr–socialism thinking and are seeing the ‘light’!

        Light chases the ‘darkness’ away! Darkness does not chase ‘light’.

        It’s time ALL American citizens get involved. Don’t listen to other people if you are not willing to look for TRUTH, FACTS and RIGHTEOUSNESS on all sides.

        In order to save America we must all pull to gather and just to get a breath of fresh air, Vote Straight Party Line
        to achieve the new balance America needs.

        Leaders like Obama Sadman Insane and Schultz need to be expelled from this ride.

        And, do not forget Obama’s confession (out of the mouth come the issues of the heart) he is Muslim! When being interviewed during his campaign, being interviewed by a reporter (maybe CNN) in answer to one of the questions, he said that – ‘according to my Muslim faith’ . . . and after several sentences the interviewer made the comment – ‘you mean your Christian faith” with Obama being trapped recounted and said – “O yes’!

        Come on America! Let’s become a part of the solution!

      • LP


      • Orpheus75

        Sure Rich, keep drinking the kool-aid. Your comment shows that you know NOTHING about the Tea Party other than what those like MSN and MSLSD tell you.
        sold out to big business indeed? The Tea Party stands for limited Government, lower spending by the Government, lower taxes, etc. The Tea Party is the middle class, whether or not you like it, or believe it.

      • Rich

        OK, what have the clowns you put into office done since they got in?
        Answer, everything that big business wants them to.
        Trying to diminish the validity of unions, seeking to dismantle the EPA, declaring pizza to be a vegetable at the behest of the pizza industry, they’re nothing but a bunch of whores like the rest of them.
        They got their government jobs with the “cadillac” health and retirement programs they want you and I to give up or have cut while they enjoy theirs. That’s leadership??
        The Bush tax cuts and the wars started all this and you’re all not smart enough to realize it.
        Simple fact, no nation can fight two wars and cut its’ revenue and the same time. Fact!! Not arguable.

        • Randy

          Seriously Rich, are you honestly this stupid…It is ok to love dems, that is fine, but to not admit the truth bout wideass schultz is just not being able to admit the truth…..honestly, are you really this stupid

        • Randy

          Honest to goodness Rich, are you really this stupid

      • chester arthur

        Something tells me Rich has never been to a tea party event.Those that go don’t have to muscle the rich guys out of the way to get in.Most are middle class,and invariably polite and well-spoken normal people.The something that tells Rich Schultzy is so smart is the delusion that makes leftists think the democrat party is the party of the little guy.That’s true only in the case of short billionaires who like socialism for everybody else.

      • noczars

        @Rich= are you the 99% or the 99ers?

      • Wilma

        Look at who has financed DWS’ campaigns and you will see she is already a sell out. District 20 is an embarrassment across this country. DWS is seen as both abrasive and divisive by millions of Americans. We need a change in District 20. Let’s give someone else a chance. If we don’t like them, vote someone new into office in two years.

    • Sandi Trusso

      She’s far from being “stupid”. She knows exactly what she’s doing. This is a wiley, mean and dishonest woman!

  • Andy

    Hey Rich! You sound like most “it’s not my fault democrats”. You don’t plan for your own retirement, you don’t want to put in the extra time to compete and succeed and when you fail you want to blame the people that got up earlier. worked harder and smarter as if they owed you something.

    • Judy Wise

      Amen Andy!

    • Rich

      It’s nice that you can assume so much about me.
      What happens when we assume, buddy??

  • Perry

    DWS’ political game is to always play up her Jewish cred with her constituents, pretending she fights evil Republicans to protect Jewish interests.

    Last week, after Amb. Gutman (Jewish) said Muslim Jew-hatred came from conflict with Palestinians, after Hillary Clinton disparaged Israel for how women sit separetely from men on some buses, after Leon Panetta chastised Israel, telling Israel to “get to the damn table” to negotiate with Palestinians, as though it was Israelis who were intransigent,……. DWS has been silent! SILENT!

    She exists only to protect the most Israel-hostile President in history, not to protect her constituents’ interests, and certainlt NOT to take a morally correct stance.

    She is simply an ideologue and an attack dog. YUCCCCCHHH!

  • FRED

    She needs to go, along with princess Pelosi

  • Diane Sori

    YESSSS…..DWS is running scared and rightly so. Vote KAREN HARRINGTON for Congress and help send DWS packing!!!

  • Miguel Mujica

    She’s supporting the biggest detention center in her district. She wrote a support letter and 3 weeks later CCA donated 1000 dollars to her campaign. She sold us to a big private corporation.

    She lost our votes!!!

    • Susan

      She sold out her own voters for $1000 for an maximum security ICE immigration detention center. NO ONE in her district supports this; she wont respond to emails or phone calls opposing this and has told the residents she knows whats best for us, and this immigration prison is whats best for the area. She thinks its ok to put a facility of this magnitude in the middle of thousands of homes with ten schools and 18,000 students within 5 miles.

      At this point, most people in her own district dont care whos running against her, theyll just vote against her at this point

  • debi

    Wasserman needs to go, fortunately Harrington does have the ability and knowledge to overtake her.

    • debi

      Let’s try that again. Don’t know how it got changed but originally said: UNfortunately Harrington does NOT have ability or knowledge to overtake Wasserman.

      • Susan

        Voters in her own district dont care anymore, theyll vote for anyone whos running against her; inexperienced, republican, TP, as long as the name isnt Debbie Wasserman Schultz, theyll vote for them

  • Miguel Mujica

    All latinos should vote against her and Obama. They are supporting the biggest detention center in USA to be built in her district which is going to be surrounded by 9 schools in a 5 mile radius. They dont care who’s affected, they only care about the donations and the big interests!!

    • Susan

      Add Senator Bill Nelson to the list that endoses the immigration detention center in Southwest Ranches

  • Mike Henry

    Whatever was misquoted by “anyone” has nothing to do with the policies of DWS that are ruining this great country of ours. I know Karen and she will stick to the issues that will defeat this present fossil of a congresswoman.

  • Stan Lee

    DWS has reaped what she has sown, and the derision she’s receiving has been well-earned by her sell-out of the people for the sake of the Obama agenda.

    Make her next election run the end of her time in government!
    “NO” to DWS!

  • Lightweight

    “Here’s the thing about Democracy,” Democracy is Socialism.

  • Sarah Young

    Let’s STOP blaming wall street, B.O. and his family vacation on M.V. and have stayed in a house on the Island which just sold to a Lord of England and his spouse for a record $23 million. They announced it will no longer be available for rental. Who, where and what does the 1st family associate with, not impoverished people?

  • Liz

    No need to worry Debbie!
    Enjoy your Retirement!

    Bye Bye!

    Hello Karen Harrington!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Rick Nielsen

    Wasserman-Poodlehead is an embarrassment to S. FLA and I can’t WAIT to send her back to Madame Pelosi to be scolded and fired.
    She’s a bigger fibber than Lyin’ Ronny Klein.

    On TV today she attempted to claim that unemployment has “not gone up” under Obama. What a laughable, dishonest, blind demagogue.

  • Mike W

    I believe Joe Kaufman will get the Jewish vote and win this Primary and will beat Schultz. She flagrantly lies about everything, every time, she opens her mouth trying to cover for that idiot in the White House. She’s the head of Obama’s janitorial squad! Which should be her next job! She should hide her head in shame for how she covers this administration’s treatment of our allies, specifically Israel.

  • Carlos

    DWS has another problem, that’s the undoing of her formerly gerrymandered district. She will find it harder to count on liberal Jews’ votes and now has to run in a more representative and less skewed district. That also helps Harrington.

  • Sandman

    Has anyone had a look at the proposed congressional redistrict maps from the Florida house and Florida senate? District 20 (DWS’s district) still has the same general gerrymandered shape as it had before. Weston included with the beaches. This means we are stuck with DWS for another 10 years. There is no way Harrington can defeat her with a district made up mostly of mind wiped liberals. The more stupid things she says on Fox the more morons like Rich lover her.

    • Rich

      Sandman, buddy, I wish that I could be as righteous as you.
      Spending, spending, spending is all you guys care about.
      You all pretty much just stood by while the Bush regime started two wars and cut taxes and government revenues at the same time.
      Trouble is that it can’t be done!! No government anywhere can eat the cost of fighting wars while decreasing its’ revenue.
      This is a conservative trick to diminish the government and make it easier for big business and the wealthiest Americans to have their way and get wealthier while you and I just get by if we’re lucky.
      There’s a whole lot more at stake here.

      • Sandman

        So the debate about DWS and the stupidity the flies out of her mouth is now about Bush and the Iraq war? Can you say deflection? Your boy BamBam has spent as much as Bush did in one third the time and the economy is still in the toilet. Repeat after me Rich, socialism sucks, it fails every time and everywhere it is tried.

  • Sarattus

    Will no one rid us of these turbulent Obama-oids?

  • Don Davis

    Debbie Wasserman Schultz is to Florida what Cynthia McKinney was to Georgia and as one who lived in Ga while she was in the House she is truly an embarrassment and for the states sake must be defeated

  • Mitch

    Someone needs to tell her it is no longer October 31. She can take off the mask.

  • Mitch

    Sick him Sandman. All the liberal idiots can do is deflect. They having nothing of any value to brag about with Obama. Obama is a miserable failure and it’s Bush’s fault? Pinch me!